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NBx Any No Limits Sissy Prompts


Feb 13, 2019
Setting Him Up
A story where perhaps it’s known that MC has a penchant for some light cross dressing. A neighbor who knows of his secret is heading out of town, supposedly, and asks MC to house sit. Could be a single man or an older woman, either way there’s a selection of sexy lingerie conveniently left at the top of a dresser drawer. MC can’t resist trying it on, lounging around the house in the items. Then either YC comes home early to catch him or, upon arriving home, shows MC the surveillance footage of him dolled up. In order the keep the video secret, he has to promise to be YC’s sissy, to come over whenever he is texted to do so.

Robbing the Witch
Some magic included - could be a prank, could be just that a young man steals something from a ‘magic shop.’ Oweer catches him and puts a curse on him. He slowly transitions from a normal guy into a full fledged woman (could even go so far as a bimbo). Cock shrinking, breasts growing, hair filling out, all gradual and then he begins craving to be fucked, etc.

Temporary Slavery
Debts, mostly due to college loans, have gotten way out of control. As a result, a company came up with a radical notion of allowing the rich to 'hire' those deep in debt, allowing them to work off their debts. Of course, they give up many human rights in the process, and the more control you're willing to give to your potential buyer, the faster the rate of your loan is paid off. MC enters into this program, deep in debt and decides that he'll just not cross off any of the limiting boxes. At that rate, he'd be paid off in just a month's time. But what if a sadistic man (or woman) buys him? With no limits, they could do.. anything.

Brothel Mixup
A tourist heads into a brothel, just wanting to experience it, probably not looking to actually partake. However, he's mistaken for a client who has a kidnapping/feminization fantasy, wanting to be roughly taken and forcibly feminized by one of the Masters/Mistresses of the house. So, as he fights, it's taken to be all as part of the fantasy. It isn't until he's dolled up, bound and being roughly fucked that the true client enters and the brothel realizes their mistake... but at this point, they can't just let him go. They could train him to be the new brothel sissy, or a whore for the more taboo niche they've noticed in the area.

Online Dominatrix Gone Too Far
He wanted a rush, that's why he clicked on the link and turned on his webcam. And there she was, clad in latex, sexy and ready to be served. He paid the initial fee, buying himself half an hour with her. She ridiculed him, told him he'd be better off in panties as her sissy slut. She didn't care when he said he didn't like that, she already had his payment. He closed his laptop after half an hour, only to receive a phone call. It was her... not only did she see his name and number on cam, but she had his bank info. And, unless he came to see her, she would ruin him. It just so happens she's been looking for a sissy to humiliate on cam to boost her numbers, and he would simply be perfect, whether he likes it or not - he's just signed himself up to be a regular on her cam shows.

The Tricked Sitter
It was rare for a guy to be a babysitter, and MC wasn't normally the type. But, when he saw an ad posted online for a male sitter, he figured it would be easy money. It would just be for a few hours and they were paying a large sum. So he showed up and a male (or, better, a couple) answered. He felt strange, not hearing any baby crying as they let him in and even got him a glass of water. As he started to feel drugged and tired, they acted, dragging him to a room decorated for a younger girl. Stripping him, shaving him, dolling him up (how far depends on age play preferences) and taking him in as their new 'daughter.'

Going Undercover
MC is a new agent looking for a break. When told he’s been selected for an undercover operation, he’s ecstatic, especially when he hears it’s to target a wealthy mob boss known for human trafficking. This would be a huge case with a lot of notoriety. The only catch is that they’ve learned the boss has a penchant for sissies, and MC would make the perfect bait given his smaller frame and feminine features. Then, once he’s in, maybe he slips up and the boss decides to keep his new pet.

Frat Hazing
MC is rushing for the most popular frat on campus. It’s foolish considering he isn’t a jock nor a legacy, but he tries anyways. During hazing, it’s decided they need a house maid - choosing him to dress the part completely. He has to serve drinks, clean up, do laundry, all in a maid uniform. Some guys start getting touchy, then he’s told that, if he wants in, then anytime he’s in the house he has to be the ‘full service’ maid, even for their legendary campus parties. But outside the house and back at home he gets to proudly wear the letters and brag about being in the frat.
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