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Friday Night: A Daddy/daughter incest/ageplay prompt [NSFW]


Incorrigible Butt-Slut
Jul 5, 2020
It was Friday night.

For most kids, Friday nights would stir up typical thoughts of fun and gaiety: The impending weekend. The short break from school. Going out with friends. The Mall. The Movies. And the freedom of the following two days…

But for Nina, all these activities were a distant second compared to what she had acquainted with her Friday nights. For the fifteen-year-old girl, Fridays were special. They were when Daddy made his late-night visits to her room.

Every activity that occurred from the moment she woke up in the morning until she got home and eventually went to bed were just obstacles to get through. She would always be particularly distant at school. She didn’t answer the texts from her friends, she would be daydreaming in class. And once Nina got home, she was manically impatient for the day to reach its end. It was all just a string of tedious events, all leading up to her most anticipated liaison of the week. The only thing that mattered to her then, was making intimate love with her Daddy.

Nina was already in bed. She wore a small, light tank top. The rainbow-gradient print had faded from countless washes, and the fit was a bit snug on her blossoming body. In truth, Nina had outgrown the shirt years ago, and the bottom hem now rested just above her navel as a repurposed crop top. It had been her favorite shirt as a child, and she refused to give it up. The worn-out, nearly see-through, cloth was soft and comfortable on Nina’s skin and now made perfect pajama wear.

Other than her tank, Nina wore only a pair of panties. They were white, decorated with a print of stylized bees and sunflowers. A delicate scalloped trim traced in yellow along her chubby butt, dipping between the thick of Nina’s thighs as she lay curled expectantly under her bedsheets.

The young teenager did her best to pretend to sleep, but her heart fluttered like a hummingbird hopped-up on sugared water. The minutes passed painfully slow, and the pastel clock on Nina’s wall struck each second like a thunderclap. The blonde girl began to toss back and forth in her bed, listening to the sounds of her mother getting ready for another night of work. It was 8:30 and she would be leaving at any moment. In fact, she was behind schedule. Late, again. This fact was accentuated by a brief argument that could be heard as agitated mumbles through the wall. She was yelling at Daddy again. Somehow, it was always his fault. At least that’s what Mom would say. They were both often frustrated, and her parents would bicker and argue on the regular. Nina pouted in the dark at the thought of her father getting yelled at.

A few moments later and Mom was out the door and on her way to her night job at the hospital. Nina quickly forgot all about the yelling. Her trepidation was replaced by excitement once again. She could hear her father coming back down the hall towards her door. His steps were heavy, even when he tried to be quiet. An amused smile crossed Nina’s face as she imagined his large form attempting to be sneaky. He was a big man after all.

The family sedan pulled out of the driveway, and the noise of its engine quickly faded as Nina’s mom drove away. Finally, it was just her and Daddy. They were all alone in the house together. Nina could feel her loins quiver with excitement, and her cheeks felt hot. The teenage girl was already growing moist with expectation.

Daddy’s footsteps got closer…

…And closer…

…And closer.

…Until Nina could practically feel him on the other side of her bedroom door. When the metallic tick and squeak of the doorknob slowly and tentatively turned, the anxious girl bit her lower lip in anticipation. Nina closed her eyes and tried to calm her heavy breaths. Her heart beat in her ears as she feigned sleep as best she could.

Slow, steady steps approached his daughter's prone form. Daddy looked upon his little princess in the meager light that spilled into the room from the hallway lamp. He’d left the door open just a crack after he’d entered Nina’s room, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dark. The petite lump on her bed quickly took to detail as the encroaching man’s eyes adjusted.

Nina had put her hair up in two, messy buns. Her father could make out their form, looking upon the back of Nina's head as she lay facing away from the door. She had tied up her hair with strips of white lace. Or maybe it was a light pink. It was hard to tell in the low light. Pinning her hair up was a dead giveaway that Nina was expecting him, and the towering man smiled warmly at her consideration. She had such long, beautiful hair. It was like ribbons of honey cascading down to the small of her back. It bounced and flowed behind her whenever she went about her business in the house. Her father often had to restrain himself in the company of others when she walked by, being mindful not to reach out and run his fingers sensually through her fine, golden chords. But such long hair tended to get pinned and pulled in the heat of embrace. So now, after the enthusiastic teen had brushed and bathed, Nina would tie her hair up before bed.

