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Mx Female Looking for Dumb, Kinky Fun! (Video Game Fandom RP!)


Feb 7, 2022
Hey there! I'm Tomo, your horny, lovable pervert, and I have a craving for smut-based RP that you may be able to fix!~ before I list my requirements, I'm looking for people out there that are detailed with their writing, and just as perverted as I am!~

> be detailed. I type several paragraphs of text with RPs, so I expect the same from you!

> be dominant/switch/powerbottom. I love being teased, humiliated, and even when I'm in the dominant position, I still want you to have that sexual power over me

> I hope you're okay with little to no plot! I RP only for the sexual thrill, there will be a setup, however

> knowledge of these characters is not required, but it would help so you know how each character acts and performs, though, most of them will be chocked up to being sluts in the RP anyway!

> I'll be playing as myself/OC

> tittyfucking
> buttjobs
> anal
> facesitting
> ass licking
> blowjobs
> cum on face/tits/ass
> bouncing ass/tits
> humiliation
> teasing/dirty talk
> thighjobs
> gangbangs
> interracial
> light musk
> light sweat
> very light raceplay
> porn-shoots/recording

So! With all of that out of the way, let's discuss what I'm looking for RP-wise~

Simply put: I'm looking for some dumb, fun, sexy roleplays with little to no plot, and plenty of kinky perversions~ since you've already (hopefully) read my requirements, I'll list some of the girls I'd love for you to play! And just as a disclaimer, knowledge of these series do not matter! I can simply give you a quick rundown of their personality, and as long as you can type well, we're good!

>EDI - The slutty-bodied robot that's understanding human customs.

>Jack - a complete, kinky bitch with a bad attitude

>Tali Zorah - the alien girl with a heart of gold, and an ass to die for

>Cora - Stern, a little rude, maybe motherly?
>Team Rocket Jessie
>Hex Maniac
>Princess Zelda (A Link Between Worlds)
>Princess Ruto
>Princess Midna
>Princess Peach
>Princess Rosalina
>Princess Daisy
>KDA Akali
>Sona Buvelle
>Miss Fortune
>Lara Croft (Classic)
>Lara Croft (Modern)
>The Weapon
>Samus Aran
>Princess Palutena
>Geiru Toneido (Clown Girl)
>Princess Gwynevere (Dark Souls)
>Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)

And finally, I roleplay on discord! So, if you're interested, please send me a DM on this site, and I'll see if we're compatible! Just give me the character(s) you wanna play as, and I'll give you the rough plot(s) I have in mind for them! And please, give me something a little spicy or creative, you have no idea how often I get a "hi wana rp" or end up planning so much, just for our writing to not match up. I've been role-playing for several years! So I expect the same, or greater experience from my partner!

And please, please don't ghost. If you're not feeling the RP or think I'm weird, just say so.

Thank you for reading!~
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