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NBx Any Dickgirl/Trap Seeking Beasts, Monsters, Aliens & All-Kinds of Knob-Gobbling Horrors!


Feb 10, 2015

Hello there, first off thank you for taking the time to click on and read this thread! I will do my best to make sure you understand what I am after in the intro so you can decide if you want to read the rest of the thread (it's a long one!)

So, what I am after is someone who likes the idea of playing lots of different monsters, aliens, horrors and generally the most non-human or even grotesque things an imagination can conjure, all of them with the sole objective of draining my character's cock dry. Things that no one in their right mind would want to be in the same room with much less have their sensitive cock inside of! Yet, perhaps they are perfectly evolved for the task, eventually making my character crave it even as it turns their stomach? The exact details we can discuss but that is the general gist of what I am after, so if you enjoy the idea of playing hordes of hideous creatures intent on draining a gorgeous cock, read on!

For myself, I prefer to play one character exploring whatever terrifying world we put together, I prefer to play the shemale variety of futa or even trappy femboys as well. While I will go into more detail about the kinds of character I can play further down in this thread in general I prefer to play any of the following. The novice explorer that is in over her head, perhaps even a student who just takes a wrong turn or maybe even the rookie soldier who gets more than they signed up for! They tend toward the quietly confident personality types, usually trained and physically fit though not experienced though I don't mind tweaking and adapting my character for your monsters within my limits of course!

If that has your hideous hordes salivating here are just a few things to consider before you drag my character off into the bushes to suck her into a catatonic state:
  • RP Methods: In order of preference for how we RP, I generally prefer slower mediums: PM's > Emails > Threads > Discord Server (If you don't mind a slower pace.)
  • Posting Rate: I am fairly relaxed on this, personally I can usually post 1-2 times a week with some certainty, it can be more or less at times.
  • RL Comes First: I know it is fairly obvious just doesn't hurt to say, if you are going to be busy for a while or a post gets delayed or such just let me know, I'm happy to wait!
  • Discussion & Set-Up: This is likely the most important point, if you PM me about this full of ideas, suggestions, questions etc I can fairly safely say we'll get along fine. Approaching me with the equivalent of "Hi, wanna RP?" will not endear you to me.
  • Slow Burn & Long-Term Plays Preferred: I have nothing against quick smutty plays perhaps if you want to see if our writing styles mesh before diving into something larger though I do massively prefer longer plays.
  • Smut to Story Ratio: I see this one thrown around a lot, I mean this is an erotic writing website so I am definitely after a fair old chunk of smut but story and context make the sexy times that much better to me. This one depends on the scenes and the context more so in short I have no hard and fast ratio or rule for this. Though this naturally lends itself to a more smut heavy style, I would like some story, some exploration etc to keep my character moving forward!
  • Detail: The more detail you give for me to work with, the more I can give in kind. Some posts will naturally be shorter than others though please don't be afraid to ask me to put more detail in. Thoughts, feelings, reactions, sensations, textures, tastes etc!
  • Please note this thread is currently a work in progress!
  • -Reserved for More-

Settings & Genre's

Before I get into some scenario openings (as I may not have one for every genre) I just figured it best to point out all the kinds of settings and genres I am willing to write within for this particular play. So, without further ado let me present your possible hunting grounds!
  • Fantasy (Both high and low): Whether it's something gritty like Conan or something more highly magical like Dungeon's and Dragons, fantasy is always a decent choice for my characters to roam about it.
  • Science Fiction: While I generally prefer more home-brew sci-fi settings over more established ones for this I am entirely open to most sci-fi settings so long as you think the idea fits what I am after!
  • Modern: There's just something about what is known being mixed in with the unknown, be it some kind of alien invasion or otherworldly cosmic horror approach this genre has become a firm favourite for my monster seeking plays!
  • Horror & Cosmic Horror: I put this separately as they can be applied to any of the above settings but I am very much interested in exploring the erotic horror angle of things, so don't be afraid to make me afraid!
Scenario Openings, Writing Samples & Other Ideas for Plays

None of these is set in stone, take them more as inspiration than the be-all and end-all. They are just examples of my writing and a possible opening for us to build upon, without further ado, the most twisted corners of my imagination!

