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Mx Female Gyaru Roleplay!


Aug 24, 2019
Hi there! I'm looking for a female that wants to play as a gyaru/multiple gyarus in an ERP with me! I currently have two scenario's I'd like to try out, which I will list below. For requirements, I try to match whatever my partner is doing, though usually on average I write about 1 to 2 paragraphs worth of text. As long as your grammar is good enough, you'll be fine! I prefer to roleplay in third-person. If you're busy, that's fine of course! But if you expect to be gone for a while, let me know so I know that I'll have to wait for a while at least. Also, I will NOT play with underage partners or with underage characters, 18+ is a must. About dom or sub, I'm a switch! So anything's fine with me.

Anyway, enough about requirements! Here are the scenarios I was thinking of.

Quiet loner x Popular gyaru: Quite a standard setting. I was thinking that MC plays a quiet guy in high school/college, who usually sits alone in class during break without friends to talk with. YC, a gyaru who is popular within the entire class, one day saw me as I was sitting alone. She decides to approach him, asking what's up. The plot from there could go two ways... Either we focus on romance and less on smut by having them build a bond before they start doing anything sexual. For example, it could be that their interests actually are similar and they could talk about it forever! Then they start hanging out more and eventually they fall in love. The other way it could go is that we focus a lot more on smut and that they start having sex immediately, where for example YC is really horny and MC was her (un)lucky victim... Or whatever you think may work out!

Gyaru harem: It's a harem of gyarus! Honestly, this is still a pretty vague idea. We could honestly try anything, from them stranding on a deserted island to just a regular school RP. It could be about a guy making a group of gyarus fall in love with him or fighting over him, it could even be about a group of hungry gyarus who are looking for some tasty prey... It could be anything you want! I'm willing to discuss about this, of course! Feel free to give suggestions as to how this could work out. (of course, this one is smut heavy.)

Of course, if you have a plot of yourself that you want to try out, then feel free to suggest it! I'm always willing to listen to whatever you have in mind, so don't be afraid to.

As for kinks, we can discuss that in private~
I'm willing to explore new things, but here are some things I won't do:
-Gore (that includes blood)
-Underage characters

PM me if interested!

I also have discord, if you prefer to RP over there: lyH#9547
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