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Fx Male Into Bondage!

Dec 20, 2019
Heya all! I just wanted to get a few things in real quick!

1. I'm looking for semi-casual rps. I don't expect my partners to be on all the time, and I definitely won't be on all the time either. RL has funny ways to limit my availability so please be considerate! I've had to quit other sites in the past because my partners get very on top of me for replies...

2. Despite the above, I'd like to have relatively lively and detailed replies. I average about 2-3 paragraphs and I really REALLY hope you can match me. I will get bored if you give me little to work with and if this happens too often, I'll have to decline rping further. I'm sorry but I like to read stuff to be able to reply!

3. I LOVE anime! So much so that I will only use anime pics are references for my characters. I like to use refs so I don't want to use just descriptions, and that includes for things like clothing and possibly settings (I'm not always great at describing appearances so please forgive me for my crutch!). I'm fine if you want to use descriptions for you characters though!

4. I'm also into furries, but only playing AS them. I love playing as a furry gal vs a human guy. Just saying.

5. I only rp in pms on this forum.

6. My reply times vary. I might get back to you once a day, multiple times per day, once per week, etc. Sometimes I might not get to you for awhile, so I hope you'll be patient with me!

Okay so with that out of the way, I'd like to put forth a few plot ideas!

These are plots that I'm still looking for. But feel free to suggest some of your own!
22. All For Nothing...
Inspired by this image.

YC is a high school gym teacher who has looked fondly over MC for a couple years now. He's been super nice to her, giving her all sorts of attention and gifts and the like. And yet.... she has been rejecting a lot of it. She's a humble girl that, while she accepts his praise and his help sometimes, or rather his help when he insists, she outright rejects his gifts or even just gives them to someone else.

It's her final year of high school, and she graduates next week. This is the last chance. And he confesses his love to her. Only... to be rejected. Even as polite as she tries to be, everything he has done has been for nothing. So... there's only one thing left to do... (see image!).

This is intended to be a relatively short one-shot idea. We would explore a bit of the build up as plot, and end with a single smut scene, leaving the characters at that. This isn't an idea I want to explore further than that, sorry! Just a short term thing.


23. Twin Error
Inspired by this image.

YC has been bullied mercilessly by one of the girls in his class. As a result, he plans to get revenge... by sneaking into her room one night and forcing himself on her! That'll show her! And yet... he isn't aware of her twin sister, nor the fact that he sneaks into the sister's room instead!

The sister wakes up in the middle of the night, bound and gagged, and spends the next several hours being severely raped. Course, when YC confronts his nemesis the next day, he finds it weird that she hasn't changed her tune at all...

Intended to be a one shot. Potentially expandable a bit.

Very rarely do I get ideas for specific fandom based plots but if I do, they'll go here:
1F. Digimon Frontier: Back at It

It's been over a decade since the kids had their adventures in the digital world. Izumi/Zoe has grown up and become a flight attendant, in no short part due to missing the times when she could soar through the air in her digimon spirit forms, and has even been undergoing tests to become a pilot herself. However, one day, she looks at her phone and gasps in disbelief as it has once more become a d-tector!

After not having seen it in so long, Izumi/Zoe knows something is up and travels back the place where she first took the train into the digital world...

I want to leave this a bit open as to what other characters we want to include. If you want to play any or all of the canon guys, feel free to do so! If you'd prefer to play just one or two of them, that's fine too. If you'd rather play OCs, I welcome that as well! We can say that for one reason or another, the guys have been replaced with a new generation. If you want me to play more than one human character, I'll do my best to find some digimon that would fit as spirits for them.


2F. Digimon Spirit Defense

Digimon have started appearing in the real world and causing havoc! Several teenagers become the defenders of humanity as they come across hidden digimon spirits they can use to fight against the invasions!

Pretty open all things considered. For this one, I'd be assuming the use of OCs, adapting the spirit warrior digimon to our characters. Overall probably a slice of life with some action in there.


3F. WoW: Silent Vengeance

Illidan spent 10,000 years chained in darkness in the Warden Barrows, though he was also tortured by his jailer, Maiev Shadowsong. So... when Tyrande released him, he didn't immediately break out. Instead, he subdued the wardens and surprised their mistress. What happened during that time, Maiev stays silent about it... but there's more than just his release and crimes that she hunts him down all the way to outland...