But only on Friday nights.

Reaching his large paw of a hand out, Daddy touched Nina on her pale shoulder. She was warm. Comfortable. Soft. Her milky skin was delicate and smooth. He then pulled Nina gently towards him, guiding her to turn around from her side and onto her back. Nina, of course, was more than compliant. She rolled over without a sound, emerald eyes already open and gazing up longingly at the large, masculine figure that stood as a silhouette between herself and the light from the hall.

“Hi, Daddy…”, Nina whispered. There was a smile in her voice, but her mouth was hung open in a hungry pant.

Already a kiss of feminine slick was wetting the sunflower that was stitched on the gusset line of her panties. She wanted him badly. But Nina would wait. She would let Daddy take them off when he was ready for her. As an amenable daughter, she had learned to be patient. She had learned that this time with Daddy should be enjoyed and taken in leisure.

“Hey, Babygirl”, came the bass of her father’s voice. “You weren’t even close to being asleep, were you?”, he asked quizzically.

Nina shook her head from side to side, her loose buns of hair wagging in place. A wide smile cracked beneath her high cheekbones. She reached out to him, touching the leg of his pants while simultaneously pushing her bedsheets down to her waist.

“Are you ready for me, sweety?”, a clink of a belt buckle underlined the broad man’s question, followed by the draw of the leather strap through denim loops.

Holding onto his pants, Nina could feel the clothes loosen from his hips as her Daddy unzipped his fly and began to drop his jeans. Nina then raised her hand reflexively, reaching up while still lying on the bed. The girl instinctively found the hot bulge of her father’s prodigious cock beneath his underwear. Nina’s fingers danced along its form, tracing the wadded mass and playing with the varying firmness of his sweaty organ. The hair of his thighs brushed at her arm as she touched and fondled.

Daddy, in turn, reached under Nina’s undersized tank top. He caressed his wide palm lightly across her nubile chest. Nina was quickly growing into the curvature of a voluptuous woman over the last couple of years. The swollen puffs of her pink nipples capped breasts that had developed into more than one of her father’s palms could cup at once. And he greedily played his hand back and forth across her pale breast. Nina’s nipples became erect with arousal at his flirting touch. Daddy stopped his fingers over her left nipple, playing with it, plumping it up before giving it a gentle squeeze between his fingers.

“Mm-nngh”, Nina moaned softly, squirming under the sensation and pushing the covers further down past her knees.

Reaching up to find the waistband of her Daddy’s undies, Nina hooked her polished nails under the elastic and tugged it tentatively downward. At the same time, she unconsciously had moved her other hand down to her own panties and dipped her fingers beneath the thin material. Her loins were hot with desire, and Nina’s instinct was to at least give herself a tiding stroke in want of her true desire.

Daddy motioned to remove Nina’s hand from wandering too close to her pussy. He plucked her wrist up gingerly, moving her arm softly but sternly to the side.

“Not yet, Babygirl. Let’s take our time. We have all night.” Daddy cooed to her.

Nina didn’t fight him, but her lips went to a begging pout, and she tugged on his waistband with greater need.

“Lemme nuzzle it, Daddy. Please? I’ve been waiting for hours. All day, actually.” Nina moved to sit up in her bed, kicking her covers off and arranging herself so that she sat on the edge of the bed.

Her pale legs were a warm contrast in the dark of the room, lily white as they hung over the mattress edge. Her toes, nails polished to match her fingers, played at the bunched jeans at her father’s ankles.

Daddy paused for a moment, taking the flawless beauty of his daughter in as she looked hungrily up at him from waist height. Her golden hair, her large green eyes, her milky white skin. Even the contour of her body was a perfect balance of womanly weight and the tautness of youth.

“Please?", she repeated, pawing at his groin through the gray briefs.

