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Fx Male (Medieval, Fantasy) The revenge of the King - In need of a dominant Male


Aug 19, 2019
Welcome to my thread stranger!

About me:
I have roleplayed for quite a long while now and tend to enjoy literate roleplays. 2-3 Paragraphs should be able to do rather "easily", though I understand it isn't always possible. I like to know how a character feels, what he is thinking and so on. Also I prefer to reply multiple times a day, though if for you it isn't possible it is fine for me as well. I prefer PM or Discord.

The idea:
I haven't quite figured out a fully functional idea yet, however, I'm craving some medieval story. I'd like for it to be plot based, but definitely won't mind if there are some sexual szenes happening. Also I'd prefer for it to be "violent". The medieval wasn't peachy and there were always battles to fight and so on.

It's a rough time for the people living in the country Tel'Narae. Their beloved king had recently died due to the invasion of their land. The war is finally over, but there is now a new King, reigning with terror and fear. The defeat was hard to accept for the townsfolk. Feeling no sympathy for his people he increases taxes. Wanting to expand his country he collects more money than ever, recruiting many soldiers - even inviting the leader of the mercenaries (YC) to his castle. The king promises lots of money to the man, as well as giving him a young girl (MC) as a gift for his service.

The girl grew up as a witch, always in close contact with the nature and her beliefs. Usually she hides her hair, as witches are known for having unique and quite different hair than others. However, the odds seemed not to be in her favor as she got caught, doing some criminal activities. Thrown in the dungeon and awaiting to be burnt, the King comes up with the glorious idea to use her for his own purposes. Knowing the leader of the mercenaries would be likely to be happy about such a gift he gives her to him. Though are the reasons behind this nice little gesture really pure?


Also I like "The last Kingdom" and "Game of Thrones" etc... So he could as well be a Dane, Viking and we make up another story. E.g. the Danes want to take over some land and capture her.

YC can be whatever you want him to be.
If you have other ideas or want to add something, please don't hesitate to tell me all about it!

Anyway, come join me in a PM and let's talk about it - I'm sure we'll figure something out. You've read this far, you might as well do as I said. :3

Xx nighty
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