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Fx Any Fandom & Celebrity Stories! <Looking to double up!>


Feb 5, 2019

So I'll keep this part of the thread nice and short with just some general information about what I'm looking for, and focus on what kind of fandom stuff I'm into! I'd prefer to play against canon characters in most of the fandoms but I'd be down to work out original characters too. I view myself as pretty flexible so most of these ideas could be adjusted, although I do have some limits that I don't want to include under any circumstances. More information about me could be found on my 'general thread', and I'm open to any other ideas coming from you as well! Hope to get in touch with you soon!

Some basic 'rules':
I've decided to post this here because I am searching for some more partners. I am willing to write as female characters in most plots (as long as they respect my limits), but I would usually expect the same in return. That means both of us will play female and male character(s)! We can work out two completely separated stories, or work something out where both of us play some male and some female characters! Don't hesitate to message me if this sounds interesting to you.

Any characters should at least be 16+ - ones that are underage would have to be aged up for the sake of the roleplay!
This thread will get updated once I get interested in more fandoms, or remember anything that I might've forgotten!
  • Multiple characters - group sex, polygamy, orgies, ...
  • Interracial pairings - I'm up to play as and against all races, within or not within interracial situations.
  • Female bodies - Large or small breasts, petite or phat asses.. All - well, most - is good for me!
  • Outdoor & (semi-)public.
  • Rough and/or passionate sex.
  • Light name calling - again, purely to add to the moment. Nothing abusive or too degrading/humiliating.
  • Anal, oral & vaginal - including all at the same time!
  • Deepthroating, face fucking and boobjobs.
  • Teasing & flirting. - Building up throughout the whole thing is definitely appreciated.
  • And much more could be included!
  • Rape, non-con, dub-con, blackmail, and so on. I won't do anything if there's not 100% consent from both ends.
  • Extreme abuse. I'm up for rough sex but let's not cross the line to bruising and beating each other up.
  • Toiletplay. This includes anything - scat, piss, vomit, diapers, and so on.
  • Vomit and blood.
  • Animals/children.
  • MxM pairings.
  • Anything similar, really!
Keep in mind that any of the ideas might include spoilers, although I try to avoid them when I can!

Ideas about movies and TV shows.
I'm not sure what the general opinions about this show are, but I definitely enjoyed watching it! And I also think it has an awesome set-up for a roleplay! I'm thinking we could start off pretty simple, with a group of people arriving to the 'good place' yet eventually, it turns out to not be exactly like it seems.

Female characters I'd be willing to include:
  • Eleanor.
  • Tahani.
  • Janet.
  • ...
  • OCs?
Of course, everyone would be aged up during the story! I've recently started rewatching The Last Airbender on Netflix, and am planning to catch up with The Legend of Korra once I'm done with that! I would love to work out some stories based around those to be fair, since there are plenty of interesting situations to explore, and characters to get smutty with!

Some ideas I came up with so far, which I would be more than eager to include into a longterm story!

The Last Airbender: When a gorgeous Water Tribe girl and her brother find the Avatar frozen in ice, there's not really any time to debate. They have to help him save the world, whatever that takes! (Basically, this could be a light-hearted and smutty version of the actual show, where we can play out whatever we want. There'd still be plenty of action and adventure, but we add our own twist to it! Like always, this idea is pretty open so we can discuss the details together! Think about getting Aang warmed up after he's been frozen for a 100 years, intense fights with sensual endings, the Kyoshi warriors throwing a party as the avatar visits their island, and so on! There are plenty of possibilities.)

Tales from the Fire Nation: This would start off as an Ty Lee x OC pairing, where the two of them meet somewhere in the Fire Nation, and slowly fall in love. However, it wouldn't just stop there since Azula and Mai get involved, requiring Ty Lee to go along with them to find the Avatar as well as Zuko. That would be the start of the adventure, but also the beginning of their polygamous relationship...

