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Vyce's RP Journal [Updated 3/20]


Oct 24, 2010



LAST UPDATED: 03/20/2023

1 | General Likes

2 | General Limits

3 | On Kinks and Sexy Funtimes

4 | Writing Samples
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Oct 24, 2010



These general sort of settings!
  • Highspirited action-adventure
  • Magic-rich wuxia/high fantasy (think Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Shovel Knight, Avatar/Korra, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest or early Final Fantasy in tone)
  • Tongue-in-cheek parody fantasy (think Order of the Stick or Galavant! in feel)
  • Comedic, campy modern-day superhero/spy settings (think Archer, Powerpuff Girls or Venture Brothers in feel)
  • Fluffy/fantasy slice-of-life (the daily lives of superheroes, villains, supernatural detectives and their ilk)

I mostly prefer lines that are particularly light and lighthearted in tone. Highspirited campy adventure, slice-of-life, copious unrepentant tongue-in-cheek humor, banter, fluff, levity, romance, plenty of playful smutty erotica/sensuality, a sense of hardedged "Fuck you!" positivity, quiet moments of character growth, bittersweet moments, people being capable of warmth, compassion and empathy (even if oddly/poorly displayed), and—above all—a general sense of fun (the characters openly enjoying each other's company and the situations they find themselves in). :) Don't get me wrong: I'm fine with there being drama and high stakes when required. But persistently dark/bleak lines where everyone's a massively fucked-up pile of severe personality defects with more issues than Sports Illustrated? No thanks. :p

Equal/"switch" dynamics!
Rigid, set-in-stone "sub/dom" dynamics don't really interest me, to be honest. I vastly prefer pairings where both parties engage in give-and-take and are equally capable of assertiveness in (and out) of the bedroom: Swapping roles according to situational wants and desires, engaging in regular one-upmanship and power plays, simply sharing sex as just that, etc.

Witty snarky banter and flirting under fire!
Characters known for snapping off witty one-liners, wry senses of humor, and generally being sarcastic and funny. That said, 1-D assholes who consistently "punch down" and attack those incapable of returning fire don't appeal to me. I'm looking for teasing, taunting and shit talking/ball-busting between equals.

Fierce, witty, confident, capable female characters who know their worth!
Helpless damsels-in-perpetual distress and naïve ingenues aren’t my cup of tea. I like playing my characters opposite confident, strong-minded female characters with self-agency who are comfortable in their own skin. Action Girls who take charge and kick ass! Elegant and stylish Silk Hiding Steel sophisticates who are clever and capable, kick ass in all their finery, and aren’t afraid of war. Tough Amazonian Beauties and Girly Bruisers who are proud of their strength and revel in fighting and combat! Composed women who may not be one-woman armies but, if kidnapped or held in distress, give their captors absolute hell. Strong-minded lovable alpha bitches who radiate Big Dick Energy and are not ashamed of being ambitious, or actively owning/asserting their sexuality. Deadly—and deadly beautiful—Dark Action Girls who make being wicked look good, and anti-heroic cutesy women who are quick to show there’s nothing nice about sugar and spice!
I'll take the female character who boldly stands by my character's side (or forces him to step up his game to match her shine) over one who needs frequent saving any day, 100%.

Light role-reversal and female-led relationships!
A relationship dynamic that doesn't make the male innately incapable, painfully passive/helpless or "weak" (they being equals with mutual respect and adoration-think this comic); it just makes the female the stronger, more assertive one who generally takes the initiative. She makes the first move, she's on top in bed (except when she doesn't want to be, though I'm also fine with our characters having this type of sexual dynamic)...and the guy is totally fine (and secure) with that:

Gentle/seductive femdom (as a logical conclusion of the above, though not required)!

Battle Couples!
Two equal, equally-skilled badasses in love being badass together and mutually supporting one another (see the above pic), though that isn't solely the province of heroes.

Romance (sweet and loving)!
I'm very much a fan of romance in general. Want some loving sweet fluff between our characters, where their healthy and generally positive/non-toxic union isn't sneered as "corny" (and their living happily isn't the same thing as living peacefully or boringly)? I'm fine with that.

Romance (fiery and spicy)!
Want a more fiery rivals-to-lovers sort of romance where the pair have a strong dose of spirited competitiveness and an intense yet genuinely friendly rivalry, though they maintain a rock-solid mutual respect beneath the endless ball-busting and will always have the other's back, even if out of a "I'm the only one allowed to defeat you!" vibe? I'm very much a fan of that too.

