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Sonic Gold Universe


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Apr 1, 2017
The Cosmos
This thread is dedicated to contents of my own version of the Sonic Universe. Its mostly based on the games, but my own twist on it. I hope you enjoy the contents within as I update the stuff within.

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Apr 1, 2017
The Cosmos


Planet Earth and Its History

Planet Earth
Alternative names: Mobius, The World, Blue Marble, Terra
Position: 3rd from the Sun
Age: 4.200 Billion
Era: 2007 CE(Chaos Era)
Satellites: The Moon, Little Planet, Space Colony ARK, Astral Garden, Death Egg(Formally)
Planet Class: A(Terrestrial, Able to support humanoid lifeforms)
Lifeforms: Humans, Mobians, Chao, Animals
Continents: Atlanda, Eudora, Olorun, Ashia, Tohgana, Cold Undra
Oceans: Atlantea, Cifica, Volma, Northreign, Southarc
World Powers: United Federation, Robotnik/Eggman Empire(Formally), Eudorian Kingdom Alliance, Vermilion Union.
Relics: Master Emerald, 7 Chaos Emeralds, 7 Time Stones, 6 Power Rings, Moonstone, Crystall Aurora, The Eye, Dawn Key.
Deities: Dark and Light Gaia, Chaos, Mene, Aurora, Iblis.

Earth Timeline

The Earth and the moon are formed, also creating two deities from hyper energy-Light Gaia and Dark Gaia. The two beings sleep in the center of the Earth, destined to maintain the balance of destruction and rebirth every time they wake. This happens once every couple million years.

Unknown Point
An alien race established an ancient civilization on Earth after their ship, the Babylon Garden, marroned them on the planet after their warp drives, the Ark of the Cosmos, malfunctioned and almost created a black hole. At some point, the leaders created the very first prototype of what is now known as Extreme Gear. After incurring the wrath of the Gods, said garden was buried deep within the sands. The surviving Babylonians scattered around the world, their civilization lost.

4000 B.C(Before Chaos)
The western part of Atlanda was ruled by various ancient tribes, and one of them was the Echidna Tribe of Umiña. This tribe was once a flourishing civilization, but at some point, the tribe split into two, forming the Awaq and the Killari. The former became the inheritors of eight sacred relics, the Master Emerald and the 7 Chaos Emeralds. The shrine that holds these relics is on the outskirts of Awaq City, where it is also home to the Chao and its guardian deity; Chaos. After the death of the previous chieftain, Pachacamac became their successor, and turned the once peaceful tribe into a ruthless band of aggressors. They attack neighboring tribes, stealing their land and wealth, and expanding their empire. The majority of the Awaq were in support of their chieftain, with few exceptions, including his only child, Tikal, who deeply opposed his warmongering ways. The tribe's conquest comes to a halt when attempting to invade their former allies, the Killari. There was great resistance, the two tribes were in a stalemate until the Killari gained victory after victory against their opponents. In desperation, Pachacamac resorts to using the power of the relics to save his tribe from annihilation, despite the pleading from his daughter to not do so.

He personally led a band of warriors to siege the alter for the relics, and Tikal made one last plea to her father to stop, but he mercilessly pushed through, regardless of his daughter and the helpless chao that were in the way. The Emerald's guardian, enraged, absorbs the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and transforms into Perfect Chaos-God of Destruction. Tikal sacrifices herself to seal Chaos into the Master Emerald, along with herself as the price.

4000 CE
The power of Chaos caused the complete extinction of the Echidna civilization in a single day. The Killari and other tribes are believed to be destroyed, and the few surviving Awaq take refuge as the power of the Master Emerald breaks a chunk of land, turning it into a floating island in the sky. The survivors decided to become the relic's new guardians in self-imposed penance and to make sure no one misused its power for evil.

1889 CE
Completed construction of the world's very first Bernal Sphere Advanced Research Station, christened the Space Colony ARK. One of the contributors is Dr. Baldry Robotnik(25). Five days later, the ARK officially opened.

The United Federation commissions Baldry on the creation of powerful robots using unknown technology. He created the first gizoids, and put them into storage shortly after.

1906 CE
The Black Comet completes it's 50 year journey to Earth without incident.

1950 CE
Gerald Robotnik(55) and Carl Zucchini(57) went on an expedition to the Mystic Ruins, where they found a mural depicting a prophecy of an ancient monster and a golden figure doing battle. He kept a record of their findings.

1956 CE
On January 8, the Black Comet came to Earth after its 50-year journey as usual, but shortly after, it brought the first emergence of an alien race; the Black Arms. The aliens invaded the entire planet. The worldwide conflict lasted several days, with Earth emerging victorious. The invasion failed, causing the remaining aliens to flee back to their comet as it leaves orbit, set to return in 50 years time. Ignovis and Margarita Robotnik died during the invasion, they are succeeded by their daughter, Maria(16). The United Federation commissioned engineers and Gerald Robotnik to prepare for the next invasion. Lead Engineer Tim Amber(41) and his team are tasked with Plan A(Eclipse Canon) while Robotnik is in charge of Plan B(Ultimate Lifeform).

Project Ultimate Lifeform is underway, Biolizard is completed, but deemed a failure; it is put in storage. Project Ultimate Lifeform continues.

Shadow the Hedgehog is born, Project complete. Side project begins(Artificial Chaos).

Project Eclipse Canon Completed.

There is an outbreak of Artificial Chaos, quickly quelled by Shadow The Hedgehog. The incident resulted in injury and death. Tim Amber dies during the breakout.

In mid-September, the United Federaion sent GUN to conduct a raid on the entirety of the Space Colony ARK. This incident resulted in the evacuation, arrest, or death of all researchers, support staff, and civilians. Maria Robotnik dies in the incident, Gerald Robotnik is arrested, and Shadow the Hedgehog escapes via pod to Earth. GUN confiscated any and all projects. Space Colony Ark is officially defunct.

Shadow was found by GUN days later and was successfully captured. He is taken to an undisclosed facility for storage.

1957 CE
After imprisonment, Gerald Robotnik(61) is executed. He is succeeded by two children, and three grandchildren.

1989 CE
Ivo Robotnik(34) creates MeteoTech, a robotics and security company.

1990 CE
Prof. Dylan Pickle(45), found a metal disk in a archaeological dig in West Atlanda, and donated his findings at the Central City Museum. Knuckles the Echidna is born, the very last within the dwindling descendants of the Awaq Tribe.

1991 CE
Sonic the Hedgehog is born.
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Apr 1, 2017
The Cosmos
Timeline part 2

Sonic the Hedgehog-
Dr. Ivo Robotnik(46) invades South Island, kidnapping the animals as power sources for his Badniks. Sonic(10) ruins Robotnik's plan, liberating the entire island.

Sonic CD-
The mysterious celestial body of Little Planet appears over Never Lake, and Dr Robotnik takes the opportunity to chain the planet and conquer it. Sonic meets Amy Rose(8), but is kidnapped by Metal Sonic, Robotnik's latest creation made in the image of Sonic. The hedgehog travels around the planet and through time to gather the 7 Time Stones and destroy Robotnik's machines sent into the past. He successfully rescued Amy, defeated Robotnik and Metal Sonic, and liberated Little Planet. The Time Stones are then returned to their rightful place, and the planet disappears into the time void.

