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Fx Any Anyone up for some simple smutty funs, specially sloppy milf funs? NSFW


Sep 25, 2019
I'd like to do a very simple role play that can go a number of different ways, ether against a female character or a futa character or a young male character, with the idea in question being that your character has just turned 18 and has always had a crush on the sexy mature women of your town, the teachers, the milfs, the soccer mums, the principal, the sexy school nurse, the yoga teacher, the chocolate goddess, all them lovely beauty's who come in all shapes and sizes and levels of sexiness. now the goal of this role play is that your character wants to bang all of them, simple. feel free to suggest any scenario you think is fun, just keep in mind that while i do allow male characters, i'm more into playing against young shy/timid male characters as of this time.

Now my 3 main things i'm looking for right now are the following: one a long term role-play where your character gets a nice big harem of beautiful milfs and women as they continue through the role play, with the end goal being using all the milfs for something, maybe to open a brothel or a prostitute ring or something fun along those lines. secondly, i'm looking to play against shy/timid characters who break out of their shell to become confident at fucking and seducing milfs till their all their's to play with and enjoy, and last thing is a bit of detail and of course a whole bunch of fun to the role play with a lot of smut and kinky stuff and just fun dialogue.
New plot: i wanna play as a backed up sexy as hell furry milf against a human charecter. some really sloppy and pervy as hell fun.

Hunting Milfs idea: Wanna play as a monster lady or monster futa? we'll discuss a idea if you want to x3

Pizza delivery: the classic porno idea, milfs order pizza, you give them sausage. we can discuss how to make this more sexy and fun of course hehe.

An older sister is known as the school slut but has a huge crush on her younger brother's friend. In this scenario, you could play as a youngish (17/18ish age bracket, whatever the site rules are for age) Female, NB, or male, however i will need some convincing on male characters

A horny ass mother has a horny as fuck Futa daughter

A sexy older punk girl (thinking a big sister of a friend) has a thing for her brother's nerdy friends

A teenager is She Hulk's lover, fucking the city leveling green skinned woman into fucked silly stupors. you can play F, NB, or a male here, however same with the one above, youngish age, convining on playing a male character.

A girl goes on a tropical vacation only to be fucked to staying by one of the locals. you of course would be the Lady/futa who seduces/breaks the girl, and i would be the holiday girl.

A white nerd gets revenge on his black bully by fucking his mom.

Whatever you wanna bring to the table, all ideas are worth discussing. if you come to me please pick out 3-5 pictures for milfs you want to use as reference for me, pick body types that you love the idea of playing against, of fucking in the most perverted ways etc. i'll need a reference for your lady/futa character as well.

furrys are fine with me don't worry

the body types of the milfs i'd play as

lovely booty

wanna do cartoon milfs? pick some from here and i'll happily play them

I like a age differance. milfs in their 40's getting dominated, sexually abused and filled with cum by someone half their age is hot

Alien milfs?

more art, more options
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