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Turning Smut Heavy Into Story


Mar 26, 2020
Pacific Northwest
Well, I’m at wits end...

I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head for awhile now and it’s effectively gone nowhere - I just can’t get anything down on the proverbial paper that makes it any more that 100% smut and now I’m hoping someone, anyone, can help!

More or less, I’m looking to play against a ‘Size Queen’ - I know, shocking, right? - but I don’t want it to be just smut. I’m interested in the psychological aspect of the female character going from Average Jane to size queen. Why? How? The fear of the encounter the first time...etc.

But I’m not in tune enough with the idea that I can eloquently create an actual story...ideas?


Mildly Mad Mind
Nov 29, 2017
Well simplest answer is, have the "Size Queen" to be play against something that isn't Human and then build the story around that. Go Fantasy or Scifi and have some race that is just naturally bigger than humans, maybe in categories besides their undercarriage as well. And build the story around a fish out of water scenario with her partner being "compatible" just really big.
Doesn't have to be something purely alien, could be something nearhuman.

But outside of that, if you insist on having it be human x human, then really not much to go on beyond they're "Big" which really only lends itself to smut. Try building the pairing/scenario first, then add the size element afterwords. While I personally dislike it as a kink, perhaps go interracial to play up racial stereotypes, tensions, and the like.


Just push play.
Mar 30, 2020
Planet Earth
Depends on the setting you play it in. If you want to use it in a modern setting with only humans, then a lot depends on her background and the reason she is becoming an size queen. Then you have to decide if you want the story to be rather dramatic or funny.
Example for an rather dramatic/serious approach could be, to play around with the desire to be loved compared with trust issues due to experiences she made in the past. Or an approach with expectation versus reality. She becomes a size queen not really because it is the one thing she always wanted but to finally be recognised by man. But what happens is that man laugh at her and treat her as a freak.

There are many approaches you could use. Decide what kind of story you want, what kind of world they are living in and then write a background.
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