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D E V I A N T -RP-


For I am the moon, cloaked in midnight fire 🔥
Oct 21, 2018
T a b l e | o f | C o n t e n t s
P r e m i s e s

The year is 2101 and our planet Earth faces extinction.​

Scientists predicted a massive asteroid a quarter of the size of Earth headed our way. While we were prepared for it in theory, we did not expect the devastation it would bring upon impact. As the asteroid entered our atmosphere it split into four parts, striking large land masses and ensuring a fight for survival. As the world spun in fire and destruction those who remained formed a plan of survival, they decided the best course of action was to burrow underground and live off the natural resources while rebuilding their lives away from the radiated air, which surrounded the planet. While the air was not completely unsustainable, it was unlivable for hundreds of years after contact; this gave the planet time to reflourish without human interaction. From the flora to fauna, everything changed. Trees grew taller and wider, animals are stronger and more versatile. They survived off what little oxygen had been left, while flora rebuilt the atmosphere.​

Underground human civilization thrived. Old silos were converted into apartment units, new locations were created in underground domes, and soon thousands upon thousands of citizens roamed, worked, and trained for their eventual rise to the surface. Unfortunately, a rift in the counsel of the New World caused a group of one thousand city dwellers to rise to the surface fifty years before the scheduled date. Once they rose they noticed the air quality, the flora, the fauna, and the meteor shards which had lodged itself deep into the new terra. The team had ostracized themselves from those below, so their hope of returning was non-existent. They braved dangerous storms, seasons, and lack of processed food-- which they had grown accustomed to.​

Half of the faction had died off, leaving only a handful to survive on their natural resources. Adapting they created cities out of nothing, shipping containers and other metals sheets which created their homes. They raided old convenient stores and shops for supplies and weapons all while they created their rudimentary defenses. Life seemed to be peaceful, the team worked like a well-oiled machine away from those underground. As they set up their homes around the shards of the meteor, the citizens began to develop odd powers from the radiation and minerals; All animals which grazed and fed in the general location mutated as well. They became a force of nature, godlike in their abilities, yet retained human characteristics. Humans began to create a plan of attack.​

They would pull those from the Under Ground and force them to live in the New World while worshiping their abilities.​

It would be a war of survival. One no one was prepared for.


The Dawn of the New World

The golden sun rises lazily overhead past the thick tree-lined horizon. All was still in the world, not a single sound rose with the dawning light. As the rays stretched overhead kissing each leaf of the new spring trees, their blossoms twisting and opening to the rays. Cicadas had stirred, their seventeen-year reign beginning anew and as the day began to encompass the untouched world. All over the world, nature had reclaimed what was rightfully theirs. The air was chilled as this would be the first day of spring, still, the blue sky seemed darkened, nothing but white clouds wafting across its solid hue like a painters brush strokes. Below dense foliage eclipsed the animals which still slumbered in the early morning hours.

To the north sat the forests, the dark treetops nearly covered the high mountains which stretched into the heavens.

To the east the parries, the yellow grasses seemingly always swaying in the breeze. In the winter the ground had been covered in twelve feet of snow making travel nearly impossible.

To the west the ocean which stretches farther than the eye can see, it met the turbulent clouds which brewed overhead, lightning struck the water while rain and hail pelted the nearly black tide.

To the south lay the valleys, while the forest loomed overhead, it would not touch the rocky enclosure, below in the deep crevices lay a river, the white rapids crashing violently into untouched stone.

And finally, the piece de resistance. The Shard. This massive shard of meteor sat in the center of the entire surrounding. Several pieces varying in sizes had plunged into the earth ruining the landscape for hundreds of years after it’s fall. It turned trees into ash, scorch the ground and drew up magma from its orifices. But as the world turned, the fire died out, and once more the planet was able to rebuild. Oxygen levels had been depleted, but as the flora grew and repaired its own being, it inadvertently helped out atmosphere. But those who resided by the massive shard were mutated, animals morphed into ravenous beings. They stalked and killed without fear or understanding making it incredibly difficult for humans to settle in makeshift homes created by shipping containers.

Villages currently:

Pandora ( main city )













The Eclipse of the UnderWorld

As the Old World subcommand to the disasters, thousands of citizens fled to the underground bunkers/ silos in hopes of surviving the new life ahead of them. It was rudimentary, while supplies were available, they were draining quickly, making it difficult to appease all of the citizens and newborns which relied on nourishment. So each caretaker for the bunkers devised a plan to turn one bunker into a hydroponics chamber. Over time the new chamber produced food for those living in such a makeshift location. But still, the air would be under radiation warning for the next few hundred years. This allowed those who lived in the confines to advance their systems, their homes, and their communities.

