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Fx Male Fawn's Request Thread (sub F x Dom M)

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Jun 10, 2022

**WIP- I'm new to BM, please bear with me while I get used to things**​

I'm here to find writing partners who are intelligent, creative, literate, dynamic, and who hopefully share the same sexual proclivities and general rp preferences as I do! Generally, I prefer RPs that contain some fantasy or supernatural elements. Medieval Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Sand & Sandal, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Superhero, and Modern Fantasy genres are all in my repetiteur. As far as smut and story go, I enjoy a healthy mix of both. I wouldn't be here if I didn't, right? However, I'm not into RPs that are entirely sex. A story, even a simple one, makes the sex so much more satisfying!

RP Preferences
  • Post Lengths - I love me some detail, my posts average about 3 to 6 paragraphs per post. However, there are times when I will post more or less. I would like for my partners to do about the same, but this isn't a firm requirement.
  • Venue - At the moment, I have a strong preference for PM rp.
  • Post Perspective - Third-person, please! My characters are not me and your characters are not you, so I don't like the first and second-person perspectives.
  • Post Frequency - I try to do at least one post per rp per week, however, this is a hobby for me, like most people. Depending on my IRL responsibilities, if I'm traveling, or just feel creatively blocked, I may post less frequently. Usually, I'll try and at least give my partners a heads-up.
Sexual Preferences
  • My Sexual Orientation - I'm straight, and I only rp with male characters. I do not care (and don't want to know) if the sex/gender of the writer differs from the character(s) they play.
  • My Character's Sexual Orientation - She will be straight or perhaps have some bisexual flings, but I want the main story to revolve around a heterosexual pairing.
  • Dom-Sub Preference - I mostly play submissive characters and have a strong preference for dominant male characters. Even though I play submissive characters, I never play a doormat. I'm not lazy when it comes to the story and I actively participate in crafting a story's narrative. Also, I don't mind playing narratives where there is a "struggle for control" element, but I just don't want my character to be successful.
  • Kinks - Please, at least be into mildly rough sex, like hair pulling, and manhandling. Harder kinks (like any dub-con/non-con) are not required. Here is the link to my F-list for all the juicy details. None of the kinks are required, but it should give you a good idea of if we are sexually compatible or not.
✿ Enjoyable Tropes/Themes ✿
None of these are required in a RP, but they are narrative elements I enjoy. Obviously, this isn't an exhaustive list of all the tropes/themes I enjoy or am willing to play.
  • Adversarial Relationships – Two characters who start off as less than friendly. This conflict can stem from opposing or competing goals, or even things as simple as personality conflicts. Often this leads to a complicated, intense relationship with loads of wonderful sexual tension.
  • Taken Down a Peg – Often results in hard-learned lessons, opportunities for character development, and sometimes even erotic stuff too. Who doesn't like it when an arrogant, little twat gets taken down a peg or two?
  • Opposites Attract – Stories involving two characters that contrast sharply in physical appearance and/or social background. Examples of contrast in social backgrounds include, but aren't limited to differences in culture, religion, personality, philosophy, education, wealth & class, and exposure to trauma. A few examples of physical are differences in height, build, race, age, beauty, scarring, blemishes, etc.
  • Fish out of Water – Not limited to being new exotic/foreign lands and cultures, but can also include situations where a sudden shift in social status or power occurs.
  • Patriarchal Societies – A social structure found frequently in Medieval Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Post–Apocalyptic, and some Sci-Fi settings. These societies often have rigid gender roles and generally fewer opportunities for women.
  • Disguised (Sometimes Poorly) as a Boy – Whether out of a desire for safety or just to be taken more seriously, sometimes it's better not to look like a beautiful young woman. This trope often ties in with the patriarchal societies trope.
  • Not Yet Realized Potential - Where a character has ability/talent but is in the process of expanding and/or perfecting their abilities.
  • Lawless Settings – A "might makes right" atmosphere can easily increase the suspense and excitement in a story if anything goes. One of my favorite examples of this is Gotham City from Batman.
✿ Tropes/Themes I'm Less Interested In ✿
The ones in red are hard No's, the ones in yellow are just ones I'm less likely to enjoy
  • Slice of Life RPs - I find these pretty boring usually especially in a modern and realistic setting. I get plenty of this in my RL.
  • Strictly Modern Realistic Setting - The reason why I RP is to escape the real world and its limitations, so that's why this probably won't interest me.
  • Mind Control - I don't get the point of writing with another person is if their character is under your control.
  • Incest Themes - HARD PASS! I don't even understand the appeal of step-sibling stuff.
  • Death/Gore/Filth - Not to be used in any sexual context.
  • Harem - Not interested in playing a harem. I'm fine playing multiple side characters to flesh out a story, but that's different than playing a harem.

