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[Discord] A Selfish Request

Jun 18, 2019
Hey there! I'm really craving something into heavy raceplay and interracial with me playing the futa! I'm searching for a sub to play a female. I have a list of kinks that I'm very much wanting in the roleplay and I'm open to more! My main ones being my favs excessive cum/cumplay and pubic hair on the female preferably on the medium to heavy side.

Risk of pregnancy
Large cock and balls
Rough sex
Pubic Hair of Females
Size play
Large ass
Large tits
Excessive Cum
Squirting (light and heavy)

Maybe even cheating and cuckolding of a side Male? You never know. I'm also interested in a harem but not required.

Also chubby girls are something I like. Playing or playing with. I'll love em either way.

I dont do real pics dont ask. Mainly Digital Drawn or Anime.

No non con. Dub con can be negotiated

I also like sharing pics of NSFW kind. So if you're into that tell me.

My discord is Glutton#1090
Dont be afraid it send a request!
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