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Dark Cravings


Vicious Dreamer
Mar 23, 2021
*Still on the hunt for Loki pairings!
I'm a little obsessed...

Hello all-

I'm in search of partners who can help quell my fangirl desires (mainly Loki for now, unless you know how to play a good Levi ) I have a problem with fantasizing and hope to make friends who can take part in the fun. I mainly only play OC characters, all of which are female since I only do M x F. If you rather not play my requested character then I will have a list of pairings/plots that I'm also interested in.

I've been roleplaying for over ten years but I do not consider myself advanced, I like to be relaxed without worrying about poetic lines and words that I need to dig through a thesaurus for. As of now I'm focused on stories ranging from 2 - 4 paragraphs per post, I also tend to match my partner.. It all depends how much you give me to work with. If you are dyslexic or nervous about writing please don't worry about it, my best friend is dyselexic and we've been keeping stories and characters alive since 2010. I'm not here to grade you! Just make sure I understand what's happening ;)

I love love, I need that dark romance that keeps the blood boiling. I like to stretch things out, start with heavy teasing and flirting before slowly advancing to the sexy stuff over a matter of days, weeks, or even months. This is unless we agree on a oneshot, then we'll get to the dirty grind of things.

Don't ask me for slice of life. I will ignore you if you ask, because that clearly means you didn't care to read this.

I like to play bratty girls, crazy girls, and innocent girls who are ripe for corruption. My face claims are mostly digital art, I might take suggestions but please nothing overboard. I do not play ladies who have impossible anatomy, things need to be real for me. Large boobs? Sure, but nothing that makes my spine hurt just thinking about it.

I love playing a lady who wants to fight for dominance unless we're going for the innocent corruption route. I love kinks that are in the heat of the moment - grinding, dirty talk, orgasm control, everything that builds up that anticipation.

Any other questions? PM me~


LOKI !!!!
- Loki x Heroine, can be short term or long term

- Loki succeeds in ruling humanity and makes a slave out of the heroine (OC) who tried to stop him.

- Mistreya is a sorceress visiting Asgard and is the reason why Loki is imprisoned, he threatens that he will get her one day. After she goes to Earth he escapes and ends up following after to capture her, planning on using her power to destroy her world city by city. I do want this turning into romance, maybe he starts to calm down and make peace with her...


Other pairings I'm interested in:
(I will always be the second)

Canine Anthro X Human Woman (oneshot?)
- What do canine tongues feel like?

Dark King/Prince x Maid
- She's a little klutz and he intends to keep an eye on her... Wanting a scene where he catches her playing with herself

Vampire x Hunter
- They've always been at eachothers throats, and once she's finally near death he can't stand to lose her. Will be violent and dark

Hunter x Witch
- He's obsessed, thinking that she cursed him to want her. Little by little he captures each of her fellow witches to do with that as he pleases, but she is his main goal

---Suggest a pairing for a nice dirty one shot, I can be picky but I don't mind getting ideas..
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