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Haku's Venue of Exceptional Exceptions


Mar 10, 2018
Hell-Also known as Bakersfield
......What does that even mean?

Well whatever it means, this is where there will be lots of mixed, matched and probably confusing combinations for when things just get weird.
Starting out though will be something light.... relatively speaking.

I ABSURDLY frequently run into a problem in RPs that causes them to begin stagnating and worse. That problem is my partner just REFUSES to drive the plot. This puts ALL the work on me, with them simply reacting to everything I do. This, isn't tenable for the scales of RP I make. I do create overarching stories for almost all my RPs, the more serious ones at least, but they're OVER arching. The fun in making them is figuring out how I can work things into the general story we craft TOGETHER. Making them mesh without huge problems showing up. That's what's fun, and if I have to make the ENTIRE story on my own, that removes nearly all the fun. The interactions are entertaining, sure, but that can only last so long before it becomes boring. Which, brings up ANOTHER problem, the lack of my partner, making characters. In worlds this huge, just having 2 characters in it is AWFUL. It's boring, dead on arrival, doomed, fucked. So I NEVER EVER make a RP with just ONE character. I'm currently making one that starts with THIRTEEN primary characters, in fact I literally need to create a sort of wiki in order for the RP to be possible to play at all. Maintaining ONE character in a RP is not difficult, so there's really no excuse to MAKE only one. I highly encourage ALL my partners in ALL my RPs to make additional characters, but almost NONE of them ever do. So that means I'VE got to make all the characters. I'VE got to make all the plotlines, big or small. I'VE got to manage the ENTIRE WORLD while you piss about as ONE character doing one thing mostly just following my primary character and whoever happens to tag along. Woo, how fun for me. For this reason if you're the type, AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, that goes into someone else's RP and just lets them take FULL lead, while managing ONE character, don't bother sending me a message. You're just going to wear the RP out or stubbornly push on with the responses getting shorter and shorter, simpler and simpler, as your one character starts running out of shit to do, suffocating the RP slowly and painfully and ruining my motivation to even respond for days at a time.

So, if you want to start ANY of these RPs, whether it's a fantasy or slice of life, DO NOT do the above two things. Think of your own plot lines, maybe you have a place you'd like to visit, or you've gotten into trouble at some point. Make your own characters as well, ones that stick around for at least a while and maybe can pop up again later. The ONLY thing you need to worry about, is the following question. "Is that possible in this world?"
This obviously only applies to my fantasy role plays, you obviously can't summon a demon in my slice of life role plays for instance. However the solution to this problem is easy to find, I give lots of information about the magic of my worlds down below, and if you still aren't sure about something you want to do, you can just ask me. I'm happy to answer any questions that don't ruin a plot point I have set up, but asking a question where a spoiler is the answer is super unlikely. So, just ask me "What about dragons?" and i'll be glad to talk about dragons. Quirks of magic systems, places, whatever. If you're not sure, just ask. If it's not something especially important regarding the world, like "Is there a town in this area" then just go ahead and put a town there unless when we arrived in whatever forest I said "The uninhabited forests where nobody lives" then in that case, don't put a town there. Otherwise, general cities and locations you're free to make up, by which i mean NOT capitols or major seats of power, or entire countries at least not without running that through me. In general, you're clear though.

Ok? You're gonna be cooperative and involved? And you're not gonna piss me off royally by ignoring my input with regards to the magic systems i worked very hard making right? Ok, good, ok. Carry on.

Talk about laying it on thick. Badum Tish. Right, so on with the plot.
The year is 2179. Several generations have passed since a devastating virus destroyed the entire male human population. Being immune, it was down to women to solve the problem of humanity's survival. It took several decades, but finally a solution was achieved. Ironically, this solution used an altered form of the virus that caused so much suffering to begin with. By spreading this engineered virus through the air, every woman on the planet was changed on the genetic level, and their bodies followed suit shortly after. Now, every woman remaining on earth was a futanari, having both male and female genitalia. While this managed to give women the ability to create children, it was far from perfect. Impregnating a woman was very difficult. Difficult enough that rather drastic measures needed to be taken in fact. It was enshrined in law that the younger generations, once they sexually matured, had to mate with adults whenever the request was made. Naturally such practices made sex second nature, removing all stigmas that existed previously in less than a generation. The only exception to this rule was women that are directly related cannot have vaginal sex, at least not without protection, as it was vital that genetic diversity be maintained to prevent the virus that destroyed humanity from mutating too rapidly for scientists to keep up with. Despite the incest law, given how casual sex had become, having sex near, alongside and even with relatives was still fairly common, though any of them having children from it was at 0%.

