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Mar 22, 2020
- - - - - introduction

[disclaimer: this will be updated as i get more ideas.]

hello, all!

to keep things short and sweet, i’ve come back from a long hiatus. call it a crisis moment, but anyways, i’m back! and i’m searching for some people who might be willing to roleplay with me. i’ve gotten the itch again, and i’m looking for a few stories to keep me occupied. i’m looking for long-term or short-term, doesn’t matter to me!
[disclaimer: definitely looking for something easy going]
below you’ll find some stuff about me and my interests, and what i’m looking for!

thank you for reading, and have a nice day/evening!

- - - - - about me

i'm 27 and have been roleplaying for... i think about well over decade and some change.

i tend to get burnt out real quick sometimes (i work the graveyard shift at my job, and i pick up double shifts meaning i work 16 hrs sometimes), but i will still try to get back to you as soon as i can! [disclaimer: i’m extremely ditch/ghost friendly, but i try my best to give a heads up if i’m not feeling some aspect of it, or if i’m in a rut/need some time, please do the same...or don’t. Seriously, i won’t be offended if it’s over it’s over, I had fun.]

i'm actually nice, whoa! i love to chat ooc with people, i won't force you to talk, but please be cordial at the least and actively participate in plotting and contributing ideas.

i'm into a myriad of genres! but romance is a must, as it keeps me engaged. i'm a romantic sucker, what can i say? smut is going to happen, and the ratio can be discussed if necessary, but generally if it follows the story i’m game for it. we love some tension.

i can write between 1-4 paragraphs, possibly more if i'm really inspired, usually during intros.

i prefer to write as a female against males. typical heterosexual relationship. sorry.

i usually write as a sub. i’m not a switch or a dom, and won’t pretend to be. What kind of personality is heavily dependent on what type of story we’ll be writing whether it’s someone who’s shy or stubborn, etc.

for characters, i use models/celebrities as face claims. i can use description, and as an absolute last resort will use drawn/anime. hopefully you’ll do the same.

- - - - - rp partner preferences

at least 300 words (1 absolute barest minimum. - 3 paragraphs). quality over quantity; but please, no one-liners.
** due to some bad openers, I may consider your intro as a sample and if I don’t vibe then eh. Sorry. **

please be patient. i have outside responsibilities between work, trying to maintain a normal social life, other stories, and even school. sometimes I’m only around to bump my thread, other times I might only get one singular response to a story out. if you’re not down with wait times then maybe I’m not for you. if it’s been longer than a week, then feel free to poke me but please don’t hound me, especially if i don’t respond. i will not take part in weird story-dropping/ghosting drama.

do not be rude. i'm serious. a condescending tone will just make me reluctant.

feel free to give me any ideas you have! i love plotting together! Please plan and plot with me, even if it seems all figured out just give me something.

- - - - - kinks & genres

everything you need to know for my kinks is in my f-list linked right there recently updated.

i strongly prefer romance.

more smut? more plot? i'm fine either way!

i am a sucker for modern/slice-of-life, always. You’ll always get a discussion for even suggesting this.

i like other stuff too; space, medieval, historical, fantasy, superheroes, etc.

i am not limited to what is listed here, so i might add more as i go. feel free to ask for anything unlisted!

- - - - - pairings & plots
give me your ideas, plot with me.
can be super basic to thought out worlds, just ask. the worst i’ll say is no, and even then it’s not that bad.

below you’ll find some brief scenarios/plots or dialogue prompts, some pairings. if any of them interest you just let me know and we can totally build off of them for one-shots, short or long term. Anything striked, no longer looking for unless you can really convince me, anything bolded I’m currently craving.

1. Our characters are in an intense argument. During the argument they’ve drifted closer to one another, their faces now inches from one another. They’ve stopped shouting at each other and they’re staring at each other’s lips. really craving a good enemies to lovers trope.