Entering Andromeda citizens and enemies are unceremoniously greeted by a long, expansive hallway. Simply made of concrete it acts as a contaminant barrier from those living in health and those who have been exposed to the radiated air. This hall stretches for miles all led by a single strip of LED lights lining the concrete walkway. Like most dark and dingy halls like this, water drips from the surface and it echoes regardless of how many occupy the confinement. Once out of the halls leading to the first wasp nest like dome. Because this is the entry dome, no homes are built in this location simply to deter enemy forces from continuing on. This is the forest where artificial light shines through to nourish the flora below. New spring grass lines the forest floor, while fauna takes care of the rest, guiding nature through the process of renewal.

Once out of the forest, institutions dot the forest surroundings. Cement buildings holding all that is needed for this community to survive from hydroponic, water treatment, power generators, waste management. Each necessity has its own dome like a pod, which makes it capable of expanding as the city grows in time.

Outside of the utility district, this opens to the city; the dome-like homes sits nestled in the forest, similar to sea foam on the beach. These homes ranged from single to family and there can be 50 to 100 in any given dome. If an outsider were to enter they would notice the light being fluorescent, that the hexagon shaped sky projects a simulation of blue and that all the animals which frequent the air were once from the Old world. It is truly a haven for those living in this world, and they don't see much need to enter the New World when all their resources are available to them in the purest state.

Locations Currently:

Monolith, Water Treatment Facility

Hydro, Hydroponics Facility

B & G, Waste treatment facility

APD, Andromeda Power District

City of Andromeda ( name of the entire Under World establishment.)

SimRom, Military institution
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For I am the moon, cloaked in midnight fire 🔥
Oct 21, 2018
| M A X |

There is only so long one can go before their legs give out, their lungs explode from the sheer exhaustion, and then skin numbs making each gust of sharp ribbons-like wind claim strands of White tangled hair and tan, freckled skin. But it was the freedom in the run, the feeling of flying and at times… The way the pain shot through the shins and carried the body as if weightless. It was days like this, Max loved.

The sun was the highest it had been in weeks, of course, once the rains had cleared and the spring flora pushed through the dead and heavy leaves of the fall past. Heavy white clouds wafted through the cerulean blue sky lazily but they did not bring with them the thought of darkness or dread, rather a time of change. Max had been running for miles, she had taken off around the earliest part of the morning before the rest of the tenants in the Nyx establishment had awoken for their daily duties. She had plans to gather a few supplies that she had been lacking in her own personal cache, but the moment she started down the small winding path down into the valley she knew she wouldn't be able to stop her legs from carrying her into a full sprint. Dust lifted behind, her creating a hazy cloud for her path as she ran, her boot prints had been completely distorted by the sheer speed she had taken.

She ran until her sides hurt, pulsed, and brought out a strangled cry of frustration, till pain shot up her shins and forced her to pause by the entrance of the establisment at least two miles out. those who had the creative gene in their body had wheeled in a massive slab of granite and carved in the name of their establishment upon the rocky cliff overlooking the valley. Taking in a deep, much-needed sigh she looked back squinting her eyes to see through the cloud of haze her running had created. The howling spring winds worked their way through the overgrown plains grass, bringing with it a sense of peace. Straightening the leather straps on her rucksack, which she had slung onto her shoulders prior to the start of her journey, her hands tight on the straps and her mind went over the specific items she would need to add to her kit. There was a fair amount that she was missing, but Max had heard through a series of communications, that one of the Shipping Container villages had been raided and now it was being absorbed into the capital of Pandora. Luckily Pandora forces hadn't entered the outer boundaries just yet, leaving villages scrambling and sending out scouts to see what items were up for grabs. Max wasn't a scout, but she did do things on her own personal gain.

After Max had moved away from The massive city of Pandora she found herself wandering for days, weeks, and even months for a place she could call her own. She had always been under her mother's eye, always in the shadow of one of the most powerful women in the New World. But her sixteenth birthday, the time of her coming of age celebration, she knew that it would be her time to stand aside from her mother and the other members of the Elite. Truthfully, Max didn't know what she wanted to do. If her mother died would she take her place? If another opening in the Elite opened would she fill the gap? She was so young, and so pressed for time. Max wanted to use this time to stray away from the group, find herself and her purpose in this expansive world.

