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Lancer: The Tannhäuser Incident

Aug 5, 2014
Paradise Point is a misnomer in two senses; it's certainly not paradise, and it's a flat featureless plane made up of heat-fused volcanic glass. Some of the Protectorate scientists openly speculate that at some point in the distant history of Sepulchre, someone glassed the planet. The only features that break up the snow-slick glass are the massively reinforced hab walls of the minehead. Much of the settlement extends underground, hidden away from the biting cold and the eerie reflections in the glossy surface. The dropship pads were built long before the various settlements were opened up, meaning that it takes about an hour from landing to the settlement. About 15 minutes out, the comms crackle to life:

"Incoming Lancers - this is Paradise control; we have you passing the outer markers. Welcome to hell." the voice over the comms system has the same level of tedium as someone who's spent far too long looking at bombardment glass, snow, and not much else. Before we get you settled in, we're going to need you to do a three point patrol. The sensor picket line is showing erratic readings. I'm uploading the map to your nav systems now."

When linked into Paradise Point's sensor mast, the fairly uninspiring sensors on your Everests go from showing your own lance, to showing most of the surrounding area; the only feature are the slab-sided hab-walls of Paradise Point, its main communications mast, and a selection of what look to be small civilian transports going about their business under the red sun. The way-points are marked in bright, throbbing crimson. Four contacts are heading your way from Paradise; another set of Everests, presumably the last garrison force that you're relieving: they seem to be making best possible speed for the dropship pads far behind you.


Goal: Perform a patrol
Preparation: You've got what you're carrying in.
Reserves: Hah.

My plan is to treat this first bit rather like a tutorial in any decent video game; go places and practice skills!
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