Romance between rivals who figured out they work far better as partners and lovers!
Those above two pics...magnificence.
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Oct 24, 2010



These general settings:
  • Dystopian/apocalyptic settings
  • Strict realism
  • Dark fantasy and low/no-magic fantasy (think Game of Thrones in overall tone)
  • Dark superhero settings and deconstructions
  • Heavy sci-fi
  • Horror
  • Historical fiction and nonfiction

Narratives where everything’s “serious”, but in the sense of “serious settings must be gratuitously bleak 24/7 and full of indefatigable hyper-cynical nihilism, unrelenting Dickensian-level suck and utterly hopeless dogshit outcomes, just like we think reality is literally all the time”. Pass.

Misery porn.
Narratives where the setting’s an endlessly-nightmarish hellhole of 24/7 brutal systemic oppression and sexual assault. Someone's viciously betrayed or degraded/violated/murdered every ten minutes, rape is a common form of social interaction, no good deed goes unpunished, being an amoral or evil asshole is the only option for survival (anyone who tries to be a decent person is necessarily naive and invariably winds up brutally traumatized, broken or killed for their trouble), and virtually every character's an unsympathetic bastard who is some combination of insane, callous, sadistic, hateful, self-centered, cruel and awful.

Aggressively brooding/miserable/wangsty and "2darkntortured4u!" edgelords.
Ever listen to Batman's Untitled Self-Portrait from The Lego Movie? Think that. :p

Female un-friendly sexuality.
Narratives where sex and lust are treated as intrinsically deviant or evil; any overtly ambitious/assertive/strong-minded/sexual woman invariably winds up punished, "corrupted", lessened in status, or raped (with said rape typically being portrayed as a positive course correction).

I'm not looking to fetishize, glamourize or romanticize any form of discrimination (racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, misandry, etc.), or have them be unremarkable and "par for the course" in a setting (the offender expecting to get off scot-free).

"Submissive only" female characters.

"Unsympathetic bastard vs. unsympathetic bitch" being the line's central conflict or main couple.

"Pillow princesses".
Painfully naïve/inert/passive ingénues who show no sexual enthusiasm, equate "submissive" with "limp and selfish", or act like they've never even heard of sex.

Aggressively passive/helpless damsels-in-perpetual-distress with no self-agency who need constant rescue.

Lines where virginity is equated with purity/goodness, or serves as a major plot focus.

Largely negative, sleazy or toxic relationships.
Pairings built on a foundation of romanticized trauma and constant degradation/debasement, or where one (or both) parties are relentlessly abusive, awful assholes to each other. (Hatefucking every once in a while is fine, but I'll pass on pairings where that's the only type of fucking they do.)
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Oct 24, 2010



When it comes to sexy funtimes, I'm very much a fan of sex positivism between characters. This doesn't necessarily equate to "vanilla": Whether the scene is sweet or spicy, whips and candle wax, silk scarves and lovemaking by candlelight or hot and heavy fucking in an alleyway, I'm requiring all three of the following in a scene.

1. Sex being fun and enjoyable for all involved. I'm not looking for scenes where sex is portrayed as just a tool to brutalize someone and make them inferior and "less than", or where the act itself is treated as a loathsome obligation to numbly and impassively/grudgingly endure.


2. All involved parties must explicitly, knowingly, and enthusiastically verbally consent. Consent isn't just mandatory, but sexy. I'm not really into scenarios involving sharply clouded/inhibited judgment (someone being drunk or drugged), creepy coercive trickery (brainwashing, hypnosis, mind control, the Bed Trick trope, etc) or predatory coercion (one party's consent is based entirely on fear, discomfort or being pressured; they can't refuse).

3. The main goal is collaborative mutual satisfaction (i.e. the characters actively getting each other off :)). I'll pass on scenarios where pleasure is largely one-sided, or where sex is something one party must be explicitly manipulated/deceived/forced into against their will.


