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scene test p1


Apr 6, 2021
Victoria waited for her master to come home, she was feeling very anxious staring out the window watching as the little drops of rain hit the glass. A sigh escaped her lips when suddenly she heard his car pull into the driveway, a few seconds later she could hear him turn the key and open the front door. There he was dressed as sharp as ever in his black suit, dark blue tie, and black dress pants. After a busy day at work, he was probably tired and needed some rest but instead of wrinkles underneath his eyes, he had a different look, one filled with lust and desire. Victoria walked into the kitchen and pretended to do the dishes as he followed behind her. Victoria nodded her head and said welcome home master, he walked behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist. Victoria blushed red as his tight grip held her. Her master was a fit man, he worked out in the gym almost every morning and it showed, his abs were perfect like they were made from some kind of rock or steel. She wanted to tell him to stop because she felt uncomfortable but she also knew he probably wouldn't listen and if she pressed the issue things would only turn out bad for her in the long run. She liked her master but never in the romantic sense, he was nice and kind but sometimes he would get angry and do things that would be considered crazy or say words that would come across as hateful and offensive. Making him angry was a bad idea and one that Victoria would never even take a chance on since she knew what he was capable of and while he's never hit her before it would not be out of the realm of possibility. She nodded as his lips pressed forward and attached themselves to the back of her neck, her body cringing at his touch but he kept going. His hands moved up her body grabbing her breasts and holding them tight, he squeezed and tugged on them so much that by the end of it they were red and sore. He picked her up in his arms and bride carried her back to the master bedroom sitting her down on the bed as he undressed in plain view of her eyes. She sat on the bed and watched not saying a single word, honestly if she could speak the words would be lost or unheard. He turned his gaze back towards her and pulled her face into a kiss, a long deep, and passionate kiss. She felt the bugle in his underwear rub along her leg, it was like she was being stabbed by some huge stone. His cock was of an ungodly size and that's before she's even fully seen it. As he got completely naked his manhood was fully exposed, it was just hanging there almost to the ground, and Victoria's eyes couldn't look away from it for a single moment.
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