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Fx Male F LF M for Long Term Play


May 11, 2020
Texas, though almost not.
Original title, of course! But at least it says what I am wanting, right!? And I figured it was time to do a bit of an update to this request thread.

Anyways! I'm Cyria and this is my thread requesting some RP action. I'd like to start with a little about me though, as I think it's important to get some sort of connection, especially when seeking long-term roleplay. And please excuse any grammar or spelling errors, I try to fix them all but sometimes they sneak past me.

I've been roleplaying off and on for about 15 years now and started with old MMO's and Dungeons and Dragons, some Wizards of the Coast stuff too. I fondly remember the difficulty of the Ruins of Myth Drannor game on the PC many, many years ago. From there it just led into Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, the MMO briefly. City of Heroes and Villains, WoW that I still partake in from time to time as it's like a drug I just can't kick. ( LOL ) I tried Conan but couldn't get into it, RP'd in Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint, as well as Division 1 and 2. So needless to say I've RP'd in many different settings! My favorite of all time though is Warhammer, that's the setting that truly got me hooked, 40K and fantasy. My WoW dorf is heavily inspired by Warhammer dwarves, and if anyone plays WrA let me know!

Beyond that, I am looking for a long-term roleplay! Everything from a slice of life, to fantasy, medieval, sci-fi, and beyond! I would rather create our own worlds and things but can be talked into doing already created ones if we make our own characters for the setting. I just don't like playing canon characters myself. As for the girls I like to play? I prefer to use real face claims, but still describe them and whatnot, just use the pics as inspiration and all. I'll be adding some below overtime just to get a feel, but for now, I'll leave it blank.

Anyways! Reach out to me here, I prefer the RP to stay here on the forums at least until we get to know one another and stuff. Then I can maybe do discord, but I really prefer it here instead.

More of a smutty plot idea, with less story than anything else at this point. Open to stories though so if one evolves out of it all then I am all for it!

Kinks to start? Large cocks, but still believable, lots of cum, giving oral, can take anal, vaginal, tit play. Age play is fine, same with incest and things of that sort. Impregnation and risky sex is fine too.

My no list? Nothing nasty like bathroom play, vomit, beating, torture, BDSM, Dom/Sub is sorta boring now.

Plot ideas?

Open to using any of the linked women below in any of the RP ideas.

Hogwarts? Age appropriate student with other students, professors, anyone really!

Babysitter: The typical horny, teenage (Nothing under site rules of 15 for the male, please.) boy starting to manage puberty. And it doesn't help that his babysitter is just so good looking as well! Would use someone college aged for this, or a little older. And I would definitely want it more consensual, don't like non-con pairings. Can see the roles with this one...
Nerdy Male x Babysitter
Jock Type x Babysitter
Anything else x Babysitter (lol)

Sexy Girl Next Door: Sorta the same as above, except instead of the woman being the babysitter it's just a really hot woman living next door. She can be single, married, or otherwise taken. For a younger version I'd love to use Sommer Ray, and for an older version? Probably someone like Kelly Brook. Roles for this one?
Married man next door x MC
Teenager x MC
Stranger x MC
Daughters BF x MC

For a night..
Admittedly probably the shortest term idea of all these, depending on how it works out. Aimed at more the girl (MC) being a working girl and hired, or working as a stripper type with the different guys that pay for her time throughout the roleplay. This also can be more work for the male in the situation, as the idea is geared towards her opposite different males at different times. But if interested in the idea, please still let me know!

Fantasy Worlds! Hit me up with ideas, there are just so many.

Sci-fi! Same as above, lets make our own?

Settings I like?
Post - Apocalypse
Others will be added as I go...

The current face claim that I'd love to use? (Assume they are NSFW)

Sofia! And another!

Will add more as I go! This is where I'm at right now though. :)
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