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The Demonic Siege. (Demonic incursion, Enslavement, Corruption) (Persistent post for our personal ERP ideas, so some NSFW discussion/ideas/content.)


Sep 8, 2018
Disclaimer: While we do thoroughly enjoy worldbuilding, and developing 'canonical' ideas and timelines for characters within those worlds, they 'are' meant for RP/ERP. Thus many details are meant to be somewhat vague and open to discussion and interpretation and at times may include adult/NSFW discussion, ideas, and content. For those who would wish to RP in one of them, or use them as inspiration for your own ideas, feel free to offer ideas for addition, or decide to cut things out in order to better suit your vision(s) of things. Any resemblance to other canon universes of any kind anywhere is purely coincidental. (Though we may find it fun to discuss worlds that resemble our own.) The initial post may be considered a rough draft, written off the top of our head as we go.

General Themes: Supernatural entities/phenomena, enslavement, kidnapping, rape, war, pillaging, physical/mental/spiritual corruption, faith and religion, etc.

Basic Concept: A city, generally a very large and likely sprawling city, or the capital city of a state/province/country/continent/etc has come under seige by otherwordly forces intending to secure a foothold for themselves on... earth... or whatever other mortal plane of existence they are tied to. Unlike previous attempts they are actually gaining ground, a lot of ground, and quickly. This is no random incursion by uncoordinated beasts, this is a well planned out attack, aiming to secure not just land, but as many slaves, souls, and as much 'power' as they can acquire in order to keep their hold and spread further from there to claim the entire realm for the forces of... hell, the underworlds, the nether realms... whatever they may call the place from which they come, and they start by claiming the local goddess first.

General Setting: This one leans rather heavily of course on the presence of angels, demons, gods, souls, and other supernatural elements and thus is certainly going to be heavy(ier) on the fantasy side of things. That said, while it is... 'generally' more towards the medieval/high fantasy kind of genres... it could be adapted to a more modern fantasy setting... Quite likely things would be 'very' different in a science fantasy setting where the mortal race(s) could actually stand a chance in open warfare and would no longer 'need' the protection of their goddess and her angels, though i'm sure that could make for an entertaining thought of its own at a later date. (Some inspirations come from various things, religion, and religious interpretations in media, Darksiders, Constantine, among others.) All that said it can very well be a human(oid) or furry world depending on preference, though 'canonically' it is more human.

Further notes on the setting: The local goddess (a 'lesser' goddess, not part of a pantheon, and not the omnipoent all father kind of god of abrahamic religions) is a general boon/life/fertility kind of goddess, who has a priestess in the mortal world, that part has never been a secret. The goddess' power is tied to the phases of the moon, and she grants her worshippers kind of a more general 'luck' kind of boon. The more/better the worshippers treat her temple and her priestess, the stronger the boon becomes, more favorable weather, more bountiful crops, healthier babies, merchants find better luck with foreign traders, less disease.. etc etc etc that kind of thing. All of this plays out on the moon cycle, and superstitions and beliefs do form around the cycle as well. Babies concieved or born under a full moon are believed to be more successful (and to some extent they are), those born under the new moon are believed to be cursed and may be shunned (leading to them becoming criminals... or... on occasion cast out, sacrificed or other unpleasantness... to the point that on the night of the new moon, if a woman goes into labor after dusk and before dawn, it is likely they will do 'everything' in their power to prevent that baby from being born before the first light of the sun.

This goes into their rituals, celebrations, and prayers as well. The night of the new moon may see the entire city shutter its doors and windows to keep any foulness at bay (which... isn't really necessary, it is still a protected, walled city after all, but... people and their superstitions), while under the full moon, they may make an extra trip to the temple to leave offerings and prayers, or arrange for any celebrations to take place under the full moons light. The priestess performs rituals and the temple is shuttered under the new moon, the priestess and her attendants retreating down into the depths of the temple for reasons unknown, while on the night of the full moon, she can be seen atop the temple roof, basking in the glow of the light, communing with the goddess, while her attendants sing, dance, and generally... 'party' for the night. This applies to 'most' of the city's society to some extent or another...