2. MC works at the library/bookshop (local/college). YC is the quiet/bookish type outwardly, and has a very obvious crush on MC (please don’t play a sub. The guy could just be a bit socially awkward when it comes to approaching women). Occasionally, YC will try to flirt with mine only ending in disastrous results. However, after the end of another failed attempt, MC leaves their phone number on a sticky note on the inside of a book YC is checking out.

3. Everyone is assigned an angel by the age of 13, because that’s when they become vulnerable to demons. (All characters will be 21+ at the start of the story). Once that person finds love, the angels duties are fulfilled and they are no longer susceptible. The person is never supposed to know about the angel, considering they’re supposed to be invisible to the human eye. They provide comforting feelings on lonely nights, turning bad days into good ones, anything you’d think a guardian angel would do. One day, human wakes up and finds a glowing person with wings in their bed…and they’re really hot. ( Roles are interchangeable )

4. Your roommate is the literal Devil. Surprisingly, they’re the best roommate you’ve ever had. ( Roles are interchangeable )

5. A is having a really bad day. Down and out on their luck, they’ve resorted to the cliche of looking to the clouds and asking for help. A couple minutes later B shows up. B is apparently the Devil’s kid, who heard your request and fought off several angels to get to you and be your guardian because they thought you were cute.

MC and YC have been best friends since middle school. They've always had a very close relationship and have been practically inseparable ever since hey met. They're older now, and MC is still with her high school sweetheart, though their relationship has become more based out of comfort over the years than out of true love. They moved in together shortly after graduation and he got a pretty decent job right of high school, so he'd managed to be able to support himself and MC. Over the years MC has gotten bored, but the stability and familiarity had kept her around.

One night after hanging out with a group of friends, YC sticks around after everyone else leaves like he always does to chat and help MC clean up. MC's boyfriend has gone to bed, but YC and MC hang out on the couch for a bit before he goes home. The two have always been comfortable with each other physically since they'd been friends for so long, so it was nothing unusual for MC to be leaning on YC's shoulder or even laying across his lap while they're talking. After a while, the conversation drifts to MC complaining a little about her relationship and ultimately their sex life. Her boyfriend doesn't really care about her pleasure, just getting his own nut in. Slyly, YC offers to give her a helping hand. After all, that's what friends do, right?

7.YC has been best friends with MC's brother since before any of them can remember. MC and YC never really got along, but her brother was always oblivious to the tension and thought they were like the three musketeers. MC moves back to town after living with her mother across the country for a few years. YC and MC's brother have been living together since they graduated high school. MC's brother offers her a place to stay while she's figuring things out for herself. super modern, super easygoing.

8. An adolescent college student tells his parents an improvised lie when they decide to try and play matchmaker by setting him up with a girl he vehemently dislikes. In his panic and haste, he confesses he's dating his friend [your character], and therefore he's no longer on the market. It's always well and dandy until his parents make the reasonable request to meet the mystery girlfriend, and he winds up asking [your character] for an embarrassing favour. (Doesn’t have to be college aged, they can be best friends at work, colleagues, etc.) roles interchangeable.

9. A naïve, uncultured, pious Christian girl is in for a rude awaken when she flees her home state to attend the college of her childhood dreams, but the world is far from the Edenic utopia she thinks it is. When she meets a wild, undomesticated city boy, her innocence becomes exposed to a world of heady expedience and ungodly sin like she's never seen before, for college is the candy island for hedonistic temptation and sybaritic decadence.

10. MC would be a princess and YC, her assigned knight, though the two have a bit of a past and therefore do not necessarily like each other anymore. Unhappy with the arrangement, her father, the king basically tells them that they need to stay together long enough to escort the princess safely to the capital of a neighboring country and then he will reassign her a different knight but right now, he does not have the resources to do so. The princess is being sent to the other country to meet a prince whom she is expected to wed but he turns out to be a terrible person, maybe she gets abducted or some other bad shit happens while she's there and we can see where the story takes them and their relationship.

12. Brains and Braun. Typical trope, except these two don’t have a penchant for working with one another. Braun never listens to brain, and braun just thinks braun is a dunce, so much that without them they’d be lost. Their newest mission places and forces them to become incredibly close, incredibly fast. What happens? (Can take place in any setting, fine with any role)

13. **Added bonus dialogue**
They’re forced into a political marriage, but she has sworn to kill him and he is madly in love with her.