Pretty much a one-shot involving these two canon characters in a straight up non-con scene.


4F. WoW: One Way to Get Forbidden Love

Illidan has always pined for Tyrande, but he ultimately lost her to his brother. As his mind slips, he becomes more and more obsessed with her... While luring his brother away, he takes on Malfurion's image and joins the sleeping Tyrande for some sweet love making. Yet... with all the arcane and demonic powers he has observed, his body overwhelmingly forces him to become more and more brusque, the sex going from sweet to rough, to the point that she starts to suspect something is wrong...

Again, another one-shot involving these two (three) canon characters. It starts off as a con scene, but escalates into dub-con or straight non-con, depending on whether you want him to keep his image or break it.


5F. Warcraft: Spoils of War

The horde's push into Ashenvale has been very slow. Despite taking horrendous casualties, the orcs and trolls have managed to establish a foothold into the night elven woods. And with the latest battle, they managed to capture several prisoners of wars. Of course, as the elven warriors are all female, the orcish commander decides that rather than executing them, as the elves do to their own prisoners, these kaldorei women will serve his men better...

A one shot focusing on pretty much a bunch of different pairings of hardcore non-con, including gangbangs.


These are plots that I'm either already doing, I've already done, or no one took them and I discarded. Either way, there's a 99% chance I don't want new partners for these. Feel free to ask though.
1. The Serial Bounder
Inspired by this gallery!

Your guy is obsessed with bondage. So much so that he basically can't stand seeing girls that aren't bound and gagged at the very least! Whether an innocent school girl walking down the street, a more mature vixen who lives next door, or even his own very fine sister, he's quick to jump on them when they least expect it and end up forced into bondage! If you want to have some or all furries as well, I'm totally up for that!

I was thinking for this to be a lot more Ecchi than anything else. I'd think that he'd tend to stick mostly to just binding and gagging them, sometimes stripping them to various degrees, and maybe having sex with one or two of them here or there. I'm also fine with non-penetrative sex, masturbation, and even non-con if you'd like!


2. An Exotic Relationship
Inspired by a few pics, but I'll go with this one (NSFW)

The setting is a mixed human and furry modern world. Humans and furries tend to not associate too much with each other, so most humans, including your guy, wouldn't really know what it was like to be with an anthro girl. One day, as a joke, his college buddies dress him up in a fursuit while he's passed out drunk and put him in a cab to send him off to the furry side of the city. There, he'll likely meet one or more very fine furry gals, and while they might be into him, how will they react when they find out he's actually a human!?

For this one, I thought it'd be fun to do a misunderstanding sort of deal. I pictured him as either getting to know one girl well, or getting hooked up with several. Obviously, we'd need to throw in some bondage somewhere! I'm open to more ideas here as well!


3. The Beginning of it All
Partly inspired by this comic (NSFW)

Your guy is still a virgin and desperate to get rid of it. Unable to find any girl that likes him at school, he then begs his older/younger sister to have sex with him, as he pleads with her that he doesn't want to die a virgin! Not particularly strong of will, his sister eventually relents, and their first time was... rather short. Despite all of his time masturbating for hours, his sister's tight pussy makes him cum in barely a single thrust. So he pleads with her to let him have sex with her more, so he can train himself to get himself a girl.

Eventually, he does find a girlfriend! But he still wants to use his sister. He decides that he's not ready to ask his girlfriend to try out bondage, so he instead asks his sister. While she meekly refuses, he goes ahead and does it anyway, quickly becoming a one sided affair where he uses his sister for what he wants and she's too shy to tell anyone about it, not even to ask him to stop. In the meantime, he has to try and keep the relationship a secret from his girlfriend!

So I thought of this as pseudo-non-con, as the sister doesn't really want to do anything with her brother, but she's too meek minded to stop him. Even when she tells him no, she doesn't have the mental strength to make it sound convincing. Meanwhile, I thought of the girlfriend as a bit more on top, if you're open to switching, otherwise she'd be more confident.


4. An Unstable Partnership
Inspired by some ideas I got while looking through the forums.

I'd prefer for this one to be a human and anthro world, but if you're really not into it, I'm fine doing all human instead. Your guy and my gal are boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancees, or even possibly newly weds! He's a bondage lover and while the topic didn't come up before, he brings it up now, only for her to nervously decline. Deciding that she needs to give it a chance, he forces bondage on her, tying her up and gagging her (among other things) to get her used to it.