The House (Modern)

The estate agent's picture scarcely even looked like what she could see atop the hill in the distance, lush green forest surrounding a pristine hilltop mansion was what she'd been promised by the rather shifty realtor. Her eyes showed anything but making her genuinely wonder if she had the right place at all though part of her could feel that it was letting out a sigh as she appraised her new home from a distance. The woods that ringed the place for nearly two miles had become wild, overgrown and almost intimidating looking. That was all topped off by the main building itself looking worse for wear, nearly a half dozen windows boarded up and what looked like a solid decade of wear and tear made her wonder how it hadn't been condemned and bulldozed.

Not like she had much of a choice, she'd fallen on hard times that would make a Greek tragedy look pleasant by comparison. Debts piling up and no one around to help her it had felt like her luck were finally changing when a letter arrived one day that changed everything. She'd been named in an uncle's will as the sole benefactor of his estate and fortunes, it was odd though hard to refuse so many 0's despite the conditions applied to it. A fact she was lamenting as the van she had bought bounced along the nature-cracked road toward her new home, she'd been given enough to get by that was true though she'd only see the rest of the vast fortune if she lived at the estate for one year and fixed it up before being able to sell if she chose. Though as her vehicle rattled to a stop in front of what remained of the iron gates, she felt she'd sorely underestimated how much effort it would take to pull off.

For the next few hours, she explored her new home, finding the interior to mostly being in better condition than the exterior if very old fashioned, as if her uncle had gotten stuck in some 1800's time warp. The master bedroom and the kitchen were in good condition which felt like it was something at least. The art gallery made even the summers day outside seem cold and distant, paintings of alien vistas and even more alien creatures lined each wall, statues of things she couldn't even begin to describe stood like pillars throughout the room, some even making her feel strange when she let her gaze linger upon them. With a shudder, she left the room, desperately seeking the warmth of the sunlight outside though it still felt oddly muted.

"Well, you were into some weird things uncle.... Hopefully someone will want to buy those... Heh, if this works out I can retire at twenty-five." She chuckled to herself as she began ferrying her belongings inside, opting to start the work to restore the once-grand estate the next day. The strange feeling had become more acute as the daylight faded and she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched despite knowing the place was so far off the grid it might as well have been in the moon. Chalking it up to nerves, anxiety even at the rapid shift her life had taken from a dead-end job and near homelessness to potentially a fortune because of a creepy uncle she'd only met a few times when she was younger.

As day turned to night, she ferried in as many of her belongings and supplies as she could manage before triple-checking every door and window was locked, being thankful they were heavy oak and iron-barded doors. She felt exhausted, more so than she expected as she chalked it up to just everything happening so quickly and changing so much in a short space of time as she yawned her way upstairs to the master bedroom. Whether it was the summer heat, her distance from civilisation or just a lack of remaining effort on her part she stripped off completely, her lithe and toned frame on display for none but herself. Her breasts had never been large, perky had been how she'd been described in the past, her flaccid shaft flopping from thigh to thigh as she crawled under the heavy sheets and fell asleep with worrying speed.

She hadn't noticed the painting of her uncle at the head of the bed, its gaze fixed upon her slumbering form until the surface of the painting contorted, pushing outward and stretching like melting latex. The head emerged, continuing to contort and swell to three times the size of a typical human head until it slipped from the painting, there were no limbs to speak of as it floated silently above her sleeping form, its eyes cold, black and alien as they appraised her. What little she knew about her uncle and his consorting with forces beyond human comprehension, how her uncle had turned the house into a series of doorways to other places, as with all doors they could let things in as well as out? Would she survive the erotic nightmare ahead or become one more missing person claimed by the hungering beings of the house?

