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Mx F or NB Blue Light Tunnel || General Request Thread (Rebooted! Smut, Story, Fandom, Original, all of it!)


hi lol
Sep 20, 2021

F-List! (I love everything in my Fav and Yes section!) // Secondary Focus Thread (Currently: 'The Artificial Intelligence Expansion Pack')


Super chill dude in his mid 20s, if ya wanted to know about the writer.
I play video games, I love music, watch what the YouTube algorithm throws at me, and I have a background in chemical engineering.
Down to make friends and do all sorts of roleplays that hopefully interest us both.
Do not hesitate to reach out if you're interested in trying something out, or just saying hi! Anyone welcome.


Character Types

I primarily play human male characters, for the most part. Canon or OC.


When it comes to kink and D/s dynamics, I am primarily Dom. I'm totally down to switch things up a bit though, if it seems fun at the time!


Please view my F-List for a more exhaustive snapshot of my kinks/limits! Things in Fav/Yes are all things I love!

What Kind of RP?

I love and am more than happy to do either Original or Canon/Fandom scenarios. More info will be listed about those below!

Point of View (POV)

I'm cool with doing either First or Third person POV, although I do First a lot more. You are more than welcome to play whatever POV makes you feel comfortable! I'm cool with differing perspectives too, for example, in a GM scenario where I possibly narrate my character in the first person, while you control the environment in third person.

Reply Length?

In terms of reply length, I am very flexible when it comes to both of us. Ultimately, quality over quantity. It could end up being a few paragraphs, it could be a few sentences. Whatever works at the time. I personally think that replies of reasonable but concise length are the best, keeps the story flowing without having to keep a bunch of stuff in mind for the next reply.

What Kind of Partners am I looking for?

Simply looking for anyone who wants to play female characters (occasionally femboy/futa depending on how I feel), single or multiple, as well as GM roles. I am of course totally cool with anyone roleplaying with me when it comes to IRL gender/race/orientation. Male, Female, Nonbinary, whatever. If you're cool with playing female character(s) (for the most part), all's good in the hood. I am more than happy to make new friends of course, and am down with any OOC chat about our RP and whatever else.

Reply Frequency?

I'm pretty active if I don't have anything else going on at the time, so I can reply pretty frequently for the most part. I know that others have different schedules and sometimes people get kinda burnt out for a bit. Same might happen to me, I might have stuff pop up. Roleplay is meant to be a hobby you get constant enjoyment out of, so I'm all about a zero pressure environment. Message whenever you feel like.

Smut and Story...

I love both. We don't have to get too hung up on figuring out a proper ratio, but I love creating stories, plot, dialogue alongside fun sexual stuff. Hopefully you're the same!

Methods of RP?

On-site works for me. PM mainly. I also have no issue going to Discord as well if we really click!

...anything else? Just ask!


We can discuss what we wish to do plot-wise, I think I'll just list the canon/fandoms that I am familiar with to a decent to high level, and bounce ideas back and forth. However, I have roleplayed a good chunk of these before, so I may already have ideas in mind to provide. I just didn't find it necessary to list every potential idea for every universe in this thread.
(there are likely more minor ones as well, please feel free to throw something else out there that may be related)


Nintendo Girls (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc.)
Apex Legends
Final Fantasy 7

Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss

Yeah, it's mainly video games, besides Hazbin lmao.

These are just simply general roleplay ideas I've had and may have done in the past -- feel free to add your own thoughts to them, or just suggest any of your own! Or, we can think of something completely new together!
(A reminder to scroll through vertically through each slide for info as well!)

