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Make Her Pay


May 7, 2022

My idea is pretty simple actually. The plot revolves around a nerd and two bullies.

They’ve been torturing her for the last four years of high school. She was never safe from them, wherever she went. Classroom? Nah. Hiding under the bleachers? Please, that’s no hiding spot. Toilets? Those two have no shame. Her locker was never safe from them either, they would go through it regularly, stealing her things and hiding her homeworks all over the school. They would trip her, poke and harass her whenever they had a chance and basically, made her high school experience a living hell.

Until one day!

Senior year was almost at the end, everyone was looking forward to the graduation and getting out. But before that could happen, there was one more step. The dreaded finals! She prepared herself, studied and made sure she would not make any mistake. One threat was enough for her though to finally make her snap. One threat from the mouth of those two horrible people who promised to ruin her valedictorian speech. And she was done.

It was a few days before their maths finals that she overheard them talking about how they somehow needed to pass or else they would be held out for one more year. And it was enough to plant an idea to her head. A wicked idea involving an envelope and the words “Mathematics Finals - Senior Year” written on it with a black market. The two men found it just fallen on the floor as they were leaving their football training and you can imagine their excitement!

But you can also imagine their surprise when they came to the test and the questions were completely different. And you can imagine their rage when they heard a satisfied laughter of a certain girl who made sure they wouldn’t graduate this year.

Now the ball is in their court and they want to make her pay for what she did to them.

There are endless possibilities of how to play this out. I’d love to discuss any ideas you might have if I managed to pique your interest.

The clever nerd - female [TAKEN]
Bully 1 - make [OPEN]
Bully 2 - male [OPEN]


Aug 31, 2022
Would be interested to rp as a bully - depending the terms of this rp, context, environment etc. Please drop a PM with those details.
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