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Fx Male Find Furry Fun the Return

Nov 19, 2017
So I've been out of it for a long time now and I'm looking to get back into the spirit of things. While I do have an old thread, it's from 3 years ago and I'd rather just start a fresh one with new ideas. At the same time, I'm going to keep it rather short and would prefer a limited amount of rps. One thing to note is that right now, I'm only interested in playing anthro/furry characters myself, though I'm not fussy about what my partner plays (I tend to prefer humans actually). Another thing to note is that I would very strongly prefer a couple paragraphs per reply at the very least, for the most part. Finally, I would only be looking to play on site.

Green = available
Red = unavailable

1. Father, Son and the Furry Wife
In this story, I would be looking for you to play a duo of human characters, a father and son. The son is happily married to a furry wife, while the father lives with them for whatever reason. Despite his outward discrimination toward her and furries in general, the father deep down has a disgruntled fascination with her kind, having been enamored with a furry gal in his youth but forbidden from approaching her due to society at the time. As a result, he has become rather jealous and without a partner of his own, he grows more and more frustrated sexually until one day, he cannot take it anymore...

Example scenes for this scenario include:
-Consensual sex between the married couple
-Non-consensual sex between the father and his daughter-in-law
-Drugging the wife to use her in her sleep
-Including bondage and kinky encounters between the father and daughter-in-law compared to the vanilla relationship she has with her husband

2. Law of Love
This story is heavily inspired by the indie game Law of Love. For those unfamiliar with it, the game has a low sci-fi setting in which a rookie human cop works the beat on the backwards farm planet on which he grew up. The main attraction are a variety of furry ladies around him. Considering it's still in development, there isn't all that much story to it, and in my mind it's simple and open ended enough that we could easily follow our own stories.

Furry Girls (NSFW)
F-List (NSFW)
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