Sonic Arcade-
Dr Robotnik kidnapped Sonic, Mighty the Armadillo(11), and Ray the Flying Squirrel(7). The trio escapes from the doctor's island fortress as it sinks in the bottom of the sea.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2-
Sonic arrives on West Side Island via his bi-plane, The Tornado, where he meets Miles Prower(5) 'Tails' for the very first time. Dr Robotnik invades the island, using his giant space fortress, the Death Egg, in search of the legendary 7 Chaos Emeralds hidden across the island. Sonic and Tails collect the Emeralds, afterwards invade the Death Egg. Using the power of the Emeralds, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, defeating Robotnik's Death Egg Robot, and the space fortress falls to Earth.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles-
The damaged Death Egg lands on Angel Island, causing it to fall into the ocean. Dr Robotnik meets the island's guardian, Knuckles the Echidna(11), and manages to trick the guardian into believing Sonic is the enemy, while secretly trying to find the island's secret treasure and rebuild the Death Egg. Sonic and Tails arrive on the grounded island, but are attacked by Knuckles as he steals the 7 emeralds. The duo continues forward, quickly discovering the doctor is here, and set to ruin whatever plan he has. They also discover the hidden sanctuary containing its sacred treasure, The Master Emerald. The duo finds the Death Egg inside the volcano, and encounters Knuckles, who fights him. Robotnik found the hidden temple and stole the Master Emerald. Realizing that Knuckles has been tricked, he follows the doctor to get it back. Sonic and Tails found the 7 emeralds on the altar, and because of the Master Emerald's power, they have become super emeralds. The duo followed the guardian to the Sky Sanctuary. With the power of the emerald, the Death Egg was fully functional and began its ascent into space. A new robot, Mecha Sonic, appeared to slow them down, but after taking damage, it used the emerald's power to defeat the trio, but failed. However, the emerald is taken to the Death Egg after Knuckle's failed attempt to reclaim it. Sonic manages to get aboard the space craft alone to face Robotnik. He unleashed a giant mech called the Great Eggman Robot, using the Master Emerald as a power source. Despite this, Sonic defeated the machine, but activated the self-destruction in a last ditch effort to kill the hedgehog, escaping into space with the emerald. Sonic used the super emeralds to transform into Hyper Sonic and chased the escaping scientist, defeating him. The Death Egg explodes, and Hyper Sonic returns to Earth with the emerald safely to Angel Island as it floats once again.

Knuckles' Chaotix-
Four years have passed since a mysterious island rose from the sea. Dr Robotnik(50) converted it into a carnival after discovering a hidden power left behind by an ancient civilization. Because of this, the Master Emerald is disturbed by this event. Knuckles(15) leaves the island for the first time to stop the disturbance. He reached the island, where he encountered Espio the Chameleon(15), captured in a strange machine. After being freed, the two embark to rescue Vector the Crocodile(19), Charmy Bee(6), and Mighty the Armadillo(15). After freeing the others, the group sets off to stop Robotnik's evil plan to use artificial Dark Rings. To do that, the group collected six power rings left behind by the ancient civilization. They battled with Metal Sonic and defeated it, but after absorbing the power of the Dark Rings, it transformed into the mighty Metal Sonic Kai. Knuckles and Chaotix defeated the giant menace and Dr Robotnik. The five mobians formed a friendship; Knuckles and Mighty became honorary members of the Chaotix and went their separate ways.

Sonic Adventure-
Dr Robotnik(51) established a base in the Mystic Ruins, where he found tablets depicting a God and the secrets of the Chaos Emeralds. He sets off to Angel Island and successfully shatters the Master Emerald, freeing Chaos, the God of Destruction, and also a mysterious spirit. Knuckles(16) failed to stop Chaos as it fled from the island, but because the power of the emerald no longer kept the island afloat, it fell, attaching itself near the Mystic Ruins. Big the Cat(18) lives in the jungle with his best friend, Froggy. Said frog encounters Chaos, accidentally swallowing a piece of the creature, gaining a tail. It also swallowed a Chaos Emerald and fled the forest. Sonic(15) is in the seaside metropolis of Station Square, where he encounters and does battle with Chaos. The latter escapes the hedgehog. The next day, he witnessed his best friend, Tails(9) crash on the beach with a prototype bi-plane. He saves the boy, discovering that he is using a Chaos Emerald as a power source. While traveling to Tails' workshop in the ruins, they are ambushed by Robotnik and Chaos, successfully stealing their emerald and feeding it to Chaos. The creature becomes stronger with each emerald it absorbs. With all seven, it will become an invincible weapon for the doctor to command. The duo sets off to collect the rest of the emeralds to prevent that from happening. At the same time, Knuckles arrives to collect the lost pieces of Master Emerald to restore it, but along the way, the tiny spirit shows him visions of the ancient past of an echidna tribe, which involve the emeralds and a girl named Tikal trying to prevent destruction. He encounters the doctor once again, tricked into believing that Sonic is after the shards. Robotnik has kidnapped a group of Flickies and other small animals to complete a series of robots named the E-Series. His latest and last in the line, E-102 Gamma is active. After many test runs, including besting its elder brother- E-101 Beta, it is given a mission to find Chaos' missing piece. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are attacked by Knuckles, but Robotnik steals their remaining Chaos Emeralds. Realizing that he was once again tricked, he helps the duo defeat Chaos' 4th form. Despite their victory, the doctor escapes using his great battleship, the Egg Carrier.

Sonic and Tails use the Tornado 2 to chase the carrier, but are separated as the hedgehog lands in Station Square and Tails in the Mystic Ruins. Amy Rose(12) was in the city when she encountered a lost flicky, also avoiding a robot, ZERO, who wished to capture the bird. She decided to be the bird's guardian and help it find its captured family. She happens upon Sonic, but the two are shortly separated to avoid the pursuing ZERO in Twinkle Park. Unfortunately, the bot captured the girl and Flicky, and Sonic was too late to stop them from entering the Egg Carrier. Meanwhile, Knuckles manages to gather most of the emerald shards, but it is still incomplete. The remainder are on the carrier, so the guardian tries to find Robotnik's base. Tails finds Froggy and manages to catch it, retrieving the Chaos Emerald it had before meeting with Big as he tries to get his friend back. The boy returns the frog as he heads to his workshop to fire up the Tornado mk 2 and look for Sonic. Big is happy that he has his friend back, but is cut short when Gamma kidnaps the frog and returns to base, where the cat and Knuckles find and enter just in time before the Egg Carrier launches once again into the sky. Sonic chases the carrier into Angel Island, just in time for Tails to find him, and the reunited duo follows the ship before landing the Tornado on deck. Praising Gamma for completing its mission, Robotnik tasks it with retrieving the blue flicky from its jail cell, which it shared with Amy. The young girl and the bird convinced Gamma to release them.

Amy reached the deck where the doctor was waiting, then snatched the flicky, taking its Chaos Emerald which it had all along. Sonic and Tails catch up as Gamma also arrives to distract the hedgehog. Amy stops the battle, as they have more important things to worry about. Sonic stays behind to stop Robotnik while the others escape the Egg Carrier. The hedgehog finds Chaos, but it is too late to stop its 6th transformation. Big arrives to rescue Froggy from the creature and escapes using Tail's Tornado 2 to return home. Knuckles joins the battle, and both of their efforts defeat the creature. Sonic chases after Robotnik and the echidna flees the ship with the 6 emeralds. The Egg Carrier falls into the ocean after losing altitude.

