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[NSFW] Wrath & Glory: Breaking Sisters Repentia

Apr 23, 2019

In the 41st millennium, the state of the galaxy is an absolutely hopeless dystopia. It is an apocalyptic age where trillions of human lives are on the verge of extinction under the threat of xenos, mutants, heretics and worse. There only bastion of hope, a rotting corpse they call The God Emperor. For millennia, the revered carcass has sat slowly deteriorating kept preserved only by the sacrifice of thousands of souls every day. He is a writhing cadaver guiding his Imperium with mysterious powers from a forgotten age.

Though just a corpse on the Golden Throne, the Emperor remains a beacon of vigilance in his undead state. His mighty voidships cross the chaotic miasma of the warp. The only means of travel between light years. Their only manner of navigation through the hellish dimension is the Astronomicon, the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will.

His armies battle in his name on countless worlds, dying themselves in a hopeless cycle trying to keep their species alive. Amongst his countless troops, the soldiers of the Astra Militarum, the marines of the Adeptus Astartes, the engineers of the Adeptus Mecanicus, the priests of the Adeptus Ministorum and the secretive operatives of the Inquisition.

To be a human in this time is to be a mote of dust amongst untold trillions, it is to live in the most fanatical and cruelest regime imaginable. Progress, science, understanding are no longer a object of hope for mankind. In this dark grim future, there is only war and in feasting upon all the savagery, debauchery and hopelessness are the ever powerful and ever hungry gods.

In a star system lost in the distant outer rim of the galaxy, a massive metropolis sized vessel hangs like a rotting corpse in ruin amongst a field of debris. The titan, a relic of a dark age of technology rests peacefully in a dark and lonely region of space. The closest star is just a point of light in the distance.

However, the dead voidship is not alone. Upon an Imperial Starhawk, operated by a minimal crew moves silently away from the hulk's remains. As the vessel awaits for its mothership to return, on the bridge Iesus Praedo, Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus and from a mysterious divining faction known as the Ocularians, stood looking over his charges. The Sisters of Battle, Castimonia, Adrielle and Katia, were on their knees before him in shame; returned from their assignment on the lumbering space hulk, empty handed. Their mission was a disaster. The relic he had sent them to retrieve, the Crystalline Dawnstar, had been destroyed. The relic was a seal. A powerful piece of ancient technology that had created a warp pocket, where a multitude of chaotic forces where banished away for centuries. Yet, with the destruction of the delicate artifact, the evil it held inside was no longer bound, it vanished into the warp only just after it had taken 10 of the 13 Sisters along with them.

The giant man's voice spoke through the bizarre breathing aparatus he wore on his face. It warped it in a fashion that could chill the heart strip joy from the soul, "What do you have to say for yourself, Sister Adrielle? What is my course of action? What amount of discipline or punishment is enough for your utter failure? Were Sisters Castimonia and Katina not faithful or competent enough to sacrifice their lives in an attempt to thwart these heretical demons? Where do you belong after such a display of poor judgement, tactless leadership and utter incompetence upon one of our Emperor's own holy vessels? Tell me exactly what happened so I may justify not sacrificing you and your Sisters to the void. I am no Mistress of Repentence, I am merely an object of our God Emperor's will. What must I do to make this heretical deed right? Tell me, Sister, how will you repent and how will you prove to your lost Sisters that you are still worthy of the title and armor you bear?" He held up his hand before any of them could reply, "Actually, no. Let my words sink in and decide along with your sisters the appropriate form of punishment. I am disheartened, but I am not cruel and now that you are returned, your execution would not serve the Emperor best. I'll be in my quarters. Mira," He spoke to his Chief Engineer, the Martian Tech Priestess stood by as he scolded the dregs of what was once a proud squad of Battle Sisters. "Take command while I muse over this turn of events." He turned on his heel and with the clank of his metal soled boots against the deck, he wandered off the bay. All that was left was the hum of the vessel as it slowly made its way away from the wreckage. The voidship that was scheduled to pick them up was arriving soon and the Inquisitor would have to report their failure to their superiors.

The voidship coming for them, was not their homeship, however. They had been sent quite a distance from the region they were active in at the request of the Inquisition. The Ocularian Sanctioned Psyker had sent a requisition order from the Ecclesiarcy for an advanced squad and they were what was sent to him. His mission was of the highest secrecy and minimal information was likely to be transmitted to their Sisters, only of the heavy loss and failure to complete their mission.
Jan 30, 2010
In the Moonwood, chasing unicorns.


Sister Adrielle still knelt after the inquisitor had left. She was pale and shaking. The events of the past hours were fresh in her mind. Her heart bled for her fallen squad mates. She was still silent for many moments, head bowed, staring at the sword she had laid before her when she first took a knee before the Lord Inquisitor.