After all, Max didn't inherit any of her mother's abilities like she had been promised. In fact, she had received a far greater gift... she just didn't know what it was yet.

As her thoughts ran between the list of items and her place in the New World society, she had walked nearly four miles in a blink of an eye. The valley she had walked into was massive, at one point it had been one of the some of the worlds larges ravines, carved away by prehistoric water and harbored sea animals of all sorts. At one time families sailed on the waters, spent vacations in the cities surrounding, camped across the rocky sand, and lived their lives in the cities surrounding. But now several metal cities had sprouted up with in the fifty years and traded and provided homes for those in the same situation. Truly they were all living in the same form of limbo she had been, if not longer and far more taxing.

Max decided to stay away from other villages as she was not interested in following their clearances just to pass through to the next. It was still noon and she had a few hours before nightfall and that would give her enough time to find the abandoned city and then gather her items, she would take refuge in one of the cities then make her way back to Nyx in the early hours.

Two hours of covering ground and Max found herself at the toppled remains of Horizon. Max stared up at the colossus buildings created from multi-colored shipping containers, which carried rust on all sides due to the harsh winters in the valley. The containers had been stacked in a hexagonal shape, three stories, except the raiders, must have had some sort of explosives because part of the hexagon had toppled over and the contents had spilled out into the yellow grasses below. Before Max approached she made sure to check the surrounding area of others who may be scavenging, while they were all in the same boat, that didn't mean they all shared the same viewpoints. and because of her place in society she doubted some would take too kindly to her presence.

Max waited, as the sun overhead slid a notch lower into the distance, she could see that the air was still, unobstructed by Pandora forces and greedy scavengers. She pulled a crushed pack of cigarettes from the pocket of her tunic dress and looked into the box to see the quantity she had left. Three cigarettes slid back and forth and she crushed the box slightly more to stop their uneven slide. Taking a few puffs from the cigarette she let it hang from one side of her lips and started forward, meanwhile, Max pulled one side of the backpack forward, releasing the strap from her right shoulder and unclasping the main compartment, while unzipping the sides to allow the pack to expand. Each step she made was careful, she listened to each crunch her boot made into the rubble and flicked her eyes forward curiously and cautiously.

“Alright, medical supplies,” Max whispered to herself as she decided that she had wasted enough time gawking at the establishment and needed to get hold of the items before she was left with only the sunsets light. Peering into the first toppled container she noticed that it a strangely advanced set up. Granted each village was different and not everyone had the ability to get some of the materials they needed to create livable accommodations, but whoever lived here had the ability. While the massive formation was mangled it still showed signs of some structured greenhouse. Three sides of the container had been replaced by plastic dome windows, which seemed to stretch on for twenty feet. The plants inside had been completely dismantled, soil coated every crevice of the container and planter box imaginable, but from what Max could gather this wasn't a greenhouse for food, but simply tobacco.

Emerald green eyes searched around the shipping container for a moment before realizing that this wasn't a raider situation at all, but a warning. A few other villages in the area had taken up tobacco growth and had been trading items of higher value, Horizon had been one of these such villages.

There was nothing of value in this container so she decided to move ahead. Jumping down from the location she walked on to the next devastated and rusted container. This one had personal items, possibly from a larger family who had been living in this establishment; Max glanced around the container and pulled herself up into it. It had been particularly bent over one other and as she climbed upwards and over the end tables and furniture which had broken in the explosion. Curiously she picked through belongings, finding an engraved lighter to her delight, and then a few shiny articles of jewelry she figured she could use for trade. But that was only previously to what she truly needed.

Hiking up onto the couch which teetered precariously between the downward slant of the makeshift home, she continued her inspection. It slid when her small frame jumped onto the unstable cushions and she yelped out in surprise. Slowly she reached the top, but aside from the lighter and the jewelry, there was nothing else she could salvage. Sliding back down from the top of all the clutter she nearly lost her footing and as Max reached the end of the entrance she stumbled back out onto the yellow plains. So far in her discoveries, Max was fairly disappointed. Stalking the grounds she looked to the sky and sighed, it was sundown she had one more chance at finding what she needed and she had to hurry before she missed her chance at getting to a safer destination.

Max flicked the tail end of the cigarette onto the ground before squashing it with the heel of her boot and carrying on. The last container was partially opened and a flickering white light spilled from the one operational door which banged loudly against the corrugated wall. Cautiously she approached it as it looked occupied. From her pack, she pulled a Peacemaker revolver from the main compartment and cocked it. Slowly she approached and as the door swung open once more she used her shoulder to prop it open and glanced around inside.