One morning, twin sisters, something that was exceptionally rare, woke up after a long and tiring weekend. It was time to go back to school for the recently 17 year old second year Sakaki sisters. Having celebrated their birthday over the weekend, they were up basically the entire time, and having sex nonstop. It had become normal for girls to receive sex from acquaintances after turning 16. As well as friends, visiting relatives, parents, and strangers on the street that knew one way or another that person had a birthday. They woke up entangled together on their bed, smelling strongly of sex and semen. Normally they'd either masturbate or suck each other off to get rid of their morning wood, but this morning they didn't have that to worry about. All they wanted was to get a nice shower, then eat their mother's breakfast, and have a nice day at school. That part would very likely involve more sex, but they wanted to relax leading up to that.

There we go. Right, so that about sums up all relevant information...... I guess i'll add that yes they do just have "one mother". IE one person takes care of them, or a single parent. This is super common given how difficult getting pregnant is and therefore most people don't even know who their "father" is. Generally this isn't a problem as society is forced to be very, well socially focused. Also their mother's name is Kanna Sakaki, and i'll find a picture of her when i'm not lazy. Anyway, important stuff now.
One twin is named Ayumu, or simply Ayu. Which one? Don't know yet. That depends on you. Aside from one twin being generally smaller than her sister, you can take control of one sister and make her personality whatever you want. Or you can leave them both to me and just make your own character entirely. Multiple characters either way is always welcome, can't have things getting stale.

Found a picture of their mother Kanna
Contains - Twincest, other incest, 100% futas, high school, nothing extreme such as gore, toilet, or heavy bdsm.
Currently at capacity. Can be convinced if you're good with slice of lifes.

Next up, something more..... weird.
Why'd i phrase it like that?
Well brace yourself, this gets LENGTHY.

The world of Alzecha is a very dangerous place. There exist almost no settlements, there are no such things as safe places to hide, and there are an endless number of things the residents wish they could hide from. Nobody knows how the residents actually got here. There are no children, in fact even having "children" has been accepted as impossible. There are also no true natural residents. Everyone was brought to this world from somewhere. It's not always known exactly where, or when, the residents were pulled from, but now and then people remember things about their home worlds. Many people however can't even recall their names, despite knowing they did have one. Arriving in this world breeds one of two people.

The deranged, quite simply people that go insane and eventually become horrifying monstrosities.
The other option is to become an Alzech. Alzechs to be simple are people that have managed to keep their sanity..... granted, that's a relative term here, and to live and fight to survive in this nightmare. Possibly the only boon granted by this world is any resident that can keep themselves together will gain access to incredible powers. These powers can come in any number of forms, but they are most commonly sorted into a few categories, which of course is futile, but Alzechs need to cling to whatever order they can find.

These categories are mages, a broad category that includes everything from enhancing your physical traits to shooting fireballs. This is defined as anything that is fueled by the magical energy within your own body.
Sages, also called Dark Mages by certain groups, use the very essence of life itself to create different effects. These include conjuring monsters, taking on monsterous traits, as well as dark versions of normal Mage spell, for example a black fireball. These spells are very powerful, however overuse can quickly cause the death of the Sage. This can be overcome by literally stealing the life of others. This cannot be accomplished by simply killing someone, regardless of the method, and life essence cannot be granted willingly either. The only way to restore one's life essence is by raping another living being, sucking away their life essence and killing them. Most commonly other Alzechs, as the animals of Alzecha would be much more likely to be the ones doing the raping.

Priests are defined as anyone that wields miracles or curses. Miracles are a complex form of casting spells, and while very powerful they require the Priest, as their names imply, to follow one of the many gods of Alzecha. As there are no gods that can be considered "good" and it is accepted these godly beings created Alzecha and also pull people into it, following them generally requires extreme measures. If these are accepted though, great power can be drawn from these gods and formed into very powerful spells. Curses are similar to miracles in that they're drawn from a god, however their use is much more complex, though potentially the most powerful form of magic available. It is said a Priest that mastered a single curse created an army of undead.

