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MxMxF plots about submission and dominance

Dec 1, 2019
These are two plots that I have in my MXF thread but I am thinking that they could also work as a three person role-play.

For Better or For Worse

This one is for a Submissive Female, Switch Male, and Dominate Male
female character and My character are a young married couple. MC walked in on her having an affair. He is heartbroken and wants a divorce. Both characters still love each other. His father Male character 2 comes up with an idea. MC will not divorce the Female character but she has to be punished. And her punishment is to be their sexual slave for one week. I like the idea of playing two characters. One a dominant and the other a milquetoast man and the father doing this not just to punish the female character but to make his son a 'stronger" man. I see a scene where the father commands the female character to have sex with him in front of his son to show his son how to please a woman. I would play the cuckolded husband.

For His Amusement MxMxF and possible another F
Male Dom, kidnapping, humiliation

This roleplay is for a Submissive female, A switch male, and a dominant male, optional a dominant female
The first female character is either a high school senior or a college student. She is kidnapped and wakes up tied up a in a bedroom that she has never seen before. she is not alone, also kidnapped is an 18 year old male MC. He doesn't know how he got there as well. A voice comes over an intercom telling you both are going to be there for a while and you both should follow all of his instructions to a T. I am thinking that the kidnappers could be a twisted married couple. The kidnapper's social experiment brings both of us to the brink.
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