This entire container was full of medical supplies, in fact, it had been set up like a sophisticated hospital room. Bright lights lined the ceiling of the room, showcasing the offerings. Several stools lined a desk which had been used for prepping medical utensils, while the other side boasted ten or so cabinets that hosted all of the medical supplies one would need in a pinch. The light which illuminated her way confirmed that no one was in this unit and she was free to move about. Max started opening cabinets which had been busted open in the fall and stuffed her backpack fill of gauze, syringes, bandages, wraps, saline solution, three sets of tweezers, tongue depressors, latex free gloves, face masks and anything else she could get her hands on. By the end of her little raid, her backpack was so full it almost looked like a pillow. It had been a shame to walk away from such a stash of prime supplies, but she now knew that some of these settlements had far more supplies than others she had visited.

Satisfied with her haul she exited the shipping container and looked to the now navy blue sky; It had darkened and small little shards of stars glittered overhead. While the horizon held a thin red line of fading sun. it wasn't ideal, but Max knew she couldn't travel at night, especially not with a bag full of supplies. A feeling a dread washed over her and she looked back, several of the containers were still intact and she knew she could take shelter in one of the abandoned homes and be perfectly fine… but the idea of living in someone else's home didn't sit well with her. Debating back and forth and another cigarette down she caught sight of one of the metal letters leading up to the second shipping container floor and stepped on to a partially broken walkway which had been built around the hexagon shaped establishment. Max sidled along with the corrugated metal box and finally dipped into a small alcove which held one of the lesser destroyed units.

The doors had flung open in the destruction of the establishment and as she leaned in she noticed it had been evacuated completely. Flicking on a light to the side she watched her surroundings closely; If anyone was inside they would have jumped up after being startled. Max didn't see anything move and once she had made that assessment she glanced around at the furniture. Every piece of furniture had been moved from the explosion and with it came a disorganized apartment-like space. Pulling the doors closed behind her, with all her strength, she yanked on the lever to lock them into place so that they wouldn't give away her location in the night. Settling into the couch which had been shifted so much that it blocked one side of the container from the other. She curled up and pulled her knees to her chest then, draping the soft jersey like the fabric of her tunic over her knees to keep her warm. Max decided to keep the light on just in case she needed to hop up quickly and take out a few raiders, but aside from that, she allowed her tired eyes to close and lull her into a much-needed rest.
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Good Ideas and Bad Intentions
Aug 15, 2017
North America
| R I N T E R A |

The fiery hue of dawn splits the sky and begins to crest it's face over the rocky hills, spreading its golden radiance along the endless stretches of rust colored sand and stone, bringing light to a new day in the rocky valley. The morning air is crisp and refreshing, betraying the heat that was sure to follow in just a few short hours as the harsh wilderness of the desert is revealed under the burning visage of the rising sun. The rays of morning brilliance cut through the twilight of dawn, sending nocturnal predators into their hovels, and bringing forth another conquered night for those alive to meet it. The sun slowly stretches its wings over miles of rocky crags, cracked flats, and short sturdy foliage. The magnificence of nature spans near endlessly before it finally gives way to man made ingenuity as the sun trails over the precisely shaped metal surfaces of the various metallic structures that made up the desert outpost of Althea. Tucked into the side of the rocky mountain line, and wrapped around with intimidating metal fencing, the simplistic town was a testament to ingenuity and survival in even the harshest of places. What had once been a sprawling junkyard and dumping ground for metal waste, had been turned into a community that thrived in their little corner of the desert. What was once seen a useless scrap and rusted freight containers now served as sturdy shelter for the two hundred or so New World settlers who called Althea their home. The first light washes over the lines of metallic houses, revealing their simplistic elegance, there was an admirable grace to the straightforward construction of the dwellings, many of which had taken decorated forms, painted vivid colors or covered with decoration, telling of the people living within and their survival among the heat and dust.