Tails and Amy return to Station Square, where they part ways. The doctor lands nearby, and activates a contingency plan to destroy the city with a missile. The plan fails when the missile becomes a dud, but it is still armed. The young boy races against him to reach the missile first. Afterwards, they do battle, and Tails emerges victorious while Robotnik flees. After contemplation and being freed from its master's control, Gamma decides to hunt down the other E-Series to free them. The very last model lies within the abandoned Egg Carrier, where it fought a new and improved Beta. Both robots fell in battle, but released the flickies from their robotic prison, just in time for Amy and her companion to reunite with the bird's family. However, ZERO interrupts, to which Amy responds with violence against the bot. She defeats it once and for all, and is happy that the family can now live in peace. After landing in the jungle of the Mystic Ruins, Sonic is guided by the tiny spirit deep into the ancient ruins, where he finds a mural of Chaos. He returns from the temple just in time to see Robotnik fleeing towards his base. He followed up with one final confrontation and battled the Egg Viper. He wins, and escapes the base to unite with Tails.

Despite restoring the Master Emerald to its former glory, Angel Island is still grounded. He is attacked by Chaos, who then steals the 6 emeralds in his possession. Sonic and Tails come to the island to investigate and find the guardian. All three are shown a terrifying vision of Chaos destroying everything in its path before being sealed by Tikal in the Master Emerald. Afterwards, they set out to find the Tornado 2, as it has the last emerald inside. They managed to find the plane, but Chaos took the last emerald and disappeared. With all 7 of the relics, it transformed into Perfect Chaos, completely destroying Station Square. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, along with Amy, the Flickies, and Big, arrive in the ruined city. A second Egg Carrier also arrives, as Robotnik had a back-up, but was no match for the creature's wrath. The spirit appears before the group, revealing herself to have been Tikal, as she pleads to somehow reseal Chaos since it is unstoppable. Sonic refuses that plan, as he resolves to put the creature at peace. He transforms into Super Sonic using the positive energies of the emerald and frees Chaos from its suffering and anger, returning it to its base form. Tikal thanks everyone and takes Chaos to ascend into the unknown.

Sonic Adventure 2-
Dr Robotnik infiltrated a GUN base, using a Chaos Emerald to gain access to the ultimate lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog(50), his grandfather's creation. As thanks, Shadow offers his loyalty to him, but asks him to meet him at the long-forgotten Space Colony ARK, and asks him to bring the rest of the Emeralds. Rouge the Bat(17), a jewel thief, attempts to steal the Master Emerald, but Knuckles stops her. Robotnik also attempts to steal the gem, but it shatters, and both hunters decide to seek the shards. Sonic has been arrested by GUN as he has been mistakenly identified. He escapes, but is recaptured after meeting Shadow for the first time. The black hedgehog escapes with a Chaos Emerald and meets with Robotnik on the Ark. He introduces its most powerful arsenal, the Eclipse Cannon. With the 7 emeralds, they can use them to hold the world hostage, as they have the power to destroy a planet, and the doctor agrees with the plan. Rouge has snuck aboard and offers her services to the dictor and hands over a chaos emerald as a gift. She gives herself a fake name, Nails the Bat, to hide her identity, and they agree to work together. Three of the emeralds are kept on Prison Island, where they hatch a plan to steal the jewels and destroy the island. Amy arrives unexpectedly and runs into the Trio. Robotnik stays behind to take care of her, but Tails comes in to rescue her. The young fox wards him off, and Tails and Amy go into the prison to rescue Sonic. Meanwhile, Shadow planted the explosive while Rouge stole the emeralds, but found herself trapped. Sonic and Shadow battled, but their battle was cut short when the former heard about what was to come, escaping with Tails and Amy. Shadow saves Rouge in the nick of time and returns to base. With six of the emeralds in their possession, Robotnik broadcasts to the entire world to surrender to the Robotnik Empire and demonstrates the power of the Eclipse Cannon on the moon, blowing off a large chunk. Sonic and his friends witness the event, and are determined to stop him.

To find him, Tails searches for the President's limo to trace Robotnik's location, which he succeeds in doing. They also ran into Knuckles, who offered to help them. They found Eggmn's base, and used a spacecraft to reach the ARK. Knuckles separates to find the remaining pieces of the Master Emerald. Tails reveals that not only did he bring the last emerald, but he also created a replica to sabotage the cannon. Sonic is given the task of placing the fake gem in the cannon, and Tails heads to the engine to destroy it. All the while, Amy is captured by Robotnik before Sonic can place the fake gem with the rest of the emeralds. Knuckles and Rouge fought one last time for the emerald shards, but after the former saved the latter's life, she surrenders the shards to him as they go their separate ways.

Sonic arrives to save his friends, offering the fake emerald, but is trapped in a capsule. Robotnik already knows about the phony emerald and blasts the hedgehog into space. Using the gem, he manages to escape before his demise and teleport back to the ARK. Rouge returns to take the gems, but Shadow puts a stop to it, revealing her real name and identity as a government spy. The hedgehog prevents the spy from taking the emeralds, but realizes that Sonic is alive and heads out to stop him. Robonik managed to steal the last gem after his battle with Tails and placed it in the cannon, but it only revealed something more sinister.

A video recording of Gerald Robonik's final proclamation to the world, desiring Earth's demise as an act of vengeance for his granddaughter. The entire space colony is plunging itself towards the planet, and the only way to stop it is to go to the core and use the Master Emerald to nullify the Chaos Emeralds. The group works together to make a path towards the core, while Amy is left behind. She finds Shadow and pleads with his inner consciousness to help save the world. Her words get through as he remembers a promise to his friend, Maria, long ago and races to the core. Sonic and Knuckles made it first, only to be stopped by the ultimate lifeform prototype, the Biolizard. Shadow arrives and distracts it long enough for the duo to neutralize the core, but the ark is still falling to Earth. The Biolizard uses Chaos Control to disappear and fuse with the ark. The only way to stop the descent is to defeat the prototype. Sonic and Shadow transform into super forms and battle the creatures in space. Once the prototype is eliminated, both hedgehogs use their power to stabilize the Ark, at the cost of Shadow's life. Sonic made it back to the ark, lamenting the loss, but vowing never to forget his sacrifice.

Sonic Advance/2-
Robotnik relaunches his badnik robot line and starts to kidnap animals again. He also managed to kidnap Tails, Knuckles, and a little girl and her Chao. Amy informs Sonic of the kidnapping, and Sonic is able to save the girl, Cream the Rabbit(7). Her mother, Vanilla(30) was captured as well. They rescued Tails and Knuckles and found Robotnik's base. They defeat the doctor and reunite mother and daughter.

