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Does writing smut ever feel like a forced chore?


setting fires to your heart
May 14, 2019
Arcadia Bay
Like you're really enjoying the roleplay, the world-building, the other person's character and their personality, the adventure you're going on, even the OOC. But you know it's coming. A character is going to get horny. And you're going to have to break away from plotting and actual story telling to get their jimmies jammed, and that can be a couple pages worth of content, and by the time you're done all your energy for the parts of the rp that actually interest you is gone. And you realize the soul sucking truth. You're not bad at writing smut, you just don't like doing it because it breaks things apart frequently and there's no way around it on a site like this.
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Aug 27, 2019
Shanghai, China
Yes. Exactly what you described. Sometimes.

I just finally finished up with a new partner who spent 5 posts inside MC, mostly “shifting angle”. MC was restrained, so I mostly just struggled to not repeat nouns and adjs too often.

There are times when the smut has started too fast, even if it makes sense. Those are the times I don't enjoy it. I don't care about why my character is getting fucked, yet. Though, that's not universal for fast smut. Recently, a story that started with smut wrapped the first scene, and it was so well done, it bred investment (among other things). There will be a lot of story before the second round.

But, yeah. Smut can turn grueling if the character investment isn't there yet, for me.

Trussed Maiden

Oct 5, 2020
It's really about the muse, and the inspiration. Sometimes for little good reason I can lack either when it's time to write the smut, or even the content in general. At that point it can be more of an obligation to reply in the hopes of finding better, or the winded effort to get through 'the fun' with or without the promise of a more inspired time.

Hear hear on the paragraph of the above - for me, a kinky show from the start can give something pleasant to read and reflect on as 'investment' for the roleplay, and that buzz can help carry out a story even in places where the above might partially apply. It's really down to investment in the moment; I feel the smut can often be as reflecting and immersing of character as the story that's supposed to be the mainstay as well.

Forbidden Fruit

Best Girl
Jun 21, 2012
Some people think reiterating the same action multiple times is indicative of their sexual stamina.

.. Or maybe they're waiting for the other character to cum first.

Personally my smut scenes never last more than 2-3 exchanges where each and every post introduces something new to the scene. I like rapid story progression so dedicating twenty exchanges to trying out multiple sex positions and looking up synonyms doesn't work for me. With how short I make these scenes they never become repetitive or chore-like, and I never have them too frequently in a story. I happen to enjoy writing smut as well so it works out for me. It becomes something to work towards rather than a task I need to carry on. Not only that but my stories are almost exclusively short term so there is less room for stale repetitiveness.

Also, plenty of people here seek non-smut RPs or RPs with 90-10 story-smut ratio. Its certainly a smaller demographic but you could try your hand at finding someone like-minded. Writing should be fun first and foremost so if it any point it feels like a chore, I recommend you try to change things because its not worth it at that point.


A Chaotic Lunatic
Nov 29, 2017
Finding my Paddle
It is true, one can only come up with so many ways to describe how one pounds one thing into another or how one thing gushes in or onto something else. Which is why I enjoy the wonderful art of banter, dirty talk, and just in general talking in bed. I find long smut scenes are great when you focus more on the thoughts and words of the participants rather than the actions. It progresses character development, relationship development, and even plot development in many cases. When characters stop talking/thinking is when I find a smut scene is ready to end or about ready to end.
To some degree I view smut scenes like fight scenes, both are entertaining and fun to write but the action is not the centerpiece. You can describe pages worth of actions, but inner monologue and dialogue means so much more. And in the case of smut scenes can be much sexier than just the actions.

As for smut too fast. I'm of the opinion that its good to have a smut scene early on in the rp, no more than a week, real time, into starting it really on average. I see it as a good chemistry/compatibility test between rp partners. As like most things in writing (and possibly better than most other types of scenes), it reveals a lot about someone's writing style, their ability to cooperate, how considerate they are, and their ability to follow the flow of writing.
Smut in writing, much like sex in real life, lays you bare to your partner so you can see each other. So as a cooperative writer, which is ultimately what rping is in this format, I find the Smut as an invaluable tool in my toolbox.
That and honestly, I love my smut. Not gonna deny that part.


A Total Mess Of A Man
Sep 29, 2016
Maine, USA
I feel like it becomes a true chore when it derails things too frequently or it feels...inorganic. Then it feels like a slog to get through that moment of smut to get back to what was engaging and hope that the next time smuttiness happens it's better timed. I've had scenes where the sex happens WAY too soon, like before the characters even have any real chemistry yet and would fly in the face of how my character would handle that situation. If my character is more promiscuous then, sure I suppose it isn't that big an issue. However if we've established my character is more selective or doesn't out out before a bond has really started to form then...yeah, it's just tedious.

I love sex. I love smut in my roleplays. I just don't enjoy it being used for the sole purpose of getting off when I have far better options for that kind of instant gratification. Suddenly what could have been an engaging story feels more like a more intricate but equally unsatisfying cheap porno plot. Though not all players share that sentiment.


Aug 30, 2014
I was going to say no, then I remembered a RP where the guy literally invented new characters to try to fuck my character while I was desperately trying to get something accomplished. I asked him to stop. He didn't. I ghosted.
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