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May 11, 2021
Important point: I do not deal in ERP/PWP. If your ENTIRE pitch is something sexual, skip me with it. I'm here to tell a story, not get you off/indulge your fetish.

Hi there! Still looking for some new plots. I come to you today with a unique premise. I want to hear what *you* want to do.

Have that plot that's been itching you forever? That specific idea for an OC to play against you just can't get anyone to take you up on? Let me make your day. That being said, I do have my preferences, too:

-I need drama and conflict. Come to me with a specified conflict in mind. Fantasy is my wheelhouse, but I'll do modern day stuff too.

-Despite what this ad may imply I am very capable of also driving the plot. Be ready for me to suggest my own ideas to go along with what you've said.

-No CEOs, billionaires, etc. No mental hospitals. Nothing that demeans someone else on the basis of who they are.

-It's okay to send me a character! But I generally prefer vague ideas than a full OC with a name already attached so I can sort of take on a life of its own.

-I don't demand rapidpost all the time but really do better with people that can volley responses at least occasionally if we're around at the same time that day.

-I want us both to be excited! So come to me with your very best idea and see how I like it!

-If it's hardcore fetish stuff (incest, noncon, etc) I am probably not interested.

I prefer LGBT ships but do MxF on occasion. I don't do FxF with men so if you're a man please don't ask me. This is nothing against men I just find that these plots are more realistically done and a lot more fun to write with other women.

I don't require constant attention, but I am looking for fairly frequent responses in the 2-3 paragraph range. When you DM me I'll send you a gdoc with a little more information about me as well as writing samples. Please have some of your own.

Do not hit me up if you are under 21. If you do not include a plot I will ignore your message. Looking forward to hearing from you!

My primary platform is discord. I am not looking for RP outside of discord at this time :)
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May 11, 2021
**I am NOT looking for:**
Simplistic, A-to-B plots
Characters that aren't developed, or who can't be developed
Once-a-week posts schedules
Novella posts all the time
Writers who go incognito for long periods without giving me a heads up
People under the age of **21.** If I get even a whiff you are underage, I will simply block you.
Minors in any capacity
Most fandoms (but if you have one send it to me anyway, I'm into some really niche stuff so you never know)
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