Clean footplay (the female character being the focus)❶
Lighthearted damsel-in-distress kink and playful erotic peril❷
Gentle/sensual femdom❸
Rough loving passion and fight-fucking❹
Uniform/outfit play❺
Equal or “switch” bedroom dynamics
Fiery, assertive women
Females wearing nylons/stockings/pantyhose
Clothed/semi-clothed sex
Sensory play
Older woman/MILFs
Curvy women
Lighthearted, positive/loving BDSM
Oral (giving and receiving)
Aggressive or forceful cunnilingus (MC giving to YC)
Drawn out foreplay
Interracial relationships (no racism or raceplay)
Anal sex/assplay and rimming (giving-100% clean only)
Light bondage
General female body appreciation/body worship
Use of magic/powers during sex (minus removal of free will)
Light foodplay

❶ Foot worship, massaging/caressing, footjobs, licking, kissing, toe sucking and short, the male character (MC) giving focused attention upon a female's (YC) bare or nylon/pantyhose-covered legs and feet. Not interested in footplay being depicted to abuse/degrade/humiliate/kinkshame someone, or make them "less than". I'm looking for this to be a mutually-shared kink and erotic experience both characters are comfortable with and freely enjoy: Sexy teasing, a welcome extension of foreplay and general body worship in fully savoring the female form, that sort of thing. I'm very much craving this niche kink.

❷ I'm looking for this to have a campy Saturday morning villain cartoon tone and humorous/kinky (see this GIF)--even sweet--vibe where the male "inflicts" pleasure on the "distressed damsel" to tease and (enjoyably) tease her into submission: Copious caresses, kissing, fondling, blindfolds, ropes, spanking, teasing-and-denial, strip-teasing, ladies in lingerie/uniforms/office wear, sensory play, gentle domination, possible use of sex toys, forced orgasms, aftercare and seduction, etc. I'm not interested in "bad ends", or scenarios with a genuinely rapey vibe (the girl totally hating the experience, or being brutalized/tortured/"broken" into compliance). Very much craving this niche kink.

❸ A relationship dynamic where the female's the more assertive one who generally calls the shots and takes the initiative. She makes the first move, she's on top in bed (except when she doesn't want to be, though I'm also fine with this type of dynamic)...and the guy is totally fine (and secure) with that. Very much craving this niche kink, and I'd be game for basing a line around one of these image inspirations from the oddly-wholesome yet very NSFW Welcome to Heaven blog: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

❹ Erotic pain, rough room-trashing fuck sessions, light dom/sub play, scratching, biting, sexual exhaustion, light BDSM, whips, etc. These are all fine as long as informed consent and aftercare (if needed) are elements in the scene.

❺ Females wearing nylons/stockings/pantyhose, uniforms, power suits/skirts, various types of dresses, lingerie, heels, skirts and suchlike. (Think seductive or sexy, rather than whorish or slutty.)


Consensual feigned resistance❶
Lighthearted forced pleasure❷
Anal sex (MC receiving)
Heavy bondage
Pegging (MC receiving)
Ladies with cocks (partner character)
Lighthearted forced orgasms
Somnophilia/sleepy sex
Transgender females (partner character)
Imperfect/awkward sex

❶ This is the closest I'll go to doing dub-con. The woman being annoyed, snarky and aggravated about the situation is fine. Situations where the woman totally/sincerely hates the experience, or is brutalized/tortured/"broken" into compliance? Nahhhhh, fam.

❷ I'm open to this, but I’m wanting it portrayed as mutually consensual from the outset (no “turning rape into con” twists), complete with a safe word in case things get too intense.


Filth and grossness❶
Cruel or degrading femdom❷
"Submissive only" female characters
Malicious abuse
Sexually naive/ignorant ingenues
Adultery and cheating (95% of the time)
Heavy focus or fetishization of virginity
1st and 2nd-person POV
Bimbofication and sluttification
Graphic/extreme violence and gore
Vanilla shaming
Hatefucking as a frequent/constant element in lines

❶ "Slobby" characters, bad hygiene, dirty/gross feet, graphic gore, bodily secretions, STDs, grunge, and anything that belongs in a toilet or biohazard waste container. (Sweat's fine, but let's assume characters have showered within the past few hours.)

❷ Femdom focused on genital torture/violence (cock ball torture, castration, ballbusting, etc.), emasculation, degradation, or belittling men as pathetic wretches fit only to be regularly humiliated and stripped of their self-worth.
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Oct 24, 2010



  • Writing Sample 1 | Pokémon (short)
    Scene-Setting Music: "Hyrule Castle Courtyard" (Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time)​

    The outdoor café was full of trainers and Pokémon alike, so there was little notice of a chubby-cheeked, cream-furred squirrel gracefully alighting on one of the fences. He lightly sniffed the air in anticipation; after having missed breakfast and facing a pink-haired fighter named Maylene in an impromptu sparring battle—he could blame that battle-crazed Bisharp for challenging her Lucario—he was starving. Something...rather, some things smelled exquisite, but it was a sweet flaky aroma that drew his attention. He was going to get a sample before his master and the others showed up.

