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Sunnyd's request thread. Updated 1/21/21


Dec 22, 2018
Welcome to sunnyd's request thread. I will keep this simple, in fact I'll keep this entire thing simple. Of course I'm looking to find a good partner, for more of a long term Roleplay. If you are looking for a quick and short RP, I'm sorry that's not for me. I have been Role-playing for about 3 years, learned alot since then, but I still find myself making simple mistakes, it happens, just know it happens. I generally crave the more smuty side of things, know that doesn't mean there won't be plot, there definitely will be. The rest be reason for characters to be where they are and have to be plausible I have to give a percentage, but because it's a popular thing around here,. I would say 75%\25% smut to plot.

1. I can write in both first and third person, but I generally go for third person as my main. HOWEVER, I do understand that some stories are better suited in first, or that the other partner my prefer a certain one. If that is the case however, please let me know off hand and I will have no problem complying.

2. I do prefer 2-3 paragraphs per reply, I can generally go anywhere from 1-4, but anything longer or shorter I lose interest. I prefer to just go with what the story requires, quantity or quality. As they say.

3 I know my grammar, is off from time to time, I find myself not proofreading, but I will try to do my best, just let me know, If grammar is a big deal, and I'll make sure to do my best.

I only have one rule, that rule is, put some effort into your first message. I'm tired of reading the same intro. 'hi I'm looking to Roleplay' just include your kinks, what caught your eye. That's all I ask.

-public Humiliation
-Pet play
-rough. Hair pulling, chocking etc..


-Father x daughter
-Mother x son
-Brother x sister
- cop x burglar
- prison inmate × guard
- doctor x patient
- boss x assistant
- female boss x male assistant
- teacher x student
- hitchhiker x trucker


"The unlucky train ride"
YC got onto a train, heading to work, not paying attention to much to her surroundings. There were no seats available, so she had to stand in the back. While not paying attention, a man sneaks up behind her, shoving his hand, under her skirt, began to fingering her. -I would like this one to involve public Humiliation, Rape, possible gangbang? Maybe he's a coworker, and follows her to work, and with a couple buddies, he Rapes her in her office?

'The therapist'
This is a rough idea that I had, to bare with me. YC for some reason has decided she needed a therapist. (Relationship problems, Court ordered, mentally unstable? What have you?) As a normal therapy session goes, she talks, MC listens, giving her advice on how to improve her situation. This goes on as normal, for a few weeks or so? Until she slips up and says something she shouldn't. Maybe she's cheating on her husband? Or she has done something she shouldn't? Whatever it might be, the therapist insurers her everything is confidential, but she might have to do something if he really wants her to keep his secret? I Know, simple blackmail idea, but I just had this craving. Let me know if your interested.
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