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Fx Any The Dragon's Rose (Updated 9/23/19)(New Cravings and Plots)


Baby Dragon
May 12, 2018
Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to explore and read my probably pretty jumbled post. Congrats you are on your way, hopefully to a new roleplaying partner. I do have a few rules, outside of the ones that BMR have in place. I say rules but they are more like guidelines.
  1. Be ok with OOC chatter. I am very chatty and I see anyone I roleplay with as friends and I like to talk to my friends. Plus it is a good way to build a feeling for how the story will go, at least in my mind
  2. Please show me respect and tell me if you are going to be away for a while and I will show you the same respect. Also to go with this please tell me if the roleplay is starting to bore you as well
  3. PLEASE, NO ONELINERS. A pet peeve of mine. I love the detail and longer posts cause it gives me something more to add onto. I strive for at least 4 lines or a paragraph at a minimum.
  4. Please be patient with me. I am a writer first and foremost so if I don't answer you that means I am wrapped up in either the artwork or one of my novels to be. Please do contact me if you don’t hear from me for a day or two.

Now that those are out of the way I will share just a few little things about me and my writing style just so you know: I am 25 and I want all my partners to be at least 18!, I rp in third person and ask that my partners do as well, I can do most types of rps and am willing to learn new things to keep an rp going.


I have a wide variety of OC characters I use and I am also willing to create new ones to fit the theme of the roleplay as well. Most of my characters are female but I don’t mind playing a male character either. I tend to build and create new characters each roleplay, rarely reusing old ones but sometimes if the situation is right I will.

Genres and themes

~ Monster Girls
~ Anime based worlds
~ Crime drama
~ College
~ Fantasy
~ Medieval
~ Historical
~ Romance (Obviously)
~ Furries

  • Siblings
  • Father/Daughter (Step)
  • College Student/College Student
  • Student/Professor
  • Boss/Worker
  • Vampire Queen/ Guard
  • Cowgirl/Equine Anthro
  • Crime Lord/Debtor's Daughter
  • Crime Lord/Mistress
  • Crime Lord/Undercover female cop
  • Safari Guide/Wild Anthro
  • Baroness/Anthro Slave
  • Baron/Anthro Slave
  • Rich Woman/Anthro Mechanic
  • Rich Man/Female Anthro Mechanic
  • Truck Driver/Hitchhiker
  • Female Police Officer/K9 Partner Anthro
  • Anthro Activist/Police Officer
  • Royal Snob/Peasant Girl
  • Knight/Warrior Nun
  • Human In All Monster School
  • Witch/Knight
  • Witch/Prince
  • Butler/Master's Daughter
  • Car Mechanic/Rich Woman
  • Nun/Demon
  • Knight/Nun
  • Wounded Solider/Nurse

Plot Idea (Yes most are titled after songs)

Dark Desire(Christine Feehan Novel)(Super Craving) -
I LOVE these romance novels written by her but this story holds a special place in my heart and I really would like to try a roleplay with the same sort of premises. I will include a bit of the plot review below for anyone interested but just a fair warning while I am super craving this I am going to be really selective about this idea and it is going to be MOSTLY story related for a huge chunk in the beginning. There is plenty not covered here so serious inquires only and we can talk more!

Shea had always been different from those around her. She needed daily blood infusions and her skin and eyes were very sensitive to the light. She was determined to find a cure to her rare blood disease and pursued a career as a renowned surgeon who could almost perform miracles. Her life grew even stranger when she started having these horrible nightmares about a man who was tortured and buried alive. He kept calling to her in her dreams, alternately begging and demanding that she come to him.

When a fanatic group of vampire hunters target her as a member of the undead, Shea is forced to flee. Eventually, she ends up in the Carpathian mountains where a voice calls to her. Almost against her will she finds a cave with a door on the floor. She is horrified to find that the man of her dreams is real and that he has been buried with a stake in his heart for 7 years. Although she knows that he is dangerous, as a doctor she cannot leave another person to suffer so. At first, Jacques believes that Shea helped capture and torture him, but he soon realizes that she is his lifemate, but he cannot remember exactly what a lifemate is.

Jacques was captured by an evil vampire, but most of his life before he was entombed is a big blank. Shea sets out to heal him and to make him as whole as possible before she leaves to continue her research. However, her plans go awry when another Carpathian finds her and Jacques and brings the Prince and Gregori to help heal Jacques. How Shea eventually discovers who - and what - she really is and what love is make for a deeply satisfying love story.

Your Lie in April (Craving) - Again another idea based off an anime (An extremely good but terribly sad anime). I want to do something similar, where MC would be sick, terribly sick but she doesn't want pity, she wants to fall in love, to play for the world and know true happiness. She lives like every day is her last, doing what she chooses but her illness will catch up with her and she is forced to push her love on from the wings, her true feeling and emotions hidden from him.