The final category is considered the mightiest warriors in Alzecha. The Dragon Slayers. These people are very easily distinguished as they must locate a dragon, which is a challenge all its own. Then they must kill it, which entire mage armies have failed to do. And finally they must survive devouring its heart, granting them the dragon's unique power. Almost no dragon slayers are known, and the few that are generally get left alone to do as they please. Any other class of Alzech can become a dragon slayer in theory, however for most the danger infinitely outweighs any reward.

The Gods of Alzecha are uncounted and probably uncountable. All that's known is they created this world, modeled it with an always blood red and dark sky, a large moon that was the only source of light in the sky, at least until the blood moon rose. Thick forests filled with creatures the bravest warriors feared to describe. And of course, that these gods on occasion manifested in this world, or took ownership of an area. Areas owned by gods are generally avoided at all costs, as people rarely make it more than a few steps into these areas without getting said god's attention. The worst though, is if a god chooses to take ownership of a town. Towns rapidly became a myth once people learned of this possibility. A god owned town is forced to follow that god's will, or suffer a fate worse than death. What a god wills is impossible to predict, and never something anyone would desire. Not, NORMAL, someones at least.

Any groups that still remain together become nomads, living off the land and trying to avoid the worst dangers. Some though, choose to travel solo. Such as Zen, a woman and priest that desires to amass enough power to steal this world from even the gods and reform it to fit her fantasies.
So what does this contain? Honestly, hard to say. This is really the "i dunno what's gonna happen, but it's probably fucked up" setting. Anything could happen, and most things will probably happen except toilet stuff. Here's some LIKELY stuff however.
Futa-100% yes, she may not look it but Zen does have a dick that she will use on anyone. Which brings me to.
Rape-Yep, that's gonna happen. Probably FROM Zen, as she doesn't care what you have to say regarding how she uses her dick. Not to mention like, at least a third of the wild creatures wanna rape you. Usually to death, sometimes just, forever. They can literally make you immortal for as long as they're raping you sometimes. Again, weird world.
Tentacles-Zen doesn't have them, but they're gonna be around.
Dick on male-Whether you create a male character or not, some guy is going to have Zen's dick inside him at some point. Again, she will use that thing on anyone. i have to explain this one?
And a bunch of other crazy stuff, supernatural stuff, you could step on the wrong flower and be gender swapped literally for no reason. Don't look for sense in this one, you won't find it.

Also you'll probably be raped by a god. Will it be one of the hot ones? Stay tuned.
Currently at capacity.

The year is 2019. It's late, and half the city has just been woken by the loudest god damned sound they'd ever heard. At first believing it to be a massive bomb, everyone scrambles to look outside and ready themselves to panic until their fiery deaths. Luckily, it was not an evil fireball of death. It was simply a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. Pretty flash, then gone. Nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately it wasn't just a space rock either, but an alien pod that just ejected its payload and warped away from the planet. This payload was something very unusual indeed. It landed in some poor fuck's yard. It made its way towards the nearest source of light, which was the poor fuck's house. It entered and eventually made its way to the owner's bedroom. This, thing, was certainly mechanical in nature, however it was made entirely of some silver colored liquid. Why this alien technology was sent to earth, was anyone's guess. For now, what it wanted was information. As the house's owner slept, having gotten back to sleep after the loud noise, the slime creature went over to the desk, and extended its liquid body up to view the contents of it. It analyzed the computer, then reformed part of itself into a shape that could connect with the computer, studying its contents. As it did, it began to get an idea of what life was like on this planet. More specifically, it learned more of humans. It used this person's computer and to make things simpler cross referenced standard terms with what the computer's owner commonly researched on this device.

Unfortunately for the silver slime creature this computer belonged to quite the horny human and a lot of what it ended up using as a reference for humanity was based on pornographic materials, mainly drawn material, which seemed to have been termed as "hentai". Now armed with sufficient knowledge of humanity from this human's research device, the slime decided to integrate with humanity while it pondered what its ultimate goal should be. The best way to accomplish this was to morph its form. It grew arms, shaping them into hands, then it crafted legs, a more properly shaped torso and finally a head. It was still clearly a silver liquid slime monster from space, but at least it was shaped like a naked human. It created eyes, coloring them by acquiring a few pens from the desk and devouring them, using the ink to make human-like blue eyes. The rest would need to be improved over time. It merely needed this one human to accept it as a comrade. It planned to do this by imitating the complimenting sexual organs of a human and provide its host human with sexual pleasure, therefore making it a valuable asset.