After the War: When the Fire Lord finally falls, there is a brief moment of complete peace between the four Nations. The Water Tribes try to restore themselves after the heavy losses, the Earthbenders take back their cities and even the Fire Nation - most of them atleast - is glad that the war is finally over. Our heroes get a moment to settle down together. Aang and Katara get themselves a nice house as the Avatar believes his job is over for now, Sokka and Suki travel around the world together without having to worry about fighting. Toph returns to her family who finally don't see her as helpless anymore, and there's even a happy ending for the Fire Nation group. However, it doesn't take long before a new problem shows up... (This could be as simple as a new war breaking out a couple of years later, but we could think bigger. One of the cities struggling with a mysterious serial killer? One of the original group getting kidnapped? An apocalypse breaking out? There's plenty of ideas!)

Also, what happens with Azula, Ty Lee and Mai after the war ends?

Female characters I'd be willing to include:
  • Katara
  • Toph
  • Azula
  • Suki
  • Princess Yue
  • Ty Lee
  • Mai
  • June
  • OCs
- It's a new year, which means a new edition of the Hunger Games! I imagine we could start this off at the beginning of the very first movie, where 24 new tributes get picked during the reaping. We create a cast to drop in the area, and have a story full of action and romance, which would definitely take a smutty turn as well!

- Could but doesn't have to be a sequel of my first idea, but what happens with the victors after winning the Hunger Games under 'normal' circumstances? I think it might be pretty interesting to play out how one of the victors' life plays out. This could be some kind of romance story where he/she finally meets someone he/she start trusting after the traumatic events in the arena, or he/she just lets loose and goes to all kinds of parties inside of the Capitol. He/she could get close - too close - to his/her family, or meet a group of previous victors who show him/her the ropes of living the best life possible. After all, he/she deserves it after becoming a victor...

Female characters I'd be willing to include:
  • Katniss Everdeen.
  • Prim Everdeen - aged up!
  • Glimmer. (1st movie, tribute of district 1)
  • Clove. (1st movie, tribute of district 2)
  • Johanna Mason. (2nd movie, tribute of district 7)
  • Effie, maybe?
  • OCs.
For this, I don't want to change too much about the plotline of the show, which is pretty great in my opinion. A group of people get dropped on an island with no memory of who they are, and how they got there. They'd have to deal with surviving the island and each other while also trying to figure out where they are, and why. I think it opens up a lot of opportunities as well for fun scenes as well as some action and drama.

Female characters I'd be willing to include.
  • Chase
  • K.C.
  • Blair.
  • Taylor.
  • Hayden.
  • Bonnie.
  • OCs.
- I really want to do some kind of spin-off story about Rosita and Abraham where they decide to go their own way, and get into all kinds of trouble like that. New people - allies, enemies and maybe even lovers - cross their path, and we could go any way we want with this!

- Just starting off from any point in either of the series, and work out our own story with our favorite cast members.

- Cross-over story. After the Governor destroyed the prison, Rick Grimes and his group of survivors have to flee away and find a new spot. It wouldn't take long until they run into another group of survivors - Roberta Warren, Murphy and the others - and it wouldn't take long before they get into conflict either . Both had bad encounters in the past, especially with someone like Murphy who basically looks like a walker, but doesn't act like one at all. It takes a while, but eventually Roberta decides to be completely honest with the other group. Our favorite hero of apocalypse stories Rick Grimes can't help but offer his help, so the two groups decide to travel together as they head for California - where the main lab is, to extract blood from Murphy, the only man alive to survive a bite from multiple walkers. It wouldn't take long before the groups start to get to know each other, with - again - a bunch of action, romance and smut!

Female characters I'd be willing to include.
  • Rosita (TWD)
  • Lori (TWD)
  • Maggie (TWD)
  • Beth (TWD)
  • Michonne (TWD)
  • Sasha (TWD)
  • Roberta (Z-Nation)
  • Addison (Z-Nation)
  • Cassandra (Z-Nation)
  • Red (Z-Nation)
  • Sun Mei (Z-Nation)
  • ...
  • OCs.
Possibly: Van Hellsing (TV Show) could be very interesting as an alternative apocalypse world!!
- I recently started watching the final season, and I would really like to play out a happy ending for Maritza. An alternate story where she gets the life that she wanted so badly - she meets the guy of her dreams, most likely an NBA player, gets to enjoy many great parties and just live her best life without getting locked up again. Maybe her best friend on the inside (Flaca) gets out as well, and they meet up...

- Mixed prison experiment - this one is pretty simple. A group of the girls get involved in an experiment with the government where minimum security prisons would be mixed to save money and see if it influences the rehabilitation progress. That means new surroundings with a bunch of new, interesting people to meet - and this time, there are male inmates involved as well. Details could, like always, get discussed.

