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Nudist Rogue seeking GM for D&D, Star Wars Saga or Shadowrun


Apr 7, 2017
I'd like to play a nudist rogue-ish girl in a one-on-one discord game, and I'm looking for a GM. I'm interested in an actual game with dice rolls - D&D, Star Wars Saga or Shadowrun, which we'll play on discord through text chat with dice bots about 1~2 times a week (RP sessions could last 3~5 hours?).
I enjoy story and heavy smut in equal measures, and while I don't mind non-con or a gang bang on occasion, I'm really not interested in experiencing the "Plucky heroine fights monsters, loses and is gang raped" trope.

I want a game where the male NPCs frequently harass me and grope my nude body, but they're testing their luck to see how much they can get away with (i.e. they don't instantly rape me). I enjoy RPing as a manipulative seductress that's able to decide who gets to penetrate me rather than have a GM decide it for me. Common situations where I might end up in an erotic scene could include:
  • I want a favor or information from an NPC, so I let him have his way with me.
  • A male NPC keeps harassing and/or groping me constantly until I get annoyed and just let him penetrate me.
  • I deceive some guards that I'm a barmaid/stripper/concubine who belongs in the manor they guard, and end up being passed around by horny men.
  • I try to fit in with a tribe of primitive creatures (goblins, kobolds, gnolls, kuo-toa, lizardfolk, ogres, etc), which means respecting their customs of impregnating girls like me.
I'm hoping for a game with as much social encounters as combat ones, where I try to solve things the rogue way. A city-based game where the GM improvises with me and I'm not "on rails", and I get to decide who I work for, who I talk to and what plots I get involved in. I'll probably try to mostly work with criminals and primitive creatures.

Here's my D&D character backstory, along with NSFW art:

Blackport is a haven city for pirates and bandits. Criminals on the run and escaped prisoners can find shelter in Blackport, where they live free from the rule of law. The city is divided into gangs and is ruled by a thieves guild. The gangs are constantly engaged in cold war with each other, and sometimes their cold war heats up. Since nearly everyone in Blackport is a bandit they're all poor and often steal each others' scraps. To improve it's commerce Blackport trades with a few humanoid tribes. Due to that, although most of Blackport's population are human there's a few goblins, kobolds, ogres and kuo-toas working in the city.
Women have it rough in Blackport. Originally the only women who lived in the city were slaves that were taken captive in raids by the gangs. The thieves guild went as far as pass a law that no woman in the city is allowed to wear clothes. But over time gang members had children with their slaves - They now had daughters. The daughters of Blackport are free women. There's a code between the gangs that Blackport daughters shouldn't be assaulted, since no crook would like the same to happen to their own daughter.
The Blackport daughters are still required to live naked, by law. They usually find work as serving wenches in taverns, nude pit fighters, table dancers or cleaning women. Despite the gangs' agreement not to assault them the Blackport daughters are often catcalled, groped and harassed. Most of the men in the city would have their way with them if they could, though they know they need to be careful about it.

Here's my Star Wars character backstory, along with NSFW art:

Liu-Li was a promising Twi'lek Jedi Padawan in the new Jedi Temple started by Luke Skywalker. When the temple fell she suddenly found herself a fugitive, hunted by the Knights of Ren. She escaped to a crime infested planet and negotiated a deal with a gang consisting of Trandoshans, Rodians and Gamorreans: She'll work for the gang as a courier, bodyguard and spy while masquerading as their pleasure slave. Liu-Li pretended to be a pleasure slave for more than a year now. She's always naked and wears a metal slave collar around her neck while she performs errands for the gang. Even though they're afraid of her the alien gang members always try to trick her, attempting to convince her to let them fuck her in public locations in front of strangers, claiming that eventually her cover will be blown if she won't act like the pleasure slave she pretends to be. Liu managed to resist their trickery... For now.

And here's my Shadowrun character backstory, along with a NSFW image:

"Doll" barely remembers her old life. Born into the EVO megacorp, she was trained to join a squad of mage assassins. At the age of 18 she took her final deployment test... And failed. Her combat magic wasn't strong enough. Like other trainees that didn't make the cut she was disposed of. She wasn't executed, instead her instructors burned her SIN, fried her brain with magic, stripped her naked and dumped her in the slums.

Doll's mind was nearly completely erased. EVO's magic scrambled her brain to believe that she's an animal, a street dog. For a year she lived like a dog, crawling on all fours naked through back alleys. She slept on trash piles and hunted rats to eat. Homeless men and stray dogs tried to mount her a few times but didn't succeed (yet).

When Doll was dumped in the slums a raven spirit started following her. The trickster spirit was entertained by watching a once prideful elf believing herself to be a dog. A few months later it occurred to the raven that Doll is quite malleable, so he took her as a student. He helped her recover a fragment of her memories, just enough to remember how to talk, walk on two legs and function in human society. Then he taught her magic. As it turns out Doll is far more skilled in manipulation magic than combat magic.

With her mind partially restored the naked Doll entered a diner and asked it's Ork owner for work. The Ork hired her as a waitress under the condition that she'll work as naked as he found her. Doll rented an apartment in the slums and now works as a part time nude waitress. She follows the gossip in the slums closely, looking for opportunities to be hired by criminals for small-time Shadowrunner jobs.

Lastly, my kinks list.

Kinks I'm really into:
Public sex in front of others
Slapping, smacking
Low-life humans/criminals
Ugly or old men
Monsters (Primal/savage ones, not cartoon ones like slimes or plants)

Kinks I'm open to:
Beasts (Dogs, wolves, rats, spiders, tigers, giant lizards, etc)
Impregnation by beasts/Oviposition
Being drooled on

Kinks that bore me to death:
Receiving oral
Pampered/Rich/Polite men
Sex toys/devices
F/F relationships
Body Oils
Too frequent anal

Possessive lovers
Foot stuff
Anime/cartoon type furries

I'm usually available from 3 p.m. GMT to 3 a.m. GMT. I can be contacted through a PM. Thank you for reading. :)
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