✿ Types of Characters I Enjoy Playing ✿
  • She's usually young-ish, ranging from 16 to 30 years old. (All my character images are of women who are 18+ at the time that the image was taken.)
  • Her personality largely depends on the RP and can range from timid and coy to bold and brash. I find both quite fun to play, so let me know if you have a preference.
  • She's at least reasonably intelligent but, depending on her upbringing, might be quite naïve or quite savvy.
  • Like any interesting character, she makes mistakes that stem from her upbringing, the foolishness of youth, or a lapse in judgment. The frequency, severity, and consequences of those mistakes are totally up to us.
✿ Face Claim Options ✿
Let me know who strikes your fancy!
  1. Option 1 [], I just can't get over her face, but her behind ain't bad either
  2. Option 2 [], For those of you who like a phenomenal physique
  3. Option 3 [], If a beautiful blonde appeals to you more
  4. Option 4 [], The definition of a soft and supple beauty
  5. Please let me know which is your preference. I do have other options if none appeal to you. Should you find yourself bored, here is a link to a collection of some smutty [] stuff I enjoy looking at.
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Jun 10, 2022
RP Ideas & Prompts
The ideas list below are NOT a comprehensive or exclusive list of what I'm willing to RP. If anything, they are meant to creative juices flowing and serve as a catalyst for further discussion. I intentionally keep the prompts a little open-ended so that they are easier to customize for each rp. Having said that, I want to reiterate the fact that I'm willing and eager to play outside the prompts listed.

  • None of the ideas listed here are strictly bound to the genre I've categorized them into. Most of them can be adapted to another genre easily enough. If you like the idea and just want to adjust the genre, just let me know.

  • ✿ Exiled ✿

    In this prompt, my character would be one of many orphans raised in the care of the nuns and priestesses of the Celestial Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. As she grew older, she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to worshiping the Goddess. She was on her way to fulfilling her dream and becoming a priestess until one fateful night destroyed her hopes for the future.​
    All the more senior nuns and priestesses had left their mountain temple to visit the town in the valley below. It was the solstice festival, and they had to conduct their blessings. My character was left responsible for the temple for the evening. At dusk, a man who appeared to be a monk from another temple knocked on the temple gate. He said he came with gifs and just needed shelter for the night. Even though she had been told not to open the gate for anyone she didn't personally recognize, she ignored those orders and opened the gates and let him in. After all, what would the Goddess of Mercy do? When she awoke the next morning, the monk was gone, as were the most valuable sacred treasures housed within the temple cloister. Worst of all, one of her fellow nuns had been slain. The poor girl must have caught the thief in the act, but he killed her before she had time to even scream.​
    Less than a week later, my character was kicked out of the temple and banned from returning. With no money, community, and riddled with guilt, what's a girl to do? Vengeance, of course! So much for mercy!​
    *The thief who is disguised as a monk is meant to serve as an antagonist and give the story more structure. Generally, I'm not super wild about my partner choosing to play him as his main character. However, I'm not vehemently against the idea either.​

    ✿ Wanderlust

    My character is the daughter of a very wealthy man. Usually, he's a renowned swordsmith or something along those lines. In most ways she a typical, arrogant, sheltered, rich girl but she's always loved swords and sword fighting. Given her family's wealth, she's had access to the best instructors that the region has to offer, so despite being young in years, she's quite skilled with a sword. Now that she's getting older, she's finding her sheltered existence to be rather boring and unfulfilling. One day she leaves home to go and see what all the world has to offer.​
    What finally made her succumb to the call of adventure could be anything from a family squabble, fleeing an arranged marriage, or perhaps an impending war. I could easily see her trying to join a mercenary company, or attempting to make a name for herself as a bounty hunter, monster hunter, or treasure hunter only to find the real world is nothing like the stories she read growing up and that she might be in over her head.​

    ✿ Crowns & Gowns ✿

    This typically involves my character being a princess or member of the noble class. Arranged marriages are always fun to play out, but so are other scenarios. Perhaps she has to flee her home due to an invasion by a hostile power, marauding barbarians, or even a rebellion? Maybe she uncovers some sort of plan by her father to sacrifice her to the gods in hopes that her nation will be victorious in a war they are currently losing, and so she decides to run away. Who will she run into during and after her escape? Or perhaps she needs to secure her claim to the throne? I just love playing a princess, but I'm open to other ideas.​

