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Mx Male Looking for Omega! (ABO/Omegaverse)


fortress of lovesickness
Mar 21, 2019
I have to preface this thread with one important thing; I'm never looking for purely smut-driven RP. Plot is always more important to me, but I do enjoy a load of sex, violence and dark themes, otherwise I get bored. A good mix of smut and plot is perfect.

Rough info:
- I'm currently looking for a fast-paced RP, daily replies would be wonderful
- as I mentioned above; I love dark themes throughout RP and have little to no things
that are off-limits in that regard, as long as said themes are treated realistically and with respect
- lit, multi-para and long-term only!
- picking FCs together and discussing them, so both of us are satisfied and happy,
for the topic of Omegaverse I definitely prefer digital art/drawn pictures though
- plotting together and communication is important to me

The RP itself:
Topics that I absolutely want in the RP would be High Fantasy, Omegaverse AND Mpreg!
Other topics for ideas I have; age & height gap, crossdressing, folie à deux, hurt 'n comfort, kemonomimi, kinky stuff (duh!), obsession & unhealthy shit, psychos & sociopaths. Arranged marriages, princes and kings, royalty, poverty, wildlings, you name it.

Feel free to contact me on here, currently I prefer RPing on here too, even though I'm kind of new to it, since I used to rp on Discord. Also, I will stress it again; I am NOT looking for smut-driven RP! I keep getting requests of that sort. If I am in the mood for porn-without-plot kinda RP I will mention it in my thread.
Fine with everything you read? Hit me up and I will share my (rough) ideas with you! ♥
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