    The squirrel took to the skies, lazily floating on the breeze towards the aroma's source. A few moments of looking around, and his eyes locked onto a small pastry, oozing with vanilla frosting and what appeared to be a red—mmm, strawberry—filling. Fresh from the oven, he could tell from the still light trail of steam. And the redhead at the table was too busy eating and daydreaming to even notice.

    A sly smile on his innocent face, he landed on a polished street lamp and steeled himself. It had been so long, and he couldn't help a momentary walk down the path of nostalgia. A smooth downward descent from the lamp to the table, and a quicker Aerial Ace-powered escape would do the trick; he'd be in and out in a flash if timed right. It had been a while since he engaged in his first great love, but the Emolga knew he could shake off the dust. And besides, surely she wouldn't mind contributing to a Pokémon’s health by offering one of those desserts...

  • Writing Sample 2 | Supernatural Fantasy
    Scene-Setting Music: "Super Mario 64-Ultimate Bowser Epic Orchestral Cover" (T.L.B. Orchestration)​

    It had taken quite a while, taken a bit more effort than he had liked, but it had finally happened. Sitting on his throne, a glass of wine in his hand, the ebon-skinned archdevil Iblis lightly sipped from it as he watched a large bed-like platform appear from the darkness. The figure lying prone on the bed, who would likely be waking up within mere moments, had been glanced at covetously by his generals, reflecting respect and more than a hint of naked jealousy for his magnificent prize. This was no regular woman he had bested in combat, had captured and brought to this palace of crystal and shadow. This was the feared and vaunted High Priestess Princess Candala, one of the most powerful mortal servants of the Lords of Good.

    He had little need to read the auras of the E and D-class youma to know what they would enjoy doing to the raven-haired woman; simple-minded creatures such as they were ruled by their lusts and animalistic natures. But this priestess...both a heroine of justice and a priestess to boot; purity radiated from her like heat from a star. Red eyes closed as the plot he had in mind reverberated in his head. Once she awakened, he'd see for himself just how 'pure' this woman was. For after all, the brightest lights often cast the darkest shadows.

    As if on command, as the glass of wine was sipped once more, the beauty began to stir. It spoke well that her expression changed from sleepy confusion to fierce defiance in a heartbeat, a holy word on the tip of her tongue and body alight with divine energy.
    "Stay your hand, priestess." A thin smile graced the man's face, a face that was perfectly human save for his bright golden eyes. Turning to the chattering demons around him, many hungrily gazing at his captive, one snap of his fingers had them disperse. Though some rumbled discontentedly that they wouldn't see their lord destroy one of their greatest enemies, their respect and fear of his power far outweighed any minor indignation. Within a few moments, it was only he and the fiery nemesis within that 'room', dark purple flame providing just enough light for them to see each other clearly. There was no need to read her mind; the questions were clear enough in her eyes.

    "You are in my personal domain; thus, your spiritual flames are...suppressed by the darkness. And to presume the second, I have little desire to kill you. If I had," here Iblis glanced at the woman with a wry toothy grin, "you would have been the first to know."

    Rising from his throne, the arch devil prowled close to the glaring woman. "As for my desired endgame...hmm." That low rumble echoed through the seemingly endless hall, his boots clacking as he approached the baleful princess. Placing himself on the massive bed, one hand caressed the unearthly rich scarlet silk as the other stroked his chin pensively.

    "I would consider it more a service, than a desire. It is, simply expose you to truth, priestess." That quiet smile never left his face as he moved even closer to the brown-eyed woman, smelling something spicy and utterly intoxicating. Small wonder the lower-class demons were chomping at the bit to get at her, beyond mere vengeance at the goddess she swore herself to. "I'm going to free you up, and reveal your true self."

    His clawed fingers caressed her cheek gently, teasingly. "I assure you this will be quite an enlightening evening for us both."