“Where is my missus?” He asked looking around in the room and she sat up a bit. “There she is. Scowling at me,” he grinned, mischief gleaming from his eyes. “Perfect.”

14. TBC. Would love more medieval/fantasy/etc plots.

1. A: “So…I had an…um, interesting dream last night.”
B: “Oh really? What were you doing?
A: “….You.”
B: “…Oh.”

2. Suppressing a shiver, she said, “Stop looking at me light that.”
“Like what?” He asked, his voice low and teasing.
“Like I’m dinner.”
“Maybe I’m hungry.”

3. A: “Y’know what? Fuck you!”
B: “I already did!”
A: “…”
B: “— And I did it real good.”
A: “…You did.”

4. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into…”
“Why don’t you show me then?”

5. “Could you back up?”
“Why? I like when you’re flustered.”

6. “If you want me,” the hero panted, “come and get me.”
The villain paused, languidly sweeping a hand up and under their chin. “Want you in which way, darling? Don’t get me wrong, both involve ropes, but it’s an important distinction to make before we proceed.”

7. “On a scale of one to ten, how bad do you want to kill me right now?”

“I’m hovering somewhere in the high thirties.”

8. A spat out their gag, glaring at B from the backseat. “This is hardly following regulation—”
B yanked hard on the steering wheel, sending them spinning into an empty parking lot. When they turned in their seat, eyes blazing, A nearly shrank back. “We’re both on the run from the entire government, I don’t trust your evil ass not to stab me in the back either literally or figuratively, and I am this close to losing my temper.” When they held up their hand, their thumb and index finger were already touching. “So if you spit that gag out one more time, I’m going to pull off and find something to really shut you up. Understood?”

A felt their eyes narrow and resisted the urge to lick their lips. “Why don’t you come back here and try me?”

9. "Look at me. Now!"

10. "I'm going to strangle you!"
"Is that a promise?"

11. "There's people here!"
"I know."

12. TBC.

1. Best friends. Unrequited love. Old friends meeting again. (I’ve got plenty of ideas for this one.)

2. Strangers. Neighbors. Voyeurs.

3. Would love to work with something supernatural. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts. Gimme.

4. Westerns I’ve been feeling a little yeehaw lately. Cowboys and cowgirls. Bounty hunters.

5. A good Dom/Sub plot. Interested in this dynamic.

6. Superheroes. Love it.

7. Medieval. Knights and princesses. Assassins. Royalty.

8. Enemies to lovers trope. Tension, angst, etc. love it. Gimme.

9. Dark, seedy, romance. Strip clubs, alcohol, bars, bodyguards. Dancers. Rich business men. Mafias. Etc.

10. Apocalypse. Nuclear. Winter. Zombies. Virus. Survival
really want an end of the world pairing of some sort.

11. Fairies, Maidens Fantasy. Pirates, Mermaids.

12. Disney Variations, darker Disney. OC’s. Alternate endings.

13. TBC.

Here you’ll find some pictures of real face claims, some digital art and/or visual prompts I have used or would like to use in a story. If you see a face you’d like me to use or a couple you’d like to pair together for an idea let me know!


- more to be added
Brunettes/Dark Hair

- more to be added
Alexa Rose

- more to be added

Visual Prompts

- more to be added

Male face claims you can use
Matthew D.

- more to be added
please do NOT message me without any ideas about what you want to do. If you read this search thread you’ll know the general consensus of what I’m into and if you decide you’re not bringing any ideas to the forefront, I deserve the right to ignore you. Idc, blatantly speaking.

craving your ideas - please come with your ideas first before you ask me mine.
- - - - - contact
please send me a message/conversation.
please come to me with your ideas and not “idk, what do you wanna do?”
i want to hear your ideas and build off them, I’ve already got a basis/foundation here so bring me something please
do not post here.
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