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NBx Any Futa/Femboy/Trap Seeking Slimy Monsters, Savage Beasts, Hideous Creatures & Inhuman Horrors (With a Taste for Cock) For Dark Erotic Stories!


Feb 10, 2015

Greetings reader! If the title caught your eye then I feel like we are already off to a good start!

So, I am looking for some skilled, patient and decidedly perverted, depraved and lewd people to write these kinds of stories with, with my unfortunate characters ending up in some situation where all kinds of horrific things want to drain their sensitive cock over and over and over again. It will likely lean toward non-con or dub-con though I am generally fairly flexible with that aspect of the play.

While I'll go into more detail about the kinds of monsters and creatures I expect you to play further on in the thread, in general, I am after completely non-human types. In short, things like giant cock hungry slugs, flesh walls made of mouths, tongues and tentacles. Now, they could be vaguely human-shaped so long as their abilities, physical nature and overall feel are as alien as possible. Very much an almost beauty and the beast approach, a very attractive character being accosted by all kinds of hideous things!

As for the stories themselves, anything along the lines of some kind of haunted or infested house, a ship that gets taken over by writhing horrors as they struggle to escape or any number of other classic horror tropes given an erotic and perverse twist!

So, if the idea of playing a veritable hideous menagerie of cock hungry monsters dragging off a futa/femboy/trap for a vigorous draining and a serious buttfucking in some kind of darker or horror type story, read on!

The Boring Bits

I'll keep this bit short, just a list of more mundane points to ponder!
  • Where I RP: In order of preference for where I like to RP is like this - PM's > Emails > > Threads > Discord/Skype.
  • Posting Rate: This varies a lot at present but I will always try to post at least 1-2 times a week. Sometimes it may be a lot faster so consider this a minimum.
  • OOC Chat: I don't mind chatting OOC and generally prefer it especially when it comes to setting things up. Whether it's just chatting about the story or something else, fire away!
  • Pronoun Preference: I typically use female pronouns for my characters though I am open to using male ones too, depending on your preference, just let me know!
  • RL Comes First: If a post is going to be delayed or taking a while just let me know, this is for fun, not a job and I apply zero pressure for faster replies!
  • Detail: I don't expect every post to be a novel-length piece but the more you give me, the more I can give back!
  • Initial Contact: Nothing pumps up my enthusiasm for RP more than a well thought out PM, a single line will make me very wary.
  • Expected Post Length: For me, this depends on the situation in the story, lewd scenes and action can be quite lengthy and any dialogue (if it occurs) might require a quicker back and forth. So long as you can give me at least 2-3 decent paragraphs that is enough. While more is always appreciated it's not required!
  • Story vs Smut: I often get asked this one but I'll frontload it and say this will be smut heavy and the smuttier the better! Having said that I do want there to be a story, a plot, something solid to drive the smut forward but I leave that up to the preference of who I write with!
  • -Reserved for more!-

Another fairly simple section but I'll be listing some preferences when it comes to settings, it's not set in stone so if you have an idea you think fits then just lay it on me!
  • Modern With a Twist: Cosmic horror is always a favourite plus a mundane situation turning alien or horrific is probably among my favourite types of setting for this. A wrong turn in the woods can have surprising consequences!
  • Fantasy: Be it high or low power fantasy it gives a lot of options to work with and is generally something I have a fair amount of experience writing for.
  • Science Fiction: Another favourite of mine whether it's some high tech setting or some gritty hard science one I am up for most sci-fi settings.
  • Post-Apocalpyse: These settings would fit what I am after though they can also be mixed with other settings.
  • Anything Not Here: I am open to other potential ideas as well, so if what you like isn't listed here just throw the idea my way and I'll see if it appeals! While I am not a massive fan of using established settings on the whole I am open to them if the idea is good enough!
Scenario Ideas