There ya go. That pretty much explains everything that needs immediate explaining. You can be a male or female. Ask the slime to do something to your body and it will tell you what parameters need to be met. The ink from the pens is a hint, however things won't get dark so long as you don't "add" onto yourself. Hint hint. Being basically a living computer, it can interact with all kinds of technology, especially computers. It has no morality, except the desire to preserve itself. It can take any shape you desire so long as it has a point of reference. How much it can imitate something or someone depends on what materials and reference it has to work with. No picture this time(at least for now) because it's a bloody silver puddle, i'm sure you've got some spare silver somewhere, we all have mountains of the stuff, just melt some of that and there ya go.
Zero requests, have at it.

The world is full of peace, a spattering of war, but mostly peace. Order is kept through contracts, and everyone is magically bound to obey contracts. One such contract caters to the more devious, naturally. The binding collar. Anyone who can lock this collar around another's neck becomes that person's master. As master they can do whatever they please with this slave, with the exception of killing or intentionally injuring them. As the contract binds with magic, the use of violence or murder is considered barbaric, and will in fact bounce death back onto the master, killing them and freeing the enslaved. A slave can be kept almost indefinitely once obtained, obviously consent is not required to enslave another regardless of their station, and the slave maintains all the perks of their station after becoming enslaved. In effect, if you enslave someone that owns a business, you now own this business. Technically, at least. The slave must do as you command, so as long as that is true you can make them do with their business as you please. However if you released them, you'd have no right to their business any longer.

Even kings are subject to this law, however actually enslaving one is effectively impossible. All their servants sign contracts that forbid enslaving their employer, in fact this is incredibly common throughout the lands, and they are extremely well protected. You have to clasp the collar with your own hands in order for it to take effect, so if you're wary it's fairly easy to avoid such a fate. Slaves are technically capable of collaring and enslaving their masters, however the first order given is normally something along the lines of "you are never allowed to place a binding collar on me". The enslaved however, can still enslave others. Sometimes a master will gift their enslaved another to enslave, however since the master controls the original enslaved, they can also by proxy control the second enslaved.

It is true using binding collars is legal throughout the lands, but that doesn't mean it's common. People are vigilant and are not easily caught out. You cannot collar someone by committing a crime, such as breaking into their homes while they sleep, so even common people can avoid binding. Children don't need to care at all, as they are also immune. In order to more easily find someone to enslave, most people journey to the Isles. The Isles are a series of islands populated by a variety of races, including humans, and are generally considered "untamed". Depending on the island you pick, getting a new enslaved can be quite easy. There are about a dozen islands, but 4 are the most popular and generally easiest to handle.

Faela Island is full of Faelin. They are a race of bipedal cat people. A small number of them reside in the island's only city, Faexa. The residents here are notoriously difficult, even considered impossible, to enslave. They are not why one comes to Faela though. Outside the city is a place known as the wilds, vast stretches of grasslands and a few forested areas. Residing in these wilds are thousands of Faelin that run free. They are widely considered by Faexa residents to be uncivilized or "uncured" as the locals say it. Faelin in the city are happy to assist in delivering these wild beasts to servitude, as it "cures" them and makes them civil. Cured Faelin provide plenty of services in their city from rifles to tranq darts to aid in catching the uncured, as well as Inns and many other stores. Suffice to say they make quite the profit. Faelin are most popular due to their mixing ratio. Mixing is a term that defines the genders of a race. In their case, they have roughly 40% males and 40% females. 10% are born as women with penises, and lacking vaginas. While another 10% are born as males that lack a penis and instead have a vagina. A very small percentage are born as hermaphrodites, both having and not having breasts and leaning more towards male or female, but still having both genitals. This is quite a large ratio, and the relative ease with which one can find such specimens is quite the draw. Another reason Faela is such a popular spot, is ALL the Faelin despise wearing clothing, resulting in an island full of totally nude kitties.

The next island is Elatria. Elatria is a strange place. It too contains large stretches of grasslands and forests, several rivers and even a lake, but all you will find out there is regular wild animals. Certainly not the kind that care for contracts. The city and few towns are what draws people to this island. Elatria is populated by elves. Elves are stereotyped as a very better than you, too good for this stuck up their own ass species.
And they kind of are. However, the elves have a gender split of 20% male to 80% female. With a ratio like that it begins to make sense why they'd be so interested in being enslaved. However, that only applies if the one enslaving has a cock. Elves are considered impossible to enslave if they don't want to be, and they rarely do if you're lacking the correct equipment. Regardless, they're given high marks as enslaved, being very passionate about pleasing their master, which is rare to find, not to mention their aptitude for magic. Unfortunately they tend to lose points given they have no mixing to be found.