'Love, Sex, and the Neural Network' (secondary request thread linked at the top)
In the very near future, it only seems inevitable that we manufacture and tailor sex and love for easy consumption -- what better way to do that than with pure automation? I'd like to explore the "sex robot" trope in a thoughtful manner. Your character would be more than that of course, perhaps a highly competent and advanced female presenting AI with a lifelike physical humanoid form (think 2B from Nier Automata, Cortana from Halo, Replicants from Blade Runner, Major Makoto Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell). Primarily, they were designed for intimate gratification. This AI seeks to constantly improve its knowledge and skillset via deep learning neural networks, perhaps by absorbing info from pornographic films and images on the internet, as well as hands on practice via human interactions. Perhaps my character is a lead developer for a certain model or project pertaining to your model, and tests the AI in various manners, perhaps growing closer to it as things progress. Is it possible we find some bugs and errors in "her" design? Does "she" start to develop pure emotions? We can explore some of this, all of this, or whatever might interest you in this setup. This concept as well as similar ones are now expanded upon in my other thread shown at the top!
Pictured: Major Makoto Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell.)
'Cyberpunk Nightclub - Trouble in Paradise?'
I'd like to explore a cyberpunk setting and motif -- cybernetic, futuristic, hedonistic. Likely set a bit further into the future. My character is now the proud owner of a nightclub deep in the underbelly of downtown wherever-the-fuck. The circumstances behind his recent acquisition may be more than a little dubious. Perhaps the previous owner was "disappeared" or murdered. Maybe he's a criminal who finally got caught cheating the system, and a failing nightclub was thrown upon me to generate revenue for a thankless megacorporation as blackmail. Maybe he's fallen into debt, and under supervision by a truly understanding and caring (sarcasm) debt collector, is forced to generate revenue from this club as repayment (similar to what was previously mentioned). As for your character? I'm more than open on this one. You could be the debt collector, megacorp CEO, or just a simple stripper or visitor that he may or may not grow close to. You are also more than welcome to GM multiple characters if you wish! Regardless, it would be interesting to see where this story goes!
Pictured: A club from Cyberpunk 2077.)
'The absurd smutty roguelike dungeon crawler!'
This is inspired by all the roguelikes I've been playing. I'd like to have your character be a GM for an erotic dungeon crawler type story. It doesn't need to be a full fledged pen-and-paper D&D type ordeal, simplicity is more than fine with me. Probably preferred, honestly. Like, maybe some minor progression stats or something to play around with, if you wish. All based on what you're comfortable with! The general premise would be my character being thrown into a dungeon like setting, with each room having a certain woman (or women) that need to be pleasured, or rooms with sexual challenges that need to be satisfied, in order to continue and progress through. Maybe you have more ideas for rooms to throw in, be my guest! I am also okay with some femboy or futa characters being thrown into the mix if you wish as well. My character doesn't need to be some "alpha male" who just constantly breezes through each encounter either, I am totally cool with interesting/challenging scenarios! Maybe each room has a specific "specialty"? Boss characters? Who knows? Let's find out together.
Pictured: Megaera from the game Hades. I am respectfully simping.)
'The Stray Cat Blues: A New Beginning?'
Take the framework of my previously listed prompt Love, Sex, and the Neural Network and apply it to catgirls/nekos, rather than androids. When I talk about "catgirls", I am talking about human appearing females with catlike features such as ears, a tail, and some stereotypical personality traits and physical abilities. I personally am not into pure beast/furry stuff (see F-List) so I am not looking for fur, paws, etc -- but I do like the idea of a standard human female with light features. Example here (SFW). Perhaps due to the advancement of genetic modification and resulting government regulation, this new "breed" of human variants were allowed to populate the world in a controlled manner. Maybe to be subservient to humans, maybe to simply coexist. Of course, there are always people out there who want to bend the rules. This could totally take place in a cyberpunk setting as well. With this information in mind, perhaps we could start a warm, lighthearted story with lots of chances to explore the whole concept (and yes, probably a lot of sex too). My character would likely be a typical young adult male with a whole career ahead of him, who perhaps spots your character, an adult catgirl, on the way walking home from work late one night. Maybe she's afraid, cold, starving, confused, who knows. What's her past like? Why is she a stray? Anyway, they could talk for a bit, get aquainted, and maybe he takes her in to take care of her. From there, anything goes. Do they fall in love? Do they figure out her past? Are there regulations they have to follow when it comes to living with a catgirl? As always, let's find out.
(Pictured: Black Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari. Haven't seen it.)
Whatever else!
I am more than happy to discuss anything else we just wanna brainstorm together and come up with. If you have ideas, be my guest!
(Not Pictured: Me serving a life sentence in maximum security prison for copyright infringement because of this Nintendo based gif.)

I'll leave it at these for now, but I'll include more soon! I still have other ideas I've previously done that I can pull up. I definitely plan on adding upon this more in the future.


My warmest thanks in advance for your potential interest! If any of this strikes a chord with you, don't hesitate to reach out -- and as I said, if you have any thoughts or ideas of your own, let me know! Thanks again, looking forward to plenty of RP fun to come!
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