When she finally spoke, it was in a whisper almost too low to hear. "Kirsten... And Elizabeth." She named two energetic and beautiful young sisters.

"They were still alive when we were cut off in the shuttle. I saw the man in red armor dragging them away..."

She bit her lower lip, then sobbed.

"Those girls. Such honest pride." She took a hug on her silver tresses. "When so many of us were falling in with the fashion and dying our hair... I offered to share my bottle. Kirsten gave me a cheerful laugh and touched her ginger tresses. Elizabeth gave me that dimpling smile and explained simply, "We're fine the way the emperor made us. You are too, Adrielle." The squad leader gave a sharp, painful tug on her shoulder length silver hair. "But the emperor made you to try new things. That's fine too."

Adrielle grit her teeth and tears started to trickle down her cheeks. "They were alive. Why else would that man have bothered to drag them away? I can still remember those massive crimson gauntlets grabbing ginger tresses and hauling our sisters out of the air lock just before our ship launched..."
Mar 13, 2016
Mira would continue to hold where she was. Waiting for Praedo to get on the other side of the doors that now separated him from both herself and the remains of the Sisters that had returned from the mission. Mira was looking around the immediate area for something she could use to record this debreifing. Mira recalled that there were about a dozen or so on the ship previous to leaving for the mission. With her main focus being the efficiency of the ship itself, Mira was somewhat out of place in the here and now. This was, to say the least, an awkward situation for Mira as she just seemed to be the wrong person at the wrong place and being there at the wrong time.

Mira herself, as a Tech Priest, did not worship the Inquisitor. Instead her allegiance was to the Machine God. With that in mind, Mira has sought to improve herself beyond what she felt was the typical human limitation. Using technology to her advantage, Mira had initiated the process of improving herself with these mechanical augments. These augments would only help to examine the Sisters for any injuries, as she was being fed information from her implant in her eye.

"I do not envy being in this position, so I can only think of how horrid it is for the lot of you." Mira would state in general toward the lot of them. "Tell me everything, so that I can prepare a full report for Praedo. Something tells me that he might not be too thrilled about what he is about to face himself as a result of this failure." While Mira was stating this, her mechanical arm would find what she was looking for. (I would hope I do not need to roll to find a common Data Slate?) Pulling the data-slate over and placing it into her human hands, Mira would start to establish a record of that which had taken place with the Sisters.

"Please, come forward and make a statement. If you would be so kind as to remove your armor, I can more thoroughly examine you all for any injuries as well." Mira would state now that she was ready to hear what the remaining Sisters had to say.
Apr 20, 2015
Katia stood there stoically as the Inquisitor left, even more so as Adrielle and Mira spoke their next words...she shed no tears, only stewed in a mix of failure and righteous fury. The Sister of Battle politely but professionally put a hand up to Mira's query and addressed Adrielle's last statements. "They were taken as tools of corruption and sacrifice, favored methods of the ruinous powers. A fate worse than death..." She let that last sentence hang in the air a moment, her mind briefly replaying her capture by Chaos several years ago on Vigilus. Many times she had wished she had died instead.

"We have failed the Sorortias, the Inquisitor, the Imperium and the Emperor." She looked down in complete and utter shame, the disgust welling up in her like a vortex missile. Her next words were hard and resolute. "There is only one option, Sisters. We must undertake the right of the Repentia and if our host allows it, return in an attempt to right the wrongs we so grievously caused by dying in absolution for our sins."
Feb 12, 2019
Castimonia slams her fist in frustration onto the metal floor she was kneeling "it shouldn't have been them, it shouldn't have been any of us" Said the medic through her mask, in regret sadness and anger "Confound the arrogance I felt, for once I felt no one was going to die... You want a report?" She told Mira, still flared up and emotional in grief "the mission was a success until it wasn't, we walked through that corpse of a hulk and found the holy relic intact in its bowels... A few Xeno creatures skittering 'round, easy to exterminate. We expected some heretical incursion, to capture the relic... we were ready to fight them, to cleave through them and drag the Relic back here. Instead, we got silence. We thought ourselves lucky, favored by the fates and the emperor's will. It was foolish. If we'd been faster, if the preparations were done sooner, if we were fortified... If we were done and ready 10 of the bravest souls I've met wouldn't be dead or worse..." she sighed and groaned behind her mask. She looked at Katia and at Adrielle "Sister Adrielle; our superior the Inquisitor and Sister Katia are right" she ripped off the hooded veil she kept atop her head and tossed it in disgust, her own silver mane revealed and drawn into a braid for convenience "We're no longer worthy of what has been bestowed onto us, we are a disgrace upon our orders, the Imperium and our Holy Emperor... the only honorable way is to have our lives forfeit, see if by the rite and service in Repentia we may at least be worthy in death... we certainly are not in life, not anymore"
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