The third island is Taloa. This is a very poor island, the towns being quite run down. Food is not terribly difficult to get, but the island completely lacks leadership or economic stimulation. And the outside world likes it that way. Mostly humans, with a mix of a couple other races, live here. They don't particularly want to be enslaved, but they're not very resistant given their status. Humans have a 5% mixing ratio, and this is considered the easiest of the Isles to get a slave from, regardless of who you are. The disadvantage is these servants often have difficulty being motivated to be at all self sufficient, and so require micromanaging, which some find annoying. Without getting ordered to do something, they'll often simply do nothing, where another enslaved may utilize their free time to do something productive, or simply entertain themselves.

The final island that's considered easy, is Hades. This island is populated mostly by demon-kin. The island is CALLED easy, but some disagree. Demon-kin are not considered very friendly, which some say make enslaving them all the more fun, but they won't attack unless they're personally offended. Which, is hard to guess what MAKES them personally offended. Treading carefully is a survival tactic on Hades. The part that makes Hades easy, is you can just go to a specific building, called a binding shop, and pick whoever they have available. Demons actually want to be enslaved, subconsciously. Demons are proud and refuse to actually admit they enjoy being dominated, even putting up a charade of being "captured and forced" into being put into binding shops. Travelers can also try to enslave a demon simply walking around on the streets, there's never been a case reported of a non-demon being enslaved by a demon on this island, however some demons don't like others being so cocky as to think they can be enslaved so easily. So, it's a dangerous game to play. When at a binding shop, simply find someone you like, and place the binding collar on. There's really nothing else to it. Demons come in many different types, so they're quite popular, just a tad bit more dangerous to get than others.

Kallia is the captain of the Ocean Splitter. She boasts a loyal crew, a fierce sword arm, and according to her previous enslaved, one hell of a libido. She is a female mix, not possessing a vagina, and has taken both male and female and all manor of mixed enslaved. Despite her reputation in other areas, she's supposedly quite friendly and is even accommodating to her enslaved, which she changes out every few years, though nobody knows exactly why. She has recently released her last enslaved, a Faelin boy named Jelai, and has made her first order of business finding a new one before her dick got too hard to ignore. She just needed to decide where she was going to go.

Currently at capacity.

A very loving and adorable couple, died. Then they got better. These two people woke as, other people. They had reincarnated as other people. They don't have a clue how, or any memory of any events between reincarnating which can take between a day or two up to a month, so there's no help there. They're at least 75% sure it's some sort of filing error though. Oh well, they could benefit off this strange occurrence. Retaining their original memories, they reconnected quickly and then attempted to restart their lives. Which worked. Until they both died again.

Again, they reincarnate, and again they died. Usually they died within a few weeks of coming back, though sometimes they died faster, a few times before they could even meet up again. Always though, they would die somehow. 100 times they lived, and 100 times they died. Whether this process drove them some degree of mad or they just lost all value for life, they created a little game. If they were to die no matter what, why fight it? Why fear it? Why not make it how they live? So that's exactly what they did. The lovers would make a game of it. They would reincarnate into someone, from somewhere on the planet of some gender. Most of the time they were the opposite sex, though which of them was male or female was changing constantly, but a good chunk of the time they would be the same gender. Neither of them could manage to care regardless of the combination, they just wanted each other, though getting others involved in the game might not be so boring, eventually.

The rules of the game are very simple. They try to find each other as quickly as they can, which they'd gotten quite good at by now, and once they are together again they fuck like rabbits. All the while as they share their love, they also attempt to kill the other. According to the rules they cannot use deceitful means like sneaking up and breaking their neck or running them down with a car. They must meet openly, fuck very openly, and try to lure in their prey and make the kill. They can't bear to hurt one another out of anything but love, so only in love should they die. Well, if they can help it. They still die before meeting now and then, though that had been happening a bit more rarely. Whoever wins and kills the other gets to be the dominant sex partner in the next life. The dominant sets the scene for their love making and of course takes the lead during sex itself, giving them a slight edge if done right. Not that it always gave them another win.