The Game (Sci-Fi)

It didn't take much to land someone in the game, debt, crime or just annoying the wrong person could all see one stripped off all they were and carted off toward SX-069 the home of 'The Game'. For her, she'd broken the nose of the wrong person who thought they could get a cheeky feel of her ass, some trumped-up rich boy with a vindictive streak, the sting in her knuckles had barely faded before the butt of a rifle had been slammed into the back of her skull.

She wasn't sure how long she'd been unconscious, time became strange that way when your mind was shut off forcibly from the world though when she came to she already had a good idea where she was. A comfortable if a spartan room came into view as her senses began to function again and the all too ubiquitous logo of 'the game' emblazoned on the door and the grey jump-suit she'd been stuffed into. She blushed, knowing she'd have had to have been stripped as she grumbled under her breath about wanting to wring that little upstarts neck. The door hissed open, a blonde woman entering carrying a tray of needles as she sat on the chair next to the bed and pushed up her sleeve.

"You'll feel a slight pinch as I get you ready, please stay calm, I'll answer any questions you have." She said as if she'd done this a thousand times as she drew the first liquid into the syringe before it pierced into her skin. She already knew what to expect, everyone in the galaxy knew about 'The Game' it had sponsors, advertisers, the backing of nearly every government and then some, the corporation than ran it had the galaxy in the palm of their hand, knowing many would pay well to see the erotic horrors inflicted upon the contestants thrown into it.

"What are the shots for?" She asked as the second one began, the nurse looking almost too professional about the whole thing, it made her wonder how many she'd seen thrown into the games never to return, even as a mercenary she'd seldom seen that level of indifference. "Immuno-boosters, sensory enhancers, things to help you get as far as possible. The board make more money the further you get." She shuddered, she'd only watched a few moments here and there, glanced from holo-screens on the sides of buildings or playing in bars to know it was a perverse nightmare she'd be setting foot into. "And what do I get if I... Survive?"

"Criminal record wiped, enough money to retire in luxury and any three things in the galaxy you might want on top of that. The viewers will be deciding your fate by and large... Just be aware in the last year only four people have survived to reach their evacuation point. Good luck, you will need it." Before she could ask anything, the needle pinched her arm again and everything went dark. Her sense of balance re-asserted itself first as she stumbled out of the pod she'd been placed into, grey concrete walls surrounded her on all sides as a vast holographic display pointed toward an open weapons cabinet. "Contestant #99193 - Choose your weapon!"

A vicious-looking axe forged from black and green metal lay on the right, a more familiar shotgun and several belts of spare shells lay on the left as a loud buzz filled the air and a timer started at 60-seconds. She grabbed the shotgun, pulling back the slide to check if it was loaded properly as she knew what was happening. The audience was deciding what kind of nightmare to throw her into first likely after hearing some embellished background of her life as a mercenary, likely coloured and spun by whoever had sent her there, to begin with, would she survive, would she stumble at the first hurdle and give in to the inhuman pleasures that lay ahead? She'd heard all the rumours, genetically-engineered creatures, alien horrors plucked from nightmare worlds and who could say what else as the timer hit zero and the door slid open. Humid air engulfing her senses, soil, leaves and something muskier filled her nostrils as she stepped out into the light gun levelled ahead of her. Knowing there were a few hundred trillion, eager to see the jump-suit torn from her and her body ravished only made her more determined to escape. She knew if she reached the end of one area, she'd get a reward, supplies and more to prepare her for the next.

Would she have to make it through ten areas, a hundred, more? She knew it'd be based solely on the ratings and money she generated from those eagerly salivating over her fate.

My Characters

Keep in mind these are just the characters I had when visualising each of the above scenario prompts, I can happily make another character or tweak one of these to your liking so don't be afraid to ask. So, without further ado!

