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Jan 14, 2020
This thread is constantly being updated at the moment. I am a very erratic person. Sorry not sorry!

♡ Hello, just a disclaimer, I'm fairly new to erotic roleplay but everyone starts somewhere! I have however roleplayed before (without smut) on and off for a good few years and enjoyed it immensely. I've also written some fanfiction but not much because I get a bit bored just having to jump off my own thoughts. ♡

Now for what you came for!
I prefer my plot/smut ratio to be 60/40 or less smut, but this can be negotiable! My moods change and sometimes I'm really just craving smut. I really like the build-up to the sex, it makes it all the more meaningful and exciting. I love character development and all that romance mushy shit in between, but I also don't mind my character being fucked senseless somewhere under all that. I usually alter between playing more gentle shy characters or stronger determined women, it really depends on the storyline and the other person's character traits. I generally like the opposite's attract dynamic regarding pairings and will add some pairings I like from movies or shows or books to the end of this thread to give you an idea of what I like. I play females aged 18-25 and like to play characters on the petite side. However, I'm also flexible and like to accommodate!

♡ I'm also quite picky so please do not take it personally if I do not respond to you.
♡ I do third-person only, and 2-3 paragraph length is fine with me.
♡ I also prefer to only roleplay via PMs.
♡ I appreciate literacy.

♡ Stuff I'm into: Pure vanilla icecream -> Vanilla icecream with some peppers.
- Teasing
- Foreplay/Oral
- Dirty-talk
- Rough sex/Daddy kink
- Ropes
- Creampie
- Hair-pulling/Choking/Spanking

♡ No-nos:
- Gore
- Underage
- Incest
- Scat/Pee
- Degrading/Humiliation
- Pregnancy
- Rape

If what you want is not in my no-no list, chances are that I'm okay with it, but please ask just to make sure! Above are just things I particularly enjoy.
I may make an F-list in the future.

♡ Story Ideas: (WIP!)
1. Loyal bodyguard or protector and feisty princess or damsel in distress. These two are forced to embark on an adventure and go through many challenges, fighting monsters etc due to some circumstances. Set in medieval times or in a fantasy world.

2. Beauty and the Beast type scenario. Any day and age.

♡ Pairings from pop culture that I like:
Rapunzel x Flynn Rider from Tangled
Jack Skellington x Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
Elizabeth Bennet x Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice
Clary x Jace from The Mortal Instruments series
Fiona x Marshall from Adventure Time
Scarlet x Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles #2
Cinder x Captain from The Lunar Chronicles #3
If I think of more I'll add them in ^^.

♡ General pairings that I like:
Teacher x Student
Doctor/Therapist x Patient
Boss x Secretary
Vampire x Human

♡ You've reached the end of the thread! ♡
If you have questions or are interested in starting a roleplay, please don't be afraid to PM me. ♡
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