Her father obliged after a teasing pause. How could he deny her? His princess. His angel. His secret darling. With a slow and teasing motion, Daddy stuck his thumbs under the band of his briefs and lowered them down just enough so that the coarse hair of his groin was plain to see. Only the very root of his trunk was visible in the dark nest. But it was enough to drive Nina wild. The horny teen leaned forward quickly; her wait had already been too much. Placing her hands on either side of Daddy’s hips, she nuzzled her face against the man’s crotch. She then proceeded to rub her nose in his hair, his bound cock bouncing against her cheek as Nina shook her head and pressed into his privates. The blonde girl huffed deeply, taking the scent of Daddy’s manhood deep into her little lungs. Her mouth watered and she moaned again, elated at the smell of his musky groin through the cotton underwear. Closing her eyes, she let herself become lost in his scent.

Minutes came to pass, and Nina moved her hands to further pull down her Daddy’s briefs. He didn't stop her this time. As the elastic was moved down past the swell of his cockhead, the thick trunk sprung up into erection. He had been holding back, focusing on keeping his penis calm. But without the confines of his briefs, Daddy’s meaty monster rose up like a serpentine monster woken from a slumber.

And then the small kisses began. Nina moved her mouth from breathing into her Daddy’s groin to pressing at the base of his shaft. She then began to peck at her father’s loins with her pouty lips. She started at the center, working in and out between the root of his cock and the crease of his pelvis. Then she worked her pastel face underneath the veiny shaft. Nina snorted a bit as the hairs of Daddy’s scrotum tickled her nose. But she quickly regained her composure and continued on to mirror her kisses on the other side of her father’s groin. Her father then reached out and placed his hands on either of his fifteen-year-old daughter’s bare shoulders.

“Shirt off.”, he instructed, and Nina obediently raised her arms up to allow her father to lift off her tiny tank top.

In the process, one of the lace ties for her hair bun started to unravel. But Nina didn’t notice, or care. She was now only in her panties, sitting on the bed with her father’s stiffened penis mere inches from her face.

Nina could smell the dollop of pre-cum that had started to emerge from the bulbous head of her father’s hot organ. The light caught a glint upon the viscous drop, and Nina moved to bring her lips in a slow and sensual suckle of it. Her tongue licked the fleshy port. And as she retreated her face from kissing Daddy’s cock head, a gossamer strand of the fluid hung between them for a moment before breaking and falling upon Nina’s chin.

Daddy stopped her from returning her mouth to his cock once more. He instead pressed his daughter backwards onto the bed, guiding her by the shoulders once again.

“Hold on, sweety. Let me get those first.”, he instructed, motioning down to her pudgy hips.

Although he would have loved for her to continue her oral attentions to his hot and ready penis, Nina’s father had other intentions for the moment. Nina was, of course, compliant. She leaned herself back without protest. First to her elbows, then bringing her heels back up on the mattress before lying sideways on the bed. At her father’s words, she knew it was finally time, and she put her knees together while extending her pastel legs upward. Her Daddy then reached down to Nina’s hips and wiggled at her underwear. He let his daughter rest her ankles on his shoulder while he attended the removal of her wet panties. He pulled them down off of her wide and fleshy hips, inch by inch in short jerks.

As part of her Friday night ritual, Nina would meticulously shave every inch of body hair from herself. Her shower easily took twice as long, and she always switched to a new razor on that evening of the week. She would especially trace her pubic area with zealous detail. When she was done with her bathing, there wasn’t a trace of a hair to be found on her cream-colored skin.

As Daddy peeled the panties away from Nina’s tight, hairless pussy, the glassy slick of her juices clung to the cotton gusset. A healthy drip remained clung to her pink petals as Daddy pulled the panties up, passed her ankles and over her feet as he reset her perch. He held her girly undergarment for a moment in his hands, admiring the generous slick and thumbing Nina’s lubricant between his fingers. He gave her panties a long sniff, his unfettered cock twitched in excitement and reached its full, hard erection at the sweet smell of her teenage cunt. Nina watched from her prone position as Daddy’s foreskin peeled itself back, his penis becoming fully engorged. It swelled up as thick as her wrist and nearly as long as her own forearm. Daddy’s bulbous head was a great big knob to top it off. Large veins were bulging across its engorged length as it bobbed and throbbed with Daddy’s heartbeat.