Sonic Heroes-
Four teams have different reasons, but they all have one goal: to stop Robotnik and his fleet from taking over the world. Team Sonic is composed of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, as they are given three days to stop the mad doctor and his overwhelming battle fleet. Team Dark is composed of Rouge, a revived Shadow, and a forgotten E-Series robot E-123 Omega. The spy found both in one of Robonik's hidden bases, and made it a mission to get answers since Shadow suffers from amnesia, Omega wants revenge for being abandoned, and Rouge seeks the wealth that the doctor has in his possession. Team Rose has Amy, Cream, and Big. Froggy and Cheese have been kidnapped by what appears to be Sonic, and the team conducts a rescue mission to save them. Team Chaotix has Vector(20), Espio(16), and Charmy(7). They run a detective agency, and they have been hired by a mysterious client to seek out Robotnik. The teams traveled far to catch up with the Egg Fleet, even meeting each other, and have been collecting Chaos Emeralds along the way. After many trials, they made it to the Egg Fortress and defeated Robotnik, but the Chaotix discovered that the doctor they've faced on their journey was a fake, as the real Robotnik was held captive. He explained that it was Metal Sonic all along, betraying the doctor, disguising himself, taking his Egg Fleet and copying data from the teams to become stronger. It worked, as Metal Sonic transformed into Metal Madness. The teams come together to take on the behemoth, and Team Sonic turns into their super forms to finish the Metal Overlord once and for all.

Shadow the Hedgehog-
The 50 year anniversary has finally come as the black comet returns to Earth. Instead of celebration, it is met with hostility as the United Federation and other world powers prepare for an invasion. Shadow is contacted by Rouge, as the President requests his presence. The Black Arms made their appearance, and the hedgehog just so happened to be nearby. GUN forces do battle with the alien force, and Shadow is caught in the middle. Sonic arrives in the city to give a helping hand and meets with the leader himself, Black Doom. The leader is here for the Chaos Emerald and is curious about Shadow before retreating. Afterwards, they both meet with the president of the Federation to explain the situation. Every 50 years, the Black Comet arrives on Earth, but found out long ago that it is home to a hostile alien race that attacked the planet. The Eclipse Cannon and Shadow were designed to destroy the alien threat, so he agrees to collect the emeralds, which may hold the key to mending his broken memories and saving the world.

Black Doom interferes with the hedgehog's mission at almost every turn, revealing that he was created using stolen Black Arm DNA and Chaos Energy. He tries to sway the hedgehog to his side, but Shadow resists each time through his strong will. Eventually, the heroes travel to the ARK to gain access to the Eclipse Cannon. Before they could use it, Shadow was kidnapped and taken to the inner workings of the enemy stronghold. Even during torture, he still refused to join them, and was about to be killed, but was rescued by Sonic. The hedgehog used the power of the emeralds to turn into Super Shadow to battle Devil Doom and defeated the leader once and for all. The Eclipse Cannon destroys the comet, ending the invasion. Shadow has regained his memories, but decides to live in the present and look forward to the future.
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Apr 1, 2017
The Cosmos
Timeline part 3

Sonic Riders-
There is a group of thieves known as the Babylon Rogues, consisting of Jet the Hawk(15), Wave the Swallow(18) and Storm the Albatross(19), descendants of the ancient Babylonians. They possess a treasure, a key to unlocking their homeland's secrets. Dr. Robotnik pays the rogues a visit, willing to help them with unlocking the secret of their relic by hosting a tournament that involves the use of racing devices called Extreme Gears. This caught the attention of Sonic and his friends, as they suspected the doctor and had a run in with the Rogues. This started a rivalry between them, especially with Sonic and Jet. The Chaos Emeralds are needed for entry in the races, and all seven are present to compete in the final round. Through dubious means, Jet wins, and with the power of the emeralds and the key, it reveals the fabled Babylon Garden. Robotnik stole the relic and raced to the garden with Team Sonic and the Rogues to pursue him. The garden is a mixture of nature and advanced technology. With the key, they entered deep into the garden where the treasure is hidden, but were stopped by the guardian. After the guardian is defeated, the true treasure is revealed: a prototype of all extreme gear, a magic carpet. The Babylon Rogues and Sonic's group part ways, but not before Jet vows to return and face Sonic again.

Sonic Battle-
Years ago, a man named Baldry Robotnik crafted robots using an unknown technology, which he named Gizoids. They were locked away, but one was found by his great grandson, Ivo Robotnik. His inability to properly work the Gizoid frustrates him, and he abandons it on the beach, where it was found by Sonic and Tails. They named the bot 'Emerl', and through their shared adventure, the soulless robot became cheerful. It has met with others, such as Amy, Cream, Knuckles, Rouge, Omega, and Shadow. As a Gizoid, it has the power to copy data to become a better fighting machine. This is what Robotnik was counting on, as he was watching the entire time and took advantage of its programming-to obey whoever was the strongest. However, conflicting programming caused it to go on a violent rampage, even when Sonic tried to stop it. With a heavy heart, Sonic destroys the Gizoid.

Sonic Advance 3-
Gathering Emerl's data, Robotnik created a Gizoid army of foot soldiers, powered by Chaos Drives. Gmerl, his most successful creation, commands this army as it searches the world for Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and his friends fight the army, and even Gmerl on their journey. After another defeat, Robotnik used the emeralds to give his Gizoid power to transform into Ultimate Gmerl, but it caused a power overload and ascended into space. Sonic turns into Super Sonic to chase and defeat the robot once and for all. Its base body falls to Earth where it is found by Cream and Vanilla. Tails reprograms it into a more peaceful robot, and the mother and daughter keep the Gizoid in their care.

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity-
Two mysterious objects fell from space, one landing in the Crimson Tower, owned by a technology company called MeteoTech. Said object comes into the possession of mass-produced robots called SCR-GP, activating the robots from their sleep. The other was recently discovered by Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, but it caused them to be attacked by SCR. They escaped, learning that this object had the ability to manipulate gravity.

Meanwhile, the Babylon Rogues found another of the objects hidden in the Gigan Rocks. They know the object as one of the Ark of the Cosmos, ring-like metal objects used by their ancestors, the ancient Babylonians. They are attacked by SCR, seeking the Ark, but they manage to escape. There are five arks in total, and they made it their mission to find the other four.

Team Sonic realizes that the robots are manufactured by MeteoTech and goes to investigate, running into Amy, who has an Ark with her and is in hiding. They enter the facility where they run into the Babylon Rogues, demanding the Arks. They race into the facility and encounter Dr Robotnik, admitting that he is the founder and CEO of MeteoTech. He explains that he found one of the Arks and introduced it to his mother computer, which caused the robots to go on a rampage. The leader unit- SCR-HD, has an ark in its possession, and the computer compels the robots to find the remaining rings. Both teams decided to work together to stop that from happening, including Robotnik. The only way to stop this is to cancel the mother computer located in the Crimson Tower, but Wave informs Team Sonic of important info. Texts inside the Gigan Rocks tell something of a Lightless Black that was prevented long ago. The group makes it to the tower and stops the mother computer, but SCR-HD comes in to complete its mission. They damage the robot enough to get the last Ark. With all five rings, it summons Babylon Garden and causes a strange reaction. A damaged but still functioning SCR-HD stole the Ark of the Cosmos, heading straight to the garden. Tails then realized that this lightless black was a black hole, and that it would destroy the Earth if they didn't stop it. Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues race to the core of the gardens, where they find the robot transformed into Master Core: Abis. Both teams were victorious, preventing an impending disaster. The Arks, now stable, lift the garden into space, orbiting the planet. Sonic and Jet, afterwards, challenge each other to a race, their rivalry still intact.