I'll keep the scenarios fairly basic as I prefer to flesh out the ideas with who I am writing them with, so without further ado!
  • Haunted/Infested House: Whether it's sheltering from a storm, an inherited abode from a creepy relative or something else it's a fairly classic set-up for things going bump in the night. Maybe it's just a house in the middle of nowhere abandoned for decades due to the things that lurk within? The remnants of some occult society who summoned things beyond their control?
  • Crashlanding On An Alien Planet: Isolated far from civilisation works for many settings but the idea of crashing on an alien planet where the life there hungers in a very specific way is appealing!
  • Shipwrecked on a Strange Continent: A strange new continent that my character gets shipwrecked on or otherwise cut off from their expedition as things turn into an erotic nightmare! Works for fantasy settings or even pseudo-modern ones.
  • Trapped on a Derelict Spaceship: Maybe something got aboard a giant sleeper ship, infesting it as some unlucky scavenger happens across it hoping for an easy score only to stumble into a nightmare.
  • Alien/Dimensional Invasion: Think of some kind of alien invasion of a hostile ecosystem or almost indescribable horrors from another dimension turning the world into an apocalyptic wasteland where the one thing they seem to crave is pleasure, whether the prey is willing or not. Maybe they feed off it, maybe they just like mind-breaking people with mind-bending orgasms? The sky is the limit.
  • -Reserved for More!-
Opening/Start Example - Mind The Step (Fantasy)

It was only meant to be a quick look at the area surrounding area to see what game there was to be hunted and also to make sure there was nothing dangerous lurking nearby, the settlers hadn't even put up the first house yet let alone a wall. A rather sizeable looking hill a half days travel had been her agreed-upon destination to offer the best view of the surrounding land. Clear skies and pleasant sunshine made the long trek for Arrina seem like it was shorter than it actually had been, arriving at the summit just after the sun had reached its apex in the sky.

The bare freckled thighs peeking out from beneath the soft leather cuirass glistened with perspiration as she sat upon a rock, sipping from her water skin as her green eyes scanned the land around the hill. Deer and horses seemed to roam freely in the distance and signs of smaller creatures like hares had been frequent during her walk ensuring she felt sure that starving would be pretty difficult. There had been few signs of notable predators beyond a few wolf tracks but she felt sure the fires of the newly founded village would ensure they kept their distance. Satisfied she had seen enough and rested her lithe frame for the walk back to the others this new home far from what she knew had a few tricks up its sleeve.

She'd barely reached the bottom of the hill as the clear blue sky had turned to angry roiling clouds of grey which quickened her steps, she wasn't really dressed for heavy rain. The first rumble of thunder saw Arrina break into a sprint as the heavens split open, disgorging water onto the ground below in vast sheets that churned the ground into a muddy mire in a matter of minutes. Every step sinking her boots deeper and deeper into the mud, she couldn't see properly, water and her own hair obscuring her view as the wind whipped around her, her leg twisted and a jolt of pain shot through her ankle, toppling forwards and landing with a decidedly wet splat onto the ground. What followed confused her sense of direction, she tried to stand only to slip again, sliding partway down a hill only for a rush of water to push her along what felt almost like a flash flooding river of tree branches and mud.

Twisting and turning and just trying not to down in the deluge became all she could sense as lightning flashes blinded what little vision she had among the mud and rain splashing into her face. After a small eternity her direction changed, she dropped a few feet and found herself squeezed by mud slick walls as the water behind her pushed her on until she landed with a splash in a large pool of water before being washed to the edge scrambling up onto what passed for try land she coughed and spluttered, wiping mud and water from her eyes as they adjusted to the gloom. A single shaft of light from the roof of what seemed to be an underground cavern taunted her at being out of reach, the sound of the storm raging on muted by the cave walls.

Struggling to stand, her ankle throbbing in pain she hobbled around in search of a way out, only able to make out vague shapes as she groped her way along the wall. Unaware of the horrors that lurked in the darkness waiting for her, she slipped through the gap, oblivious to the grotesque creatures and twisted horrors waiting to inflict themselves upon her.

