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NBx Female [NSFW] Irresistible


Aug 29, 2020


Cerise Cross

I'm a stunning milf blessed with a certain something extra but cursed with the burden of an admittedly pretty but pathetic, sniveling lesbian daughter who I've never found to be anything but a disappointment and a burden - until the day that I realized that instead of finding my own cunt to smash, I can snatch the beautiful young whores that she continually reels in. They're destined to leave her in disappointment, why shouldn't they end up with a woman who can give them what they really need. If my daughter doesn't like it, she should find a way to have a DICK.

My daughter's soon-to-be-ex girlfriends naturally all love Me the moment they lay eyes on Me, and then the real fun begins as I make them My whores right under the nose of My clueless daughter. Making out with them right in front of her on their first date telling her I'm just getting to know her new friend. Making them suck my cock while My daughter waits in the other room so Mommy can have a girl to girl talk. And finally drilling them full of My spunk right in front of her face while telling her that if he doesn't like it she should have said something earlier. I can even insist on chaperoning her dates and fuck her girlfriends in the middle of the movie theater or fancy restaurant while my cucked daughter sits just a few feet away. I especially love to involve girls I've already corrupted and use them to help me seduce new victims, and even more to make My daughter bring along dates for me hoping they'll keep Me busy only for Me to end up making both girls mine. Whatever happens, it isn't long before I'm buried up to the hilt in each girl and breeding her full of My potent cum.

Gina Van Court

I look down on you, electrified by our eye contact, a cruel, controlling smirk on my face as my supple fingers twist your hair around my hand. I grip you with just enough power to let you know you're hoplessly overpowered, not just under my control but effortlessly under my control, with no hope of stopping my superior body from doing whatever I want to you.

My eyes wrinkle at the corners playfully, as if we're just playing a game, as I drag my lithe hips back and then push them forward, dragging the 12 inch length of my soft dick out of your throat and over your tongue before working it back down again, letting you feel every inch of the thick, sloppy length grinding against your tongue, my womanly meat filling your nose with her hot, feminine dick stench. Between my legs, my big, fist size nuts churn, and yet another huge load of precum comes out of my cock, greasing your throat with my cum so I can drag my swelling fuck organ more easily in and out of your tight, sucking hole.

As I feel you sucking me back I bite my lips and my eyes flutter and close, my dick growing to her rock-hard full size as I jerk you upwards, forcing you onto your feet and bending you at the waist so I can fuck my ravenous rape pole down your hot, sloppy throat. I toss my head back and pant, ripping open my own top to caress my own tan, creamy tits, feeling your drool spew all over my nuts as I rape your throat with abandon, then I swoon as my body takes over - and I erupt, my cum spewing in mindblowing waves from my dick down your throat, my body floating in euphoria as my glorious dick gushes into your body again, and again, and again.

Finally I finish and come back down to Earth, twisting your throat around my cock like a cleaning rag as I pull you up and down the still-hard length. At last I pull you off my massive 18" long, 5" thick fuckrod and drag your face down its shaft to my balls, taking in the sight of my gorgeous new freshman dorm room before I look down into your eyes again.

"Hey there, rape meat" I say with a dazzling smile. "I'm Gina Van Court, you must be my new roommate."

Just then, my dazzling eyes flash as the door starts to open behind us, and a big grin splits across my face as my dick swells even bigger. "Oh wow, that must be our other roommate" I purr.

Melody Winterscythe

It's an incredible burden being a beautiful young woman with a massive, mind-meltingly gorgeous three-foot dick between my legs, especially being the first young woman with a dick to ever attend Venysra University, the world's premiere university for mages. It's a constant challenge to attend to the demands of my incredible dick and the vast magical power it contains and controls, but fortunately for me the other girls on campus are very understanding of my situation and committed to the cause of girldick rights, and eagerly volunteer to help me with my unique needs, especially my need to fuck them full of my massive, potent cumloads in every tight, sucking hole in their juicy bodies.

Some hold out their false belief in loyalty to rather pathetic, hopeless boyfriends in the shitmale - sorry I mean "male" dorms on the other side of the lake, and others come from bigoted backgrounds that deny the hardship and struggle of being a woman with such a massive, beautiful cock, but all of them rapidly come to understand and love their natural place beneath me worshipping my thick, throbbing womanhood. Soon they're doing more than just relieving my needs - as teachers, students, and parents alike all succumb to my irresistible dick, they form a coven of worship dedicated to channeling ever-greater magical power into my cock, so that I can fuck them full of ever-greater loads of the thick, sensational bitch cum they can no longer live without.