The morning sun rises until it reaches in and eases its way through the chain-link cover of the open side window, illuminating the simple living space, a comfortable bed left empty as it had been many nights, instead a lone figure lays slumped over in a wooden chair, lain with her upper body draped over her worktable, sound asleep. The rays of the sun illuminate her soft features, her thin pretty face, and the mane of dirty blonde hair atop her head, which was drooped over whatever project she had been working on long into the night. A sudden loud beeping interrupts the serene morning, making the girl stir with a grumble, trying to fight off the morning sun assaulting her eyes and annoying repeated tone berating her ears, the simple alarm clock was one of the few electronics she truly regretted fixing. Eventually the constant tortuous beeping makes the girl raise her head, eyes half lidded and sleepy, a piece of copper wire stuck to her cheek as she groans and rubs her eyes, pushing the rolling chair back before defeating gravity to pull herself from her sitting position, wincing as her vertebrae pop a few times as she wills herself to stand. Grumbling in a half dead state, she brushes off her face, the little piece of bent wire falling to the floor as tiredly moves toward the devilish little contraption wailing beside her bed and hits the snooze button. "I swear I'm going to sell you..." With her threat made to the inanimate object, she flops into her bed and sighs contently, laying out along the stitched together blankets and rugged pillows, slowly closing her eyes to rest just a little longer before the infuriating little machine disturbed her once more.

The Sun's rays trickle in as it rises, the golden glow of daybreak giving way to the light yellow haze of morning light that basks over the young woman who was sprawled out into a comfortable position. Her loose tank top covers the curves of her lithe chest and leaves her smooth, firm abdomen exposed, one hand draped over the soft skin of her navel, the other haphazardly arched above her head showing her slim muscle, days of working with her hands leaving her with a gentle athletic shape. The girl's subtle hips are hugged by a pair of comfortable shorts, leaving her gorgeous tanned legs exposed and comfortably sprawled out along the length of her bed. Eventually the brightening light draws her from the much needed slumber, body shifting subtly before she lets out a content sound and flexes slightly, arching her back while stretching out her arms until her elbow joints strain with pleasing pops, her muscles stretching and warming to the new day as she opens her beautiful sky blue eyes and smiles looking out her grated window at another beautiful day.


"Shitshitshitshitshit! Dammit... Dammit!" She thrashes to pull herself up from the bed to stand, looking at her alarm clock, growling softly realizing she had hit the off button instead of the snooze, seeing it was already nearly 7:30 in the morning, a far cry from how early she wanted to be up, given what today was. She nearly stumbles out of bed standing and moving to grab her clothes, hissing as a sharp pain runs through her foot and she raises it, seeing the piece of copper wire that she had dropped protruding from her skin, quickly pulling it out, a single little droplet of blood in its wake. The blonde girl frowns and licks her thumb, wiping away the droplet, the tiny puncture underneath was already closing, her injuries never took long to heal, and despite working with jagged metal and tools all her life, her skin had never been flawed by scars from the cuts and scrapes that she had endured, hoping to never have to find out what kind of injury it would take to leave a mark on her skin.

Setting the piece of wire back on her desk, she returns to her frenzied task of grabbing her clothing, moving to her dresser, she grabs what she wants, haphazardly throwing her outfit onto the bed. She chooses a pair of olive green cargo pants, and a sleeveless tan top that would allow her to be comfortable in the heat that she could already feel setting in, tossing the rest of the clothing onto the bed, she quickly strips down, her tank top pulled away and tossed into the hamper in the corner, exposing her delicate chest, her breasts smooth and firm, capped by light rose colored peaks. Next she slides her shorts and underwear down her legs, exposing her slim form entirely, her body that of a runner, thin and slim, toned with a little bit of definition. her faded gold hair drapes to her shoulderblades and points down to the soft curve of her smooth rear, and further down to the delicate petals of her sex tucked between her legs. The young woman was nubile and attractive, in the prime of youth, and even in her frenzied panic, Rintera Kane was truly a beautiful desert wildflower, blooming in the harsh world they inhabited.

Rin pulls up her simple underwear followed by the cargo pants, tightening the belt, drawing it around her slim waist before she grabs her simple grey sports bra pulling it on until it cups her chest perfectly, she would truly mourn the simple garment whenever it decided to break. Adjusting herself, she finishes by tugging on the light shirt and sighs softly and moves to her dresser. The young blonde grabs a pair of faded green army issue socks, slipping them on before grabbing her pair of sturdy black biker boots and pulling them on, adjusting the buckles until they were snug and stands, grabbing a simple elastic band, she pulls her hair into a ponytail and last she grabs her simple shawl and wraps it around her shoulders and over her head to block out the looming sun. Taking one quick glance at herself in the mirror, her sky blue eyes brighten, she was far from vain, but seeing herself dressed and ready to head out brought a smile to her face.