When that doesn't work, he throws in some sex with her while it's going on, and while he can tell her body is more than ready to explore it, she's too stubborn. So he has to keep forcing her into it, trying out different things to get her body used to them. She never relents but she's also not leaving him because of it so...

Again, I imagine it primarily as a furry gal, so we can play into the difference between their races into it. For this one, I'd like to explore some heavier bondage as well, anything from complete immobilization to breath control!


5. A Literally Cocky Stud
Inspired by This image! (NSFW)

This would be an all anthro modern world (I know, it's one of the few exceptions). Your guy is extremely addicted to both sex and bondage, and is particularly obsessed with reproducing as well. So much so that he tends to turn any ladies he talks to away from just how creepy or overzealous he sounds. The less tail he gets, the more thirsty he gets to just straight up kidnap and rape one of these sexy furry ladies around him. Eventually, he has enough and sets up a little sex dungeon hidden away right beneath his home or in a nearby warehouse, etc.

From there, he starts to stalk ladies that he finds particularly nice looking or perhaps he just has a breeding boner for them. He'll kidnap them, hold them against their will in his sex dungeon, and rape them over and over until he's satisfied that they're pregnant with his offspring before letting them go. He might even end up expanding his dungeon and having multiple breeding slaves at the same time!

While this is supposed to be with a furry guy as well, if you're really opposed to that but love the idea, I don't mind changing it to a human and having them be compatible. And yeah, this is a lot darker than I what I typically play but it's an itch for variety! Keep in mind that this isn't one I'm willing to play a human female, I don't like the idea of humans suffering this fate.


6. Time Stop or Invisibility
Inspired by multiple content, such as this image, this comic, this comic, and this comic. All NSFW.

Your guy somehow gets the ability to either freeze time all around him, or become invisible. Regardless, this is a lot smuttier than my other ideas and would ideally be him being very perverted since he can easily get away with it, alongside using the girls he encounters. I'm thinking it should be in and/or around a high school setting but I'm open to the setting. Doable with humans and/or anthros, up to you!

I imagine Time Stop to be a lot more sex, while Invisiblity is a lot of Ecchi alongside some sex. Either way, again, we need bondage!


7. My Experimental Daughter
Using this image as reference. NSFW.

You are something of an eccentric biologist who has become obsessed with creating the perfect female being. So much so that when your wife became pregnant with a daughter, you performed some dna experimentation on the unborn child while the mother was unaware. As it turns out, the small amount of fox dna that should've disappeared into the formula instead overpowered it, resulting in the child being born a... fox-like human creature!

As a result of your crazy experiment and feeling betrayed, your wife left you and you had to raise your 'freak' of a daughter by yourself. For the most part, it was a normal, loving relationship, until she sexually matured and suddenly went into heat. It got so bad for her that she practically forced herself on you when you tried to refuse, but the moment you gave in, you knew part of your experiment succeeded for she was indeed the perfect woman. So much so that now, you're addicted to sex with her, but unfortunately, it happens that she lost her mind during her heat, but out of it, she refuses to have sex with her father! It seems if you want any more, you'll have to wait for the next heat or... you'll have to force it out of her...

I imagine it as a mostly non-con, and some con with lots of smut. I'm primarily thinking that he gets so obsessed with her that he practically makes her his sex slave! I'm open to fleshing out more parts of the story though!


8. Hazing Gone Wrong
Using these images (NSFW): gang girl (hazing); gang girl (post hazing); Older sister; Pre-packaged; Friend

A young girl is tired of being ignored and alone, so when she finds out that there's a bunch of punks from her school (or other places) who got together into a gang, she feels like it's her chance to get in with a tough crowd to brighten her life! Course, she has to pass the hazing though, which doesn't seem to ever end. Between having to change her hair, wear whatever they want her to wear, and even having to be a cum dump for the gang, nothing is ever enough. Finally, the boss gives in and gives her one final task: get her hot and popular older sister to have sex with him.

Course, there's no way she'd ever get her sister to do it willingly, so instead, she figures that she'll have to gift wrap her older sis up for the boss. And while her childhood friend has been trying to be a conscious for her, too much snooping might lead to her getting involved as well...

For this story, I'd like if you could play multiple guys, though I'd imagine the Boss would be your main character while the others would secondary. I'd be playing several girls of my own as well! I'm thinking this would be a semi-short rp though.