The sound of water pricked at her ears, it had been a couple of days since she'd been able to fill her empty skins of water so the prospect of a cool drink after three days of walking and having nothing but her own thoughts to contemplate, was all too appealing to Arrina. Heading toward the sound she came across a relatively small waterfall, just a few feet high with a small lake at its base which split off into two small brooks disappearing into the trees further on. Straining her ears for a moment she listened but heard nothing so she felt safe enough to continue it should have been her first warning sign but a lack of sleep the previous night ensured she didn't pick up on the fact she heard nothing at all as she knelt at the edge of the pond to scoop a handful of water to taste, she didn't pick up on anything off she helped herself, slaking her thirst whilst she could.

Having swapped from leather trousers to let her legs breathe to the one-piece cuirass and skirt she was too busy ridding herself of her dry mouth to notice what her crotch was above and she likely wouldn't have noticed it given how well it blended into the rocks and stones at the edge of the lake. The lack of sound beyond the small waterfall finally registered, causing her to look around warily but not beneath her as her unknown assailant began to unfurl. On its surface, it might've been described as a barnacle but that was merely a protective shell, camouflage for the creature within, it opened up revealing pink, glistening flesh, raw and unpleasant looking and a mouth which looked not unlike a puckered ring of muscle which then extended up and out of the thick shell, on the underside of that extending length of flesh and muscle was a sharp needle-like protrusion. It moved slowly at first, like a snake ensuring it didn't startle its prey before it sank the stinger deep into the flesh of Arrina's toned inner thigh.

She yelped in surprise, dropping the water skin she was about to fill as a sharp pain filled her senses but the chemical it had injected into her acted quickly as she tried to push herself up and away the leg in question didn't move and she ended up simply flopping onto her back with a confused look etched across her face as she peered downward to try and see what had happened. A small drop of blood where it had jabbed her trickled down her thigh and then drew her eye finally toward her attacker which looked to her like a scaleless, eyeless pink snake that swayed back and forth slowly as though it were swaying in the breeze. Attempting to push herself out of harm's way she realised not only was her other leg ignoring her but her arms as well, they weren't numb but felt heavy, lethargic even tingly but not in the way it would if you lay on it during sleeping.

Panic started to well up in the back of her mind as she thought she had become easy pickings for if not the weird creature between her thighs but anything that happened across her like this. It was at this point she noticed its venom had another more pronounced effect on her. Blood began rushing to her loins and she found herself having to resist the urge to start panting as an almost unbearable warmth flooded into the length of her flaccid cock, slowly but surely the fabric of her underwear began to stretch around her erection until the angle became almost painful. A buzzing almost itchy sensation pulsed through the head of her shaft as pre-cum left an even darkening spot on her struggling panties but the sheer lubrication of the sensitive glans ensured that just before something gave the fabric became slick enough to slide tightly over the bulbous head and her cock almost literally sprang free. The sensation of her panties gripping the head of her cock like that before sliding off would have ordinarily had her toes curling but she was far more worried about what this thing wanted with her.

Whatever it was it had seemingly continued to extend itself from within its protective shell and was now almost two feet in length with a collar of thinner tendrils ringing its midsection still trying to will her treacherous body to move those thinner limbs whipped out with frightening speed and precision. She felt them sliding through her bush and coiling firmly around the base of her cock as others coiled around her scrotum to hold her firmly in place. Her cock twitched, seemingly not caring as pre-cum trickled from the swollen glans and down the underside as she was given a rough idea of what it was going to do to her. The strange puckered orifice parted with a wet, sticky noise as a huff of sickeningly hot moist air emerged from it to wash over her cock like hot breath. Propped up on the pack on her back she almost wished she'd taken it off so she would have been spared looking at it. Its interior was thick with strings of slime and its inner walls seemed to wriggle like a carpet of fleshy cilia as it once again moved too fast for her to see.

It engulfed the head of her cock and squeezed it as the cilia within tormented every single part of her cock, with a firm tugging sensation it sucked half of her aching shaft into its fleshy body, it squeezed in a way a being made of flesh only could which nearly blanked her mind as a white-hot surge of pleasure seemed to fill her sensitive shaft when another suck saw its slick body press into the soft downy hair of her bush. She half expected teeth, for it to bite and perhaps that would have been easier for her mind to accept than what it actually did. It dragged its way back up to the head of her cock, working against its own suction until it nearly slipped free only to loudly slurp its way back down to the base. The very idea this thing was using her sexually nearly snapped her mind but little did she know it was only just getting started with her, mere foreplay before this hideous creature showed why pleasure was just so impossible to resist especially for the enhanced sense of touch she had which it would all too gladly abuse to milk her dry.