  • Writing Sample 3 | Medieval Fantasy
    Scene-Setting Music: "Ramirez's Theme" (Skies of Arcadia)​

    The hoarse pleas for water, light—for death—went unregarded; long experience taught Veil to not acknowledge such whimperings. Unconsciously, one black-gloved hand gripped the hilt of his ever-present longsword, both as a personal comfort and a public warning to those whose tongues would slip along with their minds. Veil far preferred a clean, quick death. Swift and painless deliverance to whatever god his target prayed to held much greater mercy than throwing them into a bleak tomb to die in squalor, torture and solitude. Even better for a man to die unjustly yet swiftly and receive peace in the Heavens than to justly suffer for years, lingering on in this world with no hope of sampling its delights ever again.

    This grim place brought little joy to his heart; confining people to wither away in the oppressive darkness, forgotten yet not allowed to fall into death's embrace., existing knowing that every day spent here was one away from the light, from the loved ones and family whose hearts were undoubtedly scarred or broken from their fellow's fate. For out of the hundreds of men and women that have been placed in this particular prison over the centuries, only a literal handful received clemency. The rest were condemned to lingering deaths, their names and deeds erased from the histories at best, their entire family slain for "being complicit in enabling treachery" at worst.

    Steel eyes surveyed the meticulously clean halls, the bleak gray stone, guttering flame and chill in the air a perfect match for the ominous surroundings. Unlike mundane prisons, where the typical criminal would do penance for their sins then be--eventually--released back into the world, this prison contained traitors of considerable power whose crimes were against king and country. Because the majority of prisoners were demonologists and others of great sorcerous power, special methods were taken in the prison's construction, the least of which being the very material blunting all magic save those with the royal blessing. Combined with seasoned knights trained in neutralizing and countering many common magics, clerics able to reveal—or tear—the truth from liars and torturers that operate with an artist’s eye and templar’s conviction, and it was no wonder that many here pleaded for immediate execution or attempted suicide. The latter occurred often enough in the past that a small legion of skilled white mages revivify those attempting to speed on their demise, to later receive a proper lesson in pain from the torturers. There would be no escape from the proper justice.

    Yet, a tiny part of him couldn't help but notice that, once bereft of their magic, more than a few arrogant sorceresses, haughty devil cultists and prideful mages fell into despair, offering false information on royal conspirators or more...personal favors in exchange for freedom. Once torn away from whatever divine, fey, infernal or abyssal force powered their magic, a surprising number crumbled, reduced to pitiful wretches willing to betray their former allies—even families—for their own survival. (Not that such a thing was restricted to magic-wielders alone, of course.) The Slayer of Domiel knew such thoughts required sincere confession to a priest once his business here was concluded, but he lightly reveled in confirmation of a long-held belief...

    Magic was as much a crutch as it as a tool.

  • Writing Sample 4 | High Fantasy
    Scene-Setting Music: "Dark Egyptian Music-Mists of Egypt" (Fantasy & World Music by the Fiechters)​

    Though merely a crescent moon this night, its light from high above shone over the desert kingdom like a freshly minted coin, a blanket of night and twinkling stars wrapping itself above the city and the people within. Below in the surrounding towns, lights began to flicker out as families tucked their children into warm safe beds, the day's tasks brought to a close. The soldiers quietly walked through the sandy streets; aside from those seeking to roister in pubs and alleys—not to mention those seeking more personal entertainments with a madam's ladies—the streets were calm and peaceful. Even the royal guards within the castle, men and women sworn to the protection of the Sultan and Royal Family, felt their edge blunted this night by the refreshingly warm air and tranquility. In short, there was no need for concern or worries, vigilance able to be relaxed if just for one night.

    It only made things blessedly easier for the young man currently prowling through the marbled halls.

    Making it to the Princess's private bedchambers, Lucien placed one gloved hand on the door, only to swiftly draw it back with a wince. While it seemed she temporarily disarmed the silent alarm spells, the wards were still in place; even with enchanted gloves and a moment's contact, it felt like he had touched lightning. Small wonder there were no guards; any solid contact would reduce a would-be assassin to ash without disturbing the royal slumber. Fortunately, though the mage taught everything she currently knew about warding and protective magics, he hadn’t even come close to teaching her everything he did. This he swiftly proved by pulling out a long raven strand of hair, plucked from Isis’s head during her swordplay lesson (or really his, since she was the Blademaster; that hair had nearly cost him a hand). Having a personal item was essential for a tracking charm, and the spell he had in mind he calculated would be strong enough to place him right next to the Sultan’s daughter.