9. Infiltrating the Mansion
Using these images (NSFW): Tying up loose ends; don't spill it; stay right there; Out for awhile

You are the new butler in a rich man's mansion. At least that's what everyone thinks, for you are in fact a skilled thief for hire who is tasked with stealing something very expensive and precious from the mansion's owner. However, the job isn't as easy as it sounds, for the man has a whole bunch of maids in his employ who seem to be at the right places at the right time to stop him from getting what he needs.

So the solution is to get them out of the way by any means, and that mostly involves knocking them out and tying them up, hiding them in many places around the mansion, or sneaking them into an unused room. While binding them up and gagging them are exciting in their own right, there's always time to relieve himself with them as well!

I was thinking this story to be in the vein of something like the Hitman series, just instead of killing people silently, there's hidden sex trying not to get caught.


10. A Space Adventure Crossover
Using these images (NSFW): Now it's a fursuit; Still Furry

Someway, somehow, the famous bounty hunter Samus Aran ends up in the Star Fox universe, though in the course of transferring over, she becomes an anthro as well! How will she fit into this new universe? And is there any way for her to return to her own!?

I'm usually very iffy on doing fandoms, but I thought this one might be fun to do. Just a note that I'm not 100% familiar with all the lore of either universe but if you're willing to work with me on it and potentially change some facts, I think it could work! Basically, I'd imagine the story as following Samus Aran as she either joins or works alongside the Star Fox team of Fox, Krystal, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy. It's pretty open ended besides that!


11. Hard Work Pays off
Inspired by images such as these: new co-worker; furry co-worker

YC is a veteran office worker for a successful company. In fact, he has been the top employee practically since he started! He does have a major weakness though: he's a total pervert. He's had a number of female co-workers who only lasted a couple days working with or alongside him before either quitting or transferring. Luckily, due to the aforementioned credentials he has, nothing has happened to him.

However, MC is relatively new to the office and is now sitting across or beside him, essentially as desk buddies. Unlike all of the previous co-workers though, either YC takes an obsessive liking to her, or she's more aggressive in resisting him, going so far as to report him to his bosses. Either way, the light sexual harassment antics he's done in the past will not suffice with her, and he stalks her, spies on her, and eventually, forces himself on her...

This should be a relatively slow burning story of a guy who has a history of sexual harassment, but when he meets constant opposition, or he simply finds her far more attractive than all the previous ones, it grows far beyond that. Additionally, if you're into furry girls, it would provide an additional motivation for him to get so obsessed with her, seeing as how this is a brand new experience!


12. My Pet, My Rules
Not really inspired by anything, but I've read a couple ideas out there that I liked!

The setting is a world where humans rule and anthros are essentially all servants or pets. YC is an average guy except for one thing: he's got a bunch of pretty messed up kinks. To the point that the couple human girlfriends he's had in the past didn't really do it for him with their vanilla likes, and trying to get them into the stuff he likes pretty much turned him away. So he turns to another source to explore those kinks: buying a furry girl as a pet.

While she's more than happy to be given a home and have a master, and while she's been trained to be very loyal and be willing to do anything for him, the stuff he plans to do to her might not be to her liking... but who cares, she's just a furry pet, right?

I'm not normally into master-slave relationships, but in this one, I figure that it would be a sort of dub-con deal. She'll be under constant threat of abandonment or being returned if she doesn't comply, while he'd be super aggressive no matter what. It would turn mostly into him forcing stuff on her, but with minimal resistance. Just a lot of mental pain.


13. Hypno Cum
Again not really inspired by anything, but I've seen a few hentai that have something reminiscent of this.

YC is a painfully below average guy who can't catch a break. Not only do women tend to avoid him, they even laugh at him behind his back. Obviously, no one remotely decent looking wants anything to do with him (some of them may be nice but they still will refuse to go out with him). In desperation, he goes and does something crazy, which ends up either scientifically or magically giving him the ability of a form of mind control with his cum.

Basically, if he cums inside a girl, he can manipulate her mind for a short amount of time (probably a few days), during which time he can make them be or do anything he wants, within reason. Course, this means he can get himself a girlfriend, finally! However, he's gonna have to force himself unto the girls as they're not going to have sex with him the normal way!

This is something of a harem rp potentially, or we can focus on just one girl YC might really like. Either way, it should have non-con in it, but with the mind control, it'll have 'consent' as well.