My Characters

This is just to give you an idea of the range of options and things I'll consider for my femboy characters for any story we do!

Important Note on Futa Characters: For me, I tend to play futa's that have breasts, a penis and testicles not the hermaphrodite versions. Sorry, it's just not my thing.
  • Age: 16-24, I am flexible with this within reason.
  • Height: I tend to keep my characters on the average or shorter side.
  • Physique: Anything from fit/toned to softer.
  • Breasts: Mainly for futa characters though I am not averse to having them on my traps as well.
  • Aesthetic Traits: Skin, eye and hair colours etc are pretty much free ranging though I have a preference for playing with fair and freckled white characters.
  • Skills/Occupation: Depends on the setting and story, though I lean more on the idea of them being inexperienced. Well trained though perhaps little in the way of practical usage.
  • Sexual Details: Smooth all over (bush optional), cock size anything from 4 inches to 12 inches as you prefer! I may be convinced to go a little higher if it makes sense for the thread but my hard limit is 14 inches.
  • Other Things: Making them more sensitive, multiple orgasms being possible etc are all on the table for ideas.
Example Character
  • Name: Arrina Telaria
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5ft 5in.
  • Breasts: B-cup.
  • Physique: Athletic, toned though not excessive, overall feminine appearance.
  • Aesthetic Traits: Ginger hair, shoulder-length (no style), bright green eyes and fair freckled skin (all over)
  • Sexual details: Cock 8 inches when hard, smooth-shaven including balls.
  • Skills & Occupation: Scout, modest skills with bow, knife and tracking. Highly inexperienced.
  • Other Traits of Note: Exceptionally sensitive, ticklish and capable of cumming multiple times in a row.

Monster Ideas/Types

This section will likely be perpetually added to, changed, tweaked and as with most of this thread take it as inspiration and idea rather than being set in stone. There are some visual examples in my F-List too so do check them out more will be added over time there and here. This isn't a comprehensive list, just some rough ideas so if there's something you think fits for this, suggest away, in fact, throw as many monster ideas as you can at me, unless you don't want to spoil the surprise.
  • Tentacle Monsters, be they the size of a cat or the size of a house, mainly refers to monsters who are mainly comprised of such limbs!
  • Mutated Flora and Fauna, things like a giant frog with four tongues or a pitcher plant that evolves the perfect orifice for sucking.
  • Worms, leeches and other annelids, whether they are giant versions of their regular counterparts or vast colonies of smaller things evolved for horrific pleasure.
  • Slugs, snails and molluscs, again as above giant versions that use potent aphrodisiac slime or simply immobilising their prey for their needs or anything else you can think of.
  • Horrors, a bit of a broad one but I couldn't think of a better description, a malformed mass of flesh that has assorted eyes all over and eight mouths? Sure! A short squat looking head with nothing but short arms and legs and a vast drooling maw? Go for it! Those kinds of things.
  • Parasitic creatures think of a colony of leeches that animates a vast mass of wood, moss and roots to move around in a mockery of humans or perhaps something that latches onto otherwise docile beings and creatures, mutating and controlling them into the perfect knob-gobbling horror!
  • Fungal Plants & Creatures, colonies of prehensile mushrooms that seek that little touch of fertilisation after spewing arousing spores into the air. Maybe the cold alien eyes of a group of fungal creatures who see my character as nothing more than a ripe udder to be milked.
  • Mutated/Infested Humans, is fairly self-explanatory but I wanted to keep it as an option!
  • A lot of Geiger and Lovecraft inspired monsters are always welcome too!
  • Mutated Regular Animals, much like humans a pack of mutant cock hungry wolves or the like is also fair game!
  • Poltergeists and similar invisible horrors, are always interesting to keep as an option!
  • Insects of all kinds from spiders to flies of all sizes, all of them are welcome options!
  • Undead, this is more of a loose one and perhaps ties into the mutated/infested human angle may be something lurking within is animating them and has a particular hunger!
  • Flesh walls, as mentioned in the intro and much akin to tentacle monsters are things that immobilise their prey before tormenting them with hideous limbs!
  • -Reserved-

