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NBx Any The New Personal Assistant! (Femboy x Celebrity RP)


Feb 5, 2019
Hello! I'm Marti. And today, I'm looking for stories based around a femboy and celebrities!

I'm looking for something a bit different with this post. I am looking to write as a femboy who gets hired as the personal assistant of a celebrity who was enamoured of his looks immediately. He pretty much gets hired on the spot, and it opens a lot of opportunities and adventures for him.

I am also open to other ideas, obviously! :D

Starter/Writing Sample:

Heads turned when she came through the door, walking along the movie set. A petite Asian girl. Everyone stared right at her, admiring everything about her. Her face was so very cute, with just enough make-up to complete her aesthetic. Winged black eyeliner, pink lipstick, a hint of blush. Her long hair -- dyed blonde for the time being -- fell down to her midriff, almost. It was braided in two pigtail braids, framing her gorgeous face. There was a choker waiting to be snapped around her neck. A few rings on her fingers, gathering some attention to her soft manicured hands. Her red and black plaid skirt only reached right beneath her asscheeks. With certain movements, she would tease a hint of that round butt. Her plump thighs were hugged by some black fishnets, and she wore a pair of boots on her cute feet, adding about an inch to her short frame. That bottom and the tapping of her shoe soles were the centre of attention as she walked through the room to find herself a seat. She didn't have much in the chest department. In fact, she was pretty flat there. It didn't matter. The rest of her feminine figure made up for it. Her waist was thin and her stomach was flat, attributes shown off proudly by a black crop top with a little butterfly on it.

Clearly, everyone was curious about her. They wondered if they could approach her, if she would be as cool as she looked. Nobody expected that she had a bit of a secret. Nobody expected that she was in fact a he.

The young boy never really pretended to be a girl. He was a boy, no doubt about it. He just felt more comfortable, more confident in clothes like this. He loved feminine things. He loved wearing dresses, putting on make-up. Maybe he did enjoy looking like a girl! Just like that one time when he pretended to be a girl and even stuffed his bra. He wanted to help out his friend. The poor dork just didn't want to show up to family dinner without a date *again*, so his adorable feminine friend helped him out. He already looked like the part, anyhow! And maybe his appearance got him the job as a famous celebrity's new personal assistant.

Just maybe.

He already discovered the advantages of looking like that. People went easier on him. He loved those big muscular guys who usually played football, and they were more attracted to him if he dressed feminine. Not that he minded other types of guys, or girls! In fact, he crushed hard on all types of men and women. There was so many kinds of candy out there, why choose one? He still had to choose for the first time, but well. On top of just being cuter, a lot of girls simply wanted to be friends with him! They had the same interests, after all. He just felt like he became more popular after finally giving into his girly self, with reason.

Still, he was very nervous about his new job. He only met the celebrity once, and they barely said a word then! As he made his way in front of their trailer, he gently knocked on the door...

Who I am: I'm a bisexual writer from Europe with a love for story-telling and erotica.

My Writing Style: Third person, past tense. In my opinion, it's the best way to tell a story.

What I am looking for: A good balanced mixture of story and erotica. I love world-building. There should be a reason behind our story. But at the same time, most of us are here for the dirty side of things. I've found that I am mostly interested in a combination of those two aspects! I love detailed descriptions in a roleplay as well. Tell me how you are doing something, not just that you are doing it! I will always try to deliver a decent reply. Therefore, I don't expect daily replies and won't promise them from my end either. I'm more than happy to wait. Take a slow pace and really put some effort into our replies rather than rushing them.

I would love a partner who can write multiple characters so we don't just stick to two people throughout the entire story. My character(s) would be bisexual/pansexual so I would appreciate partners who can write characters of different gender identities! Male, female, non-binary, cis or trans, I'm good with anyone. I would just like some diversity if possible. I can play multiple characters as well so we can have some fun exploring the story with all kinds of interesting characters! I love world and character building, even in a smutty context.

Celebrities: There are a lot of celebrities that I like. Let's talk about our favorites, exchange references, and enjoy the set-up! I have a reference picture for my character in mind! Bringing visuals for your own characters is definitely appreciated but I can provide my own too. :)

Kinks and interests: Muscular Men, Femboys, Dirty Talk, Teasing, Seduction, Sexually Assertive People, Sluts, Gangbangs, Orgies, Group sex, Playing as and against multiple characters, Rough Sex, Spanking, (Light) Face Slapping, Cock Slapping, Biting, Choking, Breath Control, Hair Pulling, Spitting, Edging, Squirting, Creampies, Cumplay, Facials, Orgasm Control, Anal Sex, DP, Name-Calling, Cumplay, Public Play, Lingerie, Skimpy Outfits, Showing off, Jealousy, Cuckold/Cuckquean, Cheating, Romance, Affection, Gentle Femdom, Being a Switch, Aftercare, Cuddling/Spooning (while having sex),... And a lot more!

Feel free to bring up anything you want but let's stay away from scat, snuff, extreme abuse/violence, unusual penetration, cannibalism and the very extreme like that.

Communication: For starters, PM me! I prefer to stay there, but I am open to other ways of communication like Discord and Google Docs.
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