So this an idea that just randomly popped into my head and i rolled with it. Pretty well explained, the character's bodies keeps changing, and they must meet with each other, fuck and try to kill the other first. Winner gets to take the lead next time. I was thinking we'd go in at a point where they'd been playing for a good amount of time, so they wanted to spice it up by being allowed to involve other people in the game, at first just adding in a seduction clause. Perhaps creating a point system too, depending on amount of people slept with before they meet. Later even killing other people could become part of the game to them.

Needless to say this is a rather violent RP, so be advised. In addition due to the reincarnation the partners can swap from two high school girls to a milf and a boy barely in his twenties, to two male office workers and much more. There are some limitations to the reincarnation targets, it's not just random. Anyone that's not lived long enough or has lived past a certain age won't be selected. So being too young or old blacklists you. The lower age range is about 17, so mid high school. The upper age range is mostly in the thirties, but can dip into the forties too. Other than that, there aren't many limits on who can be picked. It can be classmates, workers at rival companies, two totally random people from different countries, it can even be a pair of twins in which case they of course skip the finding part, replacing that with a "find a good place to screw" part. Of course that's done by the current dominant.

Of course in that same vein it means father daughter and the reverse is possible, husband and wife is totally possible, husband and the neighbor's wife, student teacher, so on and so on. So you basically have to be bisexual and you need to be ok with a wide variety of pairing combinations. Oh, and by the way, after the winner is decided, they can choose to off themselves immediately or just wait around to die as they always will. Waiting around can easily result in them getting arrested obviously, so keep that in mind you naughty pepper.

No pictures of course, that's not really a thing with this type of idea.
No requests, feel free.

Men are, uncommon to say the least. In fact, what men exist these days are closely guarded and aren't allowed freedom. That's all well and good for the women living in big, fancy cities that can go to get impregnated whenever they want, but what does that leave for the rest of the world? Doom. Or, until a small group of mages developed certain types of magic. Alienated from the common schools of magic, they worked hard to develop a solution to this problem. And they did.

Unfortunately the solution they developed also had the side effect of corrupting their minds and driving them to relentlessly pursue the objective of getting women pregnant. Thus, wielding 5 different spells, they each went out to spread the seeds of their labor. Literally, but they may also teach their magic to those they consider worthy. Town to town they roam, using their power to rape every woman capable of bearing children they can find.

Each spell is different in a variety of ways.

The first is the most basic, the spell is called Gift of Life. It causes the caster to, quite simply, grow a dick. While this spell is simple, it's fairly potent. It only requires a few creampies per woman to cause pregnancy most of the time. However, naturally it has no range and only works on one woman at a time. It is also quite slow, requiring a fair bit of stimulation to cause just one orgasm.

The second spell worked to improve on this. It is called Field of Pleasure. This spell summons tentacles from the ground. These tentacles will automatically attack women, but they can be controlled manually as well. This spell can effect an entire town at once, however its problems lie in inefficiency. It can effect a huge area, but it is very difficult to cause pregnancy with this spell. On average one or two women will get fertilized per large town effected by this spell.

More improvements needed to be made, and so the third spell was created. This spell is called Bound Love. This spell requires long hair to be used at all, making it unique among all 5 spells. It transforms the user's hair into tentacles. The longer the person's hair the more they can create at once. These tentacles can stretch considerably farther than the caster's actual hair length, and they can also be morphed to many different forms. The creator of this spell thought ahead, considering the possibility of finding a man outside the protections of the cities. Thus, this spell can create tentacles made for men that can absorb semen and store it safely to be gifted to someone else, almost assuring they will become pregnant. This spell is not considered to have any TRUE weaknesses, as it can generally impregnate multiple women from one town in a fairly short amount of time. It can certainly impregnate one focused target with ease given the volume of semen it can produce.

Regardless, progress never stops. They wanted to ensure the survival of humans outside of cities. So, what about making more breeders? Thus, the fourth spell was created. White Parade. This spell can spread to entire cities. This spell begins by the caster exposing others to their fluids. Blood seems to be the least effective, while vaginal juices or semen are the most effective. The person the caster had sex with will then lose their common sense, seeking someone else to mate with. That's where the primary effect of the spell comes into play. Everyone effected by the spell gains the Gift of Life spell, granting them a cock. The effects of the spell spread quickly, and exponentially after the initial cast. Since the caster can obviously spread her spell to more than one person per city, or even more than one person at a time, it's obvious how this spell managed to turn entire cities into hives of relentlessly fucking citizens, from commoners to nobles all intermingling as they ravaged each other in a mindless mist of lust. Due to this spell capitalizing on the Gift of Life's fertility perks, it can impregnate the entire population of whole cities. Thousands upon thousands of women in a single day and night. The effects of the spell wear off after a few hours missing its effects. Having sex with someone already effected, refreshes this timer. Thus, the spell does not end until everyone in the given population has had so much sex, they simply pass out.