With her panties off, Nina now brought her heels back to the mattress, folding her legs and opening her knees wide. Her Daddy looked down at her glistening vagina. So willing, and yet so delicate. It was smooth like porcelain and practically dripping with his princess’ arousal. Waiting for him. Wanting him.

Nina was breathing heavily now. Daddy could see the rise and fall of her bare and buxom chest, and her smooth, flat stomach laid out before him. He took two determined steps forward, centering himself between Nina's thighs and pulling her warm body across the mattress to meet his. Her weight was effortless to his strength, despite the man's daughter having grown into a curvaceous and chubby physique. The fleshy plump of Ninas ass was now snug up against Daddy’s big, sweaty sack. He could feel the heat of her tiny cunt against his lemon-sized testicles, and the ten-inch shaft reached all the way up to hover over Nina’s belly. The man's excitement had increased from the previous dollop of pe-cum into a slow and steady stream of viscid fluid, leaving a small string of masculine slime upon Nina’s abdomen. Some of it even began to pool into the dimple of her navel.

Daddy hated the height of Nina’s bed. It needed to be a few inches higher off the floor. As it currently stood, when Nina would lie down and offer herself up to her father, the two of them didn’t quite line up. However, it did provide Daddy the opportunity to admire just how massive his appendage was when he lay it upon his little girl’s torso like he did now. To remedy this alignment issue, Nina’s father reached out and grabbed one of the many pillows that were piled on Nina’s bed and brought it over next to her hips.

“Lift up.” he urged her.

Nina knew the routine perfectly well and was already hovering her lower half in the air before her father had even asked. Sliding the pillow beneath her butt, the firm cushion raised her up to the perfect height. And as Daddy pulled himself back, his cock dragged down Nina’s belly and across her glabrous mound. As his cock head caressed the beginning of her feminine cleft, he left a trail of precum upon the pink pearl that peeked out from her vaginal hood. The weight of his tremendous member dragged small waves of pleasure across Nina’s inner lips as Daddy reached down to center himself with her gloriously tight pussy. He drew small circles with his penis upon Nina’s taut labia. Once, twice, three times slowly; mixing her fluids with his as he lubricated the purplish dome of his cockhead to a sheen. His daughter moaned and squirmed in response. Her legs shuddered with a spasm of pleasure as the slick friction played in varying degrees of intensity. She could feel her pulse in her clitoris as it throbbed for attention.

Nina then brought her feet from resting on the mattress to press against her father’s hairy chest. She wiggled her toes again, playing against the dense carpet of his body hair as she readied herself for her Daddy’s passion. She wanted this. But no matter how many times the two of them had indulged in their Friday night coupling; Nina was always a bit scared to get started. Her father was huge, and it was always a struggle to get things moving smoothly. It didn’t matter how wet Nina was, or how eager her cunt was for her Daddy’s massive member. She would always squirm and struggle to accept him inside of her regardless of how slow he took the plunge.

“Are you ready, Princess?” Daddy's voice had grown heavy with desire as well.

They had both been waiting all week for this, and Nina's father never touched himself anymore. Not since the two of them had established this regular rendezvous. He saved every drop of himself for her, thinking about their future interlude all week long. Anticipating. Building up. And Nina gratefully took every ounce of it when they were finally together. She accepted Daddy's love with an eager devotion that could only be held by a cherished daughter.

“Ye-yes…”, Nina’s voice cracked with nervousness as she nodded slowly.

She did her best to relax. It was always best not to tense. Daddy had taught her that. The teen girl strummed her fingers on the mattress and gripped at the loose bed sheets in anxiety. Nina breathed in and out slowly, trying to calm her nerves as she felt the first press of his weight into her. Daddy’s hands held her hips firmly in place, and a feverish warmth intruded into Nina's loins as Daddy began to crown himself into her quivering cleft.
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