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A Modern Day Harem


May 18, 2010
Hey there... I’m checking interest in this idea...

Travis Stewart was a self-made millionaire. He owned a very successful company that sold consumer electronics to various businesses. That and due to some great investments, he was able to make a lot of money. He was able to retire early. There was one thing he always wanted... A harem of wives. So, he set about building a home in the forest, for him and his wives. It looked like a large three story log cabin in the woods.

Then he sent out a press release to every newspaper, TV station and News website it read...

"Wanted: A Modern Day Harem:

Travis Stewart, wealthy multi-millionaire, is looking for woman who are willing to join his harem of wives. Must be willing to cook, clean and be the mother of his children. Please send pictures and clothing measurements to the following email" Then his email was included.

He was overwhelmed by the response and after much consideration and a lengthy interview process and background checks. He chose the five women he wanted for his Harem.

I would play Travis. I’m looking for people to play the wives
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