Moving along her simple domicile, she goes back to her workbench and grabs her steel mesh pack, it was little more than a metal basket that strapped comfortably to her back, but it was convenient to hold odds and ends both big and small that she needed to transport, in this case her cargo would be the bits and pieces she planned to bring to the market, which was the reason she was in such a hurry, today, was caravan day. Every two weeks the traders would make their way to and from the nearby big city, trading their goods with the more urban dwellers and bringing back their haul, stopping in their town along the way to get supplies for the trek back home. Rin was rushing to get to the market where they gathered, after they traded in the city, they always had useful goods on their carts; bullets, medical supplies, canned food, gasoline, light bulbs and even occasionally more frivolous things like alcohol or preserved sweets, but none of that mattered if it was all bartered away before she got down there! Swearing at her lateness she moves from her bedroom into the small dining area and kitchen, opening her refrigerator and looks inside, frowning seeing her choices limited, she would have to go to the market for food as well at some point. Rin frowns as the cooling fan in her refrigerator squeaks as it spins, it was ironic, she had repaired three different people's refrigerators this month alone, and yet her own had been squeaking for quite a while and she hadn't gotten around to it. "Soon" she tells herself, grabbing a refilled bottle of water and taking a long drink before deciding on just snagging an apple for breakfast, something she could eat along the way.

Moving back toward her bed, she smiles as she goes to her bedside cabinet and slowly opens the top drawer, inside sat an elegant black case which she pulls out and opens up, her blue eyes brightening seeing her pride and joy glinting in the light. "Morning Beautiful." She reaches into the foam lined case and pulls out the heavy .357 Magnum Revolver, the pistol lovingly named 'Ms. Fortune' both for the 6 chambers like the 6 on a dice, as well as for the simple fact that anything that stared down the four inch barrel was certain to have a very, very unlucky time. Rin hums pleasantly as she feels the solid weight of the stainless steel revolver, the rubberized combat grips contouring to her hand perfectly. With a a press of the release and a flick of her wrist she swings out the cylinder, smiling softly seeing the 6 rounds loaded and gives the cylinder a quick spin before snapping it closed. She reaches into the drawer and grabs the sturdy holster and slips the weapon in, snapping the guard strap closed and slips the holster around her waist, ensuring it was nice and steady, the weight of the weapon comfortable and familiar. It was unlikely she would need the weapon, despite the lawlessness of the wastes, inside the gates of Althea thinks were pretty quiet most of the time, justice for troublemakers delt out quickly, anything from being tossed into a cell the sleep off a drunken tirade, beaten for trying to steal, or run out of town for worse crimes. There was no long term jail, supplies were too valuable and scarce to spent any length feeding someone who wasn't contributing, committing a crime worthy of a 'life sentence' was carried out as simply ending the life then and there. Despite the general safety, it was always best to have a tool and not need it than the opposite way around, and besides that, while she wasn't vain in looks, Rin was deeply proud of her weapon, working firearms not being intensely common outside of the larger cities, let alone one working, loaded, and restored to the beauty of the lovely nickel plated lady strapped to her hip and she liked to show off a little bit.

Finished arming herself, she lifts her pack and slips it around her shoulders, moving toward the end of her 'home', she walks down the simple metal spiraling stairs that bring her to the ground floor and the bulk of her domicile, her workshop. What had previously been he fathers pride and joy, was now all hers, and unlike upstairs where things tended to get disheveled and messy, the workshop. by contrast, was pristine and in order, tools carefully arranged by size and type, spare parts put into organised compartments for easy grabbing, and her rows of good scrap laid out by metal type, with her gift and a little effort, what she couldn't find, she would make herself. The blonde grease monkey takes a moment to admire the collection of tools, most were her father's but she never passed up checking tool sheds and boxes for something new and useful to salvage. Finished taking stock, she goes to her workbench and grabs her mobile battery, a simple car battery she had rigged and wired to an outlet socket so she could have power on the go. Hefting the piece of equipment, she moves toward the front door and smiles seeing her loyal 'guard', the sawed off pump shogun was rigged on a bracket and aimed at the door, a pulley and wire attached to the handle in case anyone felt like breaking in. "Keep an eye on things while I'm gone." She playfully states and carefully eases some slack on the pulley, allowing her to open the door and slip out. Rin closes the door and listens, hearing the weight on the line slowly pull the wire taught, knowing the next time it was opened by someone who didn't know how to disarm it, they would be in for a heavy dose of buckshot.

