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Mx Female My Daughter's Best Friend Wants Me To Be Her Daddy?

Jun 21, 2022
You were always welcomed in the Nguyen household. Growing up you and my daughter Tina were inseparable, the best of best friends, "BFFS4EVA" as you once wrote down before coining your signature BFF handshake that you would do before leaving our home. Despite this, you two were world's apart. Tina was a straight A honors student, president of several clubs and eventually school president, while playing varsity Tennis and Basketball. You on the other hand were always having trouble in school, always either on the verge of flunking out or getting expelled for your behavior. Still, despite the fact that Tina was dribbling the ball across court, while you were getting high underneath the bleachers and the fact that you'd cut school early while she stayed after for all her clubs, through sleepovers, birthdays, movie nights and yes... getting her to climb out of the window late at night after curfew to go party and drink, something I was thoroughly aware of, your friendship was strong.

People would always say you were a bad influence on Tina and that I should keep her away from you. But I knew better. You came from a rough home, I get it. You acted out, I get it. I taught my daughter to be open minded and accepting of everybody and those people didn't see how you were there everyday and every night for Tina when her mom passed.

Eventually the day came that I always knew would come. Your friendship was Tina was strong, but grades were grades, and come graduation, which I was so happy to see you do, and one last Summer hurrah, you did your special handshake one last time before she went off to college and you... well you had to find your own way now.

That Fall would be tough for me, now waking up and coming back from work to an empty home. I would see you around town either smoking, drinking, and eventually getting a steady job as a waitress at the diner, much to my delight. I of course, gave you a hefty tip. Later that week I was driving home watching you get in some drunken fight with a young man. I intervened of course and offered you a ride, which you accepted.

A week after I came home Friday evening, once again to an empty dark house or so I thought. There was a feint light shining from down the hall. I grabbed my bat, that I kept by the door, expecting a confrontation and silently walked down the hall only to see the light coming from Tina's room. The door slowly opened, illuminating the dark hall and there you were stepping out wearing some matter of sexy Gen-Z attire that was incomprehensible to me. You smiled and bit your lip and let out a giggle before greeting me, "Tehehe! Welcome home, Daddy!"


And scene!

So that's a little backstory to an idea I had where basically, my daughter's BFF wants to be my Little Princess and keep my company in my now lonely life. I left your character's physical description vague on purpose being open to a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds as well as body types, though taller female characters are preferred.

While this is a consensual story, I don't want things to be vanilla. I'm into humiliation, misogyny, DD/lg, age-gaps, dirty talk, outfit control, raceplay, high heels, degradation, piss. and more.

My limits are scat, gore, vore, leather, latex, and anything underage.

While the above is told in first person, I very much prefer RP in third person. I'm looking for a long term partner, not just a quick scene.

If you are interested please DM and let me know what exactly your character is wearing when she steps out of the doorway. Faceclaims are desirable.
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