The New House Owner
  • Name: Allison Stone
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Shemale
  • Eyes: Pale Green.
  • Complexion: Pale with freckles on her face and cheeks.
  • Hair Colour: Ginger, shoulder-length held in a simple ponytail.
  • Physique/Build: Fit, athletic, slight muscle tone but not excessive. Stands at 5' 2".
  • Body Hair: None save for a light fuzz of neatly trimmed pubic hair.
  • Personality: Quietly confident, not prone to fits of ego. Doesn't believe in the supernatural or aliens, not religious.
  • Notable Abilities: Writer, artist, good at building things with her hands.
  • Sexual Details: Cock only about six inches when hard. Modest B-cup breasts with pink perky nipples.

The Mercenary
  • Name: Lexi Crowley
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Shemale
  • Eyes: Ocean Blue
  • Complexion: Tanned.
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown, short.
  • Physique: Lithe and muscular, leaning more toward agility than strength. Stands at 5' 7".
  • Body Hair: None.
  • Personality: Generally sure of herself, steady in combat situations,
  • Notable Abilities: Former Marine Infantry, little actual combat experience. Trained in the use of most firearms and modestly skilled in hand-to-hand. High intelligence.
  • Sexual Details: Cut, 8.5 inches long when fully hard, bulbous tip, C-cup breasts.

The Monstrous, Alien and Inhuman Hordes (The Things You Will Be Playing!)

Take these as rough ideas to give you some clue as to the kinds of monsters and creatures I have in mind for this, the more creative you are the more I will love it! Now you don't have to spoil all the mystery if you don't wish to before we start but one or two examples of what you have in mind in the initial PM would be greatly appreciated. The sky is very much the limit! So without further ado:

  • Tentacle Monsters: The almost infamous shambling mass of tentacles. Tentacles of various shapes sizes and functions. Can also be of various sizes from the size of houses down to the size of an apple that just happens to find itself into an adventurers panties in her pack and makes itself known when she puts them on.
  • Slugs, Snails, Leeches, Worms, Annelids: From vast swarms of small or regular sized ones to giant ones the side of dogs or cows for example.
  • Squid, Octopi, Cephalopods: Similar to tentacle monsters in a way, though a potentially greater variety of abilities and physical traits to play with, mouths and such.
  • Giant Toads, Frogs, Snakes: The tongues alone make them a tempting inclusion but don't feel restricted to that.
  • Predatory Plants: Pitcher Plants, venus fly traps or 'hungrier' variants of regular plants.
  • Invisible, Non-Corporeal Beings, Ghosts, Poltergeists etc: It's hard to concentrate on what that king is saying when something you can't see starts manipulating your cock in a variety of ways. Better not cum!
  • Possessed Inanimate Objects: A rug that moves? What about a set of underwear that is more alive than most people would enjoy? Just an idea!
  • Fungal Plants or Other Darkness Dwelling Fauna: Similar to predatory plants above only focused on plants and beings that aren't known to dwell in the sunlight.
  • Ancient Horrors, Eldritch Beings or Lovecraft Mythos Beings: If that elder god wants you to cum, there's little a mere mortal can do to resist it or is there?
  • Hideous Alien Creatures: Pretty much anything that falls into the realms of some kind of slimy, drooling, almost indescribable alien horror is fair game so long as you describe it to me first!
  • Mutated Humans: To clarify I would accept things that look mostly human externally but are in no way human internally. Two four-foot-long tongues? Mutations with the sole purpose of inflicting maximum pleasure beyond anything? Sure!
  • Mutated Usually Harmless Animals: Much like the mutated human's angle, corrupted or twisted animals are also an option or just ones being controlled by some other entity. A dog that just won't stop licking that crotch? Go for it!
  • Have an idea for a hideous cock milker that isn't in this list but you think should be? Then just suggest it nothing is more fun than hearing an idea that sounds awesome that I didn't think of!
Kinks and Possible Erotic Scenes (And the Do Not's!)

