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City Of Submission


Nov 27, 2016
This city fuctions under it's own laws and systems..
If your a woman here you have no rights, once you pass the age of 15 you must choose between two options.
Free - This live path is less limiting however it does with it's pros and cons. You can hold down a job, however you never make as much as men and you'll never hold a postion of any real power in any company. You can own property, meaning you van buy a house however you are only limited to one and you can't own a business or be self employed. You are free to wander around the city going whereever you want whenever you like not falling under any kind of curfew. You can have boyfriends but never marry, you aren't allowed to have children of your own. Now there's one major con attached to this life choice and while it's pretty simple it is by no means convenient. As you wander around the city, ether gointg to work, to the store or anywhere really if anyone flags you down with a request you must meet there request not matter how demeaning, how humiliating or even painful. Failure to this can place you under arrest and you'll have to serve jail time and pay a very large fee, furthermore the person who's request was denied is allowed to come and visit so his previous request can be fulfilled if even by force with you restrained. These requests can range from anything to simple work, maybe just spending time with someone or the more likely sexual. You can be approached anywhere, any time of the day and any place. These requests must be made by a man however as women aren't allowed to make requests. If you try ro leave during this period someone will be sent out to find you and bring you back, you will be held for a certain point at the local jail away from everyone else so you can relfect on what you've done and how you do better in the future.

Slave - In this life path you sign a contract with a man that is assigned to you and he becomes your master, You'll move into his house. you'll do must of the house work like cooking, cleaning, his laundry etc. This path is met with many different restrictions. You can only leave the house if your master permits it, when you leave the house you must have papperwork with his signature giving his consent and permission. You can't be out of the house at a certian time 9pm - 7am - You cannot date anyone outside of your master, have sexual intercourse with anyone outside of your master and furthermore you must have children with your master down the road at some point. You must plesase your master whenever he requests for you to so and this means mostly sexual but also in other way's he sees fit. You cannot have a job as your main focus will be on your master. You may visit your family if your master gives his permission, this means parents, sisters, brothers etc. If you try and leave during this period or any period someone will be sent to track you down and bring you back. Upon doing this you will be held at the local jail for a certain amount of time so you can think about what you've down as well as face a harsh punishment up to 50 lashes across the back with a belt or whip.
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