Sonic Rush-
A young girl named Blaze the Cat(14) appears from a portal into a new world, Earth. She is here to save her home from destruction and find the seven Sol Gems that were stolen from her world. She encountered Cream, accompanied by Gmerl, in the forest, where the young girl kindly invited the cat to her home. Vanilla offers to help her, but Blaze refuses any sort of help. Still, the mother insisted on letting her daughter become her guide, along with Gmerl for protection, and she begrudgingly accepted. Meanwhile, Sonic battled with Dr Robonik, but as he fled, he dropped a mysterious looking gem that the hedgehog had never seen before. Blaze snatched up the gemstone, quickly leaving while leaving him confused about this new person. He visits Tails, and the young boy detects seven strange signatures.

The duo soon meet with Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a Robotnik look alike that has come to steal the Chaos Emerald, and with the help of Amy and Knuckles, travel around to prevent the gem's capture. Team Sonic meets with Blaze, Cream, and Gmerl, wanting to know what is going on. She refuses to answer at first, saying that it is her responsibility, but with gentle coaxing from Cream, she relents. Blaze is a princess of the Sol Dimension and the guardian of the 7 Sol Gems. Ovi Kintobor stole the gems and retreated to Sonic's Dimension. If the gems stayed here, then it would cause a merging of both dimensions, which would destroy both worlds.

The group found out that Robotnik and Kintobor were working together, and managed to get the Sol Gems into their possession. They kidnapped Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Gmerl, and Amy, so the duo worked together to rescue them. With the power of the Emeralds and Gems, they transform into their super forms and defeat the villains, saving both worlds. Blaze, after learning of the true meaning of friendship, has to return to her world, but promises that she will return to visit.

Sonic Rivals-
A young hedgehog named Silver(14), suddenly appears, holding a strange orb in his possession. He is found by Shadow the Hedgehog, but robots attack the pair, and they manage to get away. Silver displays psychic powers to thwart the enemies, and he explains that he must see Sonic the Hedgehog as the present and future are in danger. They find him, and the stranger tells them of his plight. Silver is from the future, and that future is threatened by a cult called the Hand of Iblis. He had stolen an important artifact called the Eye, to prevent the summoning of a terrible beast called Ifrit, and had come to this point in time out of desperation. To destroy the eye, they must go to a place called Viridian Castle, which no longer exists in Silver's time. Sonic accepts, but finds out that they need to collect four keys to gain access to the castle. It is a race to get the keys, as they are pursued by members of the cult. One member is Maximum Leer(40) and his robots to get the Eye back. When the Trio finds the keys, Silver remarks that it brings good memories of him and his friends, but does not elaborate. They enter Viridian Castle, finding a doorway that leads to an unknown space. Maximum captures the hedgehogs and then reveals that this was an elaborate plan: The castle is actually a gateway to the Realm of Flames, where Ifrit would be summoned. He threw the hedgehogs into the realm, hoping the beast would finish them off. Thankfully, they held back Ifrit long enough to escape the realm, trapping it inside as the castle collapsed under the power of the keys. With the threat sealed forever, Silver says goodbye and returns to his time, maybe one day meeting them again.

Sonic Unleashed-
Sonic the Hedgehog has infiltrated Dr Robotnik's flag ship, meeting him after swatting down his wave of battle robots. He had brought the 7 emeralds and turned into Super Sonic to achieve victory. However, it was a trap, and he put the super hedgehog into an extraction machine. With the absorbed chaos energy, a cannon was fired at Earth, splitting it into several pieces to reveal a gigantic creature in the center. Its dark energy corrupted the seven emeralds, along with Sonic as he transformed into a werehog. The emeralds and Sonic are ejected back to Earth after crash landing on the Windmill Isles. The sunlight turns him back into his normal self, but he encounters a winged imp. The creature begs him for help as it has amnesia, which he agrees to.

Sonic names the creature Chip, then finds two of the corrupt emeralds before nightfall, which turns her back into a werehog. When night comes, the giant creature's servants surface and cause chaos on the planet. He rescued Tails and explained the situation. The young fox suggested that they track the emeralds; the next one is in Spagonia. A man recognizes Sonic and introduces himself as the assistant of Dr Dylan Pickle(61) who was kidnapped by Robotnik. He agrees and rescues the professor, returning him to his university. Dr Pickle is a professor of archaeology and ancient scripture, and he explains what is happening. The creature inside the core is a deity known as Dark Gaia, a destructive manifestation of the planet. Robotnik kidnapped him for his research on the matter, sacrificing the Earth for Dark Gaia's power. The only way to restore the planet and purify the 7 emeralds and place them inside sacred temples around the world. So Sonic, Tails, and Chip travel the world to search for the temples. Along the way, Chip recovers his memories little by little on their journey until their last destination leads them to Robotnik Land, where they reach the core. Robotnik was piloting the Egg Dragoon, but with the power of the werehog, Sonic defeated him and made it to the core. It is then revealed that Chip is Light Gaia, the opposite of Dark Gaia to keep balance. The creature took back its dark energy from Sonic, freeing him of the werehog curse. Sonic used the purified emerald and Chip's help to defeat Dark Gaia, putting it back to sleep. Because of this, the imp has to stay in the core, saying his goodbye before returning Sonic to the surface. He knows that he will never see Chip again, but the memories he has will always stay.

Sonic Colors-
Robotnik, feeling 'remorse' for his past deeds, including the Dark Gaia incident, has built an interstellar amusement park made up of mini-planet attractions. Suspicious, Sonic and Tails travel to the park before opening day and find Mighty the Armadillo(16) and Ray the Flying Squirrel(12) at the entrance, freeing alien creatures. The aliens approached, explaining that they are Wisps. Their planet is one of the attractions, and they are being captured by Robonik for their unique energy called Hyper-Go-On to power the park. Mighty and Ray sneak in to have fun, but when they realize the doctor's plan, they realize they have been freeing the Wisps. Sonic and Tails join the fight, and so do the Wisps that let the group use their power. The Wisp Mother is on the verge of dying. Robotnik is draining her energy to power his robotic Wisp mech. With the collective power of the Wisps, Sonic defeated the Robo Wisp and restored power to the Mother. They liberated the planets and returned to Earth. Robotnik floats into space until coming across a primordial entity.

Sonic Generations-
On June 23, Sonic the Hedgehog celebrated his 16th birthday, surrounded by the important people in his life. Suddenly, the party is interrupted by a supernatural creature that sucks everyone into a White Void, a realm in between time and space. Sonic finds himself alone, but finds places from his previous adventures before him. His friends are found frozen in time, but he finds a younger version of Tail lost in the realm looking for his best friend. Sonic comforts him, and helps him find the younger version of himself and his friends, including enemies. The past version of Dr Robonik was kidnapped by the creature, now known as the Time Eater, and moved further into the void. Chaos Emeralds are scattered in the realm, and reliving the past restores them and corrects the timeline. After collecting the Emeralds, it is revealed that the two Robotniks are working together, controlling the Time Eater to erase their nemesis from existence. Since they have failed, as time is corrected, they want to destroy the hedgehogs here and now. The hedgehogs transformed into Super Sonic and did battle with the Time Eater and won. Time is restored and sent back to the normal realm. Sonic says goodbye to his younger self as he returns to his original time.
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The Cosmos
Timeline part 4

Sonic Mania-
A year after the events on Angel Island, a strange object appeared on said island, giving off a vast amount of energy. The signal is discovered by Sonic(11) and Tails(6), who decide to return to the island to find out what is going on. They were joined by Knuckles(12) as they reached the source, but Dr Robotnik(47) and a group of EggRobos discovered it first. It is a gemstone, none the likes of which they have ever seen, as its power transformed the robots into Hard Boil Heavies. The gemstone transported everyone close by into a void dimension, where it recreated zones from the hero's past adventures. The trio chases Robotnik through the recreations, battling and defeating the Heavies along the way. They cornered the doctor in the final zone, and Sonic battled the last heavy in possession of the stone, successfully defeating the robot. But it wasn't destroyed as both Sonic and the stone disappeared into a portal.