Of course, there are faithless, or those who believe in other gods as well. The city is prosporous, and though history shows 'repeatedly' what happens any time the temple and its leader are disrespected, but we all know how well people learn from history, particularly the longer it goes between incidents. Regardless, it is a diverse, populous, and wealthy place, a walled city surrounded by farms for miles in every direction, and a central trade hub for it's province, if not 'the' central hub (likely because the city was built around the temple bit by bit over the centuries and grew from there with her luck to help them grow).

Loose Progression: To start from 'the beginning', it all begins with a demon who has learned a secret to use to their advantage. This secret is... not necessarily 'guarded' but not spoken of much either. The priestess is not just a figure head, she does not just read scripture verbatim and profess the words of her lady written by some strange man thousands of years prior. She, and 'every' priestess before her, were and are spiritually bound to their goddess. They can actually commune and communicate with her, 'feel' her, and on the rare occasion, she can actually act through them... (though this process is extremely taxing and only used in the direst emergency).

With this secret in hand, and the knowledge that the connection is all but severed during the new moon, the demons had all the leverage they needed to claim the goddess for themselves and enslave her to their purposes (she is a powerful 'entity' but she has her limitations like any other, she is not all powerful, and while, in a one on one 'fight' she could probably just annihilate most any other being short of another god/dess... well, the demons had a more insidious plan in mind).

On the night of the new moon, when their connection was at its weakest, all they had to do was have or get one of their own close to the priestess, and claim her, possess her, corrupt her, 'somehow' get some demonic essence or influence deep into her soul, so that when the connection returned, it was transferred to the goddess above. Whether the following process was fast or slow (A few days/weeks/months to a few years to include the goddess' fall and subsequent enslavement by the demons), all that mattered was that the goddess would be theirs, and they could use her power against the denizens that worship her, and begin their incursion. (And while her fall might be... 'felt' by the citizens below, it is not likely they would realize what was happening until it was far too late). Perhaps the priestess cannot remember, or perhaps now she has demon attendants keeping her in line ensuring she continues to lead her people as she should while they finish their preparations.

The attack then begins without warning by sealing the city beneath some kind of magical barrier either created by the goddess herself, or boosted by her power to ensure it stays solid, keeping the denizens of the city inside, and any potential reinforcements out until the time to drop it came. Shortly after, bramble like thorned bushes and vines sprouted along and around the wall, sealing every entry and exit, and spreading along the ground in either direction. Anyone caught in the brambles would quickly find them sentient, or at the very least reactive, wrapping around anything they could reach and dragging them further in, coiling, worming under clothes and armor, digging their thorns into the soon helpless captives and draining them of their life over the course of a few hours or days. It would not be a pleasant end, and would serve as a visible and audible warning to others not to approach the wall and try to leave.

The following days saw the bulk of the city's denizens captured and dragged back through portals never to be seen again, or killed either in their attempts to rebuff the attackers, to find a way to escape, or etc. Within a week, all that remained were the few bastions that were defensible through faith, or fortification. The temple, kept safe by the priestess and the collective faith of those within, making it painful or even deadly for the demons to enter, though the priestess had demons of her own to contend with that would eventually see the 'barrier' fail. What was left of the city's defenders holed up in the keep, barricaded inside with only a few strongly protected entrances and exits that could be used to come and go, only venturing out in groups to collect supplies... often at a cost, and those brave enough to sneak out to run messages, and of course the occasional hidden cellar where a small group could remain relatively safe.

Homes were ransacked in search of survivors or supplies, regular patrols constantly on the hunt for more captives or more blood to spill, the city was theirs and there was no hope to reclaim it without an outside army, but without way to send messages beyond the wall, help was not likely coming quickly. They would all be claimed by the demons one way or another before help could save them, it was inevitable.

