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Mx Female Ben Jacobs! (NSFW)


May 26, 2016
The life of Ben Jacobs

If you want to see more information about my main kinks and what I like then please check out This Thread!

This thread is both more specific and more open at the same time but I'll explain what I mean and hopefully this will make more sense!

I want to do a number of different scenes all revolving around one character who is Ben Jacobs. The point of this however is that Ben is extremely extremely unlucky when it comes to his life and sex. The issue is that he never seems to be the one getting laid even though everyone around him is getting lucky. This is where the thread is rather unspecific. I am opening this request thread up and will take any suggestions about scenes that you think could fit this narative! Want to be his mum who gets fucked by his bully from school? Sure. Want to be his sister who fucks his best friend? Sure again! Want to be his girlfriend who gets seduced by another couple? Why not!

Essentially any ideas or pairings that anyone brings me that involve someone in Ben's life getting lucky while he doesn't are open for discussion as long as they don't involve my limits which are listed in the linked thread. The only things that HAVE to be included are that Ben gets left out somehow and he KNOWS that he is missing out. I will take suggestions from any point in Ben's life as well as long as all characters are 18+ so will play work scenes, days out, college scenes. Anything you want!

I am happy to play multiple characters to your one and will play both female and male characters so just come to me, give me your ideas and lets have some fun at Ben's expense!

P.S I know this RT is lacking a lot of details but I wanted to get the general idea out there to see if people are interested and will update a bit later.

As a slight change now as I'm getting a lot of requests and want to make sure everyone is reading the thread, I am very visual so if you come to me with an idea for this please include some form of visual. It can either be a face claim for the type of girls you want me to play so I have an idea of type, or a specific scene. Up to you, just as long as it's there! :)
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