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Fx M or F For my second thread... (NSFW links)

Zoe Michaels

Jan 21, 2018
For this thread I want to revert back to my biggest turn on, young superheroines fighting crime and getting way in over their heads! It fun, its sexy and well, things happen when the villains get the upper hand. I do not want to go overly into detail but I have a general idea of this world. It is DC based, because I am a total DC girl but to make things easier to understand, it will take place on an else world or within the multiverse. Let's meet the superheroines, shall we?

Kara Kent was sent to Earth before Krypton's destruction with her cousin Kal-El but Kal's ship was knocked off course and she arrived on Earth all alone. Adopted by the Kent's, they raise her as their adopted daughter. As her powers develop and evolved, she started to secretly help out people around Smallville as a mysterious heroic guardian figure who will become Supergirl. In the meantime, she is an eighteen year old high school cheerleader who recently broke up with the her jock boyfriend, John Corben, and started dating the school's rich nerd, Alex Luthor.

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Jame Gordon, and was inspired to become something more when her father's hope of cleaning up Gotham seemingly fell hopeless since the murder of the entire Wayne Family years ago. A tech genius, fitness nut and fighting enthusiast leads her to becoming a heroine but the idea for becoming Batgirl after she fell into a well while trespassing with friends on the condemned Wayne Manor.

Princess Diana is no more than a teenager maturity wise within the eyes of the other Amazons as she is by far the youngest on the island. A true warrior but also educated in the history of her people and culture. She desires to know about man's world but her mother forbids her from leaving the island of Themysrica, but secretly the goddess Athena has informed her that destiny will make her Wonder Woman

Iris West was never meant to be The Flash but after Eobard Thawne killed Barry Allen as a child, the speed force chose her. After he realized his mistake, Thawne sought to steal Iris' speed but instead he created the incident in which Iris was exposed to the speed force and forever changed her future. A bit of a thrill seeker, and always out for an adrenaline rush, she started fighting crime to help her father out.

Jessica Cruz was traumatized when she witnessed a couple man hunter androids battle a green Lantern on Earth. During the battle, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan was mortally wounded and her best friends were killed in front of her. The only thing that saved her life was Hal's ring selecting her after she jumped in front of a blast to save her boyfriend Simon. Now selected to be a Green Lantern, she has been taken to space to train by other Green Lanterns.

Allison Curry was the child of a forbidden love between the Queen of Atlantis and a dry world man. Raised on land, she excelled at swimming to an Olympic level but the truth was revealed to her when a group of Atlantians attacked and would have killed her if not for the efforts of Vulko. Enlightened to her heritage, she seeks to stop Atlantis from destroying the Dry Land as the media dubbed Aqua Woman

Mary Batson was a runaway who was adopted multiple times before finally finding a home. After taking up for her family, she was selected by The Wizard to become Shazam. Believing her powers were a gift she could play with like a toy, she grows to love the media attention.

Laurel Lance is a rock star with a superhuman powerful voice. After a meta human attacks and hurts a bunch of her fans during one of her concerts, she became Black Canary. She takes to protecting Star City while other heroines protect their cities.

Zoe Michaels was an Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics, but when terrorists learned her father created a super soldier serum, she was kidnapped and held for ransome. When her father offered to reproduce the serum in exchange for her, she injected herself with the serum and became Liberty Star to save her father and our country.

As for setting, I do not want really dark and gritty bit I do want as real of a setting as possible. Villains should not be push overs, events should have true consequences and the heroines life should change along the way. If interested, message me. I want fun detailed stories that have a block buster movie feel.
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