General Notes:

~ There is no canon for the demons themselves, they can come in any variety, and level of intelligence. They could be the big brutish barely controlled beasts under the control of a higher ranked entity, or they could all be intelligent, cold, calculating, all seeking advancement in any way they can find, cooperating only for their own gain, or anywhere in between. For all it matters, the daemon host could be entirely demons, or a mix of demons, fallen angels, previously captured and corrupted humans, cultists, anything really, thus there are very few canon events in the time line to allow for varying detail in terms of the invaders.

~ General progression aside, it is a 'big' city, big enough to justify having its own standing army of defenders/knights/etc that could set up many safe places for survivors, or there could be comparatively few, enough men at arms/archers to man the wall, and a relatively small contingent of knights to hold off invaders long enough for assistance from nearby cities to arrive. Given that they quite literally have their own personal goddess, the percieved need for defenders could vary greatly considering the nature of the goddess in question and how well she could potentially defend them directly herself.

~ Though it is part of a larger world, the city is large enough and populated enough to be its own self contained society with its own ruling class, merchant guilds that deal entirely within the walls, and others that deal with outside traders, its own defenders, its own cultures, it quite likely has rich districts and poor districts. The city has no canonical layout, elevation, etc. That said there is 'one' canon accepted religion within the walls (their local goddess' of course), though other faiths are allowed within the walls, and many do practice their own (though many others convert after seeing solid evidence of the local one). The keep, and the goddess' temple are the largest structures within the city, are 'relatively' close to one another, and both are visible from most any location within the walls (if distantly), and while the two of them 'could' support a fair portion of the population in the event of such a seige, their supplies will not last long, especially if they are filled to bursting with people.

~ The temple and the keep both have their own contingent of guards that are loyal to the priestess and nobles respectively, but the city guard/watch is its own entity (That may technically be under the noble's leadership) which takes a more general protective role over the city as a whole and may not always serve the leadership's best interest, particularly in the event of an attack. (The city watch may, during a seige act of its own accord, and tell the nobles to fuck themselves if they believe their orders are not in the city's best interest. This is technically their right as their directive is to protect the city as a whole, and not necessarily the leaderships who have their own guards for that reason, but there may very well be charges brought against them after the battle is over, in a tribunal kind of court made up of the priestess, a representitive of the nobles, and likely a local magistrate of some kind.)

Canon Characters:

The Goddess: Though she has no canonical name she is often simply referred to as 'the goddess' by the locals regardless. Whether she was created by the belief and faith of the locals, or whether she was a goddess already in the area when the city began is lost to history, though it is generally believed to be the latter. She remains in her realm, though her influence is a visible force to the city below. She can, and will on occasion answer prayers, and is believed to have her people's best interest in mind. She is not the abrahamic kind of god, all knowing, all seeing, with a plan for everything and everyone, her influence (For all her people can tell) is localized to the city and the surrounding lands and does not extend beyond. She needs her people as much as her people rely on her, and this relationship has been tested more than once in the past. She has been known to leave her people high and dry to punish them for transgressions (generally in the form of the abuse of her temple or priestess), and the people in turn have been known to deny the goddess prayer when they felt ignored (though generally speaking, the goddess patience and stubornness in such regards tend to win out over the people's obstinance). Regardless 'generally' their relationship is a mutually beneficial one.

She is not expected to intervene directly in small affairs, but on occasion she has been known to step in when something happens that threatens the city as a whole. She has possessed her priestess' body to confront a particularly irritating foreign ruler that sought to claim the goddess' favor for himself through any means necessary, for example. Overall, she is a 'lesser' goddess compared to most pantheons or faiths, but she is a powerful force in her own right here in her domain. Her powers are comparatively limited (she can't create worlds and peoples so much, but she can 'encourage' growth), but she has more than enough influence to cement her people's faith in her.