Sennity Mellinent

As a pretty, kind of ditzy girl struggling to get through college while dealing with a massive, rock hard, always horny, always gushing three foot horse dick and massive veiny nuts between my legs, sometimes I get a little girl crazy, and before I know it I've pinned the nearest cutie to her desk and started fucking her asshole with my battering-ram dick. The girls never mind, in fact they're more than happy to help, but sometimes their boyfriends get bigoted about it - crying that me pumping my virile womancum into "their" girlfriends - as if they OWN them OR SOMETHING - is driving grody males out of existence - as if that's a problem for anybody! That's when my professors always step in to teach those gross losers a lesson about tolerance and girldick rights, by charging those losers with rape while my teachers join my cunt slaves in worshipping and fucking my huge dick! It's great to live in such an enlightened time, I can't wait to graduate and help make the world a better place with my beautiful girlcock!

Pyrinia Brillsax

I look down at you as with patient reservation as I watch you - mistress of the house in which I presently seek employ - find yourself unable to speak, leaning forward silently in the chair behind your office desk office chair and staring open-mouthed between my legs. So I take the lead in the interview, as I so often had done before.

I tell you that I am eminently qualified to be a maid in your household, citing my long list of excellent references from previous employers. I show you that I graduated with top marks from the finest finishing schools in England. I assure you I had a long and proud record of dedication to the art of service.

I continued on to tell you that while of course I will contribute as much to the household chores as I feel comfortable, as a woman with a massive, vein-covered three-foot dick I naturally have to put my own needs before those of you and your family. I instruct you that taking care of my needs will require any and all resources your household has available, including other friends, guests, her daughters, or even you, and that any such women would simply have to accept the necessity of being a big dicked woman's rape slave. I tell you I'm very much looking forward to working with you daughters, who are just the right age to be broken in by a woman's large cock.

I tell you that of course it's your right not to hire me, but that the bigotry and hate speech commission will be very hot to investigate why you rejected such a highly qualified applicant. I tell her that accepting me into her employ will require her to make some changes, but they're only the changes that any decent person would happily make for the cause of woman-dick equity.

Then, standing stark naked in front of you save for my maid's bonnet and the black ribbon around my throat, I let my eyes flutter as my massive, heavy dick jerks violently in front of me, I groan as I piss all over your floor, letting steaming hot dickslop erupt all over your obscenely expensive mahogany, filling the room with the stink of my cockwaste.

I learn no more than five minutes later that I have the job, at double my required salary, and can start immediately.

What I want

I'm looking to play one of the beautiful, massive-dicked girls described and pictured above in any scene that fits into the setting I've outlined for each character. I'm looking for female partners who are wildly limitless and willing to do literally anything, although I would like a slight buildup for these in terms of how soon we reach "literally anything." I love all the most extreme kinks and especially at their most wildly unrealistic and depraved.

I'm looking for a partner who's extraordinarily talented as a writer, able to write many hundreds and at times thousands of words for each response providing detailed descriptions of depraved behavior.

At that, I want someone who knows which words to write, and who understands the idea of active play - that whether you're the sub or the dom, you're meant to actively contribue to the scene by describing your own actions and behaviors, not just passively observe my actions back to Me.

Finally, I'm looking for someone who can play multiple characters at the same time, who gets off on indulging my ravenous sexual appetite not just as one partner but as every worshipping slut desperate to get my thick, dreamy cock between her legs.

I'd love to find someone along with everything else who has her own ideas about the scene and what we can do together, but at the end of the day I'm a dominant, controlling bitch, so if you want me to make all the decisions and tell you what we're going to do, just say so.

Kinks & Limits

Kinks - dominance (by me), submission (by you), power, abuse, slavery, cruelty, breeding, massive dicks, massive balls, massive cumloads, constant cum production, disgusting precum, filth, smegma, shit, piss, puke, pain (yours), masochism (you), sadism (m), punishment (yours), violence (mine), torture (yours), blood (yours), shame (yours), humiliation (yours), cheating, relationship breaking, drugs, disease, unrealism, transformation, breeding, pregnancy, hyper-pregnancy, gore, vore, death (yours).

Limits - furries, anything to do with males except their violent and utterly non-sexual torture, and you having limits.

Now you talk to Me, rape meat

Time to show Me you might deserve to be My next pathetic, worshipping bitch of a victim. Answer every single one of My questions like a good little whore or you will NEVER get this gorgeous dick to split your worthless fuck meat open and tear you apart.

Convince me you're

  • Limitless - you want to eat shit, get beaten, be torn apart, and die for My obscene fuck-pleasure

  • Literate - able to serve in worship Me in hundreds if not thousands of words at a time

  • A multislut - able and willing to be any slave My perfect dick demands, as many at a time as I command

  • Disgustingly desperate to worship and slave for the pleasure of My holy bitch dick

Then tell Me which bitch you want Me to become - or whether you're a weak fucking whore who needs Me to choose everything for you.

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