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「 persona 3 trash 」
Jan 3, 2019
quest 001 ▪▪▪ mate's bond (futa x f)
A world where everything depends on the bonds brought down by fate. By the magnetic pull, you soon meet your mate, who just so happened to be your roommate. But what they didn't know is that you're a futanari.
quest 002 ▪▪▪ incest wincest (futa x f or m x f)
You always thought that forbidden romance is too cliché until you ended up pining for your sister. Your close friends knew of this and always made fun of the irony until they decided to help you with your pining problem by trapping you with your sister on the pretense of a dare.
quest 003 ▪▪▪ clash of good and evil (m x f)
You are a renowned villain in the town who has always done bad deeds everyday. With every evil plan, you would always be beaten by the best heroine. Soon, you got fed up by this routine and decided to think of a way to make the heroine submit to you.
quest 004 ▪▪▪ can i order a sex android? (any x any )
Your horny self decided to order a sex android as joke and maybe see what it does. Said android boots up and you are in for a surprise. The sex, five stars. Aftercare, lovely. Another five stars. Everyday conversations? Very engaging. You enjoy it to the point that you don't really engage in human communication anymore.
quest 005 ▪▪▪ polar opposites ( any x any)
Muse A is the type that is very chill and relaxed. Academics is average, a few friends and a loving family. They rarely panic and never once had anyone hear them shout. Then there's Muse B who is always an anxious mess and always on high alert. His academics are high but his family always puts expectations after expectations on their shoulders. Funny thing is that they're childhood friends and they always did things together and impacted each other's life. Then college came and they decided to live together to be independent from their parents.​

quest 006 ▪▪▪ online dating sites are horrid ( m x f )
warning: obsessive behavior, dark themes
You made the worst choice in history by registering in an online dating site which actually helps obsessive people find their 'darlings'. You soon accepted a guy who seems wholesome enough but soon strange things happened like some stuff goes missing, friends randomly avoiding you and more unusual things. Well, little did you know that all of those are connected to the guy you were talking to.
quest 007 ▪▪▪ fandoms ( any x any )
Preferred fandoms : Danganronpa, Persona 3, Your Turn to Die
Meh fandoms : Persona 5, Bang Dream, Hetalia, Shuuen no Shiori
quest 008 ▪▪▪
quest 009 ▪▪▪
quest 010 ▪▪▪

( will update this when I can think of more storyline. )​
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