    ✿ Impoverished Patrician ✿

    The idea is centered around the idea that my character is a noblewoman, but the lands her family holds are considered undesirable, or perhaps her family is just relatively poor. However, when a war of succession or foreign invasion breaks out, no one is safe from the political turmoil that engulfs the nation. This turmoil offers new opportunities though, assuming her family declares support for the victorious side.​
    Like the Crowns and Gowns idea, arranged marriage scenarios are quite easily adapted to this setting. Another idea is that she is sent to the capital to represent her father when he falls ill and can no longer make the journey. Alternatively, her father could intend to declare his support for the rebellion but is betrayed and the current regime takes his daughter as a hostage to make sure he doesn't act up again. When I use the term hostage, I don't mean a bunch of men with pistols using some poor innocent as a human shield. I mean it in the more classical sense, like how in the ancient and medieval world hostage-taking was formalized. Conquered territories would give up children of notables who would be conveyed to an enemy capital or castle.​

    ✿ Untamed Curiosity ✿

    I wanted an excuse to play a savage/barbarian character and this plot is very much a current craving of mine, anyway...​
    My character was born into a small tribe of people living in the ancient forest of Vetris. They are known to be quite hostile to outsiders, and people who venture into the depths of Vetris rarely make it back out. The rumor is that those trespassers are killed by the Ferox barbarian tribe living within. The truth is much more complicated than that. After all, there are many ways to perish in a massive, enchanted forest, like Vetris.​
    The Ferox are a tribe of mostly women and girls descended from nature spirits or nymphs. Only about 20%-30% of the population is male. They are highly protective of their lands and small in numbers, so they embrace the fearsome reputation bestowed upon them since it helps deter trespassers in the first place. But who knows how long those rumors (combined with environmental and geographical challenges) will be enough to hold the outside world at bay?​
    With that setting, I have two ideas, but I'm open to alternatives:​
    1) My character is filling curious about the outside world and unfulfilled in her current situation and decides to go explore the outside world. Although there are almost endless options from there, I was thinking that it might be interesting if, because of her toughness, fighting skills, and non-threatening looks, she ends up as an "undercover" bodyguard for someone royal or important while being disguised as a maid or some other kind of servant. However, I'm more than open to other options too.​
    2) A sizeable portion of the army belonging to the country surrounding Vetris rolls up and basically gives the Ferox's an ultimatum: officially join the country (basically start paying taxes), or they will burn the whole forest down. After weeks of negotiating, the Ferox decide to join. As the granddaughter of the current leader and one of the few members of the tribe who speaks the common tongue, my character is selected to represent her people in the capital.​

    ✿ Fall From Grace ✿

    The TL;DR version is that a powerful demon's essence accidentally gets fused with a human girl. There isn't a power struggle over who is in control because the two separate entities are one, essentially a new being with two sets of memories and a human soul. In a way, it's akin to being able to recall the memories of a past life.​
    The extended version is a powerful demon god-king who rules over its hellish kingdom with an iron fist. It is so powerful that it's worshiped in several different dimensions. It delights in the fact that lesser beings worship it, and never thought any harm could come of that. Unfortunately, this foul demon king of old never considered two very important things: human ambition and stupidity.​
    The Eldritch beast was completely unaware that a human cult that worshiped it was piecemealing a ritual together to bring it to their dimension. The cultists weren't really sure what some of the ancient text they were reading said, and they couldn't find some of the items needed for the ritual, so they made some substitutions. Part of the ritual the humans got right, and other parts they got very wrong. All this resulted in catastrophe for the demon who found itself being suddenly torn from its home dimension. As if the change in dimension wasn't bad enough, the mighty, monstrous, and massive form it used to occupy was gone, and it now found itself in the weak and feeble form of a young, human female.​
    The ritual had somehow managed to fuse the memories and the souls of the demon and the virgin sacrifice. The demon and the vassal were not two separate consciousnesses in a single body. They are now a single being with a single mind but able to recall two different sets of memories.​
    As far as what happens after the ritual, I was thinking that my character could try to go about living her old life, try to find a way to undo the ritual, or perhaps have to fight off other demons or demon slayers who now want her dead.​

