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Fx Female ~Succubus Stuff and Fandom Fun~

The Undesirable

Feb 12, 2019

Hi there people of Blue Moon, welcome to my tiny, unformatted Request Thread! Since this will be solely for this specific group of cravings I've been having lately, I won't worry about making this all fancy or anything. That means I also won't have many restrictions or rules on this as well! That being said, there will be some regulations that I'd like to get out of the way first.


•I am a gay female myself, and in this thread I am only interested in playing against female characters. We can perhaps discuss there being light futa elements perhaps, but these stories will be strictly sapphic in nature. I don't really care about your IRL gender, but your character(s) must be female.

•I'm not going to be picky about length for this thread, as long as you can give me a single solid paragraph I'll be happy. Typically, I write three-to-four paragraphs, so if you're the type to write several paragraphs, then I would be absolutely thrilled to match you!

•I'm going to go ahead and list my Limits. I will not do scat, watersports, extreme bondage, age play, racism-based raceplay, extreme painplay, snuff, impossible body proportions, or extreme pet play. Anything you don't see here can potentially be discussed.

Those aside, I can be pretty raunchy. Rape, non con, monsters, I'm all game.

That's it, those are the rules. Simple enough yeah?



These are loose plot starting points more than anything. I am happy to go very plot heavy or all the way to pure hot smut. I'm a hopeless romantic, so these can be made really sweet and fluffy, or just down and dirty. All plots can be discussed or changed, and I'll be happy to hear any plots you may have! Finally, keep in mind that these can be attempted for modern, fantasy, medieval, or sci-fi settings

Also, I can play as either role in these, the succubus or the other party.

~You're Mine Now~

In this delightful tale, a struggling young mage attempts to summon a familiar in an attempt to make herself stronger, but somehow accidentally summons a very powerful succubus, who immediately "feeds" off the girl. Once done, she finds herself strangely connected to the mage due to the nature of the summoning spell. So, they make a deal. The mage gives the succubus a consistent source of sex, and the succubus splits the power she gains from it to make the mage stronger. We can go a few routes with this; it can be a sweet, fluffy, smutty Slice of Life story as the two genuinely fall for each other, the mage can use her new power to become a badass monster slayer with a succubus partner and wife, or perhaps the succubus uses her sweet little mage's body to gain favor with powerful queens.

~You're Mine Now~ |VARIANT|

Similar to the first, but instead of it being a mage, it's a college age girl (or a pair of roommates) who summon the creature on accident with a ouija board. Like the first version of this story, the succubus feeds, but is attached fo the girl/girls, and decides to stay. The human would have to deal with the sudden realization that supernatural beings exist, but she would resolve to teach the succubus how to live in their world, and would show her the sweeter parts of being in a relationship with someone.


In this version, the college girl is a new-but-popular camgirl, and takes a user Request to use a ouija board on Halloween. Surprise surprise, a gorgeous succubus is summoned, feeds, connected to the girl, yadda yadda yadda. To her surprise, her video with the succubus was believed to be incredibly well made, making her an overnight star in the porn world. I think you can see where I'm going with this. She and her new succubus partner not only make the hottest sex vids, but the demoness uses magic under the guise of CGI. Plus, her succubus gifts make it easy to seduce beautiful cheerleaders, gorgeous emo babes, and Milf teachers into joining in.


~I Gift You with a Harem~

This one is a bit different. It involves a girl excited for her first date with a total beauty she'd met recently. After dinner and a movie, the woman reveals herself to be a succubus, and seduces the girl.

I know what you're thinking, that this is the same. But wait, hear me out. The succubus actually dips in the morning! But, according to a text on her phone (or a literal note left if you want to go medieval fantasy), she learns that the succubus tainted her with sexual energy, and any other lady that shes attracted to will irrevocably fall very hard and very fast in love with her. The adorable snake-monster girl who lives across the road? New girlfriend! The soft spoken elf who works at the library that shes had a crush on? Neewwww girlfriend!

This one will be verrryyyy fluffy. It can be kinky, sure, but it will involve consensual polygamy. There can be mild jealousy, but every girl who gets involved with the main character will also be attracted to the other women.


~I Curse You with a Harem~

The flip side of the above story. In this one, the succubus takes the main character by force, and taints her with a sexual curse. Now, all manner of women and monster girls WILL have her body whether she wants them too or not.


~Get Me out of Here~

In this tale, we have a succubus who has been made a sexual slave of a corrupt king. A palace worker (it can be a maid, a concubine, a female knight, spy, anything) finds herself revolted with the king's treatment of the poor creature, and plots an escape. This one must have at least minor plot, around 30% at the lowest.


I would loooove to do something involving a succubus and the Wild West. No particular plot in mind, just a noodle of an idea.



If you're not familiar with Meru, she's an adorable succubus OC from Meru_Nyaa on twitter, and I'm absolutely in love with her. I would be ecstatic to do an adorable, lewd story of a college-age succubus falling in love with ton if other sweethearts~~~~~



I hella want to do a Smash Bros RP involving any combo of the ladies you want! Bonus points for Lucina x Palutena, Wii Trainer x Zelda, and Wii Trainer x Samus.

Bowsette and Booette. Do I even need to explain?

(Will do practically any pairing within)​

  • Overwatch
  • Pokemon
  • Borderlands
  • DnD
  • League of Legends
  • Diablo
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Fallout
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Monster Hunter
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Rainbow Six
  • Vermintide
  • Danmachi
  • Violet Evergarden
  • Victorious
  • Marvel
  • DC


While I'm open to most everything not on my list of limits, I do have some favorites.

These are in no particular order

•Bath/Shower Sex

•Strap Ons (especially magical strap-on that release sweet, yummy cum) I especially live treating a strap on like a real penis, giving it a blowjob, handjob, etc. I heavily prefer this over futa.

•Hair Pulling

•Heavy kissing


•Emphasis on cunnilingus in general

•Light bondage. Collars, leashes, cuffs, blindfolds. I'm willing to try some heavier stuff.

•Teasing, extended foreplay.

•Description of smells and tastes. I <3 this aspect soooooo much.

•Light foodplay.

•Forced continuous orgasms. I loooove pushing a beautiful lady past that period of hypersensitivity

Ok, I think that's pretty much it! I hope to hear from you guys! <3
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