    Normally sedate robes of blue with a dash of silver were replaced with richly crafted robes of deep crimson, stitched golden flames dancing amidst obsidian that literally swirled as if the fire was real. A quick glance at a silver mirror before the teleportation cast a reflection of the archetypal evil sorcerer from childrens' tales, seeking to corrupt and ruin all at the command of his infernal lords. Since Isis wanted this to be authentic--and peering at the door to ensure she wasn't in hearing--the brown-eyed male gave a practice evil laugh.

    "Hm hm hmm...feh."

    The would-be dark mage sighed. That just sounded odd. It lacked true villainy, like a child half-remembering a particularly jaunty tune. He tried again.

    "Hyoh hyoh!"

    His reflection looked cross. Still no good. The rough textured croak was more fitting a thirsty hag than a malevolent sorcerer. And what inspired him to go "hyoh"? This time, he took a deep breath, drawing in from the gut for a true try.

    "HA HA HA HA HA!!"

    Lucian nodded in approval. That was a laugh. Powerful and confident, with just enough cackle to show he was a bit unbalanced and seriously dangerous, but not enough to make him utterly insane.

    Muttering a chant to have his hands and body wrapped in thick obscuring black mist, the newly minted diabolist appeared right in front of the startled royal. Lucien fixed a wicked smile on his face, eyes raking Isis up and down in a shamelessly lascivious manner (an effect slightly blunted by the hot blush on his cheeks). While he may have been the sorcerer, it was the Sultan's daughter who was hotter than the desert. Immediately getting into his role, the mage schooled his lips into a smug grin, his tone feigning offense as he stepped forward.
    "It is very late, Princess Isis. And the guards sworn to your safety have all gone. Do you not know the threat of the night, or do you simply choose to ignore it in hopes bored diabolists decide to visit?"

  • Writing Sample 5 | Modern-Day
    Scene-Setting Music: "A Cup of Coffee" (DJ Okawari)​


    "I say you don't need a thing from foreign countries!
    Here's your coffee, Bert!
    Coffee?! Ha ha ha ha..."

    Every Thursday afternoon, Marcel St. Croix had a ritual that had been taking place for three years running. From 3:30 to 5 PM, he would just sit in his apartment suite, bathing in the sunlight as one of his favorite songs filled the air. In a world increasingly interconnected, where privacy was fast becoming a luxury even billionaires couldn't afford, sometimes you just needed to get away. And while he was fairly well-off, he wasn't could have a vacation on the drop of a dime well-off, so this was his method. His cell phone was switched off, his desktop computer closed; even his flat-screen TV was switched off so as to not intrude upon this refreshing of body and spirit. It was just the writer, his thoughts, his pad (in case inspiration hit) and his stereo playing smooth tunes. Odd and eccentric? Perhaps. But in a society where eccentric was often a euphemism for deranged or asshole, it was an essentially harmless practice.

    Pale green eyes glanced at the door, a dark-skinned hand waving away at the intruder (as if it could actually seen) in mental dismissal, returning to drinking his spiritual cup of coffee. Whatever it was can wait. Or so he would have thought were it not for the very familiar aristocratic voice, bone-deep exhaustion creeping through her well-kept tones.

    This had to be important, given it was A) Brittney breaking through his Thursday ritual (not even she was exempt), and B) the lack of confidence in her voice. Unable to ignore, Marcel strode over to the door, unlocking it to see the slightly shorter woman waiting for him, playing with her braid. The lingering droplet from her right eye caught his attention, as did the near look of...defeat? Stepping aside to allow her to enter his apartment, his private time could wait.

    "Jesus. Had a rough day?"
    There were few things that could soften Marcel's heart faster than a crying woman. Though Brittany appeared largely stoic, every bit the regal "ice queen" with the stiff upper lip, those two droplets were the equivalent of anyone else collapsing on the floor in a bitterly-sobbing heap. That she even allowed him to see that was touching.

    "Sit down on the couch." While the words were a request, his tone indicated he wouldn't take a no lightly. Fortunately he'd gone grocery shopping yesterday, so he could pour her a glass of ice-cold ginger ale. Pouring two glasses for them both, Marcel sat down the couch next to her, giving the blonde a compassionate smile. "I normally don't bring out the good stuff, but you need it. Tell me what's wrong."

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