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Seeking DM/GM or anyone willing to play multiple characters for discord rp.


Jan 14, 2022
Hi, there just a person located in Europe that would be interested to roleplay via discord. Rivia92#0037 just let me know where you found me after adding me. I am not only limited to people from Europe for RP anyone is welcome.

I am looking for GM/DM's or anyone that is willing to play multiple chars for a 1x1 rp. I usually prefer females but accept feminine males as well a good mix of both is fine or one way or the other. Also, it is not an issue for me if the GM/DM is male, female or transgender. Am fine also with the GM/DM having a more free lead on how the RP goes as I am fine rolling with the punches.

Story-wise I am good with various rations in regards to Story/Smu so can be anything from 50/50 70/30 or vice versa. Or even Story being the 70/30 one.

The settings I play I am open to Pure fantasy, Modern fantasy, and Pure Modern. I tend to write and prefer 3rd person. I accept a minimum of 2 lines per post but can write also up to a Para easily..but in general, am being flexible in regards to writing just don't expect me to write multipart. So would say based on the situation really on how much needs to be said or acted upon.. I am fine accepting people that play canon characters or original characters. So long you don't force me into playing a certain role. And our RP can have dice roles or does not need to. I am familiar with some rp systems but am fine if you want to introduce me to any new ones. So yes I am willing to learn any tabletop game be it DnD or something more convoluted

I like a good mix of both story and ERP. And in case you are curious about my kinks here is my F-list F-list - Warning (if it does not work please remove the %20). But none of my kinks are mandatory. And I do enjoy a good story.

Hope to meet some fun and new people on here :) or possibly even gaming buddies.

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