Sonic Forces-
Sonic and the stone drop from the portal and into the current timeline. He is captured by Dr Robotnik(52) and takes the mysterious stone, which he dubs the Phantom Ruby. Weeks go by as a number of Mobians go missing. On behalf of Rouge(18), Shadow(51) investigates Robotnik's base. He infiltrates the compound, finding the missing mobians and helping them escape from their cells. He also found the younger Sonic, but was unable to free him as he was ambushed by the Doctor and a mysterious jackal with a ruby in his chest. After a brief battle, he flees the base, only to be chased by Metal Sonic, which he defeats. The Jackal caught up and trapped the hedgehog in an augmented limbo and captured it.

Days later on South Island, Sonic(16) and Tails(10) are on the outskirts of the newly constructed Mobian Town of Sunset Heights. At a distance, they could see an approaching sky fleet and race to the town during the attack. Sonic faced Robotnik, but with Metal Sonic, a mind-controlled Shadow, and the Jackal named Infinite, he was overwhelmed and defeated. Tails tried to intervene, but failed as his best friend was taken away. The boy flees the city with the help of a mobian as they both escape with their lives.

Two months have passed, and the Robotnik Empire and the United Federation are in a full-scale war for the planet. GUN rescued as many citizens as possible, at the same time forming an underground resistance called the Freedom Fighters. Tails, Knuckles (17), Amy (13), The Chaotix, Mighty (17), and Ray (13), as well as the Mobian who assisted the fox, are members of the resistance.Their mission is to infiltrate one of his bases for Intel and rescue Classic Sonic from hibernation. They set him free, taking him back to base where he explains the situation. Their first order of business is to free Shadow from Robotnik's control, as Classic Sonic is willing to help.

They eventually find Shadow and free him from the device, and he spills information. The Phantom Ruby has the power to manipulate Augmented Reality, and Robotnik has been making prototypes. The most successful one is the one Infinite possesses. The real Ruby is in Robotropolis, the heart of the empire, but first, they will have to disable the shield generator. He has no idea of the whereabouts of Sonic, but is sure that he is still captive and very much alive. A small team went to where the generator is located, but they were slowed by the arrival of Metal Sonic. It was defeated, and the facility exploded, leaving Robotropolis exposed to an all out attack.

The attack on the city is underway, but is hindered thanks to Infinite's manipulation of reality. The Freedom Fighters made it to Robotnik, but also Sonic, mind controlled by the same device Shadow was under. Meanwhile, Infinite separates the Mobian from the rest of the group as they work to free Sonic. Robotnik flees from the city, earning a major victory as the heart of the empire is taken, but there is a fortress beyond the city. Sonic is free, just in time for the final assault on the fortress.

The doctor lured them into a trap with his robotic forces, revealing his giant mech at the center, powered by the real Phantom Ruby. Infinite gets in the way of Sonic's progress towards the signal tower where the mech is located, but is defeated once and for all as the Jackal disappears after the prototype overloads. Sonic and the group battle the robot until it reveals a hidden mech inside, which is the true robot that would threaten to destroy them all, taking Sonic, his younger self, and the other Mobian into the void. They had the Chaos Emeralds emeralds with them, turning the hero into Super and defeating the robot, and everyone returned to the real world. The Phantom Ruby is given to Classic Sonic as the power of the emeralds returns him to his rightful place.

Sonic Mania Plus-
Sonic returns to his original timeline, right at the base of Never Lake, where Little Planet is above. The entire planet is encased inside of a death egg shell. Tails met up with him, explaining what had happened after the two months he had been gone. Robotnik once again holds the planet captive, and has kidnapped a few animals and even a few mobians on the planet. The duo enters the planet, but the ruby is stolen by the revived leader of the Hard Boiled Heavies. Travelling along, they have freed a captive Knuckles, Mighty(12), Ray(9) and Amy(9) as they work together to collect the 7 Time Stones as they travel through new zones created by the ruby and entered into the Titanic Monarch where Robotnik is waiting. Despite the doctor's defeat, the Heavy betrays his creator and takes the ruby for itself as it transforms into the Phantom King. Both Robotnik and the king fought for supremacy, pulling Sonic back into the same void from last time. However, the time stones brought the 7 Chaos Emeralds for the hero to use, transforming into Super Sonic as he fought both of them. After the battle, they return to the real world while the power of the time stones traps the Phantom Ruby in the void, and Little Planet is free from the Death Egg shell.
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The Cosmos
Parallel Earth Timeline

2006 CE
Station Square is destroyed by Perfect Chaos, leaving its citizens lost or injured. Vidette the Chameleon(16) is rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog(15) and brought to safety. GUN comes in to conduct a rescue effort, and Sonic helps with said effort. Even when the water recedes back into the ocean, the entire city is in ruins and it would take a long time to rebuild it. The man responsible, Dr Ivo Robotnik(51) fled from the scene to parts unknown, hiding himself for now. Sonic has been searching for him with near obsession for months. Vidette is a frequent visitor to the gang, becoming part of their circle. She advocates Sonic's search for Robotnik so he can be brought to justice for his crimes. They have finally succeeded, as Robonik has the Chaos Emeralds for his next plan, so Sonic, Tails(9), Vidette, and Amy(12) found his base. The emeralds are held in a machine, a weapon to dominate the world. Sonic's group did battle, but it caused the weapon to malfunction as the Emeralds started to merge and caused an explosion. Everyone survived. Sonic finds Robotnik trapped in rubble. The Chaos Emeralds are amalgamated into a single new gem, which the hedgehog picks up and is granted its power. Suddenly, without inhibition, he fished off Robotnik once and for all.

This new object is called the Anarchy Beryl, and Sonic has kept it by his side ever since. After Robotnik's demise, Tails found a machine in his base that could see into other parallel worlds and locked onto one where the doctor was still alive. Meanwhile, Knuckles(16) becomes concerned with this new gemstone, noticing Sonic possessiveness of it. He has held onto it for a long time, letting the energy seep into him, gaining its power. Because of the machine watching the parallel world, they have avoided certain events, such as not releasing Shadow the Hedgehog from his prison, preventing the Black Arm Invasion, and stopping Metal Sonic after inheriting the Egg Fleet.

2007 CE
After a year of observation, Tails(10) modified the machine to let them travel through worlds. Sonic(16), after witnessing the terrible atrocities that Robotnik committed, decides to bring peace to that world by killing him. Vidette(17) opposed to this, knowing that the Anarchy Beryl is corrupting the Hedgehog, and most of the group agrees. Knuckles(17) is one of them, as the corrupt nature of the Beryl would do more harm than good, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. The chameleon, echidna, Amy(13), and the Chaotix formed a plan to separate the Beryl and the power of the Master Emerald would either destroy or seal it away. The plan was underway, and it was successful, but the Master Emerald was shattered by Sonic, and captured the 'traitors'. However, by accident, the beryl was absorbed into Vidette's body. She escapes from confinement, and the Chaotix encourage her to escape, but suggest that they destroy the machine. Sonic, Tails, and Mighty(17) were intercepted, and the chameleon accidentally fell into the portal while the Chaotix held them off as the portal closed.
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The Cosmos
Robotnik Lineage

A prestigious family that birthed scientific geniuses throughout the years, contributing to society's improvement, even when they have a few bad eggs that would use their gifts for evil.

