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Mx M or F Diesel’s dark smut sanctuary

Sour Diesel

Very Okay
Jan 27, 2022
Looking for frequent posters and potential BFFs. I am chatty and love to celebrate good posts. I’m almost always down to shoot a reply. I may not answer if you PM me with unsolicited requests. I am really looking for one of these.

Biker Bar- Somewhere on an abandoned stretch of highway, a group of bikers drag their newest pet to its new home, a cage in the back of a bar. In this one I would want a lot of leather daddy fetishism. Whips, chains, beatings, rape, in whatever order or all at once. If you want to get even more degrading you can use a tattoo gun and write whatever you want. Drugs and prostitution would be an added bonus.

Fantasy roleplay- whether it's knights, feudal lords, corrupt mages, or lust crazed monsters, I want to play a hero or heroine who must try to survive your dark and sadistic plot.

Science experiment- Using genetic cloning you've discovered the secrets behind manipulating genetics. Rather than curing cancer or anything beneficial you've decided to work on perfecting pleasure slaves for sale. Body augmentation and nerve enhancements will get half the job done, but training the slaves to be a good fuck will take some work.

The Witness- a young female reporter gets a big scoop and breaks open a case that sends a major mafia boss’ son to prison for 20 to life. She is asked to testify in the trial and accepts, but has to go into witness protection immediately. She undergoes plastic surgery to change her appearance. However, she doesn’t realize she’s actually in a mob owned private hospital. They turn her into a blonde, big titted bimbo with a chip implanted in her brain that compels her to do whatever someone says with the push of a button

Incest Roleplay- typically father/daughter or maybe uncle. Could also do brother/sister. The big theme being punishment and discipline. Maybe a kidnapping is involved or they do it in secret. Wanting drugs and alcohol to play a factor too.

Sissy boy- basically I want to play a bully who gets put in his place and turned into an obedient good girl who does whatever master asks. Once his mind and will have been broken he is sold to the one he’s been bullying the most.
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