Kinks/Sex Scene Ideas

Make sure to use this in conjunction with my F-List, click the link here and make sure to check the pictures: Clicky for F-List!
  • Receiving Fellatio: My -only- mandatory kink, do please please make a point of telling me it's something you love in the initial PM, please!
  • Edging/Orgasm Control: Taking someone to the very edge of orgasm over and over again without letting them cum to ensure when they do eventually it's a far more intense climax.
  • Multiple Orgasms/Milking: Self-explanatory but often ignored, why stop at one, everyone knows a cock gets more sensitive after the first orgasm so drain it dry no matter how much she protests.
  • Non-Humanoid Monsters/Aliens: If it were after human encounters it'd be in the title, so unleash your slimy hordes upon me, I dare you!
  • Detailed Posts: How is this a kink you might ask? Nothing gives me goosebumps more than a well written detailed post describing textures, sounds, sights, smells as well as actions and reactions. Paint me a mental picture with your word brushes!
  • Cock/Balls Worship: This may not apply to every monster, encounter or situation but take your time with that amazing set of organs!
  • Monster Intelligence: Everything from feral/bestial instinct-driven creatures to human-style sentience and all the way up to vast and unknowable alien intelligence!
  • Non-Consensual: Non-con to me would be the monster in question dragging my character off forcibly and getting what they want from her.
  • Sweat, Dirt, Getting Messy: These things just happen on adventures and also provide another layer of detail as well as potential bathing scenes or just a layer of immersion and persistence to events.
  • Injuries as Plot Devices: Wouldn't be much of an erotic horror without some injuries or wounds for dramatic effect. Incapacitating only though.
  • Receiving Anal Sex: Be it rough butt-fucking or slow and sensual lovemaking it's something I enjoy!
  • Rimming: This to me is almost an extension of oral sex, I'll keep it clean so don't worry so feel free to explore!
  • Post-Orgasm Torture/Sexual Exhaustion: A penis only gets more sensitive with an orgasm so why stop at one, your monster could milk her utterly dry and then even keep going until she is dry cumming?
  • Multi-Post Detailed Orgasms: Always a big plus to put a climax over a few posts rather than cramming it into one!
  • Intense/Overwhelming Pleasure: Orgasms so intense she passes out, pleasure so powerful she starts to lose her mind, yes, please!
  • Eventual Forced Nudity: Every rip and tear, losing her boots in a mire, tearing her shirt open on an inconsiderate branch, her thong getting tangled up in some vines as she crawls through a hole to escape some hideous horror.
  • Being Hunted & Ambushes: Falling into a creature's evil clutches via devious means can only be a good thing... For your creature!
  • Mystery, Alien Motives: Do they need her cum for some special ritual? Do they feed off the energy of her orgasm or do they just enjoy a nice cock? Keep it mysterious.
  • Tension, Build-up, Suspense: There is something special about a slow build-up and I definitely appreciate not launching straight into the sex.
  • The threat of Bad Ends: Any genuine bad ends should be discussed first but the threat of a bad end is fine for tension and story purposes!
  • Mind-Break: Pleasure and horror so intense it causes the mind to shatter leaving her in a dazed stupor for a while until she recovers.
  • Foot Play: Playing with her toes and the soles of her feet should be enough to drive her crazy if done alongside something else, will be kept clean.
  • Me Playing A Younger Character: Nothing that breaks site rules and nothing lower than 15 but if the idea appeals I will consider it.
  • Urethral Insertions: Something highly optional but entirely in fitting with aliens and monsters inflicting inhuman pleasures on a defenceless cock!
  • Multiple Orgasms: While this is touched on in other kinks above, I always enjoy including multiple orgasms, make them cum until they shoot dust!
Do Not Do's

  • Transformation of my character is a hard no, others can transform or be mutated but not mine thanks!
  • Killing or seriously injuring my character is another hard no.
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