Stepping out into the already warming day, Rin takes a slow inhale and sighs contently, hefting her pack and the battery in her hand, she begins to walk along the pathway toward the marketplace. Her boots softly clatter across the flat sheet metal and grating lain over the desert surface, the makeshift pathways making a pleasing metallic sound as her heel stepped down onto them while walked through the narrow paths. Pulling out her apple, she takes a bite as she walks briskly between the various sized homes, most smaller than her workshop, though a few were the same size, and some even larger, either for big families, or for someone who clearly traded well. "Hi Rin" The blonde smiles and turns to the friendly man. "Morning Mr. Stints" She says turning to wave and as she turns back has to quickly duck under a pipe being carried on the shoulders of a pair of men, her gaze watching them curiously, looking at the length of piping, she could tell immediately it was a water pipe because of the valve joints, and the way they were headed it was probably going to 5th and 9, that pipe had been leaking, maybe she would check if they needed help later, most of her living was made doing odd jobs around town, fixing simple appliances, ensuring the lights and generators kept their nights from being swallowed by the dark. Continuing forward, she continues to munch on her apple, looking up toward the sky, both at the lack of clouds, and the wind indicator on one of the roofs, the weather was perfectly fine, it relieved her, a day of trading wasn't all she had planned today, the carts tried to move together to stave off threats and protect one another, but not all were leaving the city, she would be looking for one headed back into it, to barter a ride into the beast of metal and glass and continue her search for useful tech.

Turning her attention forward as the sound of more people becomes louder, she perks knowing she was at the marketplace, quickly finishing her apple, she drops the core into one of the compost bins that fed the various gardens plotted here and there throughout whatever soil would accept root. Picking up her pace, she moves toward the noise and turns the corner, immediately frowning at what she sees. The various carts and stalls were already set out and surrounded by people, had she been here when she intended, she could have gone by as they set up and had first chance to snatch things up, but now it seemed she would he settling for scraps. Sighing softly, she decides to just enjoy the hustle and bustle for what it was, maybe pick up something here or there if anything caught her eye. After 10 minutes of wandering the various trader's, Rin sigh's discouraged, most had been picked clean of anything she might be interested in, until she hears a familiar voice shouting out. "That's it, step on up, I've got BB guns and bowling balls, shovels and spatulas, everything you could ever need!”

Rin chuckles softly hearing the scruffy faced trader, his name was Joseph, or ‘Junkman Joe’ as he liked to be called, he was as much an entertainer as a trader, shouting out catchy slogans and drawing people toward his cart, it was filled with random bits and pieces, but as much a he like to spout that he just brought whatever he felt like, Rin knew there was a method to it, everything was useful, either for daily life, entertainment or decoration. Moving toward the cart, the man spots her and his booming voice echoes out. “Ms. Kane! Hello! Still just as beautiful as ever I see.” She chuckles softly, his boisterous voice had been what drew her to his cart the first time almost two years prior, and since then he had become one of her favorite traders. “Does your wife know you’re out here flirting again Joe?” She chuckles and he feigns looking around in fear. “Why? Is she here?!” He smiles and motions to the cart. “Take a look?” She nods and steps forward. “Always, any luck on the usual?” He perks and nods, motioning to a small trunk and opens it, inside were piled up magazines and books which made her delight, he was one of the few that bothered to scavenge and transport them, and she often bought anything tech related, with so much information lost, she had to relearn what humanity had spent hundreds of years making. Searching through the pile, her eyes brighten pulling out a pair of magazines, a little bent up, but still in good condition, Home Improvement Digest, and Modern Mechanic. As she opens the magazine, he clears his throat and she sighs, knowing his rule, she was only allowed to look at the table of contents to decide if she wanted it. “Have to sell them somehow.” She nods and looks at the table, seeing a few tidbits that she was interested in and sets the magazines aside.

Looking further in the trunk, she raises a brow finding a few magazines toward the bottom, pulling one of them out, a large breasted woman nude on the front and she lifts it out, looking to him with a raised brow as he scoffs. “What? They sell!” She rolls her eyes and and blinks seeing a book with a handsome bare chested man, with a full moon behind him. The curious girl flips it over and briefly scans the synopsis. “When the full moon rises... Love and lust... can she tame the beast within him?” Cocking a brow, she opens to a random page, flipping through a few before landing on a juicy bit, eyes flicking over the lines before her cheeks redden and she closes it, sheepishly setting the novel atop the magazines, much to his amusement. “How about some jewelry?” He asks, pulling out a smaller box, filled with various gold bits, he grabs out a ring and shows it to her. “In case you find the right boy huh?” she chuckles and shakes her head, having little interest. “I’ll pass, besides isn’t the guy supposed to buy the ring? I’m not much for jewelry anyway.” He nods and sets the box away. “Except for that?” She looks down as he points to her necklace, the radiant piece of crystallized rock hanging along her collar. “It’s part of the meteor isn’t it? Didn’t take you for the devoted type.” She rubs her finger across the stone and slips it under her shirt collar. “We all have to believe in something...” She idly adds, finding it easier not to tip her hand too much on issues of belief. In truth the necklace had been her mother's, the only memento she had of hers, and it never left its place around her neck.