14. Rich Boy
Again, not really inspired by anything, though I've got an album full of maids!

YC is a relatively young heir of a fortune who lives in a mansion surrounded by beautiful maids. As much as he's super lustful and perverted, his father/mother has expressly forbidden him from interacting with the maids in any sexual capacity, as he/she has arranged a marriage for him. Being the young perv that he is, and knowing that the consequences for disobeying aren't such a big deal for him. he goes ahead and tries anyway.

Of course, the maids will get into HUGE trouble if they give in to him, so of course, they're going to reject him. That's fine, they don't have to say yes. They just have to submit when he's up for sexy times. And if they don't, well he's got ways to MAKING them do it. Usually without their consent. And sometimes without their knowledge. Of course, he's gotta keep them on their toes as well!

This is what I'd like to call casual non-con. Basically we'll find a whole bunch of scenarios for various maids to be used and abused by him, with no repercusions other than getting yelled at. Even so, sometimes being discreet can be fun. And of course, TONS OF ECCHI!


15. I Married a Rapist
Very loosely inspired by a couple scenes from Hentai Heroes. Unfortunately I don't have any images for you on this one...

YC used to be a notorious serial rapist that terrorized the city. At some point, he comes across MC, who was still in high school at the time, and has his way with her like always. However, either out of some sense of duty to protect other women, or perhaps even a bit of masochism, she begs him to marry her and only do the things he does to her. This comes as a surprise, as he's not exactly the kind of guy that'd normally find a partner, but it's an interesting proposition.

Advance several years later and he's living a normal life by day, but every time he sees a woman, he can barely contain himself. So it's no surprise that the moment he gets home, he immediately and brutally rapes his wife, whether she's ready for it or not. And still she endures it, for if she ever catches him with another woman...


16. A Delicious Dilema
Not inspired by any concrete story but partially by this image.

YC is a rather perverted individual, who very much enjoys ecchi to a very large degree. To that end, there's a very popular cake shop near his home that he likes to frequent, particularly as its primary customer base are young girls getting cakes for their mothers and young wives getting cakes for their husbands. When he's not sexually harassing the lovely waitresses there, he's following the cute girls and sexy women unto the train.

The cakes are large and heavy and need the females to use both hands at all times. So... what better time to play with their skirts and grope them? If they try to do anything, they'll drop their cakes, which are also pretty expensive...

At some points, perhaps he gets super horny and not only follows one of them home, but also sabotages the cake, drugging it with sleeping serum so that when the family gets together to eat the cake, he'll have some lovely victims to use...

I was thinking your character was either a younger guy (16ish) or older (40+). I'm open to it being a pretty old guy as well!


17. Growing up with a Dream
Original story inspired by this likeness and this version.

YCs are a pair of brothers who visit their aunt's family every summer and get to meet their older cousin. She's several years older than both of them, and when they come to visit her again after a few years of being unable to do so, they find that their older cousin has turned into a total hottie! Being the young, hormonal teens that they are, the boys can't help but be both fascinated by her beauty and, of course, completely aroused. So much so that they can't help themselves.

They make plans to do all sorts of perverted things, from peeking in on her taking a shower, to recording her in secret, to stealing her underwear for their own purposes, and finally, to touch their cousin's amazing boobs. How far will they end up going to explore all of their sexual desires? And... how exactly would she react if she found out? Obviously, the adults can't be finding out about this...


18. The Beauty and the Nerd
Original story inspired by a particular gal.

YC is a nerdy/geeky loser type who pretty much hangs out with the few geeky/nerdy losers from his school. Obviously, this means that he has ZERO chances to get with a girl. And especially not one that's so utterly beautiful like one of his classmates! Yet when he gets paired up with her to do a project and they make plans to go over one of their houses, the result (either going to his house or going to her house) ends up being that she's actually something of a geek herself despite her appearance!

This leads to them to forming an interesting bond, which basically amounts to him wanting to fulfill all of his geeky desires with her. And amazingly, she complies! From allowing him to grope her, to him blatantly peeking up her skirt, to even dressing her up in various costumes, all of it is for the sake of fulfilling his desires!

I imagined this story as being almost primarily ecchi, with little sex involved, or at least not until much later.