Roosevelt Robotnik- The first known in his family to gain significant standing in the Science World, the Foundation of his family line for generations to come.

Baldry Robotnik(1864-1927)- A scientific genius in the field of robotics who worked for the United Federation, and creator of the Gizoids. He married Edith Breeze and fathered one offspring. He dies of natural causes.

Gerald Robotnik(1896-1957)- A famous Bioengineer and medical scientist of his time, he was hired to create the Ultimate lifeform on the Space Colony ARK. He married Regina Snivillus and sired three children, and has four grandchildren, one of which he takes care of after the death of her parents. He is executed one year after the GUN raid on the Ark and arrested.

Ignovis Robotnik(1920-1956)- The first born child of Gerald. An Engineer that worked and lived on the Space Colony Ark. He married Margarita Glass, and sired one daughter. He died during the 1st Black Arm Invasion.

Helena Diordna nee Robotnik(1923-1992)- The middle child and only daughter of Gerald. A botanist that worked hard to improve the planet through flora. She married Robert Diordna and had birthed twin children, and has two grandchildren. She dies of natural causes.

Bristow Robonik(1924-1980)The 3rd child of Gerald. A robotic scientist that sought new and improve energy cores for robots and machines. He marries Petunia Egon and sired one offspring. Dies in an experimental accident.

Maria Robonik(1940-1956)- The only child of Ignovis. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which she transferred to the ark to find a cure for it. She dies during the GUN raid aboard the ark.

Ivo Robotnik AKA Eggman(1955, 52)- The only child of Bristow. A brilliant, but mad scientist of Robotics, Engineering, Inventor, and Pilot. He is obsessed with building his own empire, aspires for world conquest, and ridding of his arch nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog. He is currently the only male with his family's name, no partner, and no offspring.

Diordna Line-
A branch of the Robotnik Family

Issac Diordna(1954, 53)- The only son of Helena. He is a retired machine engineer, spending his twilight years in peace. He is married to Ann Silverite, and sired two children.

Mare Knight nee Diordna(1954, 53)- The only daughter of Helena. She is the CEO of Knightmoon, an pharmaceutical company. She is widowed and has no offspring.

Apollo Diordna(1979, 27)- The first son of Issac, he is a nano-technologist, working for GUN. He is currently engaged.

Helios Diordna(1982, 25)- The second son of Issac, a Pharmacist working for his aunt's company.


Edith Robotnik nee Breeze(1865-1944) Baldry's only wife, and the mother of Gerald. Died of natural causes.
Regina Robotnik nee Snivillus(1895-1925) Gerald's only wife and the mother of ignovis, Helena, and Bristow. Died from childbirth complications.
Margarita Robotnik nee Glass(1920-1956)Ignovis's only wife and mother of Maria. Died during the 1st Black Arms invasion.
Robert Diornda(1923-1990)Helena's only husband and the father of Issac and Mare. Died of natural causes.
Petunia Robotnik nee Egon(1922-2000) Bristow's only wife and mother of Ivo. Died of natural causes.
Terrance Knight(1945-2006) Mare's only husband, and former CEO of Knightmoon. Died during the Perfect Chaos attack in Station Square.
Ann Diordna nee Silverite(19451, 56)Issac's only wife and mother of Helios and Apollo.
Flora Evengreen(1983, 23)Apollo's fiance.

Other Relatives

Arthur Knight(1989, 18)The only child of Terrence Knight from his previous marriage, and Mare's stepson.
Albertus Silverite(1949, 58) Ann's elder brother, Captain of GUN's ocean fleet.
Ephraim Silverite(1976, 31) Albertus' only child, Owner of Twinkle Park near a large city.
Myrine Silverite nee Flammel(1975, 30) Ephraim's wife, vice president of Twinkle Park.
Candy Silverite(2000, 7) A mobian cat girl who is the adopted daughter of Ephraim and Myrine.
Poppy Egon(1922, 85) Ivo's elderly aunt, and Petunia's twin sister.
Laurel Linette nee Egon(1945, 62) Poppy's only child, born through genetic cloning.
Roland Linette(1944, 61) Laurel's husband, retired geneticist
Rosen Linette(1971, 36) Laurel and Roland only child, a medical doctor.
Wanda Linette(1971, 36) Wife of Rosen, a mobian Dove.
Mage Linnette(1996, 11) Rosen and Blaire's only child. He is a mobian child, a dove like his mother born through IVF.

Robotnik Family Tree
Index- Deceased members(Faded text) Living(Bold)

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The Cosmos
Deity Index
Light and Dark Gaia, Gods of Annihilation and Rebirth
Two deities creating during the Birth of the planet, placed in the center of Earth. They are fated in eternal conflict in a cycle of destruction and rebirth, until the end of time.

Chaos, God of Destruction
A creature constructed from energy and water, it is said that it was created from a Chao whom is exposed to a large amounts of Chaos Energy. It becomes stronger with each Chaos Emerald it absorbs, and having all 7 transforms it into a perfect deity that has tremendous power. Depending on whether it absorbs the positive or negative energy from the emeralds, it can either be a form of a savor or destructor. Chaos is also the patron deity of the Chao, also their guardian.

Mene, Silver Essence of the Moon
A deity created from the power of a Moonstone th at landed on Earth thousands of years ago, said stone is worshiped by the people who discovered it. Mene sleeps within the stone, awakening once every ten years to collect Moon Pearls, condensed forms of moonbeams to give the world its blessings before returning to the Moonstone to sleep.

Aurora, Crystal Essence of the Dawn
Not much is known about this deity since there is little information in the present day. All is know is that this deity was worshiped by the Killari Echidna tribe before their destruction. It represents the glory of the new dawn.

Iblis, The Eternal Flame
There is nothing much about this deity, murals depicts a god of eternal fire that came from the sun, it doesn't say if it is benevolent or the opposite. All that is known is that it is the God of fire, the symbol of strength.
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The Cosmos
World Powers

United Federation:
A republic government that occupies the majority of the continent of Atlanda and other nations. Its seat of power is located in Central City, where it is run by a president every 5 years.

Eudorian Kingdom Alliance:
An alliance of Eudorian monarchy nations, regardless if it’s human or mobian.

Vermillion Union:
An aristocracy in Ashia, made up of five noble houses that rule the union.

Robotnik/Eggman Empire:
A dictatorship that is ruled by Dr Robotnik who seeks to claim world domination under his regime. It has fallen on numerous occasions, only having very few successes.

Guardian Unit of Nations(G.U.N)- A military and law enforcement organization that serves the United Federation. It is operated under a Commander who is the leader of the entire organization.

Sword Force- The main military for the kingdom alliance. It is commanded by three superiors that run the entire military.

Pentagon Noble Military- The union military of the five nations that make up Ashia, under the command of five military leaders of their countries.

Continents and their Countries

United Lands of Atlanda
South Freeland
The Tropical Triangle
The Freedom Islands


Merdia Uru


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The Cosmos
Item Index

Rings: Magical rings made of a mysterious metal similar to gold. Within these rings are unique energy that energizes living things and machines, also used to sustain super forms. No one knows of where these objects come from, but they can be found all over the world, at any place.

