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Fx Male Refined Cravings Thread (Updated 4/27/2020)


Cute Innocent Fox Girl
May 12, 2018
This is as the title says a thread of just what I am craving right now and will likely be updates as my mood changes.

Given the year I have had and all the emotional turmoil in my life I am looking right now for roles where I get to take care of sick or wounded, a slow burner story. SO Wounded soliders or service men and women are kind of where I am going. Or a teen trying to find their place in life and just needs someone to help and believe in them.

Other piece I am looking for that might be fun is OOC's in the realm of Skyrim. I have a unique character I would prefer to play if anyone is interested.

Yet another is I would like to use the idea of the outlander book series and tv series but make it our own, though I do love the Scottish accent!

I would Love to find someone interested in doing a beauty and the beast themed roleplay.
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