19. Idoling Goes Wrong
Inspired by anime such as Love Live.

A group of high school girls gets together to form their own Idol group. While they try to register their group as a new club in their school, they have to raise money in the meantime and they figure that doing a series of private shows might be the best way to do it. So, they rent out a cheap place, do a bit of advertising, and attract a bunch of men to come watch them.

Course, while they only intend to give private Idol performances, the men have another idea. So when it turns out that the girls don't give them what they want, they start taking them instead...

I picture this as a sort of series of character interactions, with both of us controlling a bunch of characters though usually not at the same time. However, some occurances would be going on simultaneously though we'd go through each scenario one at a time.


20. Some Girls Deserve to get Raped
Not inspired by any story, but got a few pics for your inspiration: 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8 ; 9 ; 10 ; 11 ; 12 ; 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16 ; 17 ; 18 ; 19 ; 20 ; 21 ; 22 ; 23 ; 24 ; 25 ; 26 ; 27 ; 28 ; 29 ; 30

Some girls are so bad that they need to be taught a lesson, so that they'll change their ways. Whether she's a criminal who has not been caught by the cops, a rich bitch who does what she wants without consequences, or maybe she's just an oblivious school girl who doesn't get a lonely boy's hints. YC is a ruthless vigilante who believes this very concept so fervently, and he's always on the look for 'bad girls'.

And the location doesn't matter either. If he can do it on the spot, he'll do it. If he needs to drag her behind a nearby bush, he'll do it. If he needs to drug her and knock her out so she'll wake up in his personal rape pad, he'll do that too. He carries plenty of tools to make sure he doesn't get caught, and perhaps he likes to mix it up a bit too...


21. Uncontrollable Urges
Inspired losely by kakumeiki valvrave and by the character saki rukino.

YC is an average high school guy. Only... he comes to be possessed by the malignant spirit of some kind of dark force, like a demon perhaps. As the potential vessel of such evil power, if YC ever fully loses control, terrible things will happen. As it stands, when he first loses control, he gets terrible sexual urges and one of his classmates suffers as his victim. Once the deed is done however, he desperately explains to her his situation... and surprisingly, not only does she believe him but she also agrees to help! Course, this means that she's basically his rape toy... but he'd be devastated if his childhood friend and crush ever found out about his terrible secret...


I've gotten used to talking about fandoms over time. I'm open to discussing these following fandoms but I'm not totally sure I'd want to play them, or if I do, make it more so based on the ideas, the plot, the characters, or even the feeling of the fandom. The more I watch, the more I can add!
-Goblin Slayer
-Kill la Kill
-Yugioh! (original series)
-Pokemon (original series or games)
-Digimon (season 4, Frontier)
-Danmachi (Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?)
-Little Witch Academia
-Kono Suba
-Rosario + Vampire
-Monster Musume
-Rance (Sengoku Rance)
-Sword Art Online
-Dragonball (original series)
-My Hero Academia
-The Seven Deadly Sins
-Shokugeki no Soma

So I was gonna put these into Fandoms but I decided just to separate them into their own category. Again, if you're interested in these, I'd like to discuss them more, as some I'm more willing to play in the settings, others are more for the kinds of ideas they have, and some are just for their characters or likenesses.
-Warhammer Fantasy
-Warhammer 40k
-Legend of Zelda
-World of Warcraft
-Fire Emblem
-Assassin's Creed (Odyssey)
-Resident Evil


And real quick, my kinks and limits:

-Heavy Bondage
-Immobilization (bondage)
-Knock out and/or Sleep sex
-Forced Clotheswearing
-Clothed Sex
-Harsh quickies/premature ejaculation
-Latex (and its multiple bondage uses)
-Breath Control (less choking and more blocking breathing)
-Stalking and Voyeurism
-Clothing/Lingerie obsession (like a guy who literally gets off just on seeing/feeling her in her clothing/underwear and/or with her clothing)
-Risky public scenes (but with the intention to not get caught)
-Full Non-con
-Incest (mainly older sister/younger brother)
-Sexualized Wedgie
-Discomfort during sex

-Tattoos and Piercings (other than earrings)
-Toilet stuff
-Not particularly fan of oral stuff (though some is fine)
-Not particularly into toys (though some is fine)
-The usual gore, vore, death, etc
-Not usually into blood more than virgin blood
Thank you very much for reading and I hope we'll get some rps in! Just an fyi, I only want to rp on this site. Probably through PMs!
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