- I'd be down for a similar story like the one above, where some of the girls get transferred into a new prison but stick with only females - so without any silly government experiment!

Female characters I'd be willing to include!
  • Flaritza (Flaca and Maritza)
  • Nicky
  • Dayanara Diaz
  • Lorna
  • Maria Ruiz
  • Gloria Mendoza
  • Aleida Diaz
  • Stella
  • Piper
  • ...
  • OCs.
I'll be very honest - my knowledge about DC is pretty limited but I really liked Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, and with the new movie coming up, I couldn't help but think of a new idea including her. It's only loosely based onto the movies to be quite fair, but it will pretty much resolve around Harley Quinn!

Plot: It had been a few days since the Joker had passed away - this time, he didn't find a way to escape it - and Harley wasn't sure what to do with herself. After being on the loose for a while, she decided that she couldn't just let his legacy die. Her eyes land onto a young guy - MC - and she is desperate to get someone to replace Mr. J. Using her usual charms, a bunch of seduction and maybe the personality already fits the description, she manages to turn this guy into the king of crime to run Gotham together with her - or maybe she moved into a new city, as Gotham carries too much memories for her. (I was thinking they could eventually, and at a slow pace, get together a harem of criminals. Male and female, preferably!)

Fandoms I'm into, but don't have any specific ideas for at the very moment of writing this down!

The Originals.
(Possibly one of the only cartoons I'd be willing to RP around but I'm open to other suggestions!)
  • Lana Kane.
  • Cheryl Tunt.
  • Katya Kazanova.
British TV show.
My knowledge on the DC universe is pretty limited other than this show!
  • Barbara Kean
  • Selina Kyle
  • Fish Mooney
  • Tabitha
  • Sofia Falcone
  • Lee Thompkins
Wynonna Earp.
Teen Wolf.

Ideas about celebrities.
We all know these kinds of 'Late Night Shows' hosted by people like Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien. Some of us like them, some of us don't - but that doesn't matter when some big shots in the industry decided to bring out a new, improved version. It would be the newest place to discuss some very private matters with all kinds of celebrities. Rumors would get settled, fantasies and kinks would get exposed - and even fulfilled - and the fans would finally get their naughtiest questions answered. All of it would happen live on television, and it would be the start of a new era!
This would be the very classical 'normal guy starts dating celebrity' idea, but there'd be a little twist. At the start, it would be about the celebrity who meets the man of her dreams through Tinder, at a party, maybe even at a meet & greet, whatever. It doesn't matter that much where they meet. They'd start dating, and slowly but surely get involved in a proper relationship together. The guy would be a regular man who's never been involved in the industry yet he's suddenly dating one of the hottest women who happened to be very involved in Hollywood. There'd be a bunch of secrets that nobody knows about however, and he's about to find out... They're definitely going to create their own secrets!
A group of guys (16-21 years old) are hanging out together. They are home alone so they decide to have a little party together. Music is blasting through the house as they have some drinks and play games together. It's all very relaxing and fun until the doorbell suddenly rings. The host of the house panics a bit as he figures they would be in trouble, but it's just the celebrity living next-doors with a bunch of friends coming over to crash the party.
A group of celebrities decide to live together in a mansion together. They'd all have different reasons for it - one of them might have lost a lot of money and takes the chance to keep living her wealthy lifestyle, while another one might do it as some sort of publicity stunt. I think the most important reason would still be the fact that they'd have a bunch of fun together, as their lives would be filled with wild parties and hanging out with awesome people. They could do photo shoots together, and just have access to a broad fan base as well as having the time of their life.
Two celebrities and their husbands/boyfriends end up swinging. They could be at a party and head home together to get another round of drinks, and things just get very heated. Maybe the celebrities are going on tour together, and their lovers are going with them as well - the tour bus wouldn't give them too much privacy, and one thing leads to another. They might as well be two actresses who are starring in the same movie, and they are desperate for some release on one of the busy film days. It doesn't bother them too much that the others are around since they share the same dressing room, and eventually get involved all together... Those are just a couple of options to get this story started, but slowly yet surely they'd get more involved into the lifestyle together!
Porn Company 'Blacked' is coming out with another website to their business. The idea is very simple - they would start making videos where celebrities get fucked by black guys, preferably for the first time. They'd use different means to accomplish this. Some celebrities would be more than eager to come to the studio with the intention of shooting their first porn video, while others would be seduced by the most charming of Blacked's actors who are going out there in the real world. They'd make videos in all kinds of settings, slowly but surely taking over the celebrity scene just like they have taken over a big part of the porn industry...
Hollywood and the porn industry have always been very separated. Surely there are sex scenes in movies but things are usually covered up with a high amount of skills. There are a bunch of dirty music videos out there, but there's always a line between provocative dancing and sex - a very thin line at times but still. What if some director decides to finally cross that line, as some sort of experimental new movie. He could be very known in the industry so he's willing to take a risky shot, or he's not known at all so he wants to try and make a name for himself. He'd put together an interesting cast who is okay with the idea - maybe get some pornstars involved as well either to direct the sex scenes and give advice, or to play a proper role with the movie - and they start filming! Fun assured, on camera and off camera...
What happens when a rich businessman and a pornstar get married, and move into Hollywood - or another wealthy neighborhood where all kinds of celebrities live. They'd have a very openminded relationship and a wild lifestyle together, and they might definitely be a bad influence onto the celebrities living around them. Or a good one, since it depends how you would look at it!