White Parade is considered to be THE perfect spell and ultimate achievement of this group of women. However, one more was created. What if instead of spreading a spell among an entire city, you simply gave individuals many children? It would be much faster. Thus the spell Spawn was created. It modified Gift of Life. Instead of growing a human penis, the caster grows an ovipositor. This spell is incredibly complicated, requiring great knowledge of biological magic to create. The reason is how the women are impregnated. The caster deposits up to 20 eggs into the woman, though research has suggested it doesn't HAVE to be a woman, and then after they have developed enough, they are laid. From there they develop, absorbing ambient magical energy to grow. They grow to a great size, and then hatch human infants. This spell enables 20 children to be birthed by a single woman, and multiple women per town can be impregnated.

This spell was their pinnacle. Transferring much more minor burdens of birth onto just a few women, while still giving the entire town a next generation. It was perfect.

Unfortunately by this time, this magic had started to taint them, this last spell was most tainted of all of them, driving its creator mad much faster. However they did all go mad and set off to perform their duties.

It has been years since these women created their spells, and of them all, only Gift of Life has spread very far at all. In fact, it was picked up by a respected mage and refined to make it safer. Now if women outside cities wish to be impregnated, they can journey a ways and visit a special place to have a woman called a seeder have the spell used on them and then over a few weeks they will become pregnant. It is not nearly as fast as the proper 5 Life spells though. So the 5 continue their efforts, each on their own.

Saila is the mage that created Bound Love, and she works tirelessly to bring the fruits of her love to the needy women around the world. She travels from town to town, shooting her love inside many women, whose screams of pleasure let her know she is doing the world a great justice. Saving, so many.

Still, as wonderful as it is to be so loved, Saila feels so lonely between towns. Recently she has been searching for an apprentice. One who would be her first. It had occurred to her a few times that she must spread her knowledge, but she was so good at giving women love, she knew she wouldn't be able to take them along. They would become too taken with her magic, they would not learn properly, they would just want to feed off her love. This would not do, for her love must be shared. Thus she is searching far and wide for the girl she will take and train. She must be young, eager to learn and follow. She must also love Saila, but not be consumed by her love for her, as all the other women are. Only an uncommon and gifted girl such as that could inherit Saila's beautiful spell.


This one was fun to make, it really was.

So the basic synopsis is, you'll be Saila's apprentice. A girl that loves sex, and wants to learn how to magically morph her hair into tentacles to spread that love to others.
It should be obvious what you should expect from this. The other 4 from the Five will be encountered in the story (yes, there really is a story, pretty good one i think) so aside from futas there will also be ovipositors, i know i'm really branching out, as well as non-human attached tentacles and potentially cities full of fuck zombies. Likewise, again obvious, your character as well as as mine and any other is NOT immune to pregnancy. So that's another factor. Depending on your decision, there are some options.
1-Maintain the pregnancy during the journey, progressing normally. Then when it's born time skip if raising the child or to when it's found a home.
2-Maintain the pregnancy to some determined point and then time skip to another determined point.
3-When pregnant, right into a time skip.

Or whatever else you wanna do. Another side effect other than losing your marbles a bit, is the halting of aging. Yep, users of all the original 5 spells have their aging halted, so it does not matter if decades pass due to time skips or whatever other reason, the world in general is quite fixed in terms of technology as it's at a sort of equilibrium, so don't worry about suddenly being in modern day. Time is not of the essence in this RP at all. Also of course that means your character's age will not change, so they are what they are when they show up. So if you want some big tiddies, either make her with a pair, or start getting reliant on fondling Saila's rack. She would appreciate either.

Lastly, non-negotiable point. You can't be a guy. One can be found eventually, but you cannot BE a guy at the start. You've gotta start with a girl as her apprentice, as having a guy along ruins the entire plot if it's JUST him and Saila. In fact depending on the day she's having, she'd probably just milk his dick until he died and then move on with his semen to make lots of lucky girls pregnant.

Zero attention, come on boys and girls, let her tentacles give you some loving.
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