Sensing her hesitance at the question, he changes the subject. “So, the two magazines and the book, what do you have to offer?” She perks and slides her pack off her shoulder, setting her battery atop his cart and pulls out a few pieces. The first is a simple metal fan, she plugs it in to her battery with a tiny spark and flips the switch on the back, the small motor coming to life and she lets him feel the cool air for a moment before unplugging it and grabbing out a large 'Maglite' flashlight, letting him hold it and turn it on, seeing that it worked. "Lights up the night, and if someone creeps up from the dark, you can beat them to death with it!" She laughs softly. “Batteries come with it?” She frowns and shakes her head. “You know D batteries are harder to come by, going to take more than a couple magazines and a smut novel.” She chuckles and he grins. “Then it’s a good thing I brought something else... just for a pretty blonde and her lovely lady counterpart.” He motions to Ms Fortune on her hip and digs around in his heavy coat, finding the small cardboard box and raises it, her eyes as he opens it, sitting inside were twelve pristine .357 magnum, high pressure, hollow point rounds. To the practical minded girl, the small pile of hefty bullets was more beautiful than any of the jewelry he had shown her. “Picked them up a few days ago special, just for you, if you’re interested that is...” he smirks as she looks to him, both of them knowing damn well she was.

Rin reaches out and gently takes one of the rounds, holding it in her hand, knowing from how pristine the brass was, that these were fresh rounds, not reloaded, turning them over, she ensures the primer was in good shape, the Remington name engraved along the back and she immediately looks up at him. “What do you want?” She asks in a determined voice and motions to her basket. “I’ll take the fan, and the flashlight with the batteries and... throw in that toaster.” She nods in acceptance. “Done.” He ponders it and looks into her pack, not seeing much else he was interested in and ponders for a moment. “ah! I know, maybe you can take care of something for me.” She cocks her head as he reaches into his cart, pulling out a long machete and unsheathes it.” Rin’s polite smile never leaves her face even as her hand moves on its own toward the handle of her revolver, easing as he offers her the long blade, letting her see that it had been bent a bit from impact and he grins. “Think you can handle that?” The blonde smiles and picks up the heavy sword, her fingers easing along its smooth length. Every metal had its own feel, some would bend to her will like a branch in the wind, while others she had to force to obey, they were all different, and with just a touch, she could get a sense of the sturdy steel she was currently holding. “Yeah, I can handle it.” He smiles and motions for her to go ahead, the small girl taking the machete in both hands and takes a slow breath, closing her eyes for a moment, and as they open, the violet glow is already overtaking the light blue of her gaze.

It was a marvel to watch as the metal begins to shift and warp, something so sturdy and immovable at her beck and call, the bent position shudders and then ripples and shifts, the metal pulling taught and then lining up with the rest of the blade, the young metalmancer focusing intently as a bead of sweat rolls down her forehead until finally she exhales a few times, wiping her brow with her arm before raising the blade to the sunlight, checking that it was straight, satisfied, she offers it to him to do the same. She crosses her arms as she awaits his appraisal, his face furrowed in concentration before his smile returns and he slips it into the sheathe. “Flawless, as always, your dad would be proud." She nods at the slightly bittersweet compliment and motions to the stack of reading material and bullets. “So, we have a deal?” He inspects the offered barter and looks to her with a playful glance. “Throw in a kiss?” He sees her brow raise and her hip cock, chuckling softly “Can’t blame me for trying.” She rolls her eyes and moves up onto her tiptoes, easing closer, his eyes widening as her face nears his and at the last moment her fingers grip his bushy beard and pulls his face to the side, leaving a soft peck on his cheek before pulling back, sliding her bartered goods toward her pack, getting ready to move on. “Thank you Joe.” He smiles and rubs his cheek softly as she starts to leave. “Always a pleasure Ms. Kane!”

The excited girl eases through the crowd, perked and happy to have scored quite an exciting haul, her day was already made, and it seemed to get even better, seeing that she wasn’t the only one who had slept in, a few of the caravans still tricking in, getting their various beasts of burden tied up and setting themselves up to begin trade. Rin moved toward them and weaves her way through to try and get a look before someone else beat her to all the good stuff.
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