Cast: Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra, Kevin Jonas & Danielle Jonas as well another married couple (OCs). Possibly could be other Hollywood couples like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott but the Jonas Brothers are just my favorite choices at the moment!

Getting back in touch with an old childhood friend, Sophie Turner invites her over to catch up at a local bar. Of course, they both bring along their husbands and as the night progresses, they slowly start getting along better until they end up in the same bedroom together - all four of them exploring the swingers' lifestyle for the first time. Afterwards, the other Jonas Brothers and their wives would get involved too...
Cast: Nicki Minaj, male and/or female actors/dancers, other celebrities as features. In case you like the idea but don't want to play as Nicki, other celebrities might work as well. Some others that would come to mind for this scene are Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, ...

After having a successful career, Nicki started noticing that she was starting to lose her fame. Her new music wasn't making as much money as it used to, and her music videos weren't watched as much anymore. She wasn't ready to give up just yet, and decides to take a drastic move. She is known for her hot video clips already, and they had paid well in the past so she just needed to find a way to get her audience back - in the way of making the first XXX music video. Her manager would find her a deal with a porn company, hire some actors/actresses and a camera crew to shoot all kinds of scenes for Nicki's next career boost! Maybe another artist gets a feature on the song, and agrees to get involved as well...
(I've never actually watched the show but I get the idea, and I thought it would be fun to have a smuttier second part of it!)
Cast: Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner.

After 17 seasons of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians', the girls decide to take a break to focus onto some other stuff. They were planning on just stopping with the reality show, but eventually, the five sisters decide to do a second part. Very creative, they just go with 'Keeping up with the Kardashians 2', but this time - it's all about them. The rest of the family said no, maybe they even went through some divorces as well so they are ready to just have the time of their lives and broadcast it all over the world. Since they already have some experience with stuff like this, they would've realized that the view rates are much higher if they show off their bodies during episodes, or just include general 'hot' scenes so they decide to focus on that. But how long would it take for things to start escalating...
Possible cast: Bridgit Mendler, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Debby Ryan, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Ashley Tisdale, Raven-Symoné, Emily Osment, ... As well as OCs and possible male actors from Disney Channel!

After their fame on Disney Channel, most of the actresses part ways to do their own thing. However, one of them eventually decides to make a porn movie - could be for the money, or just for the excitement of stuff - and it blows up. Slowly, more of these girls who used to be Disney Channel's good girls jump on the trend, and it doesn't take long before some kind of network picks them up, and decides to make a ton of money with it - calling it 'Disney Channel XXX'!

These are mostly simple pairings that we could build an idea around!
  • Celebrity/Pornstar x fan.
  • Celebrity/Pornstar x manager.
  • Celebrity/Pornstar x photographer.
  • Celebrity/Pornstar x lover/tinder match/fuckbuddy.
Internet Personalities:

And many more - shoot your suggestions!
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Feb 5, 2019
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