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Fx Any A very lucky day, specially if you love milfs NSFW


Sep 25, 2019
I'd like to do a very simple role play that can go a number of different ways, ether against a female character or a futa character, with the idea in question being that your charecter has just turned 18 and has always had a crush on the sexy mature women of your town, the teachers, the milfs, the soccer mums, the principal, the sexy school nurse, the yoga teacher, the choclate goddess, all them lovely beautys who come in all shapes and sizes and levels of sexiness. now the goal of this role play is that your character wants to bang all of them, simple. however, with some variance to this idea in the following options, also all options are over the top and silly and just for fun so keep that in mind:

Monster hotel: a simple plot, basically, your a monster or a pervert of the lewdest variety. you own a hotel, a bunch of milfs come to stay. you lock down the hotel. you can see where this goes from here. if you wanna do this idea, i highly recommend ether playing as a monster with a big fat cock, or a group of people.

Power of hentai: Your character with their knowledge of years of hentai, perverted mangas and rule 34 knows how to pleasure a women and break their mind, their weak spots, pleasure nerves, instant climax spots etc. you just wanna fuck the mature women's brains out with your incredible sexual skill, making them gush, cum, spasm and have their mind break, making them beg to be your sex slave or trophy wife.

A lot of sexual money: a simple one. your parents have given you a lot of money, on the deal that you use it to find a wife. you use it to get a harem. buy the ladys gifts, seduce them with your charms, and boom their all yours to fuck silly.

furrys are fine with me don't worry

the body types of the milfs i'd play as

lovely booty

wanna do cartoon milfs? pick some from here and i'll happily play them

more art, more options

Also, the tag says F X F or NB. that means i play against Female characters or Futa's or something creative. against male characters it gets boring really god damn fast for some reason for me i dunno why.
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