Patema Inverted --- This is based on an animated movie with the same name that I would love to try my own pairs with.

Magic Rebellion:
The king of this land has been searching for a person with the ability to heal his sick wife, as no medicine herbalist or normal mages have been able to help her. He is looking for some sign of the mother goddess in this land, a last-ditch effort to save his queen. Then the yearly collection of sacrifices from a small island off the coast a young girl has been discovered with the ability to talk to the goddess, as well as heal. She is much more then what she appears though and she is taken away from her people to be brought before the king. Though travelling on the same boat, watching the collection of the sacrifices is the Kings' only son. He wants to end his fathers rule, being directed by visions from the goddess. He helped the young girl escape and together the two form a rebellion, to rise up and stop the king but more than a rebellion forms between them. They fall deeply in love with each other, was it part of the goddess' plan or will it mess up what the goddess had planned for the two of them?

End of Heartache:
Heartache happens to the best of us. Many things can cause heartache and for many reasons can heartache be a bad thing. But sometimes heartache can lead to good as well. Sometimes it can lead two souls in the darkest of places to each other. It can unite to people who thought they would never feel love again. It allows their hearts to heal as they fall in love. Yet tragedy could keep them apart for good. (Plenty of ways to add and change this one up)

Warrior of the World:
Tribes of races arrive from an unknown source looking for the strongest warrior for what seems like a friendly competition of strength. Many races send their strongest warriors and when they all have arrived they find themselves locked in there by a powerful magic. It had all been a ruse, set up by a ma with too much money and dark magic. This was a game to the death, warriors pit against each other and various monsters. The last warrior standing would be released. Among the group, there is only one woman and while trapped here men begin to eye her though only one brave soul approaches her. The two form an alliance but it quickly grows into something much more (Very versatile and can easily be changed for different scenarios. I see this as more like a gladiator arena or a Hunger Games style arena, everyone pitted against the other in one big arena.)

I'm Still Here:
A young girl has been abandoned by her family years ago when she was nothing more than an innocent child. She grew up hating the world and people. She grew up living a life of crime though that was never what she expected her life to be like. On her twenty-first birthday, she actually stops and makes a wish, a prayer that someone will notice her, love her and take care of her. She was tired of sleeping in alleys and stealing to survive. She then goes about her day moving unseen by everyone until she collides with a young man with a big heart. (Rest is open past here one where the plot goes)

Demons are a girl's best friend:
A young woman spent her whole life in a church in the far reaches of the kings land. She lived a sheltered life there, only hearing stories from the old knights about the demon wars. She read all the books in the library and all told her that demons were foul evil creatures and that if she ever saw one she should kill on the spot. One day her life is rocked while she is in the wood edge near the church. She finds an injured demon and while scared at first comes to discover that demons are more human then the old stories made her believe. She must make a decision that could change her quiet life forever.

When the Seasons Change: (super Craving) (have multiple pairing ideas to fit in with this idea too just ask)
A young man goes off to war, leaving his only friend as his emergency contact. Years ago by and the two don't speak while he is on his deployments, no matter how rough his deployments were, no matter how much he simply needed a friend. Then one day the young woman gets a call that makes her blood run cold. Her friend had been injured in a roadside bombing and he was comatose. They get him back stateside and she spends every second she can at his bedside. When he awakens though he has no memory of who she is or even who he is. She begins a long and difficult road to help him recover.

Spiritual Love:
MC is a normal young woman until she was involved in a bus accident while trying to protect a stranger. This incident causes her soul to frequently slip out of her body, and she becomes aware of the existence of two parallel worlds: the Near Shore, where regular humans and creatures reside, and the Far Shore, where demons and human souls linger. Through her soul, she meets the strange, nameless god without a shrine, YC. YC is determined to make a name for himself out there by accepting any wishes for 5 yen, including MC to fix her body, though the two soon learn that fate has more planned for them than they ever could have expected.

Legion of Monsters:
A portal between two worlds rips open and pours out strange races (Elves and other races) as well as monsters out for human blood. The races begin warring with each other instead of focusing on the creatures that are killing all of them, no matter what race they are. Two of the most powerful fighters on both sides end up facing off against the other though they refuse to fight and kill the other. Instead, they start to try and create peace treaties before the monsters wipe out both races for good. Though spending so much time together leads them to develop feelings for each other.

One for the Money:
The world is literally hell on earth, demons having poured out onto the surface and have been stealing the souls of the weak humans that call it home. The remaining population have created underground bunkers in which they have demon proofed or so they think. A human among them is gifted, or cursed, with the power of a demon, allowing her to kill the creatures, though she has to be careful to fight the influence of the demon inside her own mind. The world has come down to needing the help of a half-demon girl to kill the demons but it isn't something she can do alone, instead needing someone far more powerful to help her, though the being is far too pure for her to want to summon. An angelic being.
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