Personally speaking, she cares for her people and thinks of them almost like her children, she shares in their triumphs, and laments their failures, but she knows it is a careful balance, she cannot intervene too much or they will rely on her for everything, but if she does not offer enough, they may come to resent her, and while she can 'survive' without their faith, it is a less pleasant existence, that she does not wish to return to.

Celeste: The (current) priestess of the goddess, her duties include tending to the rituals and ceremonies as well as the care of the temple and the well being of their people, she is expected to represent her goddess in all things, as such she is as much a lowly servant as she is a leader, but that one night every two weeks where she gets to commune with the goddess directly, visit her realm in spirit and share in the goddess' presence directly, makes any troubles she might experience in life worth it. As mentioned before, she, and she alone is directly linked with the goddess spiritually/psychically, this allows the exchange of feelings and impressions that she must interpret to the best of her ability, the only time she can actually 'speak' with the goddess directly is on the night of the full moon. If the goddess were to possess her body directly she would black out and remember nothing, the process would (depending on how long it lasted), leave her drained, exhausted in all ways for a period of a day to a few weeks, if the connection lasted long enough, or was intense enough it could injure her, kill her, or burn up her body completely and leave her nothing but ash when it is over, such events are minimal, but they can happen from time to time over the centuries.

Celeste herself is happy with her position, she was chosen at a very young age, raised in the temple like all other priestesses, and knows little else, she does not leave the temple but for the occasional ceremony that requires her presence elsewhere, leisure time is often spent with the temple servants, tending to the grounds/gardens, or with visitors with whom she enjoys sharing conversation about various topics, otherwise she lives for the night of the full moon, and dreads the new, she is a dedicated servant to her goddess and her people, and would not trade it for the world.

Crystal White: A noble woman, among the higher ranks of the cities socio-political elite. She is a powerful woman in her own right, and 'generally' considered to be the city's current ruler, she cares for her people, but she cares for the city's wealth and power more. She does acknowledge that the goddess exists, and pays the proper lip service, encourages the proper worship and all that, but 'personally' her faith lies with a 'higher' power, and she considers the local goddess little more than a benevolent demon. She is shrewd in business dealings, and puts the needs of the city's coffers first in most things, and will not hesitate to threaten, blackmail, or order an assassination if absolutely necessary to get what she wants. She and the priestess don't exactly get along, but things are professionaly respectful, even if the power hungry noble woman is going to eventually bring the city into a war over her petty politics.

Arkana: Separated from their goddess, or perhaps a servant of a 'greater' god(dess), a small angelic host came to the aid of the city when the seige began, only a handful arrived before the barrier were erected, and those remaining outside were quickly scattered or set off in search of help once it became clear there was nothing they could do to get through the shield. Arkana is the only one to survive the initial assaults, and has taken up arms alongside a group of the city's defenders holed up in a secondary barracks. Fiery and filled with rage at the situation and the death of her companions, she is considered a primary target whenever she appears, though thus far, efforts to capture or kill her have been fruitless.

Kagero: An enchantress, a local who lives outside the city, but comes regularly to sell magical trinkets and stock up on supplies, the woman has been on the run since the invasion began, using her magic sparingly to keep herself hidden as she probes the walls, searching for a way out. She just wants to live her life, and doesn't much care about the city, normally quite happy to keep to herself a day's journey outside the city walls deep in the forest... the barrier came down while she was within the wall leaving her trapped with everyone else. She can protect herself... for a little while, but it won't be long before she has to make a choice, hole up somewhere and hope... which is not likely... or... use the last of her magic in a last ditch effort to get through the brambles and the wall... and... 'hopefully' through the barrier beyond. Of course, this is quite likely to draw the attention of the demons above, and a relatively powerful enchantress would make such a lovely addition to their forces. The things she could make for their warriors, for their slaves, new toys to corrupt and control, more effective armor and weapons... the possibilities are endless.
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Sep 8, 2018
Probably a few more canon characters for us to add later, but otherwise this is mostly done.
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