  • ✿ Anti-Vigilante

    Her father (or other parental figure) was one of those nameless, faceless henchmen that are so common in comic books. Like most henchmen, he eventually encountered a masked vigilante and was severely injured in the fight. Between the concussion and broken bones, he was in constant pain and was never quite the same after that fateful encounter. A few years after that fight, he overdosed on sleeping pills and died. It's unclear whether the OD was accidental or not. Furious about the death of her guardian, my character made the decision to dawn a mask of her own and unmask as many masked supers as possible, heroes and villains alike.​

    ✿ Femme Fatal In Training
    Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

    I love the idea of playing as a young woman/girl who is very book-smart and ambitious but still has a lot to learn about the world. Basically, this prompt revolves around the idea of a young woman attempting to discover or discovering a secret belonging to a much more powerful man or organization. In order to achieve her goal of getting the information or using the information to get what she wants she will be required to use more than just her brain, but also her feminine wiles. The catch is that she's never intentionally used her beauty to manipulate anyone before, so things might not go as smoothly as she's imagined.​
    A more specific idea in my head is similar to the scene in The Dark Knight where that accountant finds a money trail connecting Bruce Wayne to Batman. Obviously, your character doesn't have to be Batman (but also feel free to play as Batman, if you'd like), and my character doesn't have to be some boring ol' accountant, but I do love the idea of a powerful man being confronted by a gorgeous young lady who knows way more than she should and being quite unsure of what to do with her.​
    For the record, I'm not interested in doing this rp, or any other with submissive men. For me, the most fun arises from the inevitable sexual tension that develops between the two parties struggling for control.​

    ✿ The New Super

    My character just recently burst onto the Superhero scene. She's a very competitive person who is desperate to prove herself. Somehow she decided the best way to do that is by defeating other heroes and villains. I love the idea of her defeating several established heroes/villains before she finally picks a fight with a much more experienced hero/villain and is inevitably conquered by him. The two would form an unlikely friendship, or it could go in a much lewder direction. Both paths are fun to me.​
    The origin and nature of her powers can be up for discussion. I have a few ideas in mind, but I don't really feel like writing them down in detail at the moment.​

    ✿ Black Sheep

    This idea is still very much under development, but I think it would be fun to play a character that was descended from a long line of 'evildoers', but doing evil just isn't her thing. She doesn't necessarily have to be good, but she's really bad at being bad because she, unlike the rest of her family, is able to empathize with others. To top it off, she's also a very unlucky person. Just how unlucky and incompetent she is going to depend on the rp, but I'm willing to play anything from comically unfortunate to just slightly unlucky.

  • ✿ The Perfect Companion
    A girl is created by a mad scientist to be the "perfect" life and sexual companion. After all, there is tons of money to be made on the black market for such bespoke companionship. Before anyone gets the idea that this will be a simple slave/master plot, it won't. I have something else in mind.

    It would be much more interesting if the person she ends up with doesn't want her, only reluctantly accepts her, and has every intuition of getting her off his hands as quickly as his conscious will allow. She could be given to him as a gift or to repay a debt? Maybe she was taken spoil of war? Perhaps the lab where she was created was raided by the galactic authorities, and now she's sitting in custody as evidence of the mad scientist's crimes?

    ✿ The Perfect Weapon
    A very similar premise to The Companion, but instead of creating her for love they create her to be the perfect soldier disguised in the body of a young woman. If you've ever seen the movie or TV show Hanna, that's the vibe I'm going for, but with some twists and a sci-fi aesthetic. Anyway, I see a few interesting paths for this option.
    1. First Assignment – The organization that created and trained her has deemed her ready to go on her first mission. She's supposed to assassinate a mid-value target, but no one expected her to get cold feet and try to escape instead.
    2. Former Child Soldier - She's been fighting in wars since she was twelve, and it's almost all she knows. But what happens if she's captured, the war ends, or she can't bring herself to kill anymore?
    3. Destiny – She was just an infant when whatever organization/group that created her disbanded. All the babies like her were killed, and all evidence of the program was erased, but someone managed to sneak her out alive. A humble nurse managed to sneak her out without raising any alarms. Now, the rescued child is nearing adulthood and knows nothing about her real origins. The story could revolve around her finding out the truth about her background or how her abilities affect her everyday life.

    ✿ Fandoms ✿
    Star Trek - I'd be happy to use the Star Trek universe as a setting, but with OC's and not canon characters.
    Star Wars - I got to be honest, I don't know any of the lore apart from what's in the movies. Still, I'd be happy to play an OC in this setting.

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