I have an f-list set-up for this kind of roleplay but I will add some additional ones below it for other things I would love to see included and to give you more options: F-List - Please Read This! Obviously very NSFW.

Now take these as guidelines, don't be afraid to ask questions or for clarification, anything you are not comfortable with can easily be left out so, don't feel like you have to tick every box!

  • Receiving Fellatio: My -only- mandatory kink if your monstrous hordes don't have a taste for cock well that will put a damper on things!
  • Edging/Orgasm Control: Taking someone to the very edge of orgasm over and over again without letting them cum to ensure when they do eventually it's a far more intense climax.
  • Multiple Orgasms/Milking: Self-explanatory but often ignored, why stop at one, everyone knows a cock gets more sensitive after the first orgasm so drain it dry no matter how much she protests.
  • Non-Humanoid Monsters/Aliens: If I were after human encounters it'd be in the title, so unleash your slimy hordes upon me, I dare you!
  • Detailed Posts: How is this a kink you might ask? Nothing gives me goosebumps more than a well written detailed post describing textures, sounds, sights, smells as well as actions and reactions. Paint me a mind picture with your word brushes! ;)
  • Cock/Balls Worship: This may not apply to every monster, encounter or situation but take your time with that amazing set of organs!
  • Monster Intelligence: Everything from feral/bestial instinct-driven creatures to human-style sentience and all the way up to vast and unknowable alien intelligence's!
  • Non-Consensual: Non-con to me would be the monster in question dragging my character off forcibly and getting what they want from her.
  • Sweat, Dirt, Getting Messy: These things just happen on adventures also provides another layer of detail as well as potential bathing scenes or just a layer of immersion and persistence to events.
  • Injuries as Plot Devices: Wouldn't be much of an erotic horror without some injuries or wounds for dramatic effect.
  • Receiving Anal Sex: Be it rough butt-fucking or slow and sensual lovemaking it's something I enjoy!
  • Rimming: This to me is almost an extension of oral sex, I'll keep it clean so don't worry so feel free to explore!
  • Post-Orgasm Torture/Sexual Exhaustion: A penis only gets more sensitive with an orgasm so why stop at one, your monster could milk her utterly dry and then even keep going until she is dry cumming?
  • Multi-Post Detailed Orgasms: Always a big plus to put a climax over a few posts rather than cramming it into one!
  • Eventual Forced Nudity: Every rip and tear, losing her boots in a mire, tearing her shirt open on an inconsiderate branch, her thong getting tangled up in some vines as she crawls through a hole to escape some hideous horror.
  • Urethral Play/Living Insertions/Oviposition: A tentacle working its way into a cock directly maybe even down to her balls or prostate to feed. Maybe something pushes into her in ways that leave her begging for mercy?
  • Being Hunted & Ambushes: Falling into a creatures evil clutches via devious means can only be a good thing... For your creature!
  • Mystery, Alien Motives: Do they need her cum for some special ritual? Do they feed off the energy of her orgasm or do they just enjoy a nice cock? Keep it mysterious.
  • Tension, Build-up, Suspense: There is something special about a slow build-up and I definitely appreciate not launching straight into the sex.
  • The Threat of Bad Ends: Any genuine bad ends should be discussed first but the threat of a bad end is fine for tension and story purposes!
  • Mind-Break: Pleasure and horror so intense it causes the mind to shatter leaving her in a dazed stupor for a while until she recovers.

The Big No's

Under no circumstances ask for these things:
  • Scat, Vomit, Watersports: Just... Yucky... No thank you!
  • Dismembering My Character: Wounds and such for the plot, yes but ripping her limbs off or worse is a no.
  • Transformation of my Character: I will accept minor things such as being made more sensitive, made to cum harder or more often but otherwise transformation of my character is strictly off-limits.
  • Asking me to play a futa or herm character: Sorry, this does nothing for me, cock, balls and ass only (And breasts if shemale.)
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