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Life Aboard the SS Stallion (Furry gang-bang on a submarine!)


Feb 26, 2020
Looking for males who are interested in playing 1 or more horses for the RP below. Looking at 60% story 40% smut as our crew not only helps to fight enemies and win the war against the predator threat, but also navigates the awkward social relationships inherent in sharing the same partner in a place where space is limited! I am assuming that the horses aboard would be straight, but might have to get used to being in close proximity to their friends while they are having sex. Maybe there is a gay horse, maybe one falls in love, there are a lot of possibilities!

During the war of interspecial conflict, one ship in the herbivore navy had a reputation which would have stories told about it for generations to come. They say the ship had been designed as a master work, showcasing the best in rabbit technology on that era, other say that the horse crew that piloted it were some of the most talented seamen the world had ever known, but few know the truth behind the legend of the SS Stallion, that it was part of a secret government pilot program to deploy rabbits in the field in supporting roles for the horse population, who had been bearing the brunt of the weight against their carnivorous foes. Below is the actual true story of the SS Stallion.

Cynthia arrived at the dry dock, looking over the railing at the steel ship she had been destined to work on. Her paws gripped the railing and her eyes traced the beautiful curves and shiny reflective metal that made the submarine look like something out of a novel about aliens. Dressed in an adorable pink uniform that stood her out as being a very different type of front line unit, she was still putting her life on the line to help in the cause against the dreaded predators, who demanded the herbivores willingly give up their own to maintain their diets. She wondered how long it would be for the ship to launch, and when she would meet her crew mates for the first time.

A large looking horse in a decorated outfit walks up to the cute looking rabbit saluting her. "We thank you for your service to our country and our cause as a comfort specialist. We are putting the trust of our nation in your capable hands." Cynthia's eyes widen as she gives a small laugh. "Aww, it ain't nothin, just suckin a little di-" She's cut off by a grunting cough as the man gives a respectful nod. "Please come this way and I will explain the mission to you all." He leads her into a small room which was filled by 6 stallions facing a projector board, and a single smaller desk for her, which she shuffled into. The horses smirked at her, and at one another, the lapine's thighs pressing together with excitement and nervousness. The whole room smelled like a mens locker room as the soldiers all shuffled through their notes and waited for the presentation to begin.

"Alright, you are some of the finest seamen that our empire has to offer. Now they may have superior numbers in the field, and they may be more vicious in hand to hand combat, but by god we have got the finest combined navy on this planet Amalia!" He says pointing at the ceiling which causes everyone to cheer. He rolls down a large slide, showing the interior of a large class submarine, pointing at it with a metal pointer. "The goal will be to roll our M-10 class submarines lower than all other enemy ships, and to sink anything that does not call-sign as an herbivore ship. This is an all out war, leave no military or civilian vessel alive unless it works for us. Is that understood?" The men hoot and stomp their feet in unison, the rabbit, who was unfamiliar with this culture, coughed and raised a fist. "Yeah lets mess em up boys!" She says with a smile, the men stomping twice as hard and hooting even more, one of them whistling as she blushed.

"Now I want you all to be treating miss Cynthia here with respect in her position aboard. It's going to get lonely, and you men will be gone away from shore for a long time. We will be resupplying your ship with fuel and food stocks remotely, and we expect you to stay submerged for quite some time. This is why we have brought upon our specialist Cynthia to help make it easier on you boys while you're down below." Another whistle comes out, the rabbit blushing again as her ears go back. She squirms a little more, taking a deep breath and hoping she could do her job appropriately the whole time. After all the fate of the whole world could be at stake. "Remember that she is our Ally, we want to make sure she gets everything she needs to do her job upon the ship." The commander nods and there is clapping and cheering as the rabbit slides her chair back and hops up in front of the classroom, a nervous smile on her face.

"I just wanted to say that I am happy to be aboard, I hope that our program is a huge success, and that I can play an important role in your lives over our long tour at sea." She says pushing out her skirt a bit and rocking on her feet. She was so wet, looking at each of them, not even knowing if they would really fit inside of her. She had to try, and with so many of them she would be so sore and so busy. Could she really make it three years? Would it still be exciting after that long? It would be her duty to make sure it stayed fun and exciting for them. "Please remember to respect each other's boundaries and give everyone their fair share of time while we're all together. I will also be helping to prepare meals and entertain outside of my normal duties, so please remember I will need time for these things too. Other than that we should be able to have a lot of fun!" She says with some excitement and to a loud cheering of what must now have been horny men, already having been gone from having sex for a while for being in service only to now be promised easy access. This might have been a dream position for some of them at least.

With that they were all ushered outside. It would take at least a few hours for them all to get comfortable and on heading she supposed, climbing down into the surprisingly spacious submarine which housed bunk beds for the men and one surprisingly comfortable living space for herself alone. Standing in the main hall, she watched as the horses all scrambled to their posts, checking coordinates and manning the proper parts of the ship as they needed to do. Their sweat and smell filled the air of the small area fairly quickly, the rabbit pressing her back against the wall as she watched them all work. She tried to spot the differences in their appearances, the different badges on their lapels, their personalities, all as they sunk deeper and deeper into the water, shouting strange directions in a language she didn't understand. She clasped her hands together over her hips, wondering what would happen next.
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