Warp Rings: Giant rings that are gateways into special zones that offer great rewards. To access these portals, an offering of 50 rings are need to enter.

Chaos Drives: Capsule machines that contains crystallized chaos shards within, mostly used as energy cores for machines, but can be used for living things. They are mainly produced by GUN for their various robots.

Crystalized Chaos: Crystals that are made of pure chaos energy, can be formed naturally or artificiallay.

Moon Pearls: Condensed moonlight in the form of pearls, these precious objects takes ten years to form and are collected by Mene.

Relic Index
Master Emerald:
A massive green emerald with extrordenary power within and a wellspring of unlimited choas energy. It is the master of the 7 chaos emeralds, able to nullify and control the other emerald's powers, as well as empower them. No one knows where it came from, but is considered the most powerful relic on the planet.

7 Chaos Emeralds(Super Emeralds): Seven colorful emeralds that are tied to the Master Emerald. These gems contain extrordenary properties and abilities from it's near-limitless energy. When all seven are combined, they induce a super transformation to the user and control unimaginable power. When empowered by the Master Emerald, they grow into super emeralds. With this, they transform the user into hyper form.

6 Power Rings: 6 unique rings created by an ancient civilazation from an untold number of rings. These rings were used as power sources to help the ancient city thrive, but were lost to time as the ancient sank into the ocean.

Dark Rings: Syntheized rings created by Dr Robotnik. Born from the power of the 6 rings, they also act as power sources, but specifically made for Robotnik's robots to make them stronger. They can combine into one giant ring, and can be used for a power source.

7 Time Stones: 7 gemstones that has the power to control time, they are only found on the mysterious Little Big Planet.

7 Sol Emeralds: 7 emeralds that are the inter-dimensional conterpart of the Chaos Emeralds, only found in the Sol Dimension on it's version of Earth. Like the emeralds of Sonic's world, they hold vast amounts of power and abilities.

Crystal Aurora: A legendary crystal said to have been born of mystical aura. Nothing else is known of it since it had disappeared in ancient times.

Great Moonstone: A great piece of the moon that landed on earth years ago, containing the lunar diety, Mene.

Phantom Ruby: An interdimensional ruby that lives in between dimensions, randomly choosing one of many to appear before returning to the void. It hold vast amount of power that rivals even the Master Emerald, and is able to empower robots and living beings. It's main power is augmenting reality, creating, shape, and manipulate reality and also wrap space-time to create pocket dimesions such as the Null Void.

Phantom Ruby Prototypes: Synthetic copies of the Phantom Ruby created by Dr. Robotnik. They possess the same power as the original, but have more restrictions. All prototypes were destroyed during the Robotnik World War.

The Eye: A crystal like yellow orb, said to have been the eye of a great fire demon. The crystal eye is trapped forever in the Realm of Flames.

Anarcy Beryl: An amalgamation of the 7 Chaos Emeralds forced into one gemstone during an accident involving a great battle with Dr Robotnik. It still maintains it's properties and chaos abilities, but it has a symbiotic but corrupting influence on those who touch it, showing some sentience as well.

Dawn Key: A circular rune made of stone with incriptions on the disk. The translation decribes it being a key into another plane of existence where rays of the Aurora reigns supreme.
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The Cosmos
Lifeform Index

Human(Homo Sapians)
The most abundant sapient race on Earth, is very widespread, and bipedal with a complex brain. They are an advanced species, able to adapt to almost any environment and are diverse. They can coexist with other creatures like Mobians and Chao.

Mobian(Magnae Creatura)
An abundant race of anthropomorphic animals that live on Earth alongside humans, are capable of speech, and have a wide range of traits, species, and colors. Like humans, they are able to adapt to their environments, are advanced, and are sociable. However, Mobians have outstanding qualities that range from physical to magical abilities, such as super strength, flight, and super speed.

Small, magical creatures that are native to Earth. They are described as genderless creatures, having gelatinous bodies with no fingers or toes, round bodies and limbs, small wings, short tails, and floating dots on top of their heads. The Chao are oviparous, born from eggs and possessing baby-like tendencies. Within a year, they become adults and are able to reproduce. They have a life span of 10–15 years and will die, but they can reincarnate and begin a new life from a special Chao Cocoon. Reaching adulthood, they have a natural capability of flight, but they can gain other abilities by absorbing animals and crystal chaos to learn various things such as speed, strength, swimming, etc.

They have three aliment evolutions: Neutral, Hero, or Dark Chao. Depending on their fruit diet, treatment from their owners, and the animal they absorb, they become either of these aliments.

However, there is a special evolution called Chaos Evolution when a Chao is exposed to vast amounts of chaos energy overtime. They can still evolve depending on their alignment, but when the right conditions are met, they will evolve into deities known as Chaos. This final evolution is very rare, but very powerful and immortal.

Non-human lifeforms that are found all over the world. They make up a portion of the fauna of the world, and unlike Mobians, they are not anthropomorphic.

A subspecies of miniature non anthropomorphic animals that is able to show intelligence. Besides their intelligence and small size, they have very cute features such as big eyes and round bodies. Unlike mobians, they are still considered as animals, living in their wild habitats.

Black Arms
A hostile alien race that comes from a techno-organic comet, a hive-mind race led by their leader, Black Doom, It is unknown where they came from, other than living in the Black Comet that orbits Earth once every 50 years. They are a genderless race. All of them have black and red pigmentation with yellow or red eyes. They are incapable of speech, but it is theorized that they are able to communicate with each other through telepathy. It is unknown how they reproduce, but they start life as leech-like larvae before reaching adulthood. As adults, they come in various shapes and sizes for the purpose of battle and conquest. They are capable of using their own strength, but also use weaponry and other advanced technology to aid them in battle.

Black Doom, a powerful Black Arm who commands the hive-mind, is their leader. He is the most intelligent, able to communicate in human speech, and has a sinister desire to conquer planets such as Earth for his race to thrive. He has an avatar called Doom’s Eye, a starfish-like entity that is a reconnaissance device that only he uses to see and communicate with others. He is able to transform into a large creature called Devil Doom as a last resort.

Shadow the Hedgehog is a by-product created by Gerald Robotnik using hedgehog, chaos energy, and Black Arms material from the first invasion for his Ultimate Lifeform project. He has high resistance to the hivemind telepathy, refusing the leader’s orders as he has free will.

After the second invasion, the entire race is presumably extinct.

Sapient Alien creatures that hails from Planet Wisp. They are small life forms made from Hyper-Go-On. They have a similar appearance to squids, with a head with three tentacles and a number of eyes ranging from 1-3. They also come in different colors and shapes depending on the breed. Despite being sapient, they are unable to communicate with other beings without a translator. There is a sub-breed called Nega-Wisp, which are normal wisps that have been drained of their energy and mutated as a result. They become dark purple with no eyes and a sinister looking mouth, regressed into chaotic beings and animalistic, but are not evil. They are able to return to their normal selves by receiving Hyper-Go-On.

The progenitor of all Wisp is the Mother Wisp, a jellyfish-like being that is the largest Wisp on the planet and has lived for thousands of years.

Wisps have the ability to turn Hyper-Go-On within them into Color Power, and depending on the breed, they have distinct power. They phase into other lifeforms to share their power for a short amount of time.
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