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NBx Nonbinary Futa domme(s) looking for sissy fun (forced incest) / (Sissy sexual finishing school)/ nuns and priestesses

Oct 17, 2016
Hey Everyone,

My style is one or two small to medium sized paragraphs and I am not interested in one liners.

I am looking for a roleplay in which my character(s) is/are dominant futa (both pussy and penis) dominating and training a sissy or trans girl. I am not sure what the right terminology but I am looking for a character who appears totally feminine but has a penis. As a reference I have models as Natalie Mars, Ella Hollywood, Tiffany Star or Venus Lux, it does not have to be one of them as long as YC appears really feminine. Multiple girls is a plus.

Scenario 1) I am looking for someone to play a futa mother and sissy son/daughter

Scenario, YC (futa) is a single mom and have been subbing to MC a futa for a long time. Every week YC visits MC for a whole day or evening what you prefer and gets used by MC. The rest of the week YC is in chastity and cannot touch her penis and possibly pussy (would love to include piercings in that case). YC's son also YC all ready looks rather feminine and discovers your secret and also wants to submit to MC. MC agrees on the condition that he becomes a sissy and and starts transitioning to a more feminine body by taking hormones, growing his hair and removing unwanted hair from his body.

I really prefer to play this roleplay with a futa mother who MC can fiorce to fuck her sissy son, female is possible but futa has the preference.

Scenario 2) Sissy sexual finishing school

I got this idea from forcedfem

A special school in a remote area offers a special re-education program for boys (forcefully) turning them into sissy girls. However after the pupils have become feminine and learned how to be feminine they graduate to the real school where they are trained to become sexual slaves. MC would be one of the teachers overseeing YC sexual education. I am interested in playing with a YC wanting to become a sissy slave and being there out of her own volition. However scenarios where it starts forcefully and ends up enjoying are also okay.

Scenario 3) Temple uses femboys as fuck toys for the futa and female nuns.

The idea is in spired by this Video (NSFW)

I was thinking about it involving a temple of a fertility the goddess where sex is the most important kind of prayer. I dobnot have a real idea about the scenario but it would involve femboys always being of the lowest rank and their only purpose is to serve the women that can give birth.


As for things I want to include, chastity play, anal play bot plugs and fucking, Bondage, spanking, whipping, watersports would be